New World Starmetal Farming Guide: Best Routes

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New World Starmetal Farming Guide: Best Routes

The New World can be a dangerous place. You try your best to equip yourself with weapons and armor to slay all the nasty undead and monsters you find, but sometimes corruption is just too strong. Your regular old metal won’t cut it for crafting the appropriate gear. As much as I love iron, and steel, it isn’t always strong enough to fight the dangers of the New World. Sometimes, you need to turn to something more powerful — something like, say, starmetal.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about starmetal in New World — what it’s used for, how to get it, and what the best routes are to farm it.

What Is Starmetal?

Starmetal in the player's inventory - New World
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Let’s start off by talking about what starmetal is, and why you need it in New World. Simply put, starmetal is an upgrade to iron and steel. If you want to get endgame weapons and armor, then starmetal is a necessity. However it is worth noting that the equipment you make using starmetal requires you to be at least level forty before you can use it. So unless you are moving in the direction of endgame, you probably don’t need a lot of it.  

In addition to the weapons and armor themselves, starmetal is used to make starmetal cartridges for your musket. This means it can also be helpful in leveling up your engineering, which is not something to overlook.

On the non-combat side of things, starmetal is used for both arcana recipes and furnishings. So, if you want to get into magic, or home decorating, starmetal will be very useful when you get to higher levels of arcana or high tiers of houses.

The final use for starmetal is to refine it into orichalcum. In other words, Starmetal is to orichalcum what iron is to steel.

How to Efficiently Get Starmetal

Starmetal vein in New World
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Just like other minerals, starmetal is acquired from ore veins out in the overworld of New World. However, as an end-game material, it is not as easy to acquire as many of the others.

As with all ores in game, you need a pickaxe in order to mine them. Ideally, you will upgrade your pickaxe to maximize efficiency of mining. Ore veins come in small, medium, and large sizes, and the larger the vein, the longer it takes to mine, so better pickaxes will save you a lot of time.

Once you have a suitable pickaxe, you will be good to go… and level up your mining to 100… and then again to level 125. So you need to have a mining level of 100 before you can begin to mine starmetal at all. However, it is highly recommended to get your mining level all the way up to 125. At level 125, starmetal begins to appear on your compass map in New World. This means you’ll be able to track starmetal much easier, and it will greatly speed up the process of acquiring it.

If you want to optimize your ability to mine even further, you can heavily invest in the strength attribute, as it will increase mining speed and inventory carry weight so you can load up on more. Once these steps have all been completed, you are ready to be a lean, mean, mining machine! Though with all that strength, I suppose you won’t be that lean. Buff, gruff, mining tough?

Best Starmetal Routes and Locations for Farming

Now that you’re all prepared to mine starmetal, let’s talk about the best places to farm it in New World.

Great Cleave

Great Cleave starmetal farming route
Image: Map Genie via HGG

The first area that is ideal for farming starmetal is called Great Cleave. This rocky cliffside territory is overflowing with starmetal veins, most of which are pretty close together.

Starting at the western edge of Great Cleave, head southeast through the starmetal vein clusters until you head down to the base of a cliffside area. That leads you directly northeast, where you can catch another slew of starmetal veins on our way back up. This makes for one of the most efficient starmetal mining routes in the New World.


Mourningdale starmetal farm route
Image: Map Genie via HGG

The next starmetal farming route to discuss is Mourningdale. While still a solid source of starmetal ore veins, Mourningdale is less densely packed than Great Cleave and longer of a trek, making for a less efficient route.

For this route, you start at the northeastern end of Mourningdale and head southwest towards the southern tip. Then you head up the northwestern side until you get back to the top. Unfortunately, that last section of the farming route does not have any starmetal ore veins. However, you will still get a large enough quantity of starmetal ore to make the whole endeavor well worth it.

Rothoard Hollow

Rothoard Hollow farming route
Image: Map Genie via HGG

Finally, let us discuss the Rothoard Hollow starmetal farming route in Cutlass Keys. Rothoard Hollow is a cave just about 200m south of the main settlement.

It is worth noting that this route is a bit more dangerous than the previous ones listed. Rothoard Hollow has some enemy mobs around level thirty that you may need to contend with, so make sure that you are appropriately leveled for this area before going. If you are trying to farm starmetal, then you are most likely of a level that you don’t really care about a few level thirty or so enemies. But it is worth keeping in mind. If you are a much lower level player who power-leveled mining to get starmetal early, then this farming route might not be the best choice.

If you do decide to mine Rothoard Hollow, start at the eastern edge of the cave and work your way all around, sticking to the wall. Doing this will reward you with ten starmetal ore veins, as well as a nice bonus of a few gold ore veins.

So, whether you are looking for starmetal ore so that you can sell it for a profit, or you are simply at the point in the game where you want that higher tier equipment, hopefully you now have a better grasp on how to get your hands on this endgame resource efficiently, and in large quantities. Good luck, and happy crafting and mining, explorer!

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