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Best Teams for Furina in Genshin Impact

Find the perfect party for Fontaine's number one diva, let's talk best teams for Furina in Genshin Impact!

The debut of Fontaine’s biggest star made waves not only in Fontaine but in the team comps for us humble players too. She is a complex character who can switch between Fontaine’s exclusive Arkhe alignments and provides some impressive team buffs to her party. But what party works best with her? Let’s talk about the best teams for Furina in Genshin Impact!

How to Choose A Team for Furina in Genshin Impact

Furina is a surprisingly versatile character. If you want to get the most out of her though she definitely works best with some characters over others. 

When considering the best teams for Furina in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to keep her Elemental Burst in mind first and foremost. Let the People Rejoice does two things, it first deals AoE Hydro DMG based on her Max HP and second generates Fanfare points. Those Fanfare points will in turn convert into DMG and Healing Bonuses for the party which is what makes Furina so valuable. 

The more Fanfare points Furina has, the higher the bonuses for the rest of the party. To generate Fanfare points your party will need to lose and/or regain HP in a short amount of time. You only have 18 seconds before the Burst period is over and all Fanfare points will be cleared. If you’re smart though, you can get up to a 25% DMG boost along with a 10% Healing Bonus from Furina’s Elemental Burst.

Knowing how her Burst works is going to make selecting the right team for Furina way easier. 

Catering Furina’s Team to Her Best Role & Talents

Furina Talent animation in Genshin Impact
HoYoverse / Devin Dornbrock

Furina is not a DPS. With the right build sure, you can get her dealing some decent damage. It’s going to be a lot easier (and way more worth the time) though to have her take on a Sub-DPS/ Support role. 

Pairing Furina with a good healer and a strong DPS is going to be the best strategy to deal high damage and make the most of her Talents. While she can deal some healing herself with her Elemental Talent, Furina’s healing abilities are pretty lacking. They’re also incredibly slow which makes them hard to rely on in combat. They definitely aren’t going to help her generate many Fanfare points either which means missing out on damage buffs. 

Furina should spend most of her time in the Ousia Arkhe alignment. With the power of Ousia she summons three Hydro summons called Salon Members that will act as on-field Hydro DMG appliers. Even while she’s off-field. They won’t apply a ton of Hydro to enemies but they deal decent damage and have 100% uptime. Furina’s Salon Members also help generate Fanfare points by draining HP from characters with more than 50% health to make stronger attacks.


Furina thoughtful pose in front of fountain in Fontaine
HoYoverse / Devin Dornbrock

Unless you’re an experienced player, Furina can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. If you only remember a few things though, remember these points:

  • Furina’s Elemental Burst increases her team’s damage by up to 25%.
  • Keep Furina in Ousia alignment and keep her Elemental Skill summons on-field as much as possible.
  • To make the most of Furina, she usually needs a strong healer. Team HP is going to fluctuate!

5 Best Teams for Furina in Genshin Impact

That should cover the basics. Now let’s get into the best teams for Furina in Genshin Impact!

Bloom: Neuvillette, Furina, Kazuha, Baizhu

One of the best teams for Furina in Genshin Impact is a Bloom team with Neuvillette and Baizhu. This team comp primarily deals damage in two ways. The first is through Bloom Reactions triggered by Neuvillette and Furina. The second is by boosting Neuvillette’s Charged Attack damage. 

Neuvillette especially works well with Furina since his Charged Attack drains his HP while his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can provide self-healing. Which makes him perfect for generating Fanfare points and upping his damage, even if you don’t have a healer on the team. If you do have one though, Baizhu is a great choice. He is able to heal the whole team and even apply Dendro to trigger Bloom Reactions.

Finally Kazuha is great for grouping enemies, shredding Elemental Res, and applying Hydro across the field.

Not many players will have all four of these 5-Star characters though. If you’re looking for some alternative characters, Kazuha can be switched out for Sucrose. She’ll still be able to group up enemies and Swirl Hydro too. If absolutely needed Baizhu can be replaced by Yaoyao though her Dendro application won’t be great. 

Without Baizhu, I would suggest bringing in an Anemo healer like Jean and using Dendro Traveler.

Vaporize: Hu Tao, Furina, Yelan, Zhongli

You may notice this team doesn’t have a healer, even though I recommended having a strong healer for Furina teams. While you can build a Vape team with Furina that has a healer you won’t want to if Hu Tao is your DPS. 

Hu Tao works best with basically as little HP as possible so playing her usually means relying on shields rather than healing. With Furina in the mix the idea is to heal up before combat and use her Elemental Burst before Hu Tao starts draining HP. With Furina’s Salon Members helping drain HP too, you should still be able to generate Fanfare points and get a good damage bonus.

