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How to Get Mora in Genshin Impact: 10 Best Ways to Farm Mora Fast

“Cashing in time and Mora for power… Interesting. This shows their true value.” – Ningguang

Mora is the one language that everyone in Teyvat speaks. The glinting, golden coin is accepted all around the world, and is the main currency of the game. However, purchasing material goods isn’t its main purpose — at least not for the Traveler and company.

Perhaps it’s because Mora is minted with the Geo Archon’s power. As a result, the coins themselves can be used as strengthening catalysts. More specifically, Mora is used to strengthen your characters and equipment (both gameplay and lore wise).  

Of course, as one might expect, power comes at a cost. A very steep cost. While you may feel like you have infinite Mora in the early stages of the game, any veteran player will attest to how desperately you scrounge for coin to level your artifacts and talents in the late game.  

Today, we’re going over the best and fastest ways to get Mora in Genshin Impact. We’ll cover both obvious and obscure ways to make Mora, starting with the most lucrative options.  

Let’s get started!

1. Questing and Adventurer Rank

In an RPG like Genshin, it should come as no surprise that quests provide the most substantial rewards. Besides often providing large chunks of Mora, quests will also allow you to quickly level up your Adventurer Rank.  

Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

The higher your Adventurer Rank, the sooner you can access new content and increase your World Level. Each time you increase the World Level, enemies will get stronger, but the world will offer greater rewards in return. Of particular note, you want to hit Rank 45 and unlock World Level 6 as soon as possible to maximize rewards from Ley Lines (more on that below).  

Technically, you also get Mora every time you get Adventurer’s EXP once you hit the current rank cap at 60. Unless you’ve been playing every day since launch, however, it’s going to take a while to reach that point.

2. Treasure Chests

Unsurprisingly, treasure chests often contain Mora. You’re going to loot a chest whenever you have the opportunity, so we’re going to focus on clearing up some misconceptions instead.  

Treasure chests do not respawn. Regardless of what rumors or hearsay people write online, chests do not respawn in Genshin Impact (with the one exception of that seashell merchant in Inazuma).  

Most domains/dungeons can only be completed once. If you miss a chest in there, it’s probably gone forever. If you want to avoid this, we strongly recommend checking out the domain on the Genshin fan wiki to see how many chests there are in said domain.  

Exploration progress percentage on map
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

If you zoom out a bit on the map, you might notice an exploration percentage over certain regions. The percentage factors in multiple things like Oculi obtained, challenges completed, and especially chests obtained. As a general rule of thumb, there’s still treasure to be obtained if it’s less than 100% (though there still might be some treasure tucked away even after hitting 100%).

Lastly, the treasure compasses that you can obtain from increasing your city reputations only point to non-hidden chests. If you have to solve a puzzle or perform some specific action to spawn a chest, the compass will not detect it.

3. Events

Genshin Impact often has multiple events going on at a time. Nearly all of them require you to have reached a certain point in the main story to participate, with a recent emphasis on being fully caught up.  

The Great Gathering event in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

If you didn’t have a reason to progress the main story before, being unable to do a major event tends to light a fire under you. A prime example is the very recent Lantern Rite festival, which offered a free four-star character and unlockable outfit on top of the usual event rewards.  

In regards to usual rewards, it typically includes Primogems, enhancement materials, and enough Mora to feed Paimon for a week. As events are time-limited, prioritize fully completing them to fill up your coffers.  

Additionally, MiHoYo will sometimes post in-game notifications about these events and encourage players to share news about it in exchange for ~20K Mora. While they would prefer you to actually share news about the events via social media, you usually just need to copy the link to get the reward.

4. Ley Lines (Blossom of Wealth)

We’ve reached our first repeatable Mora making method, unlocked once you hit Adventurer Rank 12. The various Ley Lines that connect Teyvat can consistently offer hefty sums of coin as long as you have the resin to harvest them.  

Each region of Teyvat has one Blossom of Wealth active at a time. Simply go to the location, activate it, and defeat the one or two waves of enemies to make the Blossom appear. You will have to spend 20 Original Resin (which regenerates at a rate of one every eight minutes) to harvest the Mora within. Afterwards, another Blossom will spawn somewhere in the region and you can repeat the process again.  

A Blossom of Wealth in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

The amount of Mora you earn is dependent on your World Level. Initially, you only earn 12K Mora per harvest. However, each World Level you go up increases the yield by another 8K until it caps out at 60K per harvest at World Level 6. For that reason, we don’t recommend spending your resin on Ley Lines early on — instead, focus on obtaining ascension materials.  

On occasion, an event called the Ley Line Overflow will be active. During that time, the first three harvests from a Ley Line will be doubled per day. We strongly recommend having enough resin on standby for all three harvests when this event rolls around.

5. Daily Commissions

Once you hit Adventurer Rank 12 and do the intro quest, you unlock daily commissions. Four of these mini quests will spawn once per real day in a region.  

Completing them will give you a couple Primogems and chunks of Mora. Finish all four, and you can talk to Katheryne in any major city to claim an additional reward. As this is one of the few ways to reliably earn Primogems, prioritize getting these done every time you log in.

6. Weekly Requests and Bounties

Once you hit Adventurer Rank 25 and complete the introduction story chapter of each region, you’ll unlock the reputation system for said region.  

Weekly Requests and Weekly Bounties
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Each region’s reputation officer offers multiple requests and bounties you can take on for large amounts of Mora. You can do three requests and three bounties per week (shared across all regions).  

