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How to Get Barbara in Genshin Impact

There are a few different ways to add characters to your team in Genshin Impact. From events to certain quest chains to the Wishing system, it can be a pain to keep everything straight. Worry not — we’re here to help! Today, we’re covering how to get Barbara in Genshin Impact. Not only is she Mondstadt’s sweetheart, she’s also a pretty good healer, to boot.

Now, let’s get started!

Barbara Overview

Barbara using her skill in Genshin Impact
“I’ll protect us!” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

Barbara is the deaconess for the Church of Favonius, as well as Mondstadt’s first idol. With her bright smile and cheery attitude, she easily won over the hearts of her fellow Monstadters…even if they didn’t quite understand her performances in the beginning. 

Despite her kind nature, Barbara has her own struggles and often tries to hide them from others, even going so far as to overwork herself in order to not let anyone down. This seems to be a trait she has in common with her older sister, Jean. 

Barbara’s relationship with Jean can best be described as distant. Their parents divorced when Barbara was young and the two girls were split up. Barbara stayed with their father, Seamus Pegg, while Jean was raised by their mother, Frederica, as the Gunnhildr clan’s successor. Though the two sisters care very much for one another, they don’t get to spend much time together.

As they grew older, Jean began shouldering heavier and heavier burdens with the Knights of Favonius. Barbara, on the other hand, followed in her father’s footsteps and joined the Church of Favonius. Despite their different paths, Barbara still constantly measures herself against her elder sister and often feels inferior.

Luckily, Barbara doesn’t let those negative feelings keep her down for too long or affect her relationship with Jean. Instead, she strives to do her best each and every day while doing what she can to cheer up everyone with her songs.

Why You Should Get Barbara

Barbara using her burst in Genshin Impact
“Come on, we can do it!” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

Barbara is a great character to have on your team. As a Hydro Catalyst user, she is a simple 4-star character and a pretty good healer, too. Whether you’re looking for someone to trigger Elemental Reactions or just need some support, she’s a pretty good candidate. 

Barbara’s Elemental Skill, Let the Show Begin, is one of the few character Talents in the game that allows for healing without an Elemental Burst. When used, Barbara creates a Melody Loop with Hydro energy.

Enemies that come into contact with the Melody Loop are dealt minor Hydro DMG and have the Wet status applied to them. While the Melody Loop is on the field, active characters have their HP periodically regenerated. 

Barbara’s Normal Attacks will also heal the entire party when they hit enemies if the Melody Loop is still going. 

Her Elemental Skill isn’t the only healing ability she has. Barbara’s Elemental Burst, Shining Miracle, heals a huge amount of HP for all party members. The amount healed scales with Barbara’s Max HP. Keep in mind that her Elemental Burst does not do any damage whatsoever. While handy in a pinch for healing, she’s not someone to rely on to finish off any enemies. 

Fun fact — as of Version 3.2, Barbara is the only 4-star character in Genshin Impact whose Elemental Burst has a cutscene-like animation. 

How to Get Barbara

After hearing about Barbara’s healing abilities, you’re probably wondering how you can get her on your team sooner rather than later, right? There are three main ways to get Barbara in Genshin Impact

The first way to get Barbara is through Wishing. While Wishing isn’t technically a guaranteed method, it is one of the quickest. Players who time it right shouldn’t have any trouble obtaining her, either. 

Players who would rather not rely solely on Wishing can turn to one of the two other methods, which are guaranteed to result in Barbara joining your team. The guaranteed methods are more limited than Wishing, though.

Even if you’ve already gotten Barbara, getting her again doesn’t hurt. Leveling up her Constellation can seriously increase her healing abilities and even revive fallen party members without using food. 

Wishing for Barbara

Wishing for new characters and weapons.
Shines with the condensed hopes and dreams of universes that once were.” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

New players may be unfamiliar with what Wishing in Genshin Impact exactly is. Basically, it’s a gacha system where you use primogems and items called Acquaint/Intertwined Fate to obtain new characters and weapons. 

