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New World Void Gauntlet Build Guide

When playing video games, who doesn’t like being dark, edgy, brooding, wearing all black? Well…a lot of people, actually. But for those who do enjoy these shadowy trappings, New World has the weapon for you. The Void Gauntlet is a spooky, shadowy weapon that’s perfect for a dark and sinister magic vibe.

In this guide, we’ll cover the Void Gauntlet and a couple builds that suit it best. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what kind of edgy approach to take.

Let’s get started!

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New World Void Gauntlet: Active Skills

As always, we’ll begin our guide with a detailed look at the weapon’s active skills.

Void Blade

Void Blade is the first row active skill in the Annihilation skill tree. Want to summon a magical blade of darkness to cut up your enemies? Then this is the skill for you.

Your basic attack becomes a melee attack. Tap for 90% weapon damage or hold for 140% weapon damage. Both attacks inflict the Disintegrate status effect, which does 5% weapon damage per second, in addition to reducing damage absorption by 5% for 8s. The Disintegrate debuff can stack up to three times. This all lasts for 15s, and comes at the cost of 20 mana and a 23.3s cooldown.

The DPS from void blade is quite strong. It is great for taking down a single foe with brutal precision. Keep in mind, however, that you’re turning a ranged attack into a melee attack. This means that if you really want to use this ability, you need to build around it.

Overall, it’s a very solid ability for a very specific build.


The second-row active skill in the Anihilation skill tree, Oblivion is an AOE damage/buff effect. Summon the void!

You create a 5m void that deals 30% weapon damage to enemies per second, as well as Empowering you and your allies, increasing your weapon damage by 15%. This ability lasts for 6s and comes at the cost of 30 mana and a 16.3s cooldown.

The buff is great, especially if you have allies to benefit from it. The bonus damage is not to be overlooked either. Unfortunately, the mana cost and cooldown are a bit steep, and this ability is a lot worse when not playing with a team.

Overall a good ability, but gets better the more players you have.

Petrifying Scream

The third-row active skill in the Anihilation skill tree is Petrified Scream. Do damage and debuff at the same time.

You’ll deal 100% weapon damage, stagger, and inflict Root to all enemies within 5m. This disables enemy movement for 2s. All of this comes at the cost of 25 mana and a 23.3s cooldown.

The status effects Petrifying Scream inflict are nasty, and great for helping you keep your distance. Unfortunately, the mana cost and cooldown are quite steep. It’s a good ability for a kiting build, and well worth investing in if that is what you’re going for.

Orb of Decay

Orb of Decay is the first-row active skill in the Decay skill tree. Want a good ranged attack? You got a good ranged attack. This will be your main source of damage at a distance with the Void Gauntlet.

You fire an unblockable orb that deals 90% weapon damage to all enemies it passes through and inflicts Disintegrate. This deals 5% weapon damage and reduces damage absorption by 5% a second for 8s. This stacks up to three times. At max range, the orb will bounce back as a healing orb that heals allies for 20% weapon damage and lasts for 5s. This comes at the cost of 20 mana and a 14s cooldown.

This skill is a versatile mix of healing and damage, and the Disintegrate status effect is not to be underestimated. The fact that it is unblockable as well really puts it over the edge. Overall, there’s not a lot bad to say. Nailing the timing on the rebound effect can be a bit of an issue, but that’s about it.

Baleful Tether

The second-row active skill in the Decay skill tree is Baleful Tether. If you want 1v1 duels, this is the skill for you.

Tether yourself to an enemy to Weaken them and Empower you by 4% per second to a maximum of 20%. This ability lasts 10s, but is ended if the enemy is at least 15m away from you. This comes at the cost of 25 mana and a 23.3s cooldown.

The buff and debuff are solid, but it’s not a great skill when facing multiple enemies at once. It’s good in the right build, though!

Essence Rupture

Essence Rupture is the third-row active skill in the Decay skill tree. Why should the Life Staff get all the healing?

The hit enemy gets the Essence Rupture status effect, which heals those who hit them by 20% of the damage done (though this does not work with DOTs or damage to inanimate objects). This comes at the cost of 25 mana and an 18.6s cooldown.

Overall, it’s a nice bit of healing that works well in a high DPS build. Especially good with lots of allies to benefit from it. It gets worse the fewer allies you have, but is still solid and definitely worth picking up in a high DPS build.

New World Void Gauntlet: Melee Build

The first build we’ll tackle for the Void Gauntlet is a melee DPS build. This build focuses on quickly and efficiently taking out one enemy at a time.

Attributes & Equipment

For this build, Focus is the focus (heh). You can add some Constitution if you want, but Focus ups your damage, which is what we care about most here.

We also recommend heavy armor for this build. You’ll want to be attacking nonstop, so not having to worry as much about dodging is nice.

Active Skills

Surprising no one, Void Blade is the most important active skill for this build (after all, it is the one that makes this build even possible). Upgrade it fully immediately. This is where your damage comes from, and it will do a lot of damage.

Next, pick up Essence Rupture. Essence Rupture, when paired with heavy armor, will make you tanky enough that you can largely just focus on wailing on your enemies. Given how quickly you attack with the Void Blade skill, Essence Rupture will give you a lot of healing.

The final active skill you want for this build is Baleful Tether. Since this build targets one enemy at a time, Baleful Tether is a solid addition. It is not essential, but the buff/debuff it grants should not be overlooked.

Capstone: Voidcaller

This is one of the rare situations where you can actually get enough points in both trees to unlock either capstone skill. However, Voidcaller is the clear choice. Aside from the fact that Void Blade makes it easy to proc, Glimpse of the Void is anti-synergy because it buffs ranged attacks.

New World Void Gauntlet: Ranged Build

It shouldn’t be surprising that the next build we recommend for the Void Gauntlet is a ranged build. This build will not have the raw DPS that the melee build does, but it has some nasty debuffs of its own and lets you keep your distance/kite effectively.

Attributes & Equipment

The attributes for the ranged build are the same as for the melee build. You still want Focus first and foremost, but adding a bit of Constitution never hurts (in fact, it does quite the opposite).

The equipment is where things begin to differ. For this build, I recommend going with mostly light armor. You want to maximize your mobility and your dodge. If you wear all light armor except for a medium coat, you can get the best defense possible while still having the best dodge in the game.

Active Skills

The first active skill you want for this build is Orb of Decay. This will be your primary source of damage. With Disintegrate, as well as its ability to switch between some extra damage and a bit of healing if needed, it’s a solid move you’ll want to use early and often.

Next up is Petrifying Scream. In this build, you want to stay far away from your opponents, pelting them at a distance with damage and debuffs. If they get too close, just hit them with the old Petrifying Scream and run away while they are busy being staggered and rooted.

The final skill I recommend is Essence Rupture. The healing it gives you is not nearly as good as in the melee build (since that build just does more raw damage), but it can still help. Oblivion is a good choice in a group build, but I don’t recommend it if you’re playing solo. As you are a ranged build, having to stay within the AOE to get the buff is a bit rough.

Capstone: Glimpse of the Void

Glimpse the Void is the obvious pick here. You won’t even get enough points in the Annihilation skill tree to pick up Voidcaller anyway.

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