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How to Get Diluc in Genshin Impact

There are a ton of characters in Genshin Impact. It can be confusing to keep them all straight, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to actually get them. We’re here to help, starting with this guide on how to get Diluc in Genshin Impact! This is a 5-star character with attitude, and one you’ll definitely want on your roster.

Let’s get started!

Diluc Overview

Diluc is a 5-star Pyro Claymore character with a complicated past and an even more complicated personality. 

His family, the Ragnvindr Clan, is an affluent family in Monstadt and one of just two remaining noble clans within the country. As an adult, Diluc has made a name for himself by essentially monopolizing the wine industry in Monstadt. He is also owner of the most popular tavern in Monstadt, the Angel’s Share.

What many players may not know about him, though, is the tragic past that shaped him into the grumpy warrior we know today. When Diluc was a young boy, his father adopted another child and the two became brothers. For a while, they actually got on quite well and lived as a true family.

As the brothers grew older, both dedicated themselves to the Knights of Favonius and Monstadt. Tragedy struck their family when their father, Crepus Ragnvindr, went mad and had to be stricken down by his own son. Consumed by grief and disillusioned with the Knights of Favonius, Diluc was dealt another blow when his adopted brother revealed he had been a spy all along. 

Diluc left Monstadt for a while before returning as a cynical, closed-off man. He no longer held the same idealistic convictions he used to, though his drive to protect Monstadt remained just as strong. He fights from the shadows each night as a vigilante of justice, burning (literally, what with his Pyro vision) with the desire to uphold his father’s dying ideals. 

Why You Should Get Diluc

Why You Should Get Diluc
“Time for – retribution!”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Edgy Batman-esque backstory aside, Diluc is a pretty good character to have on your team. His Elemental Skill can be triggered three times in quick succession, which makes it great for triggering multiple Elemental Reactions.

Searing Onslaught sets Diluc’s weapon ablaze as he performs up to three slashes, which each deal Pyro DMG. This helps counter one of his biggest weaknesses — slow attack speed is a huge obstacle for most Claymore characters, but Diluc is able to attack much more quickly thanks to his Elemental Skill. This ability is also pretty handy outside of combat, as Diluc can easily activate torch puzzles, Pyro totems, and clear out brambles blocking treasure chests.

Diluc’s Elemental Burst, Dawn, summons a large, fiery Phoenix that swoops forward and deals Pyro DMG to all enemies in its path. After reaching a certain distance, the Phoenix explodes and deals AOE Pyro DMG. Enemies hit by the Phoenix are also knocked back. 

After using his Elemental Burst, Diluc’s blade is infused with Pyro, which converts his attacks to Pyro DMG for up to 8 seconds. The infusion will remain even if Diluc is switched off field, though the duration is still only 8 seconds. That means if you don’t switch him back onto the field quickly, he will lose the Pyro infusion. 

Diluc’s Normal Attacks may not be as flashy as his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, but they’re still pretty strong on their own. When his Normal Attack Talent is fully leveled, Diluc’s hits all deal 170% ATK DMG and above. His final attack in his Normal Attack combo even hits as hard as 264% ATK DMG. 

How to Get Diluc

Now that we’ve wowed you with all of Diluc’s strengths, you’re probably wondering how you can actually get him on your team. As of Version 3.1, there are just two ways to get Diluc. The first is through Wishing on the Wanderlust Invocation Banner, and the second is through Wishing on a Limited-Time Banner. 

There are currently no other ways to get Diluc, which is pretty unfortunate. Maybe if we’re lucky, Hoyoverse will take pity on us and give players their choice of a free 5-star character in the future. For now though, good luck Wishing. 

Wishing Basics

For players who are unfamiliar with Wishing in Genshin Impact, here’s a quick rundown. Wishes are the gacha system of the game, and are the primary way to receive new characters and weapons. 

There are two places to use Wishes. The Standard Banner is permanently available to all players, and Limited-Time Banners are only available for short periods of time. Typically, that period is around three weeks, but can somewhat vary.

Each Wish costs either 160 primogems or one Acquaint Fate (Standard Banner) or Intertwined Fate (Limited-Time Banner). You can choose to make a single Wish or ten Wishes at once. Ten Wishes will cost 1,600 primogems or 10 Acquaint/Intertwined Fates.

