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How & Where to Get Chilled Meat (and Goulash) in Genshin Impact

There are all manner of materials in video games. Crafting materials, enemy drops, boss items, weapons, etc. It’s a lot to keep track of. That’s why we’re here to help you figure it out. Today we’re talking about one of the rarer items in everyone’s favorite gacha game. Let’s go over how and where to get Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact

What is Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact?

Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Chilled Meat is a 1-star item which can be gathered in Genshin Impact. It’s similar to the Raw Meat item which is dropped by various wild animals throughout Teyvat. Chilled Meat is a bit more special though and much more rare. It can only be found in Dragonspine and drops only from a handful of specific enemies.

What is Chilled Meat Used For?

Converting Chilled Meat into Raw Meat
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Chilled Meat is classified as a Cooking Ingredient in Genshin Impact. While it is sometimes required for a handful of Commissions in Mondstadt, it is normally just used as a cooking ingredient. Namely in one specific recipe, which makes its use fairly limited.

Luckily, Chilled Meat can also be converted into the more versatile Raw Meat via the ingredients tab in the Cooking menu. Simply head to any cooking stove found throughout Teyvat to do so.

Cooking (Goulash)

Goulash recipe in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

As of Version 3.5, there is just one recipe that uses Chilled Meat – Goulash. This is a 2-star dish that helps reduce the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation, which makes it incredibly helpful for exploring Dragonspine (and fighting Signora too!). 

To make Goulash on your own, you’ll need to complete the ”Ah, Fresh Meat!” quest. At the end of the quest, the NPC Harris will give you the recipe. Once you have the recipe, you can learn how to make it and you’ll also get the “Glutton for Goulash” achievement.

The recipe to make one Goulash requires:

  • 2 Chilled Meat
  • 2 Carrot
  • 1 Tomato

Goulash Effects & Usage

The reduced Sheer Cold accumulation effect will last for 900 seconds or 15 minutes of real time. Keep in mind that it does not completely stop the Sheer Cold effect (just slows how quickly it builds up). 

You will still need to be aware of sources of warmth while exploring to avoid taking damage from the cold. But with Goulash, you’ll have a bit more breathing room though if you get caught up in a fight away from a torch or Ruin Brazier.

Outside of Dragonspine, Goulash doesn’t have much use. No other area in the game currently has the Sheer Cold effect, but this might change sometime in the future. Notably, you can use it during the 1st phase of the Signora boss battle, as it will reduce the Sheer Cold you accumulate during the fight.

If you have an excess of Chilled Meat, we recommend converting it into Raw Meat via the ingredients tab at any cooking station. Just note that you cannot re-convert normal Meat into Chilled Meat, so you’ll have to get more manually if you run out.

How & Where to Get Chilled Meat

Dragonspine - the only place to get Chilled Meat
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

There is just one way to get your hands on Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact. You’ll need to go out and collect it yourself. Unlike most other resources, there are not any shops where it can be purchased. 

Luckily it’s not too hard to collect and most of the time you won’t need a whole lot. 

Dragonspine & Frozen Boars

Frozen Snowboars - the source of chilled meat.
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Chilled Meat can be found exclusively in Dragonspine. It is dropped by a special type of boar that can only be found in certain areas within the region. You’ll be able to immediately recognize these Snowboars from a distance, as they’re all encased in a block of ice.

Simply melt the ice with any Pyro attack and kill the Snowboar to collect 2 pieces of Chilled Meat. Thankfully, the Snowboars do not de-spawn like ordinary boars, so you don’t have to be in a rush to kill them.

While there’s a limited amount of Snowboar spawn locations, their locations are static and respawn with every daily reset, so you can always get more Chilled Meat.

The Great Snowboar King

The Great Snowboar King
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Near the top of Dragonspine is a small arena that’s home to the Great Snowboar King. After killing the 3 nearby Snowboars, the game will spawn a gigantic Snowboar, complete with a massive health bar and desire to kill you.

Killing it will net you 14-18 Chilled Meat, an achievement for defeating it the first time, and a nice little chunk of Mora. It also respawns every 12 hours, so it’s a rather good source of Chilled Meat if you can reliably and quickly beat it.

How to Beat the Great Snowboar King

We recommend bringing a strong Shielder, as all of the Snowboar King’s attacks can stagger and knockback your character. It will mostly attack you by attempting to charge you, but you can trick it into stunning itself by having it ram the walls of the arena (or any Geo constructs).

It will also occasionally summon a line of mini-boars to charge you, but you can easily dodge through the line. The Snowboar King can also enter a berserk state (it’ll begin to glow red) and begin jumping to cause patches of ice to fall on you. Do your best to dodge and wait out the berserk state. We recommend using this time to pepper it with ranged attacks or to remove the Sheer Cold on you by huddling at the nearby Ruin Brazier.

WARNING: Do not move too far away from the Snowboar King, especially when you’re warming up at the Ruin Brazier, or it will despawn and force you to do the fight over again. The fight can be rather difficult at lower levels, so feel free to come back once you’re stronger.

Best Areas for Farming

The Snowboar King's Lair is just southeast of the Statute of the Seven
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

If you’re in need of a lot of Chilled Meat, the best place to find it is at the Great Snowboar King’s Lair to the east of the Entombed City – Ancient Palace / southeast of the Dragonspine Statue of the Seven.

The Great Snowboar King’s Lair

As mentioned above, defeating the Great Snowboar King will net you between 14-18 Chilled Meat. You can easily reach the arena simply by gliding directly south-east from the nearby Statue of the Seven. You’ll know you’re there when you see the ice blocks of frozen Snowboars.

But if you’re struggling to defeat the Great Snowboar King, you can simply kill the little Snowboars in the surrounding area and flee after collecting their meat. Once you’re stronger and have fully built teams, killing the Great Snowboar King will be a trivial task.

Dragonspine Coast

Dragonspine Coast has plenty of frozen Snowboars.
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

If you didn’t get enough Chilled Meat from the Snowboar King’s lair, you can head to the Eastern coastline of Dragonspine. Traveling along the coast should yield another 10+ frozen Snowboars just waiting to be un-thawed and hunted. This should net you another 20 or more Chilled Meats, leaving you plenty to make Goulash galore. 

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Until next time, ad astra abyssosque and happy gaming!

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