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All Erdtree Incantations in Elden Ring, Ranked

Elden Ring is the evolution of all the Souls games that came before. It takes and expands upon much of the combat, RPG systems, and even the magic systems from past FromSoftware games. If you loved making magic-based characters in past entries, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of options for that. The Erdtree Incantations are a great way to utilize magic in Elden Ring.

But creating a magic-based build means nothing if you don’t know what sorceries to use. In today’s article, we’ll be ranking all Erdtree incantations in Elden Ring. We will start off by explaining what exactly an incantation is, before diving into the best and worst ones for the Erdtree category.

Let’s get started!

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What Are Erdtree Incantations?

What Are Erdtree Incantations?
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this article, we should first explain what exactly Erdtree incantations are. First of all, an incantation is a type of spell in Elden Ring. They’re created using a type of weapon known as Sacred Seals. Incantations differ from other sorceries in that they need a high Faith stat — not Intelligence — in order to be cast.

And Erdtree incantations are a specific type and are distinguished from other incantations due to their golden color and their theme surrounding the Erdtree and The Golden Order, two major aspects of the game that you’ll be familiar with. There are several different magical spells in the Erdtree category. Some are used for healing and buffing your character, while others can be used offensively.

Much of our information was sourced from the Elden Ring wiki, so be sure to check it out for more details! You can find the exact location of each spell on this list by viewing the Elden Ring interactive map and selecting “Spells” from the menu to the right. There are thirteen Erdtree incantations in total in Elden Ring. In today’s article, we’ll be ranking each and each one of them from the least to most useful.

All Erdtree Incantations, Ranked from OK to Outstanding!

With that out of the way, let’s get right into the main article ranking each of the Erdtree incantations, from okay to outstanding!


Golden Lightning Fortification

First up on our list, we have the Golden Lightning Fortification. This is a defensive spell that boosts damage negation against lightning. It can be applied to both yourself and any nearby friends helping you out. This incantation needs a total of 24 Faith to use, which is one of the lowest numbers on this list. It will also cost you 30 focus points, which isn’t too bad for a spell like this.

This incantation isn’t bad, just kind of niche. It doesn’t protect you against all damage types, instead specializing in protection against lightning damage. The trade-off is that it’s a pretty sizable reduction of 60%. It’s good in the right circumstances, but useless for most enemies you’ll encounter. I recommend saving this spell for certain boss fights, such as Tree Sentinels.

As for where you can find this incantation, it spawns in a very late game area — the Crumbling Farum Azula. It will be carried around by a specific Teardrop Scarab. Follow this link and you can check out the interactive map for the exact location.


Aspects of The Crucible: Breath

The next incantation on our list is Aspect of The Crucible: Breath. This is a very unique-looking incantation that creates a pouch-like object around your head, giving you the ability to breathe fire onto your enemies! It will need 27 Faith in order to be used. Additionally, you’ll have to use 28 focus points and 40 stamina points every time you cast it.

This incantation doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but it’s still really useful for crowd control. You can use it continuously for a brief period if you press and hold down the button, rather than just spitting fire all at once. I love using this to mop up regular enemies as I move through dungeons. It’s a pretty close-ranged attack, so be mindful when you use it.

If you’re interested in using this incantation for your build, you’ll first need to go to the Volcano Manor. You’ll have to complete Tanith’s questline and (spoiler alert!) eventually kill her. After she is dead, a boss enemy will appear who will drop the item once killed.


Erdtree Heal

Next, we have Erdtree Heal. This is another support incantation that allows you to heal yourself and any nearby allies for a pretty sizable amount of health. You’ll need at least 42 Faith points in total in order to use it effectively. Additionally, it costs a whopping 65 focus points and 50 stamina points for each and every time you cast it!

I like to carry around this incantation whenever I’m exploring a new and dangerous area. You can only carry so many health flasks in the game, so having the option to heal using any extra focus points you have is very handy. If you’re in the middle of a fight and need to heal yourself and any nearby allies, being able to instantly boost your health is really useful.

To acquire this healing spell, you’ll need to travel to Lyndell, the Capital of Ash. From there, go to the Queen’s Bedchamber. Keep in mind that you can only get this incantation if you have visited and lit the Forge of Giants.