There are some methods to acquire both Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate through in-game rewards, but typically players will purchase them through Paimon’s Bargains.

How common are 4-star and 5-star characters?

How Common are 4-Star and 5-Star Characters?
“A seed that lights up the night.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Each Wish made will grant either a 4-star character, 5-star character or a 3-star/4-star/5-star weapon. The vast majority of Wishes end up being 3-star weapons, but 4-star weapons and characters aren’t too hard to come by.

The odds of pulling a 5-star Wish on either Banner are pretty slim, which is how Hoyoverse lures players into spending money. The vast majority of Wishes will be 3-star weapons, though at least one 5-star character or 5-star weapon is guaranteed per 90 Wishes on each Banner.

At around 70 Wishes, the odds of receiving a 5-star weapon or 5-star character begin to increase drastically. This effect, known as “soft pity,” makes it worth tracking your Wishes on each Banner and switching from 10 Wish pulls to single Wish pulls after hitting 70 Wishes without receiving a 5-star. 

The tricky thing is that the type of 5-star you get isn’t guaranteed. Depending on the Banner, you can receive either a weapon or a character, and there’s no way to know until you actually receive them. Players are guaranteed at least one 5-star character and one 5-star weapon on the Standard banner after 270 pulls. So, technically, it’s just a matter of time. 

When obtaining a 5-star Wish, there is an equal chance of getting either a weapon or character on the Standard Banner. Limited-Time Banners will only give 5-star characters or 5-star weapons, depending on which you pull on.

4-star Wishes are slightly easier to come by, with at least one guaranteed every 30 Wishes. The odds change when making 10 Wishes at once, though, as players are guaranteed at least one 4-star character/weapon or higher. 

Wishing on the Standard Banner will not affect the odds of acquiring 4-star or 5-star Wishes on Limited-Time Banners and vice versa.

Wanderlust Invocation (Standard Banner) 

Every 4-star character can be obtained through the Standard Banner as soon as they are added to the game. The same is not true of 5-star characters, though. There are currently only six 5-star characters available through the Standard Banner. These characters are Jean, Qiqi, Tighnari, Keqing, Mona, and Diluc. 

As of Version 3.1, there are no 5-star Geo characters included in the Standard Banner, though all 4-star Geo characters are still included.

Along with 5-star characters, the Standard Banner also has the chance to grant 4-star and 5-star weapons. Unlike 4-star characters, not all 4-star weapons are available through the Standard Banner. Some 4-star weapons are event exclusive, some are only available through the Shop, and some are only available through purchasing a Battle Pass.

Currently, there are two 5-star weapons of each type included in the Standard Banner for a total of ten 5-star weapons. The Standard Banner generally has four 4-star weapons of each type, with the exception of Polearms, of which there are only two. 

These are all the 4-star and 5-star weapons available in the Standard Banner:

  • Amos’ Bow (5-star)
  • Skyward Harp (5-star)
  • Favonius Warbow (4-star)
  • Rust (4-star)
  • Sacrificial Bow (4-star)
  • The Stringless (4-star)
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5-star)
  • Skyward Atlas (5-star)
  • Eye of Perception (4-star)
  • Favonius Codex (4-star)
  • Sacrificial Fragments (4-star)
  • The Widsith (4-star)
  • Wolf’s Gravestone (5-star)
  • Skyward Pride (5-star)
  • Favonius Greatsword (4-star)
  • Rainslasher (4-star)
  • Sacrificial Greatsword (4-star)
  • The Bell (4-star)
  • Primordial Jade Winged Spear (5-star)
  • Skyward Spine (5-star)
  • Dragon’s Bane (4-star)
  • Favonius Lance (4-star)
  • Aquila Favonia (5-star)
  • Skyward Blade (5-star)
  • Favonius Sword (4-star)
  • Lion’s Roar (4-star)
  • Sacrificial Sword (4-star)
  • The Flute (4-star)

Each weapon and character has an equal chance of being obtained based on their rarity. 5-star weapons and characters each have a base 0.3% chance of being obtained, while 4-star weapons and characters have a base 2.55% chance. 

That means there is a 2.85% chance of getting a character or weapon of 4-star or 5-star rarity. There is a 97.15% chance of receiving a 3-star weapon on any given Wish. Not very helpful, but at least Wishing a lot will give you plenty of weapon leveling materials. 

