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Genshin Impact | Best Kaedehara Kazuha Builds

The last descendent of the proud Kaedehara Clan is a 5-star Anemo character from Inazuma. He currently wields his sword for The Crux under Captain Beidou in Liyue. That’s right — today, we’re going over the best Kazuha builds in Genshin Impact!

Let’s get started!

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Building a Strong Character: Kaedehara Kazuha 

Before we get into the character guide, let’s go over some housekeeping.

When talking about builds, we generally assume characters are fully leveled. That means they’ve been ascended and all of their passive talents are unlocked. You don’t have to have every talent fully leveled, though (that would be a ton of resources that can be put to better use).

We also assume weapons are fully leveled to unlock their highest stat potential. We do not expect weapons to be fully refined, since most weapons are a huge pain to refine. Getting them once is usually enough to have a pretty strong character build, so don’t sweat it if you can’t refine them.

Constellations are usually assumed to be at their base level. 5-star characters have especially difficult constellations to unlock, so we try to work with C0 characters unless otherwise stated. 

Lastly, remember that it’s important to have fun with your characters. We’re here to give you a general idea of how to make them stronger. You don’t have to completely abandon your personal playstyle for stronger characters, which is why we have recommendations for all types of builds.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get into the Kazuha builds!

Best Kazuha Builds: The Basics

Best Kazuha Builds: The Basics
“There are leaves around – and I know just the tune to accompany them, if you wish to hear it.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

As a character, Kazuha will do best as either a support or sub-DPS. His Normal Attacks aren’t great, so players are better off prioritizing his other talents and putting him on a team with another strong DPS character who can make use of Kazuha’s Anemo attacks to trigger Swirl reactions.

Players wanting to make the most of Swirl reactions will want to increase Elemental Mastery first and foremost. Kazuha’s ATK shouldn’t be neglected entirely, but there are other stats that will increase his damage output far more effectively. We will go over those specifics in the builds below.

In general, Kazuha deals the most damage on his own with his Elemental Skill. Through Elemental Reactions, his Elemental Burst will deal more damage over time, but that will typically be with the help of another character who can trigger Swirl Reactions. That’s why we recommend Kazuha to take a support or sub-DPS role on your team.

Overall, Kazuha is a great addition to your team and is especially helpful for exploring Teyvat. His Elemental Skill can be used mid-air to gain altitude while exploring or collecting items. Like any good character, though, he needs some resources to really shine. 


Most of the resources needed for character building are easy to gather and accumulate. Players with some experience will most likely have most of the needed materials already.

If you’re short, you may need to put some time into grinding, but it usually isn’t too bad. Talent books and boss drop items can be a pain to gather, though, so we do recommend collecting a little at a time to avoid things getting too tedious.

Below we’ve got a list of the items you’ll need to gather for your Kazuha builds. We also cover resources needed to ascend weapons later on.

Ascension Materials

To fully ascend Kazuha, you will need:

  • 420k Mora
  • 46 Marionette Core (4-star boss drop)
  • 1 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver (2-star ascension material)
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment (3-star ascension material)
  • 9 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk (4-star ascension material)
  • 6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone (5-star ascension material)
  • 168 Sea Ganoderma (1-star item)
  • 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignia (1-star enemy drop)
  • 30 Silver Raven Insignia (2-star enemy drop)
  • 36 Golven Raven Insignia (3-star enemy drop)

Most of the resources needed to ascend Kazuha aren’t too hard to come by. With a little time and patience, it will be easy to collect the items and enemy drops needed. The toughest items are the Marionette Cores and Vayuda Turquoise. Both items can luckily be obtained by defeating the Maguu Kenki in Inazuma.

To get enough Marionette Cores, players will need to defeat the Maguu Kenki at least twenty times. With some luck, that will be enough to collect enough Vayuda Turquoise. If you’re still short and don’t feel like spending the Resin on more boss fights, you can head to the nearest Alchemy Table and convert other ascension materials into Vayuda Turquoise. 

