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Best Polearms in Genshin Impact, Ranked (+Tier List)

Polearms are the embodiment of martial technique and grace, and are unsurprisingly the fastest weapons in Genshin Impact. Their reach and speed allow you to flow smoothly between each strike to devastate your enemies in a flurry of blows.

Despite being the least-used weapon at launch, polearms have become one of the most prevalent weapons in Genshin Impact, with two more users (Shenhe and Yun Jin) slated for release soon. As a plus, every released polearm wielder is considered to be very good from a meta perspective. However, if you want to bring out a character’s true potential, you’ll need to equip them with the right weapon.

Below, we’ll be going over the best polearms in Genshin Impact. Our first stop will be our tier list of the top polearms in Genshin Impact, followed by our ranking of the ten best of best. Enjoy!

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Before we jump into our list, we have a quick disclaimer. Our rankings largely assume you only have a single copy of each weapon. Only common three-star and free weapons obtained via events/forging are expected to have been refined with multiple copies. While not common, we will note when a weapon’s refinement level has a large impact on its ranking.

In other words, control yourself and roll responsibly. Don’t go broke trying to get Refinement Level 5 on a five-star weapon. There are plenty of great options in the meantime!

Here are our picks for the best polearms in Genshin Impact:

The 10 Best Polearms in Genshin Impact, Ranked Good to Best

We’ve ranked our top ten polearms below — keep reading for our breakdown of the best of the best and a few strategies on how to use them effectively. If a specific weapon is considered the best overall for a character, we’ll have (BiS) next to their name for “Best in Slot.”

Due to some characters being able to perform multiple roles, we’ll note what role we consider the weapon to be suited for.


Favonius Lance (4* Rarity)

Image of the Favonius Lance Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Standard Banner | Good On: Thoma (BiS), Zhongli

The first weapon on our list is the standard polearm of the Knights of Favonius. Designed to help its wielder with energy generation, this weapon is ideal for supports that are brought for their utility as opposed to damage.

With a base attack of 565 of a 30.6% bonus to Energy Recharge at max level, this weapon won’t be hitting too hard but will help ensure your burst is on standby. Even more so when you consider its effect.

Each critical hit has a 60% chance to generate 6 energy for the wielder, limited by a twelve-second cooldown. While it may not seem like much, this can add up rather quickly. However, the wielder does need to be on-field for this effect to occur.

As this is largely a support weapon, we recommend equipping it on Thoma or Zhongli. Both characters are often run solely for their shields and burst effect, and this weapon helps tremendously with their somewhat poor energy generation. With enough crit built on them, they can easily trigger the effect with their skill and swap to another character.

As for refinement, each copy you add will increase the effect’s trigger rate by 10% and lower the cooldown by 1.5 seconds. At max refinement, you have a 100% trigger chance on critical hits with only a six-second cooldown.

If you manage to fully refine this weapon, its value skyrockets in energy generation and allows for much more consistent bursts.


Lithic Spear (4* Rarity)

Image of the Lithic Spear Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Standard Banner | Good On: Xiao, Xiangling, Zhongli

Next on our list is the national weapon of Liyue. This weapon becomes stronger for each member of your party that hails from the Liyue region, and given that half of the polearm wielders are already Liyue natives, it becomes rather easy to bring out this weapon’s full potential.

With a base attack of 565 and a 27.6% bonus to ATK at max level, it already errs on the stronger side of four-star polearms with just its basic stats. Then you factor in its effect. For each Liyue native in the party, the wielder gains a 7% ATK and 3% crit rate boost.

Typically, you’ll want at least two stacks of the effect (i.e., two Liyue natives in the party) for the weapon to be worth it. Given some of the best supports in the game (Zhongli and Xingqiu) are from Liyue, it’s not too difficult to reach this. It’s even completely viable to have a full Liyue team.

While it won’t be anyone’s best weapon, it’s a rather strong choice on Xiao and Xiangling. If you happen to have the weapon fully refined, it can even outperform some of the higher ranked five-star weapons with just two stacks from its effect.

