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Best Spiral Abyss Teams in Genshin Impact

The Spiral Abyss is a unique type of domain that effectively serves as endgame content in Genshin Impact, requiring you to construct your strongest possible team comps to defeat its challenges within certain time limits. While the Spiral Abyss is entirely optional, the lucrative rewards make it worth tackling for all players. Which is why we’ll be going over the best Spiral Abyss teams in Genshin Impact!

Spiral Abyss Basics

The Spiral Abyss gate.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The Abyss can be a pretty difficult part of the game even for more experienced players. In fact, a lot of players don’t even bother and just ignore it. Still, the Spiral Abyss is a good renewable (every two weeks) source of Primogems and Mora. If you’re willing to put in the time, the rewards are definitely worth the trouble.

In general, the idea is to defeat enemies faster in order to earn more rewards. Which means needing strong characters and team comps who can tear through enemy HP as quickly as possible. To do that, you’re going to need to know some basics.

Floors 1-8

Floors 1-8 of the Spiral Abyss can only be completed once and serve as a training ground for the later half.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The first thing to know about the Spiral Abyss is that it is broken into two main parts. The first 8 floors are a bit easier and never change. These floors are known as the Abyssal Corridor. The rewards here can only be obtained once. They’re also not quite as good as the rewards obtained in the second part of the Abyss.

A huge reason many players give up on the Spiral Abyss is due to the divergence of the domain. 

Starting at Floor 5, players will need two teams in order to complete each floor. Free-to-play players especially have a harder time with this, since they may not have as many characters to choose from.

Floors 9-12

Floors 9-12 of Spiral Abyss reset every 2 weeks with new challenges and rewards.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The later part of the Spiral Abyss is known as the Abyssal Moon, consisting of four floors. Compared to the first half, this section of the Abyssal Spiral is exponentially more difficult but also offers much greater rewards.

These floors reset twice per month, once on the 1st and again on the 16th, changing the enemies you’ll encounter but also allowing you to claim the awards again.

In order to make the increase in difficulty more manageable, you’ll receive a buff called the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon. This buff applies to all four floors and remains consistent until the next reset.

The Blessing can vary from effects such as increase Elemental Mastery upon triggering a Dendro reaction or granting an ATK boost whenever you take damage. Regardless of what it is, the buff is quite powerful and encourages you to build teams centered around it.

For our guide on the best Spiral Abyss teams in Genshin Impact, we will be focusing solely on the Abyssal Moon Floors (9-12). These are the floors you’ll be challenging on a bi-weekly basis and are actually difficult enough to warrant cohesive team comps.

Best General Characters for Spiral Abyss

Because of its ever changing nature, it’s tricky to find teams that will always be best for the Spiral Abyss. However, we can recommend some characters that will almost always be a great choice for your teams.


Nahida - the best Dendro character for Spiral Abyss.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Most of the Abyssal Moon Blessings for the Spiral Abyss since Version 3.0 have been geared towards buffing Dendro Reactions. Naturally, this makes Nahida a really great character to have on your team. 

While the Blessings may change in the future to veer away from Dendro Reaction buffs, that doesn’t change the fact that they are incredibly powerful. Meaning, even without the Abyssal Moon Blessing, Nahida is a Spiral Abyss must-have.

Her Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill make her a quick and consistent Dendro applicator. Her Elemental Burst is also a great way to buff your team’s Elemental Mastery to pop off even stronger Elemental Reactions.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi - best healer for Spiral Abyss.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

If you’re looking for a Spiral Abyss Healer, look no further than the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. 

Both Kokomi’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst provide massive heals for your team which is great in a tough domain where your ability to heal is severely limited. Plus, having a consistent off-field Hydro applicator is huge for triggering Elemental Reactions.

Having Kokomi on one of your Spiral Abyss teams can truly make or break the domain for you. It can be incredibly hard to salvage a run if you lose even one character at any point during the domain challenge, which is why Kokomi is a very strong character to have.

Kazuha Kaedehara

Kazuha - amazing character for grouping enemies in Spiral Abyss.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Kazuha is a phenomenal character to have when tackling the Spiral Abyss. His Elemental Skill allows him to bunch up enemies for some major crowd control, which is perfect for timed combat. 

His Elemental Burst is also great for covering a wide part of the field and shredding Elemental RES for your DPS character, especially if you run the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer artifact set for even more shredding.

While Kazuha may not be the star of the show on your team, he is certainly an invaluable member and one who will make your time in the Spiral Abyss a lot easier. 

