FromSoftware Inc. has released their newest game, Elden Ring — an action RPG that takes everything we love about their previous games and cranks it up to the next level. With more content and a bigger world space than ever before, it’s no surprise that Elden Ring has been met with wave reviews and many new players.

Regardless of whether you are a returning FromSoftware fan or a new player, there are bound to be some things you are confused about. For instance, what exactly are Stonesword Keys? Are they needed to progress the game? Are they rare? What are these strange items even used for in Elden Ring?

We’ll be walking you through all of these questions and more in this article for Elden Ring: what are Stonesword Keys. Without any further delay, let’s jump right in!

What Are Stonesword Keys?

For starters, let’s explain what exactly Stonesword Keys are. As the name suggests, they’re keys that you can find and collect throughout the open world. They can be used with imp statues, which are strange stone objects that, once unlocked, will open up new passages and give you access to new areas.

Character in Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc. via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

These new areas are always worth exploring, and they provide boatloads of new content for players to engage with. You can acquire powerful new weapons and armors, and even vanquish new bosses. Just choose carefully which area you want to unlock, as you can’t retrieve a Stonesword Key after you use it. You’ll have to find another one to unlock another new area.

As you can imagine, getting these valuable keys is something every player should prioritize. While they may not be as important as some of the other items in the game, they’re still necessary if you want to see everything Elden Ring has to offer. So how exactly can you get your hands on them?

Where Can I Find Them?

There are several different ways players can acquire Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring. The first and easiest way is to select it as a keepsake item when creating your character. This will allow you to start off the game with one already in your inventory!

Create Character Screen in Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc. via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Another way to acquire them is by purchasing them from merchants. There are over half a dozen different vendors throughout the Lands Between who carry Stonesword Keys in their inventories. Be sure to keep an eye out for them on your travels! This method can get expensive, however, as you can end up spending thousands just for one single key.

The third way to get Stonesword Keys is by finding them scattered throughout the map. They are hand-placed throughout the open world, and there is a set number you can find. If you’re interested in a full list of where they spawn, you can check out this page from the Elden Ring Wiki.

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