As for refinement, each copy you add will increase the ATK and crit rate boost by 1%. At max refinement, the wielder gains an 11% ATK and 7% crit rate boost per Liyue character.


Dragon’s Bane (4* Rarity)

Image of the Dragon's Bane Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Standard Banner | Good On: Hu Tao, Xiangling

The ultimate polearm for triggering devastating elemental reactions. Slap this on someone capable of constantly inflicting Pyro/Hydro to the enemy and laugh maniacally.

With a base attack of 454 and a 221 bonus to Elemental Mastery at max level, this weapon is all about taking advantage of Elemental Reactions, particularly Vaporize. This is due to its effect of increasing damage dealt to enemies afflicted with Hydro/Pyro by 20%.

While there’s no Hydro polearm user in the game currently, two of the strongest characters in the game happen to be Pyro polearm characters. Both Hu Tao and Xiangling are capable of constantly applying Pyro to the enemy and taking advantage of the weapon’s effect.

Even better is that they’re usually paired up with Xingqiu, who can constantly apply Hydro to the enemy while off-field via his skill/burst. This allows them to set up Vaporize reactions constantly and take advantage of the reaction’s damage multiplier (which is also amplified by the weapon’s effect).

If you’re fortunate enough to max refine this weapon and setup the right stats on your artifact build, you can output some truly silly damage. Certain team comps like the Raiden National, can push this weapon to being the best choice.

On that note, each refinement copy increases the damage against afflicted enemies by 4%. At max refinement, you’ll do 36% more damage against the afflicted.


Deathmatch (4* Rarity)

Image of the Deathmatch Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Gnostic Hymn | Good On: Every DPS

If you’re looking for a polearm that is generally considered good in every situation, this is it. Depending on if you’re in a 1V1 fight or up against multiple foes, this weapon will provide you one of two different buffs to ensure you’re the last one standing.

With a base attack of 454 and a 36.8% bonus to crit rate at max level, this weapon is already quite nicely set up, as crits are the key to victory in Genshin. Even better is the ATK bonus from its effect.

If there’s only one enemy nearby, your ATK is increased by 24%. If there’s more, then you gain a 16% ATK and DEF bonus. Perfect for staying alive enough to wipe out the grunts before getting in a duel to the death with the enemies’ leader.

Due to its effect being constantly active and having good stats, this weapon is considered to be a solid pick on every DPS polearm user. While it won’t be anyone’s BiS choice, you can’t go wrong with it.

Each refinement copy you add will increase the 1V1 damage by 6% and the multiple enemy ATK/DEF bonus by 4%. At max refinement, this comes out to 48% ATK bonus for 1V1 or 32% ATK/DEF for multiple enemies. As it’s obtained from the Gnostic Hymn, you can guarantee one copy approximately every month. Just remember that you’ll have to spend $10 to access it (along with other in-game resources).


Skyward Spine (5* Rarity)

Image of the Skyward Spine Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Standard Banner | Good On: Every DPS

In most cases, this weapon is viewed as basically an upgraded version of Deathmatch — at least in terms of being a good overall weapon for any situation. With a considerable spread of stats, a short cooldown on its effect, and one of the few attack speed boosts in the game, you’ll find this weapon to do a bit of everything.

With a base attack of 674 and a 36.8% bonus to Energy Recharge at max level, this weapon already stands out as having one of the highest default ATK stats in the game. On top of that, its effect grants a perpetual 8% boost to crit rate and a 12% boost to attack speed. Additionally, normal/charged attacks have a 50% chance to do a small AOE for 40% of the wielder’s ATK every two seconds. With how fast this weapon hits, you’ll be triggering that AOE near immediately each time it’s off cooldown.

Due to its stat spread and strong effect, this weapon is a strong choice on every DPS polearm user. However, since it covers so many areas, it loses out to the more specialized picks on our list.

As for refinement, each copy boosts the crit rate by 2% and increases the AOE damage by 15% of your ATK. At max refinement, you have a 16% bonus to crit rate and the AOE does 100% of your ATK.


