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Genshin Impact Seelie Guide

Seelies are an interesting creature in Genshin Impact. They don’t speak or seem to have thoughts of their own, but they can still be pretty important while exploring. That’s why we made a Genshin Impact Seelie guide to help you learn more about them and the biggest reasons you should be tracking them down.

What are Seelies?

The existence of Seelies in Genshin Impact has not been discussed in canon very much. Most of them are mysterious glowing blue spirits who float around Teyvat restlessly. Each Seelie has its own respective Seelie Court, which is a small statue they can rest in. 

From a short song excerpt within the game, we know that Seelies are all that remain of an ancient race of beings who once existed alongside humans in Teyvat. They used to hold great authority over the world, but that power has dwindled to nothing in current times.

According to legends and Aranara stories, Seelies are cursed to lose their intelligence and form should they fall in love with humans. This is exactly what brought about their downfall. Whatever intelligence they used to have is gone now. They don’t speak or usually even communicate outside of sharing treasure with those willing to follow them back to their Seelie Courts. 

While you can see Seelies in other players’ worlds, you will only be able to interact with the ones in your own world. Which makes sense. Hoyoverse doesn’t want anyone going around stealing someone else’s treasure!

Genshin Impact Seelie Guide: General Info

As mentioned above, each Seelie has its own respective statue called a Seelie Court. It functions as a kind of home and resting place for Seelies. After following a Seelie back to its court, a treasure chest of varying value will typically appear. 

If you lose track of the Seelie or don’t follow it all the way back to its court, the Seelie will eventually return to the same starting point until you do follow it to its court.

Sometimes more than one Seelie can be required to unlock a treasure chest. In cases where more than one Seelie is needed, the rarity of the treasure chest is usually higher. 

Many puzzles throughout Teyvat also require Seelies to return to their courts in order to be solved. Other puzzles can only be solved through a Seelie’s guidance. So if you find a Seelie who only encircles the same area, look a little more closely. It may be trying to give you hints on solving a puzzle you hadn’t noticed.

Aside from just helping solve puzzles, some different types of Seelies will also help combat environmental effects. These variant Seelies can usually be found in specific regions and have adapted to counteract regional conditions. 

Following enough Seelies and their regional variants in each area of Teyvat will also grant  achievements and primogems. We’ll go over those in more detail later on in our Genshin Impact Seelie guide.

Genshin Impact Seelie Guide: Variants

A Seelie guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the different types of Seelies throughout the game. While the vast majority of Seelies are glowy blue spirits, those aren’t the only type. 

As of Version 3.1, there are technically six other types of Seelies. Some of them act the same as the normal type of Seelie while others serve totally different purposes. Let’s start by going over the different variations of Seelies found throughout Teyvat.

Electro Seelies 

Electro Seelies are a variant of Seelies found only in Inazuma. They don’t look remotely similar to their normal counterparts, and they don’t even have Seelie Courts. 

When you make it to Inazuma, you may notice strange purple balls of electricity floating around. If you approach one it will zip away so quickly you may have a hard time following it. That purple ball is an Electro Seelie. 

While they may look strange, they actually work pretty much the same way normal Seelies do. If you follow them long enough, they will eventually form their own courts and unlock a treasure chest for you. 

Once they have created their Seelie court, they will also apply Electro to your active character if you get close enough. This Electro application doesn’t usually cause any damage — just make sure you don’t trigger any Elemental Reactions.

Warming Seelies

These Seelies are found exclusively in Dragonspine, and for the most part are exactly like normal Seelies. The only difference is that instead of glowing blue, they glow orange, and getting close to them will reverse the cold effect of Dragonspine.

They’re pretty handy to have around as you’re exploring the freezing mountains, and following them back to their courts will unlock a permanent warming area. They will also unlock treasure chests too, so be sure to follow them if you come across one. 

Luminous Seelies

Luminous Seelies give off a pure white glow, which helps illuminate the dark areas of The Chasm: Underground. For players who have low-level Lumenstone Adjuvants, these Seelies can help light up even the darkest corners of The Chasm.

