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Best Places for Farming Crystal in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an expansive open-world game filled with tons of materials to gather and enemies to fight. If you’ve played it for a while, you definitely know the pain of having to farm for said materials and enemy drops, though.

Crystals are a common material found throughout Teyvat in Genshin Impact. They have a wide variety of uses from weapons forging to gadget creation. While certain NPCs may give crystal chunks as a reward for daily commissions or certain side quests, typically players will have to find them in the wilds of Teyvat and farm them on their own.

Luckily, we’re here with a guide to show you the best spots for farming crystal chunks in Genshin Impact

Let’s get started!

General Info on Farming Crystals in Genshin Impact

While crystals are pretty common throughout Genshin Impact, it never hurts to have a few farming spots in mind when you’re running low. While exploring, take special interest in mountainous and rocky areas since those are the most likely to have crystal deposits and ore veins. 

Unlike iron ores, which have a respawn time of 24–48 hours, crystals have a respawn time of 48–72 hours.

Our list will be focusing on Monstadt and Liyue, since Inazuma’s minerals are primarily amethyst rather than crystals. The two items serve the same purposes, but amethyst is a regional speciality and is somewhat more limited in uses.

Uses for Crystal Chunks

As mentioned above, crystal chunks have a variety of uses. Those uses are pretty much entirely tied to forging and alchemy, but you may meet an NPC commission quest that asks for them, too. 

Enhancement Ore

Arguably the most useful item you can make with crystal chunks is Mystic Enhancement Ore. Mystic Enhancement Ore is a 3-star material that can be used to level up weapons. Each ore provides 10,000 EXP when consumed. Lower grades of enhancement ore can be created with iron or white iron as well, but the EXP given will be lower. 

While enhancement ore is a common reward for daily commissions, side quests, treasure chests, and even events, it’s easy to run out if you’re working on building more than one character. 

When you do run out (it really is a matter of when rather than if), you can head to any blacksmith and forge more. Each Mystic Enhancement Ore costs 4 crystal chunks and 50 mora. Each forging slot can make up to 5 Mystic Enhancement Ores at a time, meaning that a fully unlocked forge can create up to 20 at once. 

Keep in mind, though, that you’re limited to crafting only a certain number each day. Players are limited to crafting up to 300,000 weapon EXP per day. That limit is eaten up quickly by 10,000 EXP Mystic Enhancement Ore.


Crystal chunks are used in a variety of crafting recipes within Genshin Impact. The most common uses are weapons forging. All forgeable weapons require 50 crystal chunks to create (though some will call for regional substitutes like amethyst).

Crystal chunks are also used in various alchemy recipes and gadgets. Treasure compasses and resonance stones also require crystal chunks, so they’re good to have on hand. The standard recipes typically call for 50 crystal chunks, so you’ll want to have a large amount in your inventory when crafting.

Crystals vs Magic Crystals

Crystal has many uses (as we’ve covered). Sometimes when farming crystals, you will come across another crystal deposit called Magic Crystal. It’s typically larger than crystal and a darker blue in color. While new players may think it is an important material due to its rarity, at this stage of the game, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

As of Version 2.7, there is only one use for Magic Crystal Chunks — crafting Mystic Enhancement Ore. This particular forging recipe calls for 3 Magic Crystal Chunks, 100 mora, and 10 original resin, but does create 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

While that’s nice to have for players who don’t know how to use up their last bit of resin, the limited uses of Magic Crystal don’t make it a very desirable material. 

10 Best Places for Farming Crystal in Genshin Impact, Ranked

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the best locations for farming crystal. We’ll start with some places that are pretty average, and move up to the prime location!



A reliable way to automate farming crystals in Genshin Impact is via character expeditions. There are currently three slots available for crystal retrieval. Two are in Monstadt and one in Liyue. More slots may become available after new regions are unlocked, but this is unconfirmed as of Version 2.7. 

All expeditions will yield 1–2 crystal chunks after eight hours, 2–3 after twelve hours, and 7–8 after twenty hours. Those expeditions will also give players 6–7 white iron chunks for both eight and twelve-hour expeditions and 3–4 for twenty hours.