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun - brings energy recharge, heavy burst damage, and constant off field Electro.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Raiden Shogun has been a top tier character for Spiral Abyss runs ever since her release. 

Her versatility makes her highly adaptable to almost any team and the right build allows her to take over any team role in an emergency should you lose your DPS, Sub-DPS, or even Support character.

She has her limits of course but being able to consistently apply Electro to enemies without being on field and deal massive damage with her Elemental Burst and provide much needed Energy for the party is invaluable.


Yelan - incredibly strong off-field damage support.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Another strong contender for best Spiral Abyss character is the enigmatic Yelan of Liyue. 

While not able to deal quite as much damage in one hit as Raiden Shogun, Yelan is another incredibly versatile character who will serve you well in the Abyss. Her Elemental Burst can supplement damage dealt by your DPS’ Normal Attacks while also applying very consistent Hydro DMG for Elemental Reactions.

Her Elemental Skill also allows you to rapidly deal a decent amount of damage to groups of enemies. Even better, she can easily reach un-grouped enemies


Zhongli - the best shielder for the Spiral Abyss
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

While we don’t exactly recommend taking on the Spiral Abyss without a Healer, players determined to do so (or those who only have one built) will want to have Zhongli on their team. 

Thanks to his Elemental Skill, Zhongli is able to create one of the strongest shields in the game. Which means worrying a lot less about possibly losing a character in the middle of your run or needing a healer. Plus, the shield reduces nearby enemies’ elemental and physical resistances, so your party will hit harder too!

Another reason to include the Geo Archon in your next Spiral Abyss run is Zhongli’s Elemental Burst. It’s able to deal a ton of damage over a wide field and also petrify some of the larger enemies you’ll face. Even just that second or two of breathing room can make a world of difference in the Abyss.


Bennett - fantastic healer and damage buffer
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Bennett is one of the best Support characters in the game, even after the 3.0 update added Dendro Reactions and upended the character tier list. 

He’s perfect for newer players or anyone who just needs a decent healer to round out their second team in the Abyss too. His Elemental Burst grants a substantial ATK buff for your team’s main DPS character while also being able to take the spot of a healer if needed. 

The buffing and healing abilities of his Elemental Burst make Bennett a very versatile character. Which is great for the Spiral Abyss since its enemies are constantly changing. 


Xingqiu - a good off-field Hydro applicator for the Spiral Abyss
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Xingqiu is kind of like the free-to-play version of Yelan. His Elemental Burst compliments characters who thrive on Elemental Reactions. He’s especially great at helping trigger Bloom and Hyperbloom Reactions too. 

Since he’s easy to get and available to every player as a 4-Star character, he’s definitely someone you want on your team in some way. 

It doesn’t hurt that he can help provide your team with some heals too. 

What Makes a Good Spiral Abyss Team?

Lumine standing in front of the Spiral Abyss gate.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

When it comes to the best team compositions for Spiral Abyss, you’ll want to focus on a few key aspects.

Elemental Type Match Up

The first aspect you’ll want to focus on when building a team for the Spiral Abyss is what Elements you’ll be facing. After looking at the enemies you’ll be facing in each chamber of your current Floor, is your main DPS a good matchup for them? 

Taking Raiden Shogun as your main DPS onto a floor where she’ll have to fight the Thundering Manifestation is probably not a good idea.

Understanding which Elements will be most effective against the enemies you’ll be going up against is going to make it a lot easier to determine the team composition of your team. 


Once you know what Elements you’re up against, you can pick the best DPS character for the job. The rest of your team will largely be based on backing up your DPS to allow them to deal the most damage possible. Versatile characters are usually the best suited for this role since you’ll be up against different groups of enemies. 

If your DPS choices are limited though, you can also pick Sub-DPS characters to help compensate for their weaknesses. 


Once you’ve settled on a good DPS, you’ll definitely want to find the best Support for them. Ideally it’ll be a character who can provide some good healing for the team. 

You won’t be able to use food in the Abyss, so without a healer, the DMG you take over time is going to build up. If you lose a character in Chamber 1 you can either restart the chamber or accept that they’re gone for the rest of that Floor run (unless you have C6 Barbara/ Qiqi or a character with similar abilities).

While being down a character doesn’t make it impossible to defeat the Spiral Abyss, it certainly makes it a lot harder. Especially since you’ll be racing against the clock with a handicap.

Best Teams for Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

Since the enemies in the Abyssal Moon reset twice a month, it’s next to impossible to find one team that will be able to handle any and all Spiral Abyss challenges.