With the 2-star item Dust of Azoth, Hoyoverse allows conversions of other gem ascension items. Agnidus Agate, Varunada Lazurite, Vajrada Amethyst, Shivada Jade, and Prithiva Topaz can all be converted into Vayuda Turquoise. The higher rarity the item, the more Dust of Azoth is required. 1 for Slivers, 3 for Fragments, 9 for Chunks, and 27 for Gemstones.

Dust of Azoth can be purchased through the Shop with Masterless Stardust. 

Talent Materials

To fully level one of Kazuha’s talents, you will need:

  • 1,652,500 Mora
  • 6 Treasure Hoarder Insignia (1-star enemy drop)
  • 22 Silver Raven Insignia (2-star enemy drop)
  • 31 Golven Raven Insignia (3-star enemy drop)
  • 3 Teachings of Diligence (2-star talent material)
  • 21 Guide to Diligence (3-star talent material)
  • 38 Philosophies of Diligence (4-star talent material)
  • 6 Gilded Scale (5-star weekly boss drop)
  • 1 Crown of Insight (5-star talent material)

Talent materials can also be converted if you’re short on weekly boss drops. Note that conversions can only be made on items dropped by the same boss. In Kazuha’s case, that would be the Gilded Scales dropped by Azhdaha. 

For players running short on Gilded Scales, they can convert either of the 5-star items Dragon Lord’s Crown or Bloodjade Brocade into more Gilded Scales. Unlike ascension materials, the 4-star item Dream Solvent needed for conversions is unavailable in the shop and can only be obtained by defeating weekly bosses.


Kaedehara Kazuha Talents
“Fallen leaves… Adorn my night.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

When it comes to Kazuha builds, talent priority will be more or less the same. The first talent to level up will be Elemental Burst. After Elemental Burst will be Elemental Skill, with Normal Attacks having lowest priority. 

The reason Kazuha’s Elemental Burst has the highest priority is because of the large amount of Swirl damage potential it has. Players wanting to prioritize his Elemental Skill can still deal some serious damage, but it won’t be as high nor will it synergize as well with the rest of your team. 

Regardless of your Kazuha build, his Normal Attack talent will have the least amount of use. While it does have the lowest priority, we do still recommend leveling it somewhat. 

1. Elemental Burst: Kazuha Slash

When using Kazuha’s Elemental Burst, Kazuha makes a single attack that creates a strong gust and deals AOE Anemo DMG. The gust in turn creates a field around Kazuha called Autumn Whirlwind, which periodically deals Anemo DMG to enemies within it. 

The most important part of the Autumn Whirlwind is its Elemental Absorption. If another Element (excluding Dendro and Geo) enters the Whirlwind, the field will deal additional damage of that type while it stays on the field. Each element has a certain priority — Pyro is the highest, then Hydro, Electro, and finally Cryo. If multiple elements enter the field at the same time, the element with the highest priority will be absorbed. 

The Autumn Whirlwind will stay on the field for 8 seconds and deal 472% DMG. Additional Elemental DMG will be 64.8% periodically for the duration. 

The periodic Anemo and potential additional Elemental DMG makes Kazuha’s Elemental Burst one of the best ways to trigger Swirl reactions over a prolonged period of time. It also gives players an easy way to deal big damage to enemies affected by elements and trigger further reactions. 

2. Elemental Skill: Chihayaburu

Almost as important as his Elemental Burst is Kazuha’s Elemental Skill. When using his Elemental Skill, Kazuha pulls in enemies around him with the wind and launches them within the AOE. As enemies are launched away, they are dealt Anemo DMG and Kazuha is lifted into the air on a gust of wind.

After being lifted into the air by this Elemental Skill, Kazuha has 10 seconds to make a powerful Plunging Attack called a Midare Ranzan. On landing, Kazuha creates a wind tunnel that pulls in nearby objects and opponents. DMG dealt by Midare Ranzan is also converted to Anemo DMG. 

