New World: How to Get Petrified Wood

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New World: How to Get Petrified Wood

New World has many different types of resources you need to gather to enjoy all aspects of the game. And within each resource type there are multiple variations. It’s not as simple as getting wood from trees. Do you need green wood? Wyrdwood? Petrified wood? If it’s the latter, you’re in luck — this guide is all about petrified wood, why you want it, and how to get it. Let’s get started!

What New World Items Require Petrified Wood?

Let’s start with what petrified wood is good for in New World. As with most other types of wood, petrified wood is primarily used for engineering and arcana. More specifically, you need petrified wood for a bow and a few staffs.

The Venerable Recurve Bow is a Tier 2 weapon that requires petrified wood to craft. Similarly, Starlight is a Tier 2 life staff that also requires petrified wood. At Tier 3, there is the Breach Hunter’s Fire Staff and at Tier 5, the Meteor Trail for those pyromaniacs out there.

Many builds like to use the life staff as either a primary or secondary weapon. The bow is a less popular weapon, but is a solid choice for ranged DPS nonetheless. Both of these weapons being at Tier 2 means they are big upgrades in the early game. If any of these three weapon types are of interest to you, you will probably want petrified wood at some point.

How to Get Petrified Wood

Unlike most other resources in New World, petrified wood isn’t just the drop from a specific kind of plant or ore vein. Petrified wood is gathered from dead trees. To find dead trees, you need to go into a forest in the overworld and look for any that are lying on the ground. That will be your source of petrified wood. You can also start chopping down trees of your own to get petrified wood that way. This method has the obvious benefit of increasing your Logging skill while you hunt for your petrified wood. And you may ask where to get petrified wood exactly? Well, there are no specific farming areas that are richer in petrified wood. Therefore, you can pick whichever forest is most convenient for you and farm there.

The big problem with getting petrified wood is that it is an uncommon drop. This means that you are not always guaranteed (or even likely) to get it. In order to maximize your chances and make the farming most efficient, you will want to stack as many buffs as you can.

It is worth noting that, while there are consumables that give you temporary bonuses to gathering, there are none that apply here. That being said, there are a few things that can offer you some nice bonuses.

The Logging Luck Perk

As with the other gathering skills in New World, there is an equipment perk that will give you bonuses to said gathering skill. In the case of Logging, it is the Logging Luck perk. In order to take advantage of the Logging Luck perk, you first will need a Starmetal Lumberjack’s Charm. If you do not wish to (or cannot afford to) buy this from a trade post, this item can be acquired from supply crates/cashes and coffers out in the overworld starting at Level 9. You will find these in areas highly populated by enemies.

Once you have a Starmetal Lumberjack’s Charm, you can use it while crafting a logging axe to get the Logging Luck perk. Keep in mind that the bonus this perk gives is variable, depending on your gear score. This bonus can range anywhere from 2% to 9.3%. So the better tier of logging axe you craft, the higher your chance of getting petrified wood.

Logging Trophies

Your biggest buff for farming petrified wood will come from logging trophies. As such, it also requires the most resource investment on your end. You can only use trophies if you have a house, and those can be expensive.

Since you can own up to three houses at a time, each with three trophy slots, you can eventually have a maximum of nine trophies. The trophies themselves vary in quality, with the bonuses going up alongside the quality. The better quality the trophy, the more resource-intensive it is to craft.

We’ll start with the Minor Logging Gathering Trophy, which grants you a +5% bonus to your petrified wood acquisitions. To craft one, you’ll need 25 air motes, 25 lumber, 1 maple stain, and 25 steel ingots.

Next up, we have the Basic Logging Gathering Trophy. This trophy bumps your bonus up to +10% — we can already see big gains. To craft it, you will need 1 Lumberjack’s Token, 1 oak stain, 20 starmetal ingots, and 25 wyrdwood planks. Unless you’re buying the Lumberjack’s Token from a trade post, you’ll need to pull one from stockpiles, chests, and so on. This is similar to the Starmetal Lumberjack’s Charm, with the key difference being that stockpiles and chests are Level 36+ content. If you want to brave the overworld, you’ve got some leveling to do first.

Finally, we have the Major Logging Gathering Trophy. This trophy bumps you up to a +15% bonus — a 50% increase as opposed to a 100% increase, but still a strong upgrade. Every percent we can get helps us here. To craft one, you’ll need 25 ironwood planks, 1 mahogany stain, 20 orichalcum ingots, and 1 pure resin.

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There you have the best methods for farming yourself some petrified wood in New World. If you really want that legendary fire staff, you’re good to go. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more guides on New World and your other favorite games!

Happy deforesting, explorer!           

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