Bishui Plain

South of Qingce village, in Bishui Plain, there is a small deposit of crystal ores. It’s a quick stop for anyone farming crystals who doesn’t have time to run around chasing errant singular crystal deposits. 

Travelers can check behind the grove to find a regular supply of crystals not too far from a teleport waypoint. For players in need of a large amount of crystal chunks, this isn’t the most ideal location. It is isolated from other crystals and requires a lot of running around to get to more. 


Stormbearer Mountains

Since crystals are known for appearing in rocky and mountainous areas, it should come as no surprise that our number seven location for farming crystals is Monstadt’s tallest mountain. (Dragonspine doesn’t really count as part of Monstadt. The anemo treasure compass doesn’t even work within it, nor does it contain any anemoculous.)

Players will be able to find a handful of crystal veins around the base of the mountain and near the northernmost part of Monstadt. Don’t spend too much time in this area, though, since there are many more plentiful areas to head to first. 


Wolvendom Coast

While not as densely packed as other areas of Monstadt, the coast west of Monstadt’s main city still has a number of crystal deposits that are worth visiting. The important thing to remember is that the crystals in this area are not very far from the water, so don’t stray too far inland while exploring here. 

Stick to cliffs and rocky areas here and you’ll be able to clear out the crystals in no time. 


Cuijue Slope

On the western side of Luhua Pool heading into Cuijue Slope is an outcrop of crystals. Magic crystals can also be found here. The crystals in this area begin one of the most crystal dense areas in the game. While there aren’t too many more crystals in the immediate surrounding area, this is another nice pocket for anyone farming crystal quickly.

Players heading west from here into Jueyun Karst and towards Huaguang Stone Forest will find more crystals scattered throughout the landscape and mountains. 


Stormterror’s Lair

This is where we really get into the good veins of crystal in Genshin Impact. Even if you’re a lazy farmer, you’ll definitely want to check out these spots. They will help grow your crystal chunk inventory with minimal effort.

In Stormterror’s Lair, travelers will find plenty of iron (and, more importantly, crystal deposits) scattered throughout. Mostly home to crystals and a few magic crystals, Old Monstadt is the most crystal-rich area in Monstadt. Given the dispersed nature of the crystal deposits in this area of the game, it may take awhile to run around and collect them all, though. 

Luckily, you won’t have to worry too much about the enemies in this area. Avoiding hilichurl encampments is easy and Ruin Guards are easy to spot. Aside from the errant anemo slimes, you won’t need to worry about being snuck up on. That means you can feel free to switch up your party for some characters that are easier to mine with.


Guyun Stone Forest

Overall, the Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue doesn’t have as many crystal deposits as other areas, but it’s still a nice area to farm in. It has two large veins of crystals, one of which is very close to the western teleport waypoint. There’s another deposit of crystals further South with some Cor Lapis and Noctilucous Jade scattered around as well. 

Travelers heading to the southern vein should be wary of the geovishap that roams near here. You should also take caution against the group of ruin guards. The unprepared player may get taken out by the half-dozen Ruin Guards grouped up near the crystal in this area if they aren’t careful. 


Qingyun Peak

Minlin is one of the most mountainous areas currently in Genshin Impact, so it makes sense it also has some of the most crystal veins, too. The Huaguang Stone Forest of Minlin in Liyue is especially rich in crystal deposits (great for farming crystal!). Not only can they be found at the base of mountains, they can also be found near smaller cliffs and walking paths.

We recommend players work their way from the top down in order to avoid having to climb back up as much as possible. Also make sure to be respectful of the adept! This is their sacred home, after all, and a great place to find crystals.


West of Liyue Harbor around Mt. Tianheng

Mt. Tianheng, which lies west of Liyue Harbor, has two nice veins of crystal that regularly respawn with magic crystals as well. It may not be the most densely packed area in the game overall, but it’s still a great spot for players looking for crystals. 

Another perk of this location is the nearby cavern with a large deposit of Noctilucous Jade and a swarm of Geo crystalflies. The enclosed space makes it harder for crystalflies to escape, even for players who don’t have Sayu’s passive talent “Yoohoo Art: Silencer’s Secret” to help them sneak up on the little buggers.


