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Best Early Game Bosses in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an open-world action RPG with a very big emphasis on boss fights. There are around a hundred different boss encounters in the Lands Between, each featuring its own fighting styles and unique rewards for completion.

If you’re just starting out on your journey, you’ll be stuck fighting some of the early game bosses while you level up your character and get stronger gear to face more advanced challenges. In this walkthrough, we’ll cover the best early game bosses in Elden Ring and how to beat them.

5 Best Early Game Bosses in Elden Ring

Let’s get right into this walkthrough!

1. Beastman of Farum Azula

Beastman of Farum Azula screen shot
Image: FromSoftware Inc, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s kick off our list of the best early game bosses in Elden Ring with one that’s on the easier side. The Beastman of Farum Azula is an optional boss found inside the Groveside Cave. This is a dungeon located not too far from the spawn point in Limegrave.

Follow the dungeon to the end and you’ll encounter a terrifying furry creature with fast attacks. Once you take him down, you’ll earn 1000 runes and the Flamedrake Tailsman. This is a great talisman that lowers the damage you take when hit by fire.

The boss himself isn’t too difficult to take down. He typically strikes twice during his attacks, so wait until after his second attack and strike him for some easy damage. He does have a second attack type where he’ll let out a roar before swinging at you six times. You’ll have an attack window when he brings his axe down to the ground.

As long as you keep these strategies in mind and don’t play too aggressively, you can take him down for some easy early-game rewards.

2. Flying Dragon Agheel

Flying Dragon Agheel
Image: FromSoftware Inc, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Remember that Flamedrake Tailsman? Yeah, you’re going to need it for this one. The Flying Dragon Agheel is one of the first dragons you’ll encounter in Elden Ring, and boy, does he leave an impression. You can find him in Limgrave, at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins.

Killing this dragon is a great way to make 5000 runes. You’ll also earn a Dragon Heart, which you can use to acquire special incantations at the Church of Dragon Communion. One of these incantations gives you the ability to breathe fire onto your enemies!

If you’re brave (or foolish) enough to take on the Flying Dragon Agheel, you’ll need to use your trusty steed. The dragon has a flame attack and several jump attacks. Using your horse to quickly sprint away and avoid taking damage is a must.

After Agheel finishes one of his attacks, you can charge up to him and swipe at his legs several times to deal damage. Just be sure to stay on your guard — he can lift his leg and strike at you while you’re close to him!

3. Tree Sentinel

Tree Sentinel screen shot
Image: FromSoftware Inc, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of the earliest possible bosses you may encounter when you first start out your playthrough is the Tree Sentinel. The Tree Sentinel is a massive, heavily-armored knight wearing bronze-colored armor. He rides around on his steed and swings his massive halberd at enemies as he rides past them.

You can find this boss located around the center of Limgrave, where he will silently patrol the area. The closest site of grace to him is The First Step, so you’ll likely see him as soon as you step into the open world.

Upon defeating him, you’ll gain 3200 runes and access to his Golden Halberd. This is an excellent weapon for the early game, as it allows you to hit targets at a reasonable distance. It deals both physical and Holy damage, making it great against undead-type enemies.

You can defeat this boss by getting on the back of your own spectral steed. You can sprint away or jump over his attacks while on horseback. If you’re a melee user, you can use hit-and-run tactics to strike at him as you sprint past. This allows you to take his health bar down while minimizing your own chances of getting hit.

You’ll be happy to hear that we already have a walkthrough covering his attacks and how to effectivly dodge them. Check it out for yourself here!

4. Leonine Misbegotten

Leonine Misbegotten
Image: FromSoftware Inc, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now for one of my personal favorite boss fights in Elden Ring, let’s take a look at the Leonine Misbegotten. This powerful and aggressive boss can be found at Castle Morne, located at the very south of the Weeping Peninsula. You’ll be sent to this crumbling castle to deliver a letter from the NPC Irina, but you can still enter it without starting the quest.

This boss is great if you’re interested in using colossal swords. Upon defeating him, you’ll receive the Grafted Blade Greatsword, an incredibly powerful sword that’s great for Strength-based builds. Just be warned — you won’t be able to use this weapon properly until you have at least 40 in your Strength attribute.

Once you reach the boss himself, you’ll find that he is incredibly fast and aggressive. His move set can be very hard to dodge, so head right after entering his arena and take cover behind the tombstones located there. When he attacks you, all of his strikes will be blocked by the gravestones.

You can hang back and not worry about blocking or dodging (unless he manages to slip past one of the tombstones, which can happen sometimes). After he’s finished with his move set, just move in front of the graves and attack him, then retreat back behind cover. You’ll quickly have him beaten in no time!

For a more comprehensive guide, you can check out our walkthrough for how to beat the Leoine Misbegotten here.

5. Tibia Mariner

Tibia Mariner map sc reen shot
Image: FromSoftware Inc, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

This next one is a boss that I recommend for all players regardless of your build or playstyle. Tibia Mariner is located at the Summonwater Village, which can be found in Limgrave. Getting to this location is fairly easy. All you need to do is head to the northeastern part of the region.

The main reason why you’ll want to fight this boss is because of one of his rewards. He’ll drop the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes, which allow you to summon the souls of two skeleton warriors to aid you in combat. They can self-revive multiple times after getting knocked down, allowing them to stay and fight for much longer than some of the other spirit ashes you can find in Elden Ring. Of course, they can be permanently destroyed if an enemy hits them while they’re down, but they’re still handy to have during boss fights.

The Tibia Mariner is by far one of the easiest boss fights in the game. It’s almost comical how slow his attacks are and how easy it is to beat him. During his fight, he rides his canoe up into the air before swinging it back down at you to deal damage. This is very easy to dodge, no matter your current build and playstyle.

The only real threat he offers is his army of skeletons, but even these creatures take nothing to destroy. It’s best if you ride on your horse during this battle. Riding your horse makes dodging the hordes of skeletons very easy. You can run-up to the Mariner, hit him a few times, then run back when skeletons start enclosing in on you. Just rinse and repeat and he’ll be dead in no time!

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