When pressed, Kazuha’s Elemental Skill DMG caps out at 345.6% at Level 10 with a 6 second cooldown. If held, Kazuha deals 469.4% DMG and has a 9 second skill cooldown. For players wanting to deal DMG solely with Kazuha, we actually recommend using his Elemental Skill over his Elemental Burst. 

After unlocking the Passive Talent Soumon Swordsmanship, Kazuha’s Elemental Skill gains Elemental Absorption similar to his Elemental Burst. Elemental priority remains the same. This talent also allows Kazuha to deal an additional 200% ATK DMG if a Midare Ranzan attack is made.

Kazuha’s Elemental Skill is one of the few that can be used mid-air. This makes it extremely helpful for exploring Teyvat and obtaining regional oculi. When used mid-air, it won’t pull anything closer, but it will still lift Kazuha further into the air. 

3. Normal Attacks: Garyuu Bladework

When using his Normal Attack, Kazuha performs up to five quick slashes with his sword. Using his Charged Attack will unleash two stronger attacks and consume stamina.

Normal and Charged Attacks will deal between 51% and 147% DMG, which isn’t very impressive compared to his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG. Increasing his Normal and Charged Attack damage more is possible, but only through unlocking his Constellation. 

Kazuha’s Plunging Attack has him perform a mid-air attack where he plunges to the ground below, dealing AOE DMG on impact. Plunging Attacks made after using his Elemental Skill will be converted to Midare Ranzan attacks. 

Despite being triggered by his Elemental Skill, Midare Ranzan attacks do fall under Kazuha’s Normal Attack talent. This means you can increase the damage dealt by Midare Ranzan attacks by leveling up this talent. Players who want to make the most of Kazuha’s kit shouldn’t totally ignore his Normal Attacks!


There are a number of different weapons that work well with Kazuha, though the best weapons will increase his Elemental Mastery and/or have an effect meant to capitalize on Elemental Reactions. 

Energy Recharge weapons are also a good option. Since Kazuha will be using his Elemental Burst often, having more Energy Recharge is always a bonus.

1. Freedom-Sworn: 5-Star Sword

1. Freedom-Sworn - 5-Star Sword
“This blade… It is the last link I have to the land of my birth.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

If you’ve been reading our other Genshin Impact character build guides, you’re probably familiar with the Freedom-Sworn Sword. If not, it’s a 5-star sword that increases Elemental Mastery by 198 on top of having a high base ATK stat of 608.

The Freedom-Sworn’s main effect, Revolutionary Chorale, increases DMG by 10% and is made for characters who trigger Elemental Reactions. When Elemental Reactions are triggered, the wielder will gain a Sigil of Rebellion. When 2 Sigils are obtained, all party members will gain “Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance” for 12 seconds. While characters have Millennial Movement, their Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attack DMG is increased by 16% and their ATK is increased by 20%. 

For characters like Kazuha who will be dealing mostly Elemental DMG, a Sword that buffs after triggering Elemental Reactions is the perfect choice. While the buff is more helpful for DPS characters on your team, it will still increase Kazuha’s DMG too.

To fully ascend the Freedom-Sworn, you’ll need:

  • 225k Mora
  • 5 Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator (2-star weapon material)
  • 14 Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator (3-star weapon material)
  • 14 Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator (4-star weapon material)
  • 6 Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator (5-star weapon material)
  • 23 Chaos Device (2-star enemy drop)
  • 27 Chaos Circuit (2-star enemy drop)
  • 41 Chaos Core (4-star enemy drop)
  • 15 Divining Scroll (1-star enemy drop)
  • 23 Sealed Scroll (2-star enemy drop)
  • 27 Forbidden Curse Scroll (3-star enemy drop)

2. Sacrificial Sword: 4-Star Sword

Best Kaedehara Kazuha Builds in Genshin Impact: 2. Sacrificial Sword - 4-Star Sword
“Let us go. Our journey begins anew.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The Sacrificial Sword is part of the Sacrificial weapon series. All weapons in this series have the same effect, which will end Elemental Skill cooldowns when enemies are dealt damage by an Elemental Skill. The effect, Composed, has a 40% chance to end Elemental Skill cooldowns every 30 seconds. At higher refinement, the chance is increased to 80% every 16 seconds.