Aspects of The Crucible: Horns

Up next we have another offensive incantation. I am referring to Aspects of The Crucible: Horns. This is a low-cost spell that can be used to deal a decent amount of damage to your foes by summoning a horn for you to charge enemies with. It only needs 27 Faith to cast, and requires only 20 focus points for each use.

This is a pretty decent early-game spell that can be used to deal a quick bit of damage to enemies. I love using it for my melee build, as after I charge an enemy I can follow it up with a few swings of my colossal swords. This isn’t the most powerful offensive spell on the list, but it is a practical incantation to use due to its low cost and early-game availability. Speaking of which…

This spell requires you to defeat a sort of “mini-boss,” a crucible knight found at Stormveil Castle. It is located in a hidden part of the castle. A YouTuber by the name of the Gamer Guru has made a video guide explaining how to find it, which you can watch by clicking the link right here.


Wrath of Gold

Next on our list is the incantation Wrath of Gold. This is a unique spell that works defensively, helping you to fend off nearby enemies by sending out a wave of energy that has the ability to knock back nearby opponents onto the ground. It needs a minimum of 32 Faith in order to be used. Additionally, you will have to spend 40 focus points to cast it.

This is a great spell for crowd control. It will help you get baddies off your back when you’re cornered and need a minute to stop and breathe. If you can take a few seconds to charge up the attack, it will noticeably increase the size of its area of effect! If that wasn’t cool enough, it will also do holy damage to all enemies it comes into contact with, giving it some offensive capabilities.

This spell can be taken freely from the Woodfolk Ruins, which can be found inside of the mid-game region Atlus Plateau.


Aspects of The Crucible: Tail

Now we have another offensive spell, this one called Aspects of The Crucible: Tail. This is an interesting spell that temporarily gives you a tail that you can swing around to hit enemies and deal damage. It’s another great crowd control weapon, and it costs 27 Faith to use. The focus point cost is only 22, which is very good compared to many of the other incantations on this list.

The attack speed on this spell is pretty decent, allowing you to quickly dish out some crowd control to any enemies coming across your path. The range could be better, but it’s still good enough to keep it effective in combat. Thanks to its low focus cost, it’s a very practical and useful skill to have when you are out on the field and need to deal with some enemies effectively.

To get ahold of this spell, you’ll need to travel to the Stormhill Evergaol. It will be carried by the Crucible Knight boss, and you’ll have to kill him in order to unlock the spell for yourself. Since you can get this spell so easily in the early game, that brings it up higher on our list.


Barrier of Gold

For our next spell on our list of all Erdtree incantations in Elden Ring ranked, we have the Barrier of Gold. This incantation is defensive in nature and allows you to take reduced damage from magic attacks. It needs a minimum of 24 Faith to use. This is pretty low and can be obtained early on in your playthrough. The Barrier of Gold spell also requires 30 focus points in order to be used.

There are quite a few enemies in the game that use magic damage, so you’d be wise to carry this spell with you whenever you can. Additionally, if you play PVP, this spell becomes an absolute must-have. Magic builds are fairly common in multiplayer, and they often love to spam attacks. Being able to reduce the damage they do can be a life saver that just might turn the fight in your favor.

If you want this spell for yourself, first go to the royal capital of Leyndell. It will be given to you upon killing a specific teardrop scarab. You can read more of from the “Where to Find Barrier of Gold” section of the wiki page here.


Blessing’s Boon

This next one up is a personal favorite incantation of mine: Blessing’s Boon. Upon being activated, the player and all nearby allies will begin to slowly regenerate their health over time. It only needs you to have a 24 in Faith, and the focus point it costs to use is 30. Not too bad for a support spell such as this one.

I love using this ability in cooperative play. You can cast it onto yourself and any other players before or after a boss fight to help heal them up when they lose health. The total amount of health that this ability heals is 720. This makes it a decent way to save a few health flasks when you are far away from a Site of Grace. All these things combined make it a great tool to have for both survivability and co-op.

Want to grab this incantation for your build? Head on over to the Church of Vows and purchase it there from a vendor. It will cost you a grand total of 4,000 runes in order to buy.