Requests are usually just fetch-quests for basic resources for an easy 20K Mora apiece. If you don’t feel like doing a certain request, just check out the request list in another region.  

Bounties, on the other hand, involve tracking down signs of a powered-up enemy with Elemental Sight (at least in Mondstadt and Liyue) before finding and slaying them. These enemies can have modifiers like being immune to certain types of damage, so prepare accordingly! Depending on which difficulty you choose, you can earn up to 30K Mora per bounty upon reporting back.

Realm Depot

The realm depot in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Another weekly source of Mora (and other valuable goods) is the Realm Depot in your Serenitea Pot house. You unlock the Serenitea Pot shortly after completing Liyue’s story and from there you can start accumulating Realm Currency by filling your personal realm with furniture and companions.  

Simply speak to your personal teapot assistant Tubby to regularly collect your Realm Currency and to access the Realm Depot shop. As you’re interested in Mora, your priority is to buy the Transient Resin to farm additional Ley Lines, then additional Mora with any remaining Realm Currency.

In order to generate as much Realm Currency as possible, you basically want to flood your abode with junk. Each piece of furniture you place in each section will give you more Adeptal Energy. Reach certain thresholds and your Realm Currency accumulation rate will increase. Increasing your trust rank with Tubby will also increase the amount of Realm Currency you can store before collecting it.

7. Selling Artifacts

Something that a lot of players seem to be unaware of is that you can actually sell artifacts from your inventory. Simply head into your inventory, click on the little trash can in the bottom left, and select the artifacts you wish to sell.  

Selling artifacts in Genshin Impact
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

You’ll get different amounts of Mora depending on the rarity of the artifact. You can not sell artifacts that are equipped, leveled up, or of five-star quality.

  • 1-star (Grey): 420 Mora
  • 2-star (Green): 840 Mora
  • 3-star (Blue): 1260 Mora
  • 4-star (Purple): 2520 Mora

However, as leveling up artifacts requires sacrificing other artifacts, we don’t recommend selling them until you hit your inventory’s artifact cap or have completely run out of Mora. Also note this will not work with weapons, as selling them only gives you weapon enhancement crystals.

8. Farming Monsters

This is what you do once you’ve hit the point of absolute desperation for Mora (or you’re bored and just want to go on a rampage for a bit). Every enemy drops a bit of Mora upon defeat. Unfortunately, it’s usually only small amounts between 20–40 per normal-sized enemy. Unless there’s a bunch grouped up in one place, it’s usually not worth the effort.  

Fighting level 90 monsters
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

However, larger elite enemies drop five times their level in Mora, capping out at 200–600 (depending on difficulty). Additionally, they can drop three- or four-star artifacts on occasion, which you can also sell for Mora.  

Examples of such elite enemies are as follows:

  • Mitachurls/Lawachurls (big Hilichurls)
  • Abyss Mages
  • Any Rifthound
  • Any mechanical enemy
  • Fatui Cicin Mages, Pyro Agents, and Mirror Maidens
  • Any Vishap
  • Eye of the Storm

Just note that we don’t recommend doing this method unless you’re hardcore binging the game. There is a limit of 400 elite enemy kills per day, but most of you would go insane (rightfully so) before hitting that cap.

9. Parametric Transformer

An often overlooked chance for some easy weekly Mora is from the Parametric Transformer gadget. Earned as a reward from completing the Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest in Liyue, this nifty little artifact is capable of generating a boat load of materials and treasures once per week.  

When you deploy the gadget, you have to feed it any combination of materials until it reaches a value of 150, then hit the gadget with elemental attacks till the bar is full. Higher quality materials will provide more value, but you should have a surplus of basic materials from killing/looting everything you come across. There is no difference in rewards based on quality of material fed.  

A Parametric transformer in action
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

You’ll obtain anywhere between 5–10 sets of items. Depending on which items you feed to the Parametric Transformer, the rewards will tend towards certain sets. Given the topic of this article, you’re probably most interested in the 20K Mora set. If that’s the case, focus on giving materials from slimes, hilichurls, treasure hoarders, and Fatui enemies (minus Fatui Pyro agents).  

Remember, the outcome is not guaranteed. Thankfully, all of the possible rewards are still very useful strengthening materials, so you’ll probably be happy regardless. As there’s no prompt for when the cooldown on the gadget has ended, you’ll just have to remember to check your gadgets tab once a week.

10. Daily Check-In

In a recent attempt to increase player engagement with their company brand, MiHoYo has added a new daily check-in at their official website page (hoyolab.com). This check-in rewards players with various useful in-game materials like Primogems, level up materials, and around 59K Mora per month.

Hoyolab.com UI, Checking In
Image: miHoYo via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

As you all already had to make a MiHoYo account when you first started playing Genshin Impact, logging into the company’s website is fairly trivial. Simply look at the left side of the screen, click on Tools, and click on Check-in under Genshin Impact.  

You’ll be taken to a calendar-like page where your current check-in progress is highlighted. Click on said highlighted day to claim your rewards and have them sent to you via in-game mail. The check-in resets at UTC+8, so convert that to whatever time zone you’re living in.  

If you miss a day, the calendar’s rewards will not progress, so we recommending just doing the check-in whenever you boot up Genshin for the first time in a day.

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That’s it for our guide on how to get Mora and the best ways to farm Mora fast in Genshin Impact. We hope you found some of these methods useful. Thanks so much for reading, and please don’t forget to subscribe or share this article on social media.

Happy gaming!

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