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Best Places for Crystal Core Farming in Genshin Impact

Crystal cores are an unassuming yet important part of Genshin Impact. It’s easy to gather tons of them and forget about them for a while until you run out of them. Then you have to stop what you’re doing to go out and try to catch skittish crystalflies that are about as likely to vanish into nothing as they are to let you catch them. It kind of makes crystal core farming a pain in the butt.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to farming crystal cores in Genshin Impact!

General Info on Farming Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact

Crystal cores are obtained from catching any type of crystalfly in Genshin Impact, so thankfully, you don’t have to be too picky about which type to get. So far, each new region of Teyvat has its own unique species of crystalfly:

  • Monstadt: Anemo crystalflies
  • Liyue: Geo crystalflies
  • Inazuma: Electro crystalflies
  • Dragonspine: Cryo crystalflies
  • Sumeru: Dendro crystalflies

Crystalflies can be captured with the omni-ubiquity net, and they respawn every 48 hours. Unless you need a large amount of crystal cores in a short amount of time, that means the best way to collect crystal cores is to pick a few densely packed locations and visit them every other day to slowly accumulate crystal cores.

Crystalflies cannot be purchased in any shops nor artificially farmed through expeditions or in the Serenitea Pot. They will also not spawn if it is raining.

Uses for Crystal Cores

While there aren’t currently many uses for crystal cores, they’re required for are a few very important items. As of Version 3.0, the only uses for crystal cores are crafting or forging items. While Hoyoverse may add more uses for them in later updates, it’s still handy to have reliable farming areas for crystal cores. 


At an alchemy table, players can craft three different types of items with crystal cores. Two of them are the Frostshield and Windbarrier Potions. These potions are handy for buffing your team by increasing Cryo and Anemo RES, respectively. 

The third item players can craft at an alchemy table with crystal cores is undoubtedly the most important and most frequently used — Condensed Resin.

Condensed Resin, for those who don’t know, is a 4-star item that can be used to double drop rewards from Ley Line Blossoms and artifact/weapon domains. Players can hold a max of 5 Condensed Resin at once, which makes it incredibly handy for players who don’t have a lot of time to log on for the day.

By quickly stopping at an alchemy table, players can expend up to 200 Original Resin to create 5 Condensed Resin for later use. It’s a great way to store Resin without letting it go to waste if you’re unable to play for long. It’s also handy for getting rewards from tough domains, since rewards are doubled.

Condensed Resin can be crafted using:

  • 100 Mora
  • 40 Original Resin
  • 1 Crystal Core


As of Version 3.0, there is a single item that can be created at a forge using crystal cores. This item is the 3-star gadget, the Adepti Seeker’s Stove. Each time the Adepti Seeker’s Stove is used, it creates a portable cooking stove in front of your active character. 

Once used, the gadget enters a cooldown for 300 seconds (5 minutes). Once the cooldown is finished, the stove will disappear and another use of the gadget will have to be consumed to create another. 

For every stove created, that means players will need more crystal cores. For players wanting to use this gadget a lot, it will also mean going through a lot of crystal cores. 

The Adepti Seeker’s Stove can be crafted using: 

  • 1 Flaming Essential Oil
  • 2 Crystal Cores
  • 2 Iron Chunks
  • 500 Mora

10 Best Places for Farming Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact, Ranked

Now that we’ve gone over the uses of crystal cores, let’s get into where you can actually find them. While crystalflies are found throughout Teyvat, they seem to like some areas more than others. 

There doesn’t seem to be any specific climate or area type that crystaflies like more than others, which can make searching for them a bit tricky. In general, they appear to linger around places of importance to their region’s archon, but that’s just speculation. 

Below, we’ve got the ten best places for farming crystal cores in Genshin Impact ranked from lowest yield to highest. 


Seirai Island

Starting at number ten of the best places for crystal core farming is Seirai Island in Inazuma. While there are actually tons of crystalflies throughout this island, most of them are not clustered up. Most players who are gathering crystalflies in this area have already exhausted other farming locations with higher density clusters. 

That being said, it’s not a bad place at all to farm for crystal cores. Especially for players who haven’t unlocked 100% of the exploration progress for this island yet. 

