How to Use the Lone Wolf Ashes in Elden Ring

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How to Use the Lone Wolf Ashes in Elden Ring

Despite releasing almost a year ago, Elden Ring remains one of the most played RPGs in the gaming world. This fact shouldn’t be surprising once you realize just how big the game is, how much replayability it offers, and how many different ways there are to customize your build.

Speaking of builds, one of the best items to integrate into your playstyle is spirit ashes! These are summonable companions who can aid you in combat. One of the earliest spirit ashes you’ll encounter in the Lands Between are the Lone Wolf ashes. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to use them.

Guide to Lone Wolf Ashes in Elden Ring

Without further ado, let’s get right into this guide for how to use the Lone Wolf ashes in Elden Ring!

How & Where to Get the Lone Wolf Ashes

How to get the Lone Wolf ashes in Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s get the first and most important matter out of the way. Just how do you get the Lone Wolf ashes to begin with? Lone Wolf ashes can only be obtained in one of two ways. The first way is to encounter Lady Renna, the mysterious moon witch. Talking with her at a certain location prompts her to give you the Lone Wolf ashes alongside the Spirit Calling Bell for summoning them.

In order to trigger her to spawn, you’ll need to travel to the Church of Elleh, which can be found near the starting area of the game. Once you are there, rest at the Site of Grace. This should cause Renna to appear nearby, allowing you to walk up to her and interact with her. She will ask you a few questions, but it doesn’t matter how you answer them. The conversation will end with her giving you the ashes.

An alternative way to get the Lone Wolf ashes is to travel to the Roundtable Hold, which is a hub area in Elden Ring. You’ll unlock the ability to fast travel here simply by playing the game. Once you have it unlocked, you can go there from your map (located in the bottom left corner). Here you will find a merchant called the Twin Maiden Husks (shown in the image above).

They can be found by going through one of the doors at the spawn location of the Roundtable Hold. If you walk into the room with the Two Fingers or you find a blacksmith working an anvil, you’re going the wrong way. They are located fairly far in the back, surrounded by some old books. You’ll know who they are when you see two old women (that look more like aging corpses) huddled together and holding a wooden staff. Approach them, and they will have the Lone Wolf ashes for sale.

How Do You Use the Lone Wolf Ashes?

How to use the Lone Wolf ashes in Elden Ring
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Now that you’ve obtained the ashes, it’s time to put them to use! In order to summon any spirit in the game, you need to be in an appropriate area to do so. You can tell when you’re in an area you can use spirit summons in when you see a ghostly white icon that looks like a gate appear on your screen. You’ll most often encounter this inside of a boss area.

Once you see this icon, you can go to your inventory and select the spirit summon that you want to call. In this case, the Lone Wolf ashes. Upon being activated, your character will go through an animation in which they’ll ring a bell, summoning the three wolves to fight for you. You can make this process go faster by assigning the Lone Wolf ashes to a quick item slot.

You can do this by opening up the menu and selecting “Equipment” from the top of the screen. From there, go down to one of the ten boxes at the bottom (one is shown highlighted in the image above). Select it and then scroll down until you see your spirit ashes. You can then add the Lone Wolf ashes by selecting them. Now you can easily summon your trusty companions without digging through your inventory first!

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Happy gaming!

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