Limited-Time Banners

There are two types of Limited-Time Banners, which both have the same odds and soft pity system. The first, which is the important one for trying to get Diluc, are Featured Character Banners. These typically introduce new characters or re-introduce previously released 5-star characters who are not part of the Standard Banner. The second type are Epitome Invocation Banners, which we will talk about later on. 

All Limited-Time Banners have slightly different odds from the Standard Banner. Generally speaking, they have double the odds of pulling a 4-star or 5-star Wish. Any given Wish on Limited-Time Banners has a 0.6% chance to drop a 5-star character or 5-star weapon, and a 5.1% chance to drop a 4-star character or 4-star weapon. 

Most Wishes will result in a 3-star weapon, with each Wish having a 94.3% chance of being a 3-star weapon. At least one 4-star Wish is still guaranteed per 10 Wishes, though.

Soft pity will kick in at exactly 75 Wishes, so be sure to count your Wish if you want to avoid over-Wishing.

Featured Character Banners

For Featured Character Limited-Time Banners, 5-star Wishes will only result in 5-star characters. 4-star Wishes, however, can be either 4-star characters or 4-star weapons. Whenever a 4-star Wish is pulled on character Limited-Time Banners, there is a 50% chance it will be one of the featured 4-star characters in the Banner. 

At least one featured 4-star character is guaranteed every 20 Wishes. If you pull a 4-star weapon or non-featured 4-star character, the next 4-star Wish will be a featured 4-star character. 

When a 5-star Wish is pulled, there is a 50% chance it will be the featured 5-star character. There is also a 50% chance it will be a 5-star character from the Standard banner. 

The 50% chance to receive either a Standard Banner 5-star or the featured 5-star has created a “50/50” gamble among players. If someone refers to “losing” their 50/50, it means they did not receive the limited character they Wished for and instead received one of the six 5-star characters from the Standard Banner, possibly even Diluc.

Limited-Time character Banners are the best way to get Diluc.

Epitome Invocation Banners

Epitome Invocation Banners run concurrently with Featured Character banners and usually include the signature weapon of those featured 5-star characters. 

The odds of getting a 5-star Wish on Epitome Invocation Banners are the same as getting a 5-star Wish on character Limited-Time banners. The difference is that 5-star Wishes on Epitome Invocation banners will only result in weapons. 

These Banners do not include any 5-star characters, though, so they are a waste to Wish on unless you want 4-star characters and/or the featured 5-star weapons. 

There is a 50% chance of receiving a featured 5-star weapon and a 50% chance of receiving a 5-star weapon from the Standard banner. Thus, players will not be able to get Diluc through Epitome Invocation Limited-Time banners. 

Odds of Getting Diluc

The Odds of Getting Diluc
“Seeing your perseverance… I owe you my thanks.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

With all this in mind, players who are determined to get Diluc should spend their Wishes on character Limited-Time Banners. Not only are the odds of getting a 5-star Wish higher, there’s also no chance of receiving a weapon, which reduces the total pool of 5-star options. Though there is a very high chance of getting a featured 5-star character rather than a specific Standard Banner 5-star character, that isn’t such a bad thing. 

The Standard Banner doesn’t include limited run 5-star characters, but does include the ten 5-star weapons we went over above, meaning the pool is inflated. With a lower pull rate of 5-star Wishes and a lower chance of receiving a 5-star character, it just doesn’t make much sense to Wish on the Wanderlust Invocation Standard Banner unless you have Acquaint Fate items, as they can only be used to Wish on the Standard Banner. 

In general, we suggest waiting and saving up your primogems and Intertwined Fates. When a limited run 5-star character you’re interested in comes up, you can go ham on their banner. Worst-case scenario, you level up their constellation while you’re trying to get Diluc. 

Join the High Ground

That’s how you can get Diluc in Genshin Impact! Have you managed to snag this Pyro dynamo, or are you still struggling to understand the Wishing system? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! You can also let us know if there any other characters you aren’t sure how to get or specific guides you’d like to see. Don’t forget to stick around for more Genshin Impact guides and tips. In the meantime, check out our guide on the best Pyro characters here to see how Diluc stacks up!

Happy gaming!

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