The Chasm

The best place in Genshin Impact for farming crystal is the Chasm in Liyue. The Chasm is split into three parts. There’s the entrance, which is accessible to all players who have reached Liyue, then the Chasm itself, which has both an aboveground and underground portion. The aboveground part of the Chasm contains subareas and is similar to Dragonspine as a related but separate area to a larger region.

Though located in Liyue, the Chasm is not accessible until players have met some requirements. Only players who have reached Adventure Rank 28, completed “Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III — A New Star Approaches,” and completed the “Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering” World Quest will be allowed past the Milileth guards. Once these requirements have been met, players will be able to access the aboveground part of the Chasm.

To unlock the final part of the Chasm, the Underground, players will also need to destroy the Bedrock Keys. This task will be assigned naturally by entering the Chasm. Once you actually reach the Underground, you’ll have access to its map, which is separate to the world map (similar to Enkanomiya). 

Once you’ve reached the Chasm, you will find it’s filled to the brim with ore and crystal deposits. Travelers can often find iron and other minerals through investigating crates sprinkled throughout the mining area as well. The Underground portion of the Chasm has even more crystal deposits, so players looking for crystals should definitely start there.

For players who haven’t unlocked the Chasm or Underground yet, there are still some bountiful crystal deposits near the entrance, too. Just be wary of hilichurls roaming around the entrance who could sneak up on you while you’re mining!

Best Characters for Farming Crystal Chunks

There are certain characters who make farming ores and crystals a lot easier than others. You will need to hit minerals at least once (possibly a few times for the tougher ones), so you want to have characters that make each hit count. 

It’s recommended to avoid using Hydro, Anemo, and Electro characters while mining, since their elements are particularly useless against iron and crystal. Bow users are also not very helpful and do little to no damage against rocks. 

Just in case you missed this section in our White Iron guide, we’ll quickly go over our recommended mining characters again. 

1. Nigguang

Submit! | Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

The best character to have in your party while farming crystal (or any mineral) is Nigguang. She’s a 4-star Geo catalyst user who clawed her way to the top from the very bottom.

The Tianquan of Liyue has a passive talent called “Trove of Marvelous Treasures,” which displays the location of nearby ore veins on the minimap. This is insanely useful. It means you can find the next ore vein in areas like Stormterror’s Lair easily. Her passive talent definitely saves on time and means a lot less running around. 

The nice thing about being a Geo catalyst user is that Nigguang’s normal attacks are effective at taking out minerals. Her hits are about as effective as a heavy weapon at harvesting crystals and iron. Pyro catalysts also have some limited effect on ores due to the explosive nature of Pyro, but we don’t recommend them.

2. Zhongli

I will have order! | Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

After Nigguang, the second best character to have while mining is the 5-star Geo archon Zhongli. While he is a polearm user, his Elemental Skill “Dominus Lapidis” is able to send out an AOE wave (when held) that instantly takes out even the toughest minerals. He is super helpful in clearing out entire ore and crystal veins with a single hit. 

3. Claymore users

If you don’t have either Nigguang or Zhongli, don’t worry. Any Claymore user will work just fine in clearing out minerals and ores. Their heavy weapons can take out iron in one swing, while crystals and other tough minerals like Noctilucous Jade will take 3–4. 

Element doesn’t matter when it comes to claymore users, since you’ll just be using their normal attacks. 

One More Tip on Crystal: Blacksmiths

If you’re still short on crystal chunks even after clearing out all of our recommended farming locations, try checking in with the blacksmiths. That would be Wagner in Monstadt, Master Zhang in Liyue Harbor, and Hajime in Inazuma. They can all help point out crystal (or amethyst in Hajime’s case) and magic crystal deposits in their respective regions. 

While the blacksmiths place higher priority on magic crystals than regular crystals, you will still be able to find crystals, too. The blacksmiths will only mark a few locations, though, so don’t rely on them too much. 

Most players will have better results from marking locations on their own maps for future reference than constantly checking the blacksmiths.

Join the High Ground

Those are our best places for farming crystal in Genshin Impact. Share it with the Traveler in your life who always seems to be short on crystal chunks! Also be sure to let us know if we missed any good farming spots. As always, stay tuned for more guides and all things Genshin Impact.

Happy gaming!

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