On top of the Composed effect, the secondary stat is Energy Recharge and will increase the wielder’s ER stat by up to 61.3%. Between its effect and secondary stat, the Sacrificial Sword is made to help characters use their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts more frequently. 

While we recommend the Sacrificial Sword more for Sub-DPS Kazuha builds, it will work well no matter your build type.

To fully ascend the Sacrificial Sword, you’ll need:

  • 150k Mora
  • 3 Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator (2-star weapon material)
  • 9 Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator (3-star weapon material)
  • 9 Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator (4-star weapon material)
  • 4 Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator (5-star weapon material)
  • 15 Chaos Device (2-star enemy drop)
  • 18 Chaos Circuit (2-star enemy drop)
  • 27 Chaos Core (4-star enemy drop)
  • 10 Divining Scroll (1-star enemy drop)
  • 15 Sealed Scroll (2-star enemy drop)
  • 18 Forbidden Curse Scroll (3-star enemy drop)

3. Iron Sting: 4-Star Sword

Iron Sting - 4-Star Sword
“Since we are both travelers, let us journey together for a time.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The forgeable 4-star Iron Sting sword is the best free-to-play friendly sword for Kazuha. Its secondary stat increases Elemental Mastery by 165. The increased Elemental Mastery is exactly what you want to increase the damage dealt by his Elemental Burst. It is also especially helpful for teams that will be triggering Elemental Reactions frequently.

The Iron Sting’s main effect, Infusion Stinger, increases all DMG by 6% after dealing Elemental DMG. The effect can stack up to two times and can occur every one second. At higher refinement, the DMG increases up to 12%, though can still only occur every one second.

The increased DMG is helpful for Kazuha’s Elemental Burst — just remember to use his Elemental Skill first!

To forge the Iron Sting, you’ll need:

  • 1 Northlander Sword Billet (4-star weapon forging material)
  • 50 Crystal Chunk (1-star item)
  • 50 White Iron Chunk (1-star item)
  • 500 Mora

In order to forge the Iron Sting, you can visit any of the Blacksmiths or even your own Open-Air Workshop (if you have one in your Serenitea Pot). Every forge is treated as the same, so forged items can be started at one forge and claimed at another. Weapons forging is a quick process, though, so you won’t need to wait long to claim the Iron Sting.

To fully ascend the Iron Sting, you’ll need:

  • 150k Mora
  • 3 Grain of Aerosiderite (2-star weapon material)
  • 9 Piece of Aerosiderite (3-star weapon material)
  • 9 Bit of Aerosiderite (4-star weapon material)
  • 4 Chunk of Aerosiderite (5-star weapon material)
  • 15 Fragile Bone Shard (2-star enemy material)
  • 18 Sturdy Bone Shard (3-star enemy material)
  • 27 Fossilized Bone Shard (4-star enemy material)
  • 10 Whopperflower Nectar (1-star enemy drop)
  • 15 Shimmering Nectar (2-star enemy drop)
  • 18 Energy Nectar (3-star enemy drop)

4. Festering Desire: 4-Star Sword

Festering Desire - 4-Star Sword
“Compared to the storms I’ve encountered… this is really quite tame.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

While the Festering Desire sword is a great choice for Kazuha, it’s also not one most players will be able to give him. As of Version 2.8, the only way to obtain it is to have participated in The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event back in December of 2020. 

If you are lucky enough to have the sword though, its secondary stat increases Energy Recharge by 45.9%. Its main effect, Undying Admiration, increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16% and Elemental Skill CRIT Rate by 6%. At Level 5 refinement, the Skill DMG and Skill CRIT Rate increase to 32% and 12% respectively. 

