Best Gravity Spells in Elden Ring, Ranked

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Best Gravity Spells in Elden Ring, Ranked

Out of all the different magic powers you could use in Elden Ring, one of the more popular ones are the gravity sorceries. These gravity-defying spells give users a wide variety of different attack types and are just frankly fun to use. As such, we’ll be ranking all the gravity spells in Elden Ring from good to best, allowing you to make an informed decision of which ones to use.

All Gravity Spells in Elden Ring, Ranked Worst to Best

Without any more delays, let’s get right into this ranking!


Meteorite is a spell that sounds simple but is a bit more complicated than the name implies. It’s a strong, yet inaccurate spell that can deal a good amount of damage to enemies with a (compared to a certain spell) lower FP cost.

When you use this spell, your character will charge up an attack. After a few seconds, several meteors will come crashing down onto the enemies in front of you, dealing physical damage that gives them a chance to be staggered.

You will need to make sure that you time this spell properly in order to use it effectively. The charge-up time is about 2.5 seconds, so make sure to use it at the right time.

While this gravity spell does deal good damage, it is inaccurate as previously mentioned. The meteors will be shot in a wide range in front of you rather than lock on to a precise target. This means it’s best saved to deal with groups or very large enemies.

Where to get Meteorite - Best Gravity Spells Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you want to use this spell, you will need 30 intelligence points. The FP cost for using Meteorite is also 30. Both these stats are about half the requirements for the Meteorite of Astel, which is essentially just a stronger version of this spell.

For that reason, I recommend that you use Meteorite for the early to mid-game until you get your hands on the Meteorite of Astel. The Meteorite spell can be obtained by beating the boss found at the Royal Grave Evergaol.

Gravity Well

Gravity Well is one of my personal favorite sorceries in Elden Ring. This is a precise, long-range attack with a unique special effect that helps it stand out from the rest. Its strong gravitational pull will pull enemies towards the player!

This can be useful in a lot of different circumstances. For example, if you are taking on a ranged enemy trying to keep its distance from you, you can use this to pull them closer before finishing them off with a few melee attacks.

This is a pretty easy spell to use. You can cast it fairly fast, but there is an optional charge-up time you can take advantage of to make it deal more damage. The spell will also lock onto enemies, and it has good traveling. This makes Gravity Well a good spell to use in PvP encounters. In my experience, pulling a player toward you will throw them off a bit, leaving them vulnerable to any follow-up attacks.

Where to get Gravity Well - Best Gravity Spells Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

If you want to use Gravity Well, you’ll have to have 17 points in your intelligence stat. This isn’t too bad of a requirement, and you can get your character to this level early on in the game. Additionally, you’ll need 12 FP points in order to cast this spell. This makes it the cheapest gravity sorcery to cast in Elden Ring, which is great news if you have a low mind stat.

To find this spell, go to the legacy dungeon Raya Lucaria Academy. Go to the area near the graveyard and kill the Lesser Alabaster Lord to get it.

Meteorite of Astel

The Meteorite of Astel is a very high-damage projectile that can be used to obliterate enemies in Elden Ring. When you cast this spell, your character will take a few seconds to charge up the attack. Upon finishing, they will send out a rapid swarm of powerful meteorite projectiles at enemies!

This is a really great spell for attacking groups of enemies, as well as for dealing loads of stagger damage to bosses and similar enemy types. However, due to its charge time, I advise against using it on other players.

This spell can take a little bit of getting used to. I wouldn’t call it difficult to cast, but it does take some skill and good timing to use the spell most effectively. You have to make sure to start charging up your attack at the right time, as some enemies may hit you before the spell is ready. The Meteorite of Astel also does not track onto enemies, meaning you need to manually aim with it in order to hit your target(s).

Where to get Meteorite of Astel - Best Gravity Spells Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

To cast this spell, you will have to have a minimum of 55 intelligence. It will also use a total of 60 FP. This makes it one of the most expensive spells on this list to cast! So make sure that you level up your Mind attribute to keep your FP nice and high.

To locate this spell, you’ll need to head to the snowy, northern parts of the map. There is a secret boss called Astel, Stars of Darkness. Defeat him in battle and you’ll be given the spell as a reward for your efforts.

Rock Sling

Rock Sling is the simplest of all the gravity spells on this list, yet it’s also one of the best in Elden Ring. Upon being cast by the player, several large rocks will be manifested from the ground, before your character sends them outwards to crush any enemies unlucky enough to get in its way.

This is a simple, yet very useful spell that you’d be wise to use as one of your primary means of attack. The reason why it’s so great is because of its fair FP cost, combined with the solid and reliable damage it can deal out to enemies.

You can even charge up an attack, allowing it to deal even more damage! Additionally, you can easily stagger enemies with this spell, which is great for fighting bosses and larger enemies. You can also fire it from a moderate distance away, giving it a good amount of range for a spell.

Another great thing is the fact that you can move your character around while casting it. Perfect for when an enemy is firing at you and you need to safely move out of the way.

Where to get Rock Sling - Best Gravity Spells Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This spell requires at least 18 intelligence to use. This isn’t that expensive, making it a spell you can start using early on in your mage playthrough. Additionally, it will use a total of 18 FP each and every time you use it. This could be lower, but compared to some of the other spells on this list, that’s pretty good.

To get the Rock Sling spell, go to the region Caelid, specifically the Swamp of Aeonia. Then go to a location called the Street of Sages Ruins. Inside it will be a chest containing this spell.

Collapsing Stars

Collapsing Stars is an offensive sorcery that can be used to quickly stagger enemies. Upon activating the spell, your character will summon about half a dozen small projectiles that quickly travel toward their target to deal lots of damage. The spell can only lock onto one target at a time.

I highly recommend you use this against bosses and any other enemies with high amounts of health. You can stagger an enemy before following up with a melee attack for some serious critical damage!

The spell can be charged up before firing to help you deal even more damage. This particular ability is fantastic when going against foes that move slowly. Additionally, Collapsing Stars has a really good range.

Combine this with the fast projectile speed that I mentioned earlier, and you have an attack that is great for poking enemy players from a moderate distance. Because of this, I recommend using Collapsing Stars in PvP as well as in PvE encounters.

Where to get Collapsing Stars - Best Gravity Spells Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The required intelligence stat for this spell is 36. And in addition to that, you will need 18 FP to cast. This is a really efficient spell when you compare its damage to its FP cost. Many fans agree it’s one of the more cost-efficient spells in Elden Ring, making it a solid choice for any magic build, even one that isn’t centered/themed around gravity sorceries.

If you want this spell, first you will need to progress Ranni’s quest and beat Starscourge Radahn. The spell is in a chest inside the War-Dead Catacombs.


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