Vortex Vanquisher (5* Rarity)

Image of the Vortex Vanquisher Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Limited-Time Weapon Banner | Good On: Zhongli, Raiden, Xiao

The signature weapon of Zhongli said to have pinned the ancient god Osial to the bottom of the sea. Fittingly, this weapon’s full potential comes out only while the wielder is shielded — something that Zhongli excels at.

With a base attack of 608 and a 49.6% bonus to ATK at max level, this weapon already hits quite hard. However, its effect boosts that even further by increasing the wielder’s ATK by 4% for eight seconds each time they land an attack. The wielder can gain five stacks of this buff, and the bonus is doubled while a shield is active. Additionally, your shield strength is increased by 20% (but only for the caster, so only Zhongli and Thoma can effectively take advantage of this).

If you have Zhongli on your team, you can easily maintain a shield 24/7. However, this weapon is less ideal for maintaining his shield and is more suited for an on-field DPS role. If you want Zhongli’s shields to be as strong as possible, you’ll actually want the three-star Black Tassel polearm for its bonus to HP.

Due to its nature as a ramp-up weapon, you’ll want to equip this on your main DPS if you use it. Unfortunately, it’s a bit outclassed by the remaining five-star polearms — namely the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear, which has a similar effect.

As for refinement, each copy increases the shield strength effect by 5% and the ramp up ATK bonus by 1%. At max refinement, you have a 40% bonus to shield strength and gain 8% ATK bonus per stack.

Note: There is a decent chance that this weapon will be reworked in the future. It was originally designed with Zhongli’s old kit in mind before his rework. It has yet to receive a re-run and players largely agree that it needs to be tweaked.


The Catch (4* Rarity)

Image of the The Catch Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Fishing | Good On: Xiangling, Raiden, Rosaria, Zhongli, Thoma

Despite being a four-star weapon, this is one of the strongest polearms in the game, providing a large boost to energy regen and drastically boosting burst damage. Even better, this weapon and all of its refinements are free and permanently in the game.

However, we hope you like/tolerate fishing, because you’re going to be doing a lot of it. You’re going to need a total of 20 Golden Koi, 20 Rusty Koi, and 18 Raimei Angelfish to obtain this weapon and all of its refinements from the vishing vendor in Inazuma. While the first two aren’t too bad to find, the Raimei Angelfish can only be caught in a single location.

Summon a mini-boat and head east from Tatarasuna Island until you see a ship wreckage surrounded by Electro-charged water. Navigate to the center platform (avoid the nearby slimes), deal with the one Electo Abyss Mage on foot, make sure the in-game time is between 18–6, and start fishing. It takes three real days for the fish to respawn, but you can always join another player’s world and ask to fish in theirs.

Fishing Location of the The Catch polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

As for the weapon itself, it boosts a base attack of 510 and a 45.9% bonus to Energy Recharge at max level. Given that you can and are expected to obtain all refinement copies, it’ll provide a 32% bonus to the wielder’s burst damage and a 12% crit bonus to their burst at max refinement.

We’re sure you can see why this polearm is so highly rated now. Anyone whose main source of damage/utility comes from their burst has everything they need in this weapon.

In regards to who gains the most from this, Xiangling and Raiden gain the most from it. It’s undeniably their best non five-star weapon due to their burst heavy playstyles. Rosaria also synergizes extremely well with it if you build her for burst nuking, as it synergizes with her crit playstyle.


Primordial Jade-Winged Spear (5* Rarity)

Image of the Primordial Jade-Winged Spear Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Limited-Time Weapon Banner | Good On: Xiao (BiS), Raiden, Rosaria, Zhongli

We’re finally at the big three of polearms. This one is the signature weapon of Xiao and is effectively a supped up DPS version of the Vortex Vanquisher, complete with a stacking buff.

With a base attack of 674 and a 22.1% bonus to crit rate, it’s already one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game. Compounding this is the weapon’s effect — every time you hit the enemy, you gain a stack that increases your ATK by 3.2%. You can have up to seven stacks, and when you’re at full stacks, your damage is further increased by 12%.