There are two types of Banners where Wishes can be made. The first type is the Wanderlust Invocation banner also known as the Standard Banner. This banner is permanently available to all players who complete Archon Quest Prologue Act I. The second type are Limited-Time Banners, which are only available for short periods of time. The length of Limited-Time Banners can vary, but it’s usually around three weeks. 

Each Wish on a banner costs either 160 primogems or one Acquaint Fate (Standard Banner only) or Intertwined Fate (Limited-Time Banners only). Wishes can be made one at a time or in bunches of ten. Making 10 Wishes at once will cost 1,600 primogems or 10 Acquaint Fates/Intertwined Fates. 

Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates can be received as in-game rewards, event rewards, Battle Pass rewards, or purchased with Masterless Starglitter/Masterless Stardust in the Paimon’s Bargains tab of the shop.

How Common Are 4-Star Characters?

Wishes result in three rarities: 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star. Regardless of banner type, most Wishes will end up being 3-star weapons. 4-star weapons and characters can be obtained in every banner with roughly equal odds. 

5-star Wishes can have differing results depending on the banner. The Standard banner can result in both 5-star characters and weapons. Limited-Time banners will result in only 5-star characters or 5-star weapons, depending on which Limited-Time banner you are Wishing on.

Unfortunately, over 90% of Wishes end up being 3-star weapons, regardless of the banner being Wished on.

The odds of receiving a 4-star character or weapon differs slightly depending on banner type, but the base rate is roughly 5% on any given Wish. While the rate may seem low, there is luckily a guaranteed 4-star Wish out of every 10 Wishes. 

Wanderlust Invocation (Standard Banner)

Standard wish banner includes Barbara
“Its glimmers can entwine fates and connect dreams,” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

The Wanderlust Invocation (or Standard banner, as most players call it) is always available. In it are 3-star weapons, 4-star weapons, 5-star weapons, 4-star characters, and 5-star characters. 

Usually, all non-event exclusive characters and weapons get added to the pool of Standard banner Wish possibilities one update after their initial release. While the ever growing pool of possible Wish results is nice for players who miss Limited-Time banners, it does make it increasingly difficult to get one specific character or weapon. 

As of Version 3.2, the odds of a given single Wish from the Standard banner has a 94.3% chance of being a 3-star weapon. Meanwhile, the odds of any Wish being a 4-star character or 4-star weapon is 5.1%. That being said, at least one in every ten Wishes is guaranteed to be a 4-star or 5-star weapon or character. 

Even if you make ten single Wishes, if the first nine are 3-star weapons then at least the tenth is guaranteed to be a 4-star weapon or 4-star character. 

There is also a guarantee of getting both a 4-star character and 4-star weapon at least every thirty pulls. The weapons are less helpful when trying to get Barbara, but it’s still good to know your odds.

Limited-Time Banners

Limited-time banners
“No matter the distance apart… the fated will meet under the stars.” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

When it comes to Limited-Time banners, there are two types that usually run at the same time. The first type are featured character banners. These banners are usually the way Hoyoverse releases new 4-star and 5-star characters. Each Limited-Time character banner has a featured 5-star character and three featured 4-star characters. 

Along with character banners are Epitome Invocation banners, also known as featured weapon banners. Similar to character banners, these banners feature two 5-star weapons and five featured 4-star weapons. Since the odds of getting Barbara are better on character banners, those are the ones we’ll focus on. 

The first thing you want to do when Wishing on a featured character banner is make sure you know which one you’re actually Wishing on. It seems simple enough, but since there are often two featured character banners running at the same time, it can be a little confusing.

Luckily, when it comes to getting Barbara, the featured 4-star characters don’t differ between Limited-Time banners. It’s really only important if you care about which featured 5-star character you might get. 

