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10 Things I Wish HoYoVerse Would Change In Genshin Impact

Life in Teyvat would be 100x better with these 10 changes Genshin Impact absolutely needs.

Quality of life patches can revitalize old games, bringing back old players and attracting new ones in one fell swoop. They can also show that a game developer is genuinely listening to their player base and wants to make a better game. In the past Hoyoverse has shown they’re willing to make these changes to create a better experience for their players. Let’s talk about 10 changes Genshin Impact still needs though. 

1. Higher Resin Cap

The first thing that comes to mind for changes Genshin Impact needs to make is the Original Resin cap. Currently, Original Resin will automatically accrue at a rate of one every eight minutes until it reaches 160. While you can actually have more than 160 Resin at one time the only way to do so is by consuming Fragile or Transient Resin. 

160 may sound like a lot but when obtaining minimal resources consumes 20 to 40 or even 60, that Resin will deplete fast. It’s a huge pain point for many players to have to wait for their Resin to accrue again in order to obtain much needed resources. Which is why Hoyoverse should increase the Original Resin cap to 240. 

2. Elemental Skill/ Burst Duration Trackers

In combat there are a million things going on, keeping track of enemies, Elemental Reactions, Elemental Skill cooldowns, shields, projectiles, and that’s before even getting into actual combat strategy. 

Which is why adding more to the player interface might sound like a bad idea but it would be incredibly helpful. No more trying to keep mental timers on how long a character’s Talent is in effect. It would be especially helpful for maximizing uptime of essential moves in your team comps.

Knowing how much time Fischl’s summon Oz has left on field would be a huge boon in Taser teams for example. 

3. Shield Strength/ Duration Meter

Similar to Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst duration trackers, some sort of Shield strength meter would also be an amazing addition to the game.

Hoyoverse doesn’t necessarily need to show the exact strength of each shield. It  would however, be very helpful to know if a shielded character can still take some hits or their protection will suddenly break at a critical moment. 

Knowing how long the shield will be active for would also be incredibly helpful. Especially since outside of Zhongli, most character created shields don’t seem to stay on field for very long.

4. Higher Artifact Domain Rewards/ Stat Rate Ups

As most players know, 5-Star artifacts have 5 stats that are randomly decided. A main stat that will increase with every level and four substats. Certain level milestones will randomly increase one of the substats. The downside is that poor RNG can put all those stat increases into the least desirable substat and kind of ruin the whole piece. 

It can be pretty crushing to spend days, weeks, or even months trying to get an artifact with a good main stat and good substats… then have all the stat increases go into the least desirable substat. Which is exactly why one of the changes Genshin Impact needs to increase artifact drop rates. Or at the very least allow players to have some control over their substat increases. 

5. Increased Wish Rates

5-Star Wish Rates in Genshin Impact are straight garbage. Even among gacha games the drop rate for 5-Star characters and weapons is super low. It doesn’t help that even when you finally get that golden comet streaking across your screen it might not even be what you want.

Starting from nothing, to get even enough Primogems for a 10 Wish pull on any banner you will need to spend $30 USD right away. Of course under the current system you won’t be guaranteed a 5-Star Wish until an astounding 90 Wishes. Which could mean needing 14,400 Primogems just for one 5-Star Wish. And that doesn’t account for losing the 50/50 and not getting the character/ weapon you actually wanted.

Revamping 5-Star Wish rates is definitely one of the biggest changes Genshin Impact needs to make.

6.Standard Banner Characters

As of Version 4.2 the current 5-Star Wanderlust Invocation (aka Standard Banner) characters include:

  • Jean- Anemo Sword
  • Diluc- Pyro Claymore
  • Mona- Hydro Catalyst
  • Keqing- Electro Sword
  • Qiqi- Cryo Sword
  • Dehya- Pyro Claymore
  • Tighnari- Dendro Bow

Notice anything missing? There are two Pyro Claymore characters but not even one Geo character!

Ideally there should at least be a 5-Star character for each element and every region included on the Standard Banner. It would give the banner 5-Stars a nice symmetry. Why Hoyoverse decided to add Dehya instead of waiting for a new Geo character is a mystery. Adding a Geo Polearm character would also round out the weapon types in the game but the current option for that is just Zhongli. I doubt the developers would add an Archon to the Standard Banner though. 

7. Ascension Rewards

Character Ascension rewards were actually a late addition to Genshin Impact so maybe it feels greedy to ask for more. As it stands now, spending so many resources to get that final ascension phase almost doesn’t feel worth it.

Yes, you do need the final ascension phase in order to fully level a character’s Talents and get  a few final stat increases. A lot of players don’t actually bother to though. The stat increases are fairly minimal and each 10th level Talent requires a Crown of Insight item. Just about the only way to get those is by participating in events and leveling up the various regional Offering Systems in Teyvat. 

If you’re a casual player, putting in so much Resin to grind boss enemies may not feel worth the payout. Which is why offering more of a reward for the final Ascension Phase just makes sense. 

8. Overhaul Geo

It’s pretty clear that Hoyoverse has been slacking on their support for the Geo element in Genshin Impact. Even though Geo characters have been present from the game’s release it has fewer playable characters than Dendro which wasn’t released until Version 3.0! 

Number of Geo characters aside, the available ones in general are just not that great. Aside from Zhongli and Arataki Itto, most of them are mid at best. Navia seems promising but that won’t be enough to save Geo from being seen as Hoyoverse’s unloved and ignored step-child.

The best way to show the Geo element some much deserved love would be to buff current characters, add a couple more, and to rework Geo Elemental Reactions. Currently Reactions involving Geo only result in Crystallize Reactions. While creating shields for your active character is nice, they are severely limited and deal no extra damage. 

9. Spiral Abyss Co-Op

As players grow more experienced with the game and character builds the Spiral Abyss is a great gauge for your teams. It can be pretty tough to have two strong teams of characters though, especially for free-to-play accounts.

I think a phenomenal way to encourage more players to tackle the Abyss and boost online play would be to introduce new co-op Spiral Abyss floors. Hoyoverse does try to force co-op at times with event minigames but they’re rarely combat oriented. So unless you’re going out of your way to challenge domains in co-op most players aren’t playing with each other very often. Especially because there are some restrictions on what you can and can’t do during co-op (for a while you couldn’t even use an Alchemy Bench!).

10.Vote to Bring Back Event Weapons

The last of the big changes Genshin Impact needs is the possibility of bringing back event weapons through something like an annual community poll. 

Once every few events Hoyoverse introduces event exclusive weapons to the game. Not all of them are game changing but a few are insanely good. Which sucks for new players when you want a weapon that was only available for two weeks in 2020 and will likely never be available again. 

Which is why Hoyoverse should have an annual poll to bring back an old event weapon. Event weapons are great for old players who have managed to collect them but are pretty unfair to new players. 

Will We Actually See Any Changes?

Hoyoverse does listen to their player base somewhat. We’ve seen in the past with other quality of life updates. From the inclusion of layered maps, upping the Resin Cap, and including the Epitomized Path for Weapon Banners. All of which were fantastic things to add. 

As the game grows bigger though it becomes harder for players to keep up unless they’ve been playing and grinding from the beginning. It’s key for Hoyoverse to continue updating Genshin Impact. Making at least some of these changes will keep things fresh and make it much easier for players to enjoy playing without spending countless hours grinding away for resources with miniscule drop rates. 

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