They work very similarly to Warming Seelies, though instead of giving off warmth, they give off light. Following them to their courts will help recharge your Lumenstone Adjuvant as well as unlock a treasure chest.

Life Seelie

Seelies of Life are unique to Sumeru and will only appear in Withering Zones. Standing near one will help counteract the effects of Withering Zones by removing units of Decay.

They look very similar to normal Seelies, though have a light green color rather than blue and do not unlock treasure chests. Players who are having a tough time with Withering Zones will want to stick close to these Seelies to avoid accumulating Decay. These Seelies are exceedingly rare, so most players probably won’t have come across them. 

Mini Seelie

If you’ve played co-op much at all, you’ll probably recognize the next variant in our Genshin Impact Seelie guide. 

Mini Seelies are actually baby Seelies that can be gained through certain events as rewards. They come in multiple colors, including violet, pink, yellow, blue, and green. While they don’t grant treasure or help you combat status effects, they do act as companions to your active character.

When equipped, Mini Seelies will float around your active character as you run around Teyvat. They will occasionally spin around and make chiming noises while you are not in combat. If you enter combat, they will immediately disappear until all enemies in the area are defeated or no longer aggro.

Disappearing when combat is triggered can actually be pretty handy when trying to use other gadgets that cannot be used in combat. That alone makes Mini Seelies worth getting when you have the chance. 

Event Seelies

The last variant Seelie in our Genshin Impact Seelie guide are event Seelies. 

These are Seelies that are only accessible during special events, and may look different from any other type of Seelie. As of Version 3.1, there has only been one event Seelie, which has shown up a few times in the Lost Riches event in Versions 1.2, 2.0, and 3.0.

The Treasure-Seeking Seelie in this event looks most similar to Mini Seelies and will lead players to Iron Coin deposits throughout Teyvat. Unfortunately, once the event is over, the Treasure-Seeking Seelie is no longer available and leaves your inventory until the next Lost Riches event.

Where to Find Seelies

There are literally hundreds of Seelies in Genshin Impact. Luckily, the vast majority of them are not very hard to find. It may take some exploring, but you will eventually come across 95% of Seelies (or at least their courts) without needing to try too hard.

Some Seelies can be found on top of buildings or ruins, some can be found in the middle of vast plains, some will be hiding behind breakable walls/rubble, and some will be prominently shown near puzzles throughout Teyvat.

Unfortunately, there is no general rule of thumb about where Seelies like to hang out, so we recommend keeping your eyes peeled while doing Daily Commissions and quests. If you see a Seelie, stop what you’re doing and follow it, then continue what you were doing. 

In the event you don’t have the time or lose track of a Seelie, mark on your map where you saw it. That way you can come back later.

If you happen to come across an empty Seelie Court but can’t find the Seelie it is home to, use Elemental Sight. There is a faint connection between Seelies and their courts that can be seen with Elemental Sight. You can use this to at least get pointed in the right direction. 

Elemental Sight won’t help you very much if there are obstacles in the way or if the Seelie is much higher or lower than its court, but you can at least know where to start looking.


There are two types of Seelies in Monstadt. The first kind is the normal kind that can be found almost everywhere throughout Teyvat. The second kind of Seelies are Warming Seelies. As we mentioned above, Warming Seelies are only found in Dragonspine.

There are a total of 51 regular Seelies and 31 Warming Seelies, for a total of 82 Seelies in Monstadt.


As a larger area, it makes sense that Liyue has more Seelies than Monstadt. It also technically has two types of Seelies. The first is the regular kind, which can be found throughout Liyue and The Chasm. The second type are Luminous Seelies in The Chasm: Underground. Luminous Seelies can only be found in this sub-area of Liyue.

Liyue is home to 81 Seelies, plus 9 more in the above ground portion of The Chasm. There are an additional 30 Luminous Seelies in The Chasm: Underground. Between all three regions, there are 120 Seelies in Liyue.