As you can only gain a stack every 0.3 seconds, it’ll take a little bit to fully ramp up. However, once you’re at max stacks, you become an unstoppable killing machine (thematically fitting for Xiao).

We strongly recommend equipping this to your main on-field DPS, but only if their kit does a mixture of elemental and physical damage. Characters like Xiao and Raiden especially benefit from it due to their augmented attacks during their burst windows. If you want someone purely for normal attack damage (basically physical damage), you’re better off equipping the four-star Crescent Pike.

As for refinement, each copy increases each stack’s ATK buff by 0.7% and the damage buff from full stacks by 3%. At max refinement, each stack grants 6.0% ATK and you deal 24% more damage at full stacks.


Engulfing Lightning (5* Rarity)

Image of the Engulfing Lightning Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Limited-Time Weapon Banner | Good On: Raiden (BiS), Xiangling (BiS), Rosaria (BiS), Thoma

The signature weapon of the Raiden Shogun herself, perfectly suited for a relentless onslaught of the wielder’s entire kit. This is the ultimate weapon for characters who want to burst on demand.

With a base attack of 608 and a 55.1% bonus to Energy Recharge (highest of all polearms), you’ll have no trouble getting your burst on standby. Additionally, your ATK is perpetually increased by 28% of your Energy Recharge that’s over the base 100% (you can gain at most an extra 80% ATK through this). Also after using your burst, you gain an additional 30% Energy Recharge for twelve seconds.

Due to how much this weapon encourages stacking Energy Recharge, your burst will probably be on standby every time. This is fantastic for characters like Raiden, Xiangling, and Rosaria, whose main purpose lies in keeping up their burst.

While it may seem a bit difficult to gain the full ATK bonus from stacking excess Energy Recharge, it’s very doable if you run the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set. Plus, the four-piece bonus provides even more ATK with the weapon’s effect.

As for refinement, each copy increases the ATK bonus by 7%, the max ATK bonus from Energy Recharge by 10%, and the Energy Recharge boost from using your burst by 5%. At max refinement, you’ll have a 56% ATK boost, capped at 120% of your Energy Recharge, and your burst will grant 50% Energy Recharge.


Staff of Homa (5* Rarity)

Image of the Staff of Homa Polearm in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo / Honey Impact via HGG

Source: Limited-Time Weapon Banner | Good On: Hu Tao (BiS), Xiangling, Zhongli, Raiden, Xiao

Finally, we’re at our top pick. This weapon is neck and neck with Engulfing Lightning but wins out due to the sheer ATK boost you get from proccing its effect and having a staggering crit damage bonus.

With a base attack of 608 and a 66.2% bonus to crit damage, this weapon is already fantastic. As we stated earlier, crits are king in Genshin, and this bonus to crit damage is unbeatable.

From a purely DPS perspective, this is widely considered the best polearm in Genshin hands down. The only problem is that the wielder needs to be below 50% of their max HP to bring out its full potential.

At all times, you gain an ATK bonus based off 0.8% of your max HP. If you’re below 50% health, this effect is boosted by another 1% of your max HP. Thankfully, it also comes with a constant 20% increase to your max HP to strengthen this effect and give you more lee-way in not getting one-shot by a strong attack.

Given how much health most characters have at max level, this damage boost is fairly substantial. Plus, it lessens the sting of getting HP stats on your artifacts. If you’re planning on playing around the 50% HP effect, it’s strongly recommended to have someone on your team built for shielding. Zhongli is exceedingly useful in this case.

Unsurprisingly, this is Hu Tao’s best and signature weapon, given that the weapon and her share a similar effect of becoming stronger while under 50% HP. However, you’ll find that it’s also the strongest weapon on nearly every DPS polearm user. Just be careful to not die trying to trigger its effect.

As for refinement, each copy boosts the HP bonus by 5%, the initial ATK bonus by 0.2%, and the below 50% health ATK bonus by another 0.2%. At max refinement, you’ll gain a 40% extra HP, 1.6% bonus to ATK, and another 1.8% ATK bonus while below 50% health.

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Happy gaming!


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