Determined players will find over forty crystalflies spread out through the smaller islands that make up Seirai Island. The high number of crystalflies makes it a great place for obtaining crystal cores, but the low density spread makes it a pain to farm, which is why it is so low on our list. 

Most crystalflies found on Seirai Island don’t seem to gather with more than one other crystalfly…if they gather with any at all. 


Byakko Plain, North of the Waypoint

For players who just need a few cores and maybe some omni-ubiquity nets, number nine on our list is the perfect place for crystal core farming. This location does not spawn many crystalflies, but it is an easy place to find three near a waypoint without having to hunt them down. All you need to do is head north until you see the floating, shiny, purple things. Three crystalflies spawn in this location.

Watch out for the errant groups of hilichurls nearby, though. They may try to attack you while you’re busy catching crystalflies. 


Chasm, Near Ruin Serpent

Players who have Yelan or Heizou should already know the eighth location on our list. Located in the Chasm beneath Liyue, three geo crystalflies spawn over a deep abyss between the Underground Mines waypoint and the Ruin Serpent boss. 

Players may have a hard time capturing all three crystalflies in this location, but that’s okay. As long as you don’t kill them, they will reappear if you teleport away and come back later. If you’re careful, you should be able to catch at least two.

Characters like Xiao and Kazuha can be helpful catching these crystalflies, since their Elemental Skills allow them to move through the air either vertically or horizontally. Again, just be careful not to kill the crystalflies or you’ll have to wait for them to respawn!


Windwail Highland, Near the Statue of Seven

Some of the Statues of Seven in Monstadt tend to have a few crystalflies fluttering around them, which make them an excellent place for crystal core farming. The Statue in Windwail Highland is no exception.

Most players will have noticed these crystalflies by now on their way to the Dawn Winery, though the crystalflies in this area can be hard to catch. It isn’t made easier by the fact that players will load in facing away from the crystalflies and the prompt for the Statue of Seven often pops up along with the option to catch them.

There are usually two to three in the immediate area next to the Statue of Seven, with a few more flitting around northeast of the Statue, too.

As long as players are careful of the Statue of Seven prompt, this is an easy place for farming crystalflies and crystal cores. There are also some Windwheel Asters nearby, too.


Windrise, Near the Statue of Seven

More crystalflies can be found at the Windrise Statue of Seven, which is why it’s sitting at number six on our list.

The crystalflies in this area are slightly easier to catch than the ones at the Windwail Highland Statue of Seven, but they’re a bit more spread out, as well. Players will spawn facing away from the Windrise tree and will need to act quickly in order to catch every crystalfly in this area. 

Once one crystalfly is captured, all nearby crystalflies will be startled, so time is of the essence. Using the uneven terrain among the tree’s roots can help players get the height necessary to glide out and capture escaping crystalflies. 

Depending on how quickly you move, players can grab around five crystalflies in this area.


Mt Tianheng

Liyue has some of the best areas for crystal core farming in Genshin Impact. That’s why this spot is number five on our list. 

Just west of Liyue Harbor sits Mt. Tianheng, a place full of precious ores and enemies alike. Players can teleport to the waypoint west of Liyue Harbor and glide northwest towards the mountain summit. Once you see the crystal deposits, head west toward the hilichurls.

While you don’t have to fight them in order to get to the crystalflies within Mt. Tianheng, it’s a bit of a pain to climb while the dendro samachurl attacks. It is much easier to clear out the encampment before climbing up the mountain to get to the crystalflies. 

Once the hilichurls are dealt with, players can climb up into a nearby cave opening. Inside, you’ll find a deposit of Noctilucous Jade, as well as six Geo crystalflies. 



Players looking specifically for Electro crystalflies while crystal core farming will definitely want to check out our number four spot. Located in Inazuma, Tatarasuna on Kannazuka island has the highest concentration of Electro crystalflies in the game.

It will take a bit of climbing, but after teleporting to the Kannazuka waypoint, players can climb the nearby cliffs and find five Electro crystalflies. Further to the southeast, there will be two more flitting around. Make sure you act quickly, otherwise you may have to pick just one startled crystalfly to follow while the others fly in opposite directions before disappearing. 

In total, there will be around seven crystalflies to find in Tatarasuna. 