Since Kazuha relies so much on his Elemental Skill to deal damage on his own, the increased Elemental Skill DMG and Elemental Skill CRIT Rate are perfect for him. This Sword doesn’t buff your entire party, unlike some of the other weapon options.

To fully ascend the Festering Desire, you’ll need:

  • 150k Mora
  • 3 Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator (2-star weapon material)
  • 9 Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator (3-star weapon material)
  • 9 Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator (4-star weapon material)
  • 4 Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator (5-star weapon material)
  • 15 Heavy Horn (2-star enemy drop)
  • 18 Black Bronze Horn (3-star enemy drop)
  • 27 Black Crystal Horn (4-star enemy drop)
  • 10 Recruit Insignia (1-star enemy drop)
  • 15 Sergeant’s Insignia (2-star enemy drop)
  • 18 Lieutenant’s Insignia (3-star enemy drop)

Best Kazuha Builds: Support

Best Kazuha Builds: Support
“As one with wind and cloud.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Support Kazuha builds should focus on two things — making good use of his Elemental Burst and increasing Elemental Mastery First is making good use of his Elemental Burst. Second will be increasing Elemental Mastery. High Elemental Mastery will increase DMG dealt by Elemental Reactions and increase the effect of Kazuha’s 4th Ascension Passive Talent, Poetics of Fuubutsu.

The Poetics of Fuubutsu Talent will buff the entire party by increasing Elemental DMG when Swirl Reactions are triggered. For 8 seconds, team members will be given a 0.04% Elemental DMG Bonus to the element absorbed by Swirl for every point of Kazuha’s Elemental Mastery.

Bonuses can exist for multiple elements simultaneously, which can be a huge boost to your entire party in the right situations.


Since Support Kazuha builds rely so much on Elemental Mastery, it only makes sense that weapons with Elemental Mastery stats will be the best choices. The 5-star Sword Freedom-Sworn is top tier when it comes to Elemental Mastery swords. This is especially the case for Kazuha, since it also has an effect designed to play off of Elemental Reactions.

The party buff granted by Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance makes it a great support option too.

If you’re looking for a more free-to-play friendly option, the 4-star Iron Sting Sword is a good backup. It will also grant Elemental Mastery and its effect grants a buff when Elemental DMG is dealt. Not quite as good as the Freedom-Sworn but still very viable.


When it comes to artifact options for Kazuha builds, there’s one clear choice. The 5-star Viridescent Venerer artifact set increases Anemo DMG by 15% at the two-piece level. At the four-piece levelh, Swirl DMG is increased by 60% AND opponents’ Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl is decreased by 40% for 10 seconds. This is perfect for Kazuha, since most of his damage as a Support character tends to be Swirl. 

Not only does this set increase the damage Kazuha deals, it also decreases the RES of other elements. The decreased RES will then increase the damage dealt by your other party members (assuming they are that same element).

As a 4-star alternative, the Instructor artifact set next best. Its two-piece effect increases the equipped character’s Elemental Mastery by 80. Its four-piece effect increases Elemental Mastery for all party members by an additional 120 for 8 seconds when an Elemental Reaction is triggered. That means an extra 200 Elemental Mastery for Kazuha (and a base 8% Elemental DMG Bonus from Poetics of Fuubutsu).

Not quite as good as the 5-star artifact set, but none too shabby for a 4-star set, either. It will really give your team a nice boost when Swirl Reactions are triggered which is exactly what you want. 


Artifacts when fully leveled have a primary stat and four substats. For the Flower of Life and the Plume of Death, the primary stats are locked at HP and ATK, respectively. The primary stats of the other three artifacts, as well as the substats of every artifact, can vary. 

Regardless of which artifact set you choose, you’ll want artifacts with the following stats:

  • Sands of Eon: Energy Recharge
  • Goblot of Eonothem: Elemental Mastery
  • Circlet of Logos: Elemental Mastery

While Elemental Mastery is definitely important to Support Kazuha builds, we recommend branching out when it comes to substats. Energy Recharge, ATK%, and CRIT DMG/ Rate are all highly encouraged.