Inazuma, like Monstadt and Liyue, is home to two different types of Seelies as well — the normal Seelie and a number of Electro Seelie.

Unlike Monstadt and Liyue, the variant Seelies of Inazuma far outnumber their normal counterparts. In Inazuma, there are just 37 normal Seelies while there are 73 Electro Seelies. There are also 36 normal Seelies in Enkanomiya, though whether this sub-area is technically part of Inazuma is kind of up for debate. There are not any Electro Seelies in Enkanomiya.

In total, there are 146 Seelies in Inazuma (and Inazuma adjacent areas).


There are technically two different types of Seelies in Sumeru, but the Seelies of Life are very rare and we’re not sure they lead to treasure or contribute to achievements. They may play a bigger part in the story later on, but for now, little is known about them.

As for normal Seelies, there are 96 in Sumeru between the rainforest and the desert areas. It seems likely that Hoyoverse will add more to find in later updates, though. 

Genshin Impact Seelie Guide: Achievements

Each region has achievements for following a certain number of Seelies. The number needed to follow in each region will vary depending on the total number of Seelies in that region. 

Most of the regional Seelie achievements have three tiers, with each tier granting more primogems for following more Seelies. Single tiered achievements will grant 5 primogems, while the three tiered achievements will grant 35 (5 for the first tier, 10 for the second, and 20 for the third).

As of Version 3.1, there are 13 different achievements available from following Seelies in various parts of Teyvat. For any achievements you haven’t gotten, checking your achievement list in-game will tell you how close you are to obtaining them and how many more you’ll need to follow to get them.

Guiding Wind Achievement — 35 primogems 

The Guiding Wind achievement is likely the first Seelie achievement most players will get. To get this achievement, all you need to do is follow 40 Seelies back to their Seelie Courts in Monstadt. Seelies found in Dragonspine will not count toward this achievement. 

40 Seelies may seem like a lot to follow, but it is luckily broken down into three portions. After following 10 Seelie, the first part of the achievement will be obtained, along with 5 primogems. The next part will be obtained after 20 Seelies, along with 10 primogems, and after finally getting 40 of the total 52 Seelies in Monstadt, players will also get 20 primogems.

The primogems obtained by getting this achievement do not include the primogems obtained by the treasure chests, which will be unlocked by each Seelie. 

Seelie in the Snow Achievement — 35 primogems

Dragonspine was released after the rest of Monstadt, which is why finding Seelies in this region don’t count toward the Guiding Wind achievement. Luckily, Hoyoverse added another Seelie achievement for this section of the game.

The Seelie in the Snow achievement is another three-part achievement which will grant 35 primogems for fully completing it. The first part is given after following 5 Warming Seelies, the next after following 10 Warming Seelies, and the last after following a total of 20 Warming Seelies. 

Since there are no regular Seelies within Dragonspine, all Seelies found in this region will count toward the achievement. 

Lithic Guide Achievement — 35 primogems

The Lithic Guide Achievement is granted after finding a total of 60 Seelies throughout Liyue, excluding the Chasm and the Chasm: Underground. 

This is likely the second Seelie achievement most players will get, since Monstadt and Liyue are the first two accessible regions of the game.

Like other Seelie achievements, this achievement can be obtained in three different parts. The first and second levels of the achievement are obtained after following 20 and 40 Seelies back to their courts, respectively. Each tier of the achievement will also grant 5 primogems, then 10, and finally 20. 

Gorge Guide Achievement — 35 primogems

Finding Seelies in The Chasm and The Chasm: Underground will count toward obtaining the Gorge Guide achievement, rather than the Lithic Guide achievement. While there are two different types of Seelies to be found in these areas — normal and Luminous Seelies — finding either will contribute to the overall regional Seelie count. 

Following a total of 24 Seelies back to their courts will grant this achievement. The first tier of the achievement will be given after following 6, and the next after following 12. Between all three tiers of the achievement, a total of 35 primogems are given. 

While there are 39 Seelies between the Chasm and the Chasm: Underground, there are three Seelies part of the World Quest “Perils in the Dark.” They will not contribute toward this achievement. 