North of Mt. Aocang

Our third best spot for crystal core farming is back in Liyue. North of Mt. Aocang, there are a few spots where clusters of Geo crystalflies like to spawn. Players can teleport to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern artifact domain, then head directly south. 

There should be four crystalflies in this area. Once you’ve caught those crystalflies, you can head to the northwestern peninsula for another six crystalflies in this area, too. While these crystalflies are out in the open, making them a little harder to catch, you won’t have to do any climbing or run around too much to get a decent number of crystal cores.

Players looking for crystal cores in this area should be able to find ten between each of the different crystalfly clusters.


Guyun Stone Forest

Our number two spot for farming crystal cores is certainly a well known area for crystalflies. The Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue is one of the most popular crystal core farming areas in Genshin Impact for a reason. 

Players can teleport to the Domain of Guyun and immediately start catching Geo crystalflies after loading in. They will try to fly away, so act quickly before they vanish or get out of reach. The stone walls in the cavern help make things a little easier, but you may need to leave and come back to get them all. 

After grabbing all the crystal cores you can from here, head west and take an immediate left turn out of the cave you loaded into. You should see two more crystalflies on the path up the mountain. You won’t need to go all the way up, just head to the top of the cavern you teleported into. From there, you can jump down back into that cavern and catch three more crystalflies. Jumping down can even give you a chance to catch some of the crystalflies you missed when you first teleported in. 

Once you’ve caught (or lost) all the crystalflies in the Domain of Guyun cavern, head for the northern opening of the cave and jump down. There should be one last crystalfly below near some Geo slimes. 

In total, you should be able to catch at least ten Geo crystalflies in this area.


Dawn Winery

After teleporting to spot number seven on our list, players will definitely want to check out our number one spot for farming crystal cores. The Dawn Winery is filled with Anemo crystalflies and has one of the most concentrated crystalfly locations in Genshin Impact.

We can’t give an exact location for finding crystalflies in this area, since they tend to move around a little. Just pick your favorite character and run around the grapevines. They mostly hang around the western side of the Winery, but can be found spread throughout the vineyard.

By the time you’ve encircled the Dawn Winery in its entirety, you should have nearly a dozen shiny new crystal cores in your inventory.

The crystalflies in this area are spread out enough that catching one shouldn’t startle any others, and the slight slope of the ground also makes it easy to catch the ones that do try to get away. 

If you only have time for one location while crystal core farming, we definitely recommend this one. 

Best Characters for Farming Crystal Cores

In general, it doesn’t matter what your team looks like when farming crystal cores. Weapon type, element, etc. don’t matter or affect your ability to chase down crystalflies. There is however, one character that makes crystal core farming leagues easier. Especially for players who have a tough time catching startled crystalflies in open areas.


Best Characters for Farming Crystal Cores Sayu
“if you don’t need me right now, I’m gonna grab some sleep.”| Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

If you have her, the 4-star character Sayu is a blessing to have while crystal core farming. The sneaky ninja of Inazuma has a special Passive Talent that makes capturing slippery crystalflies a breeze. 

Sayu’s Passive Talent Yoohoo Art: Silencer’s Secret will allow active characters the ability to walk up to crystalflies without startling them so long as Sayu is on your team. That makes it a lot easier for players to farm crystal cores in open areas like the Dawn Winery without having to worry about crystalflies escaping or vanishing. 

While Sayu’s Passive Talent doesn’t totally make crystalflies ignore players, it still makes them much easier to capture. Just make sure you’re ready to grab nearby crystalflies once you catch one of them. Catching one will signal to others nearby that you’re there and will startle them. 

Sayu’s Passive Talent also applies to other wildlife throughout Teyvat, which makes her a handy character to have on your team if you need more fish, crab, or meat. 

Join the High Ground

Those are the best places for crystal core farming in Genshin Impact! Did we nail it or are you sitting on a secret farming location we missed? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re looking for more resources, check out our guides on farming crystal chunks and white iron ore!

We’re always adding more Genshin Impact content, so stick around for more lists, guides, and tips in the near future.

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Southwest of the teleport leading to the Thunder Manifestation in Inazuma there’s a little island with a large concentration of them… west corner… just need to glide for them…


as for the 4th top spot, just grab the electroganum and keep pressing T until u get to the top of the cliff, its faster than climbing it manually


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