When in combat, start off by holding Zhongli’s Elemental Skill to create a Jade Shield. Then switch to Furina followed by Yelan, using both their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts. Finally, it’s time to quickly switch over to Hu Tao. 

Zhongli’s shield will protect your team from taking hits while their HP is low, Yelan and Furina then apply Hydro before Hu Tao switches in to set off the Vaporize Reactions. The order of play may seem like a lot but it’s actually easier done than said and is a great team to use if you’re still getting used to specific team rotations. 

Some alternative characters for Hu Tao can be either Yoimiya or Yanfei. (It’s important to keep a Pyro DPS!) Yelan can be swapped out for Xingqiu pretty easily, and while Zhongli has the strongest shield in the game you can substitute in Layla if you have to.

Electro-Charged: Neuvillette, Furina, Fischl, Jean

This team works very similarly to the Bloom team above. Furina’s Elemental Burst will primarily buff Neuvillette’s Charged Attack damage. Meanwhile the Salon Members work with Fischl’s summon Oz to trigger Electro-Charged Reactions across the field.

Neuvillette alone can increase Fanfare points for the best damage buff but Jean is also able to heal everyone in the party with her Elemental Burst. The team’s Talents complement each other and synergize to deal both high amounts of damage and provide ample healing as needed. 

There are some easy alternative characters if you’re missing one or more of the above. Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun can step in for Fischl though the damage output is roughly the same. Sayu makes a nice back up if you’re missing Jean and her Elemental Burst has a pretty similar effect too. 

Freeze: Wriothesly, Furina, Kazuha, Kokomi

A Furina Freeze team is pretty simple once you get the team rotation down. Start by summoning Furina’s Salon Members with her Elemental Skill then swap to Kokomi to summon her Jellyfish. Next up is Wriothesly to get some Cryo on the field before swapping over to Kazuha to Swirl and apply Cryo with his Elemental Burst/ Elemental Skill. Then you can switch back to Wriothesly to freeze every enemy in sight.

You can rinse, repeat the rotation above while also using Furina’s Elemental Burst to increase Wriothesly’s damage. His Elemental Skill will drain HP that can be regained by staying near Kokomi’s Jellyfish which will also increase Furina’s Fanfare points. 

If you’re having trouble with the rotation, you can cut out Wriothesly’s first on-field rotation to Swirl Hydro rather than Cryo. It won’t freeze quite as effectively but it does make the rotation simpler. It can also help make buffing Wriothesly with Furina’s Elemental Burst a little easier as well.

The nice thing about this team is that you can switch up the DPS depending on which characters you have. Alternative characters include Ayaka, who can make a pretty good substitute for Wriothesly. Keep in mind that she isn’t able to drain her own HP which can limit Fanfare points though. Jean also makes a nice alternative to Kokomi/ Kazuha since she can both heal and create Swirl Reactions. 

Nilou Bloom: Nilou, Furina, Nahida, Baizhu

On a Nilou Bloom team, Furina is going to work a little differently than on most of her other best team comps. While she does work well on the team she won’t be focused quite so much on buffing a DPS character.

Nilou teams rely on exclusively Hydro and Dendro characters to set off Elemental Reactions and create Bountiful Cores which deal high AoE Dendro damage on field. Because Furina’s Elemental Burst unfortunately doesn’t boost Bloom reaction damage, she will mostly be increasing personal damage rather than the whole team’s.

The best way to play Furina on a Nilou Bloom team is to keep her Salon Members on field as much as possible. After summoning them, switch Nilou and Nahida on and off field to quickly apply their Elemental Skills then finally swap over to Baizhu. Furina’s Elemental Skill will take care of applying Hydro to enemies so Baizhu can apply Dendro and create Bountiful Cores.

Sticking close to the Bountiful Cores as they explode will easily deplete HP while Baizhu heals back up. This can maximize Fanfare points easily whenever Furina uses her Elemental Burst. 

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have all these 5-star characters though. There are some decent alternative characters out there too. You can easily switch Nahida out for another Dendro applicator, like the Traveler. Baizhu can also be replaced by Yaoyao if need be too.

Honorable Mention: Noelle, Furina, Albedo, Gorou

Surprisingly enough Furina works really well with Noelle on a Geo-centric team. 

The key to this team is the synergy between Noelle and Furina. Furina’s Elemental Skill will drain the party’s HP which Noelle’s Elemental Skill can replenish. Sandwich the two Elemental Skills between each character’s Elemental Burst and you’re going to get a pretty winning combo. 

You can further increase damage output by prepping the field ahead of time with Albedo and Gorou’s Talents.

This team is a bit more free-to-play friendly since you’ll already have Noelle from her permanent Beginner’s banner and Gorou is a 4-Star who isn’t locked behind a special limited-time banner. 

For more Genshin Impact team comp guides, check out our recommendations for Nilou’s Best Teams!

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