Naku Weed Whacker (I) & (II) Achievements — 70 primogems

The Inazuma Seelie achievements are split into many different achievements based on which islands the Seelies are found on. As usual, three-tiered achievements will grant 35 primogems, while single-tiered achievements will only grant 5.

The first achievement, Naku Weed Whacker (I), requires players to follow 40 Electro Seelies on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island. While there are normal Seelies to be found, this achievement can only be obtained by following Electro Seelies. Since there are only a total of 43 Electro Seelies between these three islands, this achievement can be pretty tough to get.

To get Naku Weed Whacker (II), players will need to follow 16 Electro Seelies on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. This one can also be pretty tricky to get, since there are only 19 Electro Seelies between the two islands.

If you’re having difficulties finding the last couple of Electro Seelies, there are two available through the side quest “Komaki’s Spiritherb Fortune,” which will count toward the achievement. Without the Electro Seelies in this quest, there are only 17 Electro Seelies between Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. 

Flashes in the Night Achievement — 5 primogems

For the Flashes in the Night achievement, players will only need to find 6 Electro Seelies on Tsurumi Island out of the total 11 on this island. While the degree of difficulty is slightly easier, this achievement will only grant 5 primogems and has just one tier. 

Lights Will Guide You Home (I) & (II) Achievements — 40 primogems

LIke we said above, there are normal Seelies in Inazuma. The achievements Lights Will Guide You Home (I) & (II) can be gotten by following these normal Seelies. 

To get Lights Will Guide You Home (I), players will need to follow a total of 16 Seelies on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island. This is a three-tiered achievement, though, so 5 and 10 primogemens will be given for following 4 and 8 Seelies, respectively. 

To complete Lights Will Guide You Home (II), players will need to follow 6 Seelies back to their courts on Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. This is a single-tiered achievement that isn’t easy to get, considering there are only 7 Seelies between these two islands.

Foggy Guidance Achievement — 5 primogems

The last Seelie achievement in Inazuma proper is the Foggy Guidance achievement. To get this one, players will need to follow just 6 normal Seelies back to their courts on Tsurumi Island. There are a total of 9 normal Seelies on Tsurumi Islands, which makes this achievement pretty easy to get. 

Phosphoros’ Guidance Achievement — 35 primogems

This achievement is the last Seelie achievement related to Inazuma. To obtain it, just follow 30 Seelies back to their courts in Enkanomiya. Rewards will be given after finding 6 and 15 Seelies as well. 

This achievement may not seem too daunting, but keep in mind just how large Enkanomiya is before you think you can knock it out in a single afternoon. Throughout the many floating islands making up this region, there are only 36 Seelies. 

(There are three Seelies who come out of chests in the Evernight Temple that do not count toward this achievement, unfortunately. Due to this, we decided not to count them in our Genshin Impact Seelie guide total Enkanomiya Seelie count).

Woodland Guide Achievement — 35 primogems

For this achievement, players will need to follow 40 Seelies through the rainforest portion of Sumeru. That includes Avidya Forest, Lokapala Jungle, Ardravi Valley, Ashavan Realm, Vissudha Field, Lost Nursery, and Vanarana.

While it will take some time to comb through every area in Sumeru for Seelies, there are at least 54 Seelies between all of these areas. Rewards granted after finding 10 and 20 will help keep you motivated too, since this is a three-tiered achievement. 

The Desert Will Guide You Home (I) Achievement — 35 primogems

Seelie found in the desert portion of Sumeru will count toward The Desert Will Guide You Home (I) achievement. Or at least Seelies found within Hypostyle Desert, Land of Upper Setekh, and Land of Lower Setekh.

Players will need to find and follow 40 Seelies back to their courts for this achievement. There are a total of 52 Seelies between the areas mentioned above. 5 primogems and then 10 primogems will be given after following 10 Seelies, then 20 Seelies. 

While there is no The Desert Will Guide You Home (II) achievement as of Version 3.1, we can assume it is coming based on previous Seelie achievement patterns.

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