Team Recommendation

Best Kaedehara Kazuha Builds -Team Recommendation
“Want me to come along?”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Some characters will work better with Support Kazuhas than others, but in general, we recommend characters who can easily trigger Swirl Reactions. Any DPS and Sub-DPS characters who can consistently deal Elemental Damage/healers are great team members for Kazuha.

Best Kazuha Builds: Sub-DPS

Best Kazuha Builds: Sub-DPS
“Into the wind.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Sub-DPS Kazuha builds will be on the field more than their support counterparts. As a sub-DPS, Kazuha will be using his Elemental Skill to gather enemies frequently and also dealing high amounts of Swirl DMG to them himself, rather than switching out to let another party member attack immediately. 

While Elemental Mastery is important to this build, you will want to put some priority into other stats like Energy Recharge and CRITs. Elemental Bursts will be used frequently, just not quite as much as Elemental Skills. 


For sub-DPS Kazuha builds, the 5-star Freedom-Sworn is still the best weapon choice. Its effect makes it the best weapon for DPS, sub-DPS, and supports, since it buffs the entire party. The increased Elemental Mastery will increase Swirl DMG, which will make both his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst stronger.

After the Freedom-Sworn, we recommend the 4-star Festering Desire. It directly increases the DMG of Kazuha’s Elemental Skill, which is where most of his damage comes from as a sub-DPS. It doesn’t hurt that the Energy Recharge stat of this weapon will also increase how often you can use his Elemental Burst. 

Since the Festering Desire is an event-exclusive weapon, though, we suggest using the Sacrificial Sword as another 4-star alternative. It also increases Energy Recharge, though rather than increasing the damage of Kazuha’s Elemental Skill, it allows you to use it more frequently. This can more than make up for the decreased damage, especially if you’re up against large mobs of enemies. 


Just like the Support build, our recommendation for sub-DPS artifacts is the 5-star Viridescent Venerer set. As we went over in the Support build section, the two-piece effect of this artifact set increases Anemo DMG by 15%. The four-piece effect increases Swirl DMG by 60% and decreases enemies’ Elemental RES to the elemental infused in the Swirl by 40%. 

Since most of Kazuha’s damage is Swirl damage, this artifact set boosts his damage two-fold. First by increasing Anemo DMG then by increasing Swirl DMG. 

As a 4-star alternative, we recommend the Gambler artifact set. Its two-piece effect increases Elemental Skill DMG by 20%. The four-piece effect ends Elemental Skill cooldown when an opponent is defeated up to once every 15 seconds. 

When using the Gambler artifact set along with the Sacrificial Sword, Kazuha’s Elemental Skill cooldown will barely register since you’ll often be ending it almost immediately.   


No matter which artifact set you choose, we recommend artifacts with the following primary stats:

  • Sands of Eon: Elemental Mastery
  • Goblot of Eonothem: Anemo DMG Bonus
  • Circlet of Logos: CRIT DMG

As for substats, we recommend CRIT Rate/DMG, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery. The increased CRIT Rate and DMG will be well worth it for any character who spends much time on the field. 

Team Recommendation

team recommendation for Sub-DPS Kazuha buil
“Alright, let’s head off.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Our team recommendation for sub-DPS Kazuha builds is the same as support Kazuhas. Having a strong DPS who can trigger Elemental Reactions will make the most of your build. Having a secondary sub-DPS can also help your entire team synergize by giving you options for Elemental Reactions if your DPS has a long Elemental Skill cooldown.

Join the High Ground

Those are our recommended Kazuha builds in Genshin Impact — thanks for reading! Is there anything we missed or something you’re doing that works better? Let us know in the comments below! As always, make sure you check back frequently. We’re always adding more Genshin Impact content and guides. If you missed our last character guide, check it out here.

Happy gaming!

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