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How to Reach the Highest Point in Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Take your game to new heights by reaching Genshin Impact's highest point!

The closest thing to the top of the world in Teyvat is currently hovering right above Monstadt’s chilliest biome. While the harsh environment can be a pain for some players to explore, I promise it is well worth the hassle. Let’s talk about how to reach the highest point in Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Where Exactly is Dragonspine’s Highest Point?

Technically speaking there are two answers to this question. The first is the peak of the mountain in Dragonspine. It will take some doing but exploring the mountain should allow you to reach the mountain’s summit. The real challenge comes with reaching Dragonspine’s even greater height above the summit.

Over the course of your adventures throughout the region you will be tasked with unthawing shards scattered across Dragonspine. Once complete, the shards will rise above the mountain and reform as an ancient Divine Nail

Divine Nails are relics of a long ago and nearly forgotten conflict between the Primordial One and the Second Who Came. One which nearly destroyed Teyvat centuries before the Traveler and their sibling arrived. While the lore is fascinating, what is important here is that you can actually climb atop the Divine Nail and ascend to an even greater height above the mountain. This becomes Dragonspine’s true highest point.

The only way to reach the Divine Nail above Dragonspine is by reaching the mountain’s peak. Which means whatever point you’re trying to get to, the path will be pretty much the same. 

Unlocking Dragonspine’s Divine Nail

To reassemble the Divine Nail, also known as the Skyfrost Nail, you will first need to complete a World Quest.

Completing this quest will not only allow you to reach the highest point in Dragonspine, it will also unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr artifact Domain. While not the best Artifact domain in the game it is definitely one you’ll want access to for many of your Cryo DPS characters.

In the Mountains World Quest

Klee looking towards Dragonspine and the NPC Iris from Adventurer's Camp in game Genshin Impact.
HoYoverse / Devin Dornbrock

To kick off this quest, head to the Dragonspine Adventurer camp. There you will want to talk to the Adventurer Iris. She will tell you about some strange ice and task you with investigating it. From there you can follow the quest markers and truly begin exploring Dragonspine.

Once you reach the quest markers, you will need to break the strange ice. (Luckily we’ve already got a guide on that!) Breaking the strange ice will unlock the Frost Bearing Tree, Dragonspine’s local Offering System.

After being blocked from exploration due to some cold wind, you’ll need to head back down to talk to Iris. She’ll point you in the direction of more strange ice locations that you’ll need to break in order to partially thaw Dragonspine’s harsh climate.

Once you seek out and break the strange ice in these new locations it’s finally time to head towards the top of the mountain. 

You’ll still need to finish up the quest objectives and return to the Adventurer’s Camp one more time to speak with Iris. Luckily once you do, you’ll finally be able to explore all of Dragonspine. Including the highest points in Dragonspine which are also some of the highest points in the entire game.  

Ascending the Divine Nail

After you’ve finished up the Into the Mountains World Quest, it’s time to get climbing. Getting to the peak of Dragonspine’s mountain can be a little confusing because there really isn’t a clear path to it. In fact a lot of players can easily overlook reaching the peak because it seems so disconnected from the rest of Dragonspine. 

It’s still definitely worth checking out though. If you’ve been having trouble finding the right path don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the easiest way to get there. 

Climbing Dragonspine’s Peak

Starting from either the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain or the teleport waypoint north of Starglow Cavern, climb the cliff to the north. After a bit of climbing you’ll reach a part of Dragonspine’s ruins with a broken path and some torches. While this isn’t the only path to reach the Skyfrost Nail, it is the best if you want to avoid taking damage from Dragonspine’s Sheer Cold effect. 

This path also has plenty of flat points where you can take a rest to regain stamina before continuing the climb.

Follow the ruin’s path a bit further north to reach more torches and a chunk of Scarlet Quartz. The torches can clear any accumulated Sheer Cold and breaking the Scarlet Quartz will help slow the rate of accumulation as you continue heading for the mountain peak. 

Ruins in Dragonspine, near the mountain's peak in game Genshin Impact.
HoYoverse / Devin Dornbrock

From the torches it’s time to start climbing up the mountain. This should take you Southeast until you’re about parallel with the waypoint south of the Entombed City. It will take a little while to get there though and there won’t be any permanent sources of warmth. So keep an eye on your Sheer Cold accumulation while you climb. 

Eventually you will reach an unlit torch that can be lit with Pyro to clear your Sheer Cold but it’s not really worth stopping here unless you really need immediate warmth. If you can keep going just a bit further, you’ll be able to finally reach the peak. 

Reaching the Skyfrost Nail

Once you reach the very top of Dragonspine’s mountain you should reach a crumbling ruin. It seems to be the crumbling remains of an ancient tower with three lit torches and an Elemental totem. I suggest hanging out for a moment before continuing so you can clear your Sheer Cold accumulation though.

Kazuha gliding through air currents toward floating ruins in game Genshin Impact.
HoYoverse / Devin Dornbrock

Once you’re ready, activate the totem with Anemo to create a current of wind. The wind current will push you up to some wind rings and towards some floating debris. Follow the currents to the debris. Once on the floating debris you should finally be able to see the Skyfrost Nail. 

Jump off the debris and glide towards the nail. Just remember to save up enough stamina to climb it! Once you reach the very top of the Skyfrost Nail, Sheer Cold will no longer accumulate and any you do have accumulated will clear quickly. 

Klee standing atop Skyfrost Nail and looking down over misty Teyvat in game Genshin Impact.
HoYoverse / Devin Dornbrock

Congratulations! You now know how to reach the highest point in Dragonspine.

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