Protection of the Erdtree

Up next, let’s take a second to talk about the Protection of the Erdtree. This support buff grants you and any nearby help additional protection against all non-physical-based attacks. You will need a total of 35 Faith in order to use this ability. This isn’t that much, but it’s no small amount either. You also need 30 focus points for each and every time you cast the spell.

It’s a very good incantation to use if you happen to be facing a boss, enemy, or another player that uses magic damage to deal their attacks. If you’re sick and tired of mages spamming magic attacks, this is a pretty decent counter to that. And there are plenty of bosses that can be countered with this ability, as well. Just be warned, this buff does not stack with the spell Flame Grant Me Strength.

To find it, first go to the Altus Plateau. After that, find a specific incantation scarab. The particular one you’ll want to find will spawn east of the location where Goldmask first spawns in. Its exact location can be viewed if you follow the link to the interactive map here.


Blessing of the Erdtree

For spot number four on our list for all Erdtree incantations in Elden Ring, we’ve decided on the Blessing of the Erdtree spell. This is a more advanced version of the Blessing’s Boon incantation mentioned earlier. It’ll cost you 38 Faith to activate, and needs a total of 60 focus points for every use. It is spendier than the previously mentioned incantation, but it heals a total of 1,080 health instead of 720.

If you’re planning on fighting a high-level boss with some friends, this spell is a must-have. Being able to heal in the middle of a fight is invaluable, especially against very highly-aggressive enemies that rarely give you an opportunity to heal. And if you find yourself far away from a Site of Grace and low on health, you can cast this to save you a few health flask uses.

This special spell can be grabbed by going to the Leyndell Royal Capital. From there, you’ll want to enter the Queen’s Bedchamber in the heart of the city in order to grab the Blessing of The Erdtree.


Elden Stars

Taking home the bronze medal on our list is the offensive ability of Elden Stars! Elden Stars summons a series of small projectiles that rapidly accelerate towards your target all at once. You will need a whopping 50 levels of Faith in order to be able to cast it, but it’s well worth the price. It costs exactly 47 focus points for each use, which can get spendy if you use it a lot.

It’s a great ability to use in all types of situations. You may recognize it for being a very popular ability to use in multiplayer due to its ability to be spammed. Please, do not do that. It’s not an honorable thing to do. I love to use this ability for PVE whenever I encounter a boss or an enemy with a lot of health. It’s a relatively safe way to deal damage to enemies from farther away distances.

You can pick up this awesome ability by traveling to the Deeproot Depths, an underground area that requires you to beat a tricky boss in order to unlock. You can read more about this underground location by following the link provided here.


Black Blade

Next up, we have an offensive incantation called Black Blade. This interesting ability summons a big shadowy sword that you can slam down into the ground to cut through multiple enemies at once, dealing massive damage! It needs 46 Faith in order to be used and requires a total of 26 focus points for each cast. This is noticeably cheaper than the Elden Stars ability mentioned previously.

I really love this incantation, as it’s very satisfying to use. It can quickly dispose of groups of enemies, cutting through them like paper. I mostly use this on common enemies due to how many the spell can kill at once, but it can be done against bosses! It’s also great how cheap this spell is to cast.

If you want to pick up the Black Blade ability for your build, you’ll first need to defeat the boss Maliketh, the Black Blade. Then, just head on over to the Roundtable Hold and purchase it from a vendor there.


Golden Vow

Golden Vow
Image: FromSoftware Inc, Bandai Namco Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

And taking the cake for number one on our ranking, it’s Golden Vow! This is an incantation that requires a mere 25 Faith to use and can be cast for 47 focus points. Using it will boost both your offensive and defensive stats. It can be used on both yourself and nearby allies, including all nearby spirit summons!

This is one of the most essential incantations for any build looking to deal the maximum amount of damage. I use it before every single boss fight, even though I’m doing a Strength build and not a Faith build. It’s so high on this list for that very reason — it can be easily used by just about any build, and it’s one you’ll use a lot if you get your hands on it.

To acquire Golden Vow, head on over to Mt. Gelmir, specifically to the Corpse-Stench Shack.

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