Elden Ring: How to Beat The Guardian Golem

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Elden Ring: How to Beat The Guardian Golem

Released just a little over a month ago, Elden Ring has rocked the gaming world and made headlines over its dense open-world, excellent combat, and incredibly difficult boss fights. One such boss fight is someone you may not have found yet on your journey in the Lands Between: the Guardian Golem.

If you have come across him, chances are you’ve had quite the headache trying to take him down. He can be difficult to face if you don’t know what his weaknesses are or if you don’t have a strategy for taking him out. We’ll be covering exactly how you can defeat him in this article on how to beat the Guardian Golem in Elden Ring.

How to Beat The Guardian Golem

And now, without any further delays, here’s our walkthrough on how to beat the Guardian Golem in Elden Ring!

Where is the Guardian Golem located?

Highroad Cave Map Screen Shot
Image: FromSoftware via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

The Guardian Golem is an optional side-boss found at the end of the Highroad Cave. This location is based in the northern parts of the region Stormhill, in Limgrave.

Once you reach the bridge shown on the map above, jump down and walk along the river to the north and you’ll see the entrance. Head inside and carefully fall down the sinkholes leading to the lower levels. Don’t forget a torch! Keep pushing through until you reach a wide-open area with several waterfalls.

This part of the cave is tricky to navigate — there’s lots of platforming and little room for mistakes. There are several parts of this area where you can fall to your death, so tread carefully when jumping from place to place. Use your torch to light up the dark areas, as there are several enemies hiding, waiting to strike at you.

Walk along the path to the left until you reach one of the waterfalls, fighting bats along the way. You can loot some stuff in the cave to the left, but to progress, head right and drop down the waterfall. Do not jump off. Once you land, jump onto the nearby pillar and head to the center of the cave. Fight off some more bats and then head to the northeast, doing some more platforming.

The next room will have some enemies inside, but you can safely walk past them. There is another cave on the upper right side of this one. Go through that and keep moving until you hit another waterfall. Step off the edge as you did with the previous waterfall, and keep following the path until you reach the boss’s arena.

How do you beat him easily?

Beat the Guardian Golem Easily
Image: FromSoftware via Koby Gibson Ross / HGG

This is a very big boss with a lot of health, but don’t let his size fool you. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, as they say. The Guardian Golem is very resistant to all physical attacks, so avoid using regular melee weapons if you can help it. He is weak to magic, so switch to your magic-based weapons if you have them.

Next, you’ll want to rush towards him and get behind one of his legs. Start attacking just one of them (not both) with everything you can. After a few hits, he’ll fall down and land on his torso, giving you the opportunity to land a critical hit.

You can keep your distance if you are using ranged attacks, aiming for one of his legs while staying as far away from him as you can. If you do have to get up close and personal, you can easily roll around his attacks, making him a fairly easy boss to defend against.

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