How to Take Pictures in Genshin Impact

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How to Take Pictures in Genshin Impact

There are a lot of things to do in Genshin Impact. There’s crafting materials, forging weapons, customizing your own personal space — on top of all that, you also have to gather ascension materials, too! Trying to manage it all can get overwhelming and make it hard to remember even the fun little things you’re able to do in the game. Which is why today, we’re going over how to take pictures in Genshin Impact

Taking Pictures in Genshin Impact

While being a free to play game, Genshin Impact has some stunning visuals. From impressive background graphics to incredibly detailed and interactive elements, you will find yourself wanting to take some pictures. 

Even if the scenery isn’t your thing, you’re going to come across some events and quests that will require you to take specific photos within the game anyway. Which is why you’re going to need to know how to take pictures in Genshin Impact

There are actually a few ways to do this. Some methods of taking pictures are available to every player regardless of how far they are in the game. Others can only be unlocked at certain times or through completing certain quests.

Each method of taking pictures also has their own pros and cons even though the outcomes are more or less the same.


The first and easiest way to take pictures in Genshin Impact is by simply taking a screenshot on whatever device you’re using. 

If you’re trying to take a picture of something quickly that has a very short window of time, then taking a screenshot is going to be the way to go. Screenshots are the perfect way to get an action shot while in the middle of combat to show off one of your character DPS builds.

Screenshots are also usually the easiest way to share photos taken in Genshin Impact. Whether you want to share a snapshot to social media or just get some help with a character build from your more experienced friends, your best bet is going to be a screenshot. 

Unfortunately, pictures taken via screenshots won’t count toward fulfilling any events or quests.

Options Menu

For in-game purposes, the Options Menu is usually the best way to take pictures in Genshin Impact. Just open up the menu at any point in the game and select the camera icon. Doing so will give you tons of options on changing up camera angles, zooming in or out, and even making your active character strike a pose.

Photos taken through the Options Menu will give players the option of saving the photo to their device if they so choose. If you’re taking a photo for a specific event or quest, you won’t actually need to save the photo. Just taking it will satisfy the photo requirement without clogging up your platform’s internal storage!

While taking photos through the Options Menu does take a bit longer than taking a screenshot, taking photos with this method offers much greater creative freedom. Keep in mind that it is incredibly difficult to catch action shots like this. The game can resume for a brief period of time while the camera interface loads, which in turn can mess up your shot. 


The last method of taking pictures in Genshin Impact is actually through an obtainable item given to players later on in the game. 

The Kamera is a 4-star gadget that can be equipped to take instant snapshots. When used, the Kamera will take an instant photo of your screen minus the user interface. Photos taken this way will give the option of being saved directly to your device’s internal storage. If you choose to, anyway. If the picture isn’t quite right, you can also exit out without saving the picture and try again.

Obtaining the Kamera

Unfortunately, it may take a while for players to obtain the Kamera depending on where they are in the game. In order to obtain it, players will need to finish the Snapshots World Quest. This quest is only available to players of Adventure Rank 25 and higher. To begin it, all you’ll need to do is speak with the NPC Xu in Liyue Habor.

In addition to the regular Kamera, players can also get the Special Kamera gadget by completing the Perfect Shot World Quest. The Special Kamera is similar to the Kamera, but photos taken with it appear slightly worn and have a yellowed border. 

To start the Perfect Shot Quest, you will need to be just Adventure Rank 20, rather than Adventure Rank 25. Speak with the NPC Ji Tong in Liyue Harbor to begin the quest. 

Event Kameras

Event Kamera
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Devin Dornbrock

Certain events will pop up that revolve around using Kameras to take photos in Genshin Impact. These events usually have a lower Adventure Rank requirement, so even players who haven’t yet obtained the Kamera can participate. 

While most event Kameras will expire out of your inventory after the event is over, that isn’t always the case. The Special Kamera, for instance, was originally an event Kamera. It could be obtained by trading the limited time Kurious Kamera.

During Kamera events, players will need to use their event Kameras to obtain special rewards. Taking photos with anything but the event Kamera will not fulfill the event’s requirements. For example, if an event asks players to take pictures of a Sunsettia tree or a Sumpter Beast, taking a screenshot, using the regular Kamera, or taking a photo through the Options Menu will not fulfill the event’s requirements and no rewards will be given. 

Event Kameras typically open up a camera interface. This interface allows players to adjust their angle and capture specific targets, but it may vary from Kamera to Kamera.

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Until next time, ad astra abyssosque and happy gaming!

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