A team that works well now may be useless after the next reset due to even just one specific enemy. Which means your Spiral Abyss teams will need to have some level of adaptability. 

In general though, these are the best team comps for the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact. Pretty much any of these teams should be able to take on most of the challenges you’ll face in the later floors of the Abyss with little problem. 

Nilou Bloom Teams

Nilou Bloom Team - Best Spiral Abyss Teams in Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Nilou Bloom teams are teams which cater to Nilou’s Talents. To work they can only be made up of Hydro and Dendro characters. If a character with another element is added to the team, it’s no longer a functional Nilou Bloom team. Having another Element will severely limit the DMG potential of your team.

Most players don’t have too much trouble with this though since they can use the Dendro Traveler and Barbara to fill most of the team up. Nahida is a perfect character for that last slot, but if you don’t have her, most other Dendro characters can work as well. 

Be aware that Nilou Bloom teams themselves are a very specific team composition. The tradeoff is that they’re able to take on nearly any enemy you’ll go up against in the Spiral Abyss.

This is largely thanks to very few enemies in Genshin Impact having Dendro immunity (or even resistance). 

A strong Nilou build is also able to help compensate for weaker team members. Her Talents will set off incredibly strong Dendro Core DMG over small AoEs. Which is great for hitting grouped up enemies and saving you time. 

While not quite as effective, Bloom teams that don’t have Nilou but still primarily focus on Dendro + Hydro Reactions are also very good for the Spiral Abyss.

Aggravate Teams

Aggravate Team - Best Spiral Abyss Teams in Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

If you’ve got an Electro or Dendro DPS with high CRIT stats, you’re definitely going to want to use an Aggravate team for the Spiral Abyss.

Since the DMG dealt by an Aggravate team is largely Dendro DMG, you’ll still get the benefits we talked about above – fewer enemies with RES and Immunity. Plus, you’ll be able to CRIT with this reaction which isn’t something most other Elemental Reactions can do.

Setting up an Aggravate team is pretty easy as well. The Dendro Traveler can use their Elemental Burst to create a wide field of effect that will constantly apply Dendro. Which means all you need to do is re-apply Electro to set off Aggravate Reactions. If you don’t have an Electro DPS, this can be achieved with characters like Fischl or Kuki Shinobu. 

We specifically recommend characters like Alhaitham, Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Fischl, Kuki Shinobu, Dendro Traveler, and Nahida for Aggravate teams. These characters are all pretty good at applying their Element and also work well with other Electro/ Dendro characters to trigger Aggravate Reactions.

Kuki Shinobu is an especially great character to have on Aggravate teams, since she can constantly apply Electro to enemies. Plus, you can build her around triggering Elemental Reactions and not need to spend another team slot on a healer.

Freeze Teams 

Freeze Team - Best Spiral Abyss Teams in Genshin Impact
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Our last recommended team comp for the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact is for Freeze teams.

Freeze teams are (unsurprisingly) built around being able to set off the Frozen Elemental Reaction. This Reaction immobilizes targets, allowing you to set up for bigger and heavier attacks without enemies getting in the way. Which can be incredibly helpful in timed domains like the Spiral Abyss.

If possible we suggest adding crowd control character to your team in order to totally wipe the field in one go. It’s not totally necessary, but it can be very helpful.

While the main driver of this team is going to be a powerful Cryo character, the Hydro requirements are a bit easier. The idea is to have a character who is easily able to apply Hydro to enemies for your Cryo characters to trigger the Elemental Reaction. Sangonomiya Kokomi tends to work best, but even Mona or Barbara can do just fine. Yelan and Xingqiu are also very good picks if you’re not worried about healing.

If you don’t have Kokomi or Barbara built, Diona can fill in that healer slot. She is also an easily attainable 4-Star character anyone can get. Just make sure you have some way of consistently applying Hydro to your opponents. 

As for Cryo characters, Ganyu and Ayaka are hands down the best. Both are able to apply Cryo to a lot of enemies in quick succession even without using an Elemental Burst. Eula and Shenhe can also be powerful forces for Freeze teams though they haven’t had as many banner runs. Meaning if you don’t already have them, it may be awhile until you can get them.

Join the High Ground!

That’s it for our guide on the best Spiral Abyss teams in Genshin Impact! Do you have an Abyss Team we didn’t cover? Let us know in the comments below! For more Genshin Impact guides, check out our guide on the best characters for exploration in Genshin Impact fast here.

Until next time, ad astra abyssosque and happy gaming!

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