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New World Rawhide Farming Guide: Best Rawhide Farm Methods

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’… That’s right — in this New World guide, we’re talking about rawhide. Rawhide is a basic resource that’s used in many different kinds of crafting. You’ll need to collect a lot of it to have any skin in the game. Equip a skinning knife and take a stab at it! With this New World rawhide farming guide, you’ll be a cut above the rest in no time.

Let’s get started!

How to Farm Rawhide

How to Farm Rawhide - Steel Skinning Knife
Click to Expand | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

First things first — whenever you want to gather resources in New World, you need the appropriate gathering tool equipped. In order to skin animals, you need the skinning knife. As with all the gathering tools, you all you need is a flint and a green wood to craft the basic flint version. This can be done at any campfire or settlement.

Of course, you can upgrade to iron skinning knives and steel skinning knives and so on, but that isn’t nearly as necessary for gathering rawhide as it is for other resources. Feel free to upgrade once you get some iron, but a flint skinning knife is fine to start with.

What can you craft with rawhide?

You now have your skinning knife and know where rawhide is. But what do you actually do with it? Rawhide itself is used in crafting various basic weapons and armor. You use it to craft the wooden longsword, as well as the crude iron equipment, such as stalwart crude iron armor or cleaving crude iron armaments.

However, the most important thing that rawhide is used for is making course leather. Course leather is a resource you will use a lot in New World, and that is where rawhide really shines.

Course Leather

Course leather is used in crafting many weapons and armors. As such, it will be a staple for almost any New World player.

For any archers out there, course leather is necessary for crafting the Venerable Recurve, which is one of the best bows you will have for a while. It is also used for crafting weapons like the Earth Smasher or Earth Battered Axe. It is also needed for crafting rugged leather when you’re ready for more advanced leatherworking.

Farming Rawhide

New World Farming Rawhide
Click to Expand | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Now comes the important part — how to get as much rawhide as possible in the quickest and easiest way. Rawhide is obtained by skinning dead animals with a skinning knife, and you can acquire rawhide from any of the animals in the overworld, including (but not limited to) rabbits, grizzly bears, timber wolves, and lynxes.

Locating Rawhide

While traveling the overworld to complete quests and explore, you’ll inevitably get attacked by your fair share of wild beasts, landing you a decent amount of rawhide pretty easily. If you want to actively farm rawhide, you’ll want to stick to the forests since they have the highest concentration of animals to hunt.

Bears will generally give you the most rawhide per kill, but they can be tough to bring down, and are rarer to find than other animals. The best animal in terms of maximizing your rawhide over time is the wolf. They are one of the easiest animals to kill and are plentiful in starting areas.

Where to Farm Rawhide

Like we said, you’ll want to stick to the forests near the starting areas to farm rawhide. For the sake of ease, both in farming rawhide and gameplay in general, I recommend picking a starting zone and making it your hub for the game.

I chose Windsward personally, but any of the four (Everfall, First Light, Monarch’s Bluff, or Windsward) are fine choices. Once you’ve picked the one you like, you can buy a house to freely fast travel to whenever you want. There is a cooldown period, but you can spend azoth to ignore that.

Once you’re settled (heh), you’ll be ready to head off into the woods. The woods right outside your home settlement will be ripe with low-level wolves to hunt. These will provide easy kills that will get you all the rawhide you could need right quick. Pop back to your settlement every so often to store the rawhide, and then you can get back to farming.

The Best Weapon for Farming Rawhide in New World

The Best Weapon for Farming Rawhide
Click to Expand | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Let’s face it, wolves are easy prey for any explorer. You can use whichever weapon you want to hunt them and you’ll do fine. However, since we are talking about the quickest and most efficient way of farming rawhide, there is a specific weapon best suited to the task.

The weapon you will want to use to farm rawhide is the bow. While the musket is the best DPS weapon, the bow will do enough damage to one-shot wolves pretty quickly, and crafting arrows is less resource-intensive than crafting bullets.

Skills for Rawhide Farming

Quite appropriately, you’ll want to start specializing in the Hunter skill tree. To make the most of your rawhide farming, you’ll want a few key passive skills:

  • Long Range lets you deal 20% extra damage if your target is at least 10m away.
  • Surprise Attack provides another 20% damage boost if you haven’t hit a target in 10s.
  • Bullseye boosts your critical hit chance by 10%.
  • Aim True increases the damage of your heavy attacks by 30% and makes them fly faster.

Once you pick up a few of these passives, grab either iron or steel arrows and you’ll be one-shotting wolves in no time. From there, it’s simply a matter of crouching to sneak through the woods so you can snipe wolves left and right. You’ll be rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ in rawhide!

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There you have it — our New World rawhide farming guide! If you have questions about farming rawhide in the game, drop them in the comments below, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest from HGG.

Happy gaming!

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