Another thing to keep in mind for Limited-Time character banners are the odds. Any single Wish resulting in a 4-star character or weapon is just 5.1%, which is pretty low. Each of those 4-star Wishes has a 50% chance of being one of the three featured 4-star characters. If a 4-star Wish does not result in one of the featured 4-star characters, the next 4-star Wish is guaranteed to be one. 

While that doesn’t guarantee a specific 4-star character, it does mean much higher odds than usual. 

4-star Wishes on other banners have a 50% chance of dropping a 4-star character, but the pool of possible 4-star characters is much larger. Meaning the odds of getting Barbara specifically are quite low. 

For players wanting to Wish for Barbara, we suggest saving up on primogems until Barbara is featured in a character banner, then Wishing for her on it. Wishing this way has the highest chance of getting Barbara. 

Hopefully, the featured 5-star character is one you like, too. When Wishing, there is always a chance of getting 5-stars before a specific 4-star when Wishing on their banner. 

Guaranteed Ways to Get Barbara

While Wishing is most likely the quickest way to obtain Barbara in Genshin Impact, there are actually two 100% guaranteed methods to getting her (one of which is completely free).

Even if you already get Barbara through Wishing, it’s worth it to also obtain her through these methods in order to increase her Constellation level. 

Single Time In-Game

One time guaranteed Barbara in Genshin Impact
“Let the show begin!” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

Players who are desperate to get Barbara in Genshin Impact don’t need to stress. She is one of the characters that can actually be obtained without Wishing. While certain limited-time events may allow her to join your party without Wishing, there is a surefire way to get her, too.

All players who complete A Long Shot Archon quest will be able to obtain Barbara as a reward. After defeating Dvalin and completing the quest, players can navigate to the events menu and complete the Baptism of Songs event.

Barbara will automatically be given to all players who accept the event rewards.

Paimon’s Bargains

Paimon's Bargains
“Currency [can be] used to purchase rare resources” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

While not quite as easily obtained as in the Baptism of Songs event, another way to gain Barbara is through Genshin Impact’s shop. Each month, two 4-star characters can be obtained through Paimon’s Bargains in the shop in exchange for 34 Masterless Starglitter. 

The 4-star characters available seem to have a fixed schedule that repeats every six months:

  • January and July: Fischl and Xiangling
  • February and August: Beidou and Noelle
  • March and September: Ningguang and Xingqiu
  • April and October: Razor and Amber
  • May and November: Bennett and Lisa
  • June and December: Barbara and Kaeya

Purchasing 4-star characters through the shop is guaranteed, but it also means Wishing. Masterless Stardust and Masterless Starglitter can both only be obtained by Wishing. It’s still nice to have a guarantee, though, and particularly unlucky players can start saving up their Starglitter currency as June and December approach. 

Barbara can only be gained once per month through this method (meaning up to twice per year). 

Odds of Getting Barbara

A 4-star rarity (purple) wish.
“Its glimmer links stars into the shapes of a heart’s desires” | (Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock)

As long as you progress through the main story quests in Genshin Impact, you’re guaranteed to get Barbara at least once. She is one of the few characters available to all players without Wishing, no matter when you start playing the game. 

Outside of getting Barbara through in-game quests, though, the odds are still fairly decent. Barbara has shown up in a number of Limited-Time banners as a featured 4-star character. She is also available twice a year through the Shop for players who save up their Masterless Starglitter.

Even after getting Barbara through the Baptism of Songs event, we still highly recommend Wishing for her. She only becomes better as her Constellation is leveled up, and with enough time, she is quite easy to get through Wishing. 

While she is easily available through Paimon’s Bargains, we suggest saving your Masterless Starglitter for other items in the shop.   

Join the High Ground

There you have it — the various ways to get Barbara in Genshin Impact! Have you found any other ways to get Monstadt’s favorite idol on your team? Let us know in the comments below. You can also let us know which character we should cover next! 

If you haven’t already, check out our guide on how to get Diluc here, or check out our list of the best healers here. We’re always adding new content so make sure to check back soon for the latest tips and tricks in Genshin Impact.

Happy gaming!

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