New World Orichalcum Farming Guide

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New World Orichalcum Farming Guide

A guide for all those simple ore farmers out there just lookin' for a bit of Orichalcum to get them through the winter.

In the MMO New World, there are a lot of resources that you will need to craft all the essentials in the game, from armor to weapons to consumables. Specifically for armor, weapons, and tools, the various ores in the game will be needed. One such ore you’ll want for high level play is Orichalcum. In this guide, I’m going to talk about Orichalcum, what it is and how to farm it. So let’s get mining!

Orichalcum Basics

In New World, one of the most important skill explorers have is mining. Mining is used to acquire the various ores from ore veins scattered around the New World. These ores are turned into ingots at smelters and used to craft all manner of useful items. One such ore is Orichalcum, which is a tier five common ore. It is readily available in the overworld, but it is a high-level ore that is not so easy to mine. However it is needed for the crafting of top end gear, so you’ll want it eventually.

In order to get Orichalcum Ore you will need to use the mining skill. Mining ore veins requires a pickaxe. Any pickaxe will do for mining. However, the more you upgrade your pickaxe, the quicker the mining animation, so you ideally want as high-tier a pickaxe as possible. The starting pickaxe, the Flint Pickaxe is tier one. At tier two you have the Iron Pickaxe. Tier three is the Steel Pickaxe. Tier Four is the Starmetal Pickaxe. And finally, at tier five, you have the Orichalcum pickaxe. To put the tiers in perspective, a Flint Pickaxe has a gathering speed of 100%. In other words, it uses the default animation speed with no bonus. Whereas an Orichalcum Pickaxe, which is the tier five pickaxe, has a gathering speed of 625%. It’s more than six times as fast as your base pickaxe. So spending some of your hard earned Orichalcum up front to craft an Orichalcum Pickaxe will definitely help you get more ore in the long run.

But just having a good pickaxe is not enough. Even if you see an Orichalcum Ore Vein, you cannot mine it. You first need a mining skill level of 175. Any lower than that and a red error message will appear above the ore vein, telling you the required level is 175. That being said, you ideally want a mining level of 200. While 175 is the mining skill level required to actually mine Orichalcum Ore, if you increase your mining skill level to 200, then Orichalcum Ore Veins will show up on your compass map when you are nearby. This makes actually finding the ore so much easier and will make your farming more efficient. And in order to level up your mining skill, you just need to start mining every ore vein you come across. Iron is the ore you will probably need most of during your adventures in the New World, so farming Iron Ore is a great way to level up your mining skill while still getting the resources you need. And you can always sell ore you don’t want at a trade post.

Orichalcum Farming

Alright, so you’ve got your trusty pickaxe and you’ve leveled up your mining skill. Now the question is, where do you go to farm the Orichalcum? The answer is a lot of places. Orichalcum is a tier five ore, which is the highest tier there is, but it is also a common ore, meaning there is a lot of it to be found if you go out searching for it. Just look for the dark rock with glowing red veins. In fact, you will find these glowing red veins in every territory in the New World.

Let’s start off with First Light. First Light has three concentrations of Orichalcum ore veins. The first is due north of the settlement and ever so slightly to the west. The second is almost at the northern edge of First Light, just below the northern border, and pretty much in the middle of the territory. The third spot is a little north of the settlement, but almost all the way to the eastern edge of the territory.

Windsward also has three Orichalcum Ore Vein locations. The first is slightly north and a good ways east from the settlement. The settlement is about halfway to the eastern border of Windsward, and this spot is about halfway between the settlement and the border. The second spot is slightly south of the settlement and far to the west. The final spot is a good ways north of the second, and slightly farther west, almost touching the western border of the territory.

Everfall has four Orichalcum Ore Vein locations. While they are not close to the settlement itself, the settlement is pretty much in the center of the territory and so acts as a good orientation point. The first spot is a pretty much straight north of the settlement, about two thirds of the way to the northern border. The second spot is slightly north of the settlement, but almost all the way to the eastern border. Then you have two more spots that are right next to each other. They are a little to the east of the settlement, but almost touching the southern border of the territory.

Monarch’s Bluffs has three spots in somewhat awkward locations. One is due south of the settlement, but very far south. It is roughly in the center of the territory. The other two are to the northeast and southeast of the first respectively. Both spots are very close to the eastern border of the territory.

Mourningdale has only two locations for Orichalcum Ore Veins, but they both have a high yield of the resource. The first is the Foulroot mine far to the northwest. It comes close to both territory borders. Then slightly south and near the eastern border is the second spot at Grus. By the time you get one spot completely mined and head back to the other, it will most likely have respawned, so you can actually go back and forth between the two fairly consistently.

Great Cleave has a whopping total of nine Orichalcum Ore Vein locations. But don’t get too excited. Eight locations are clumped in the northwest of Great Cleave. One is in the center of the region but far to the north. Almost all of these veins are located near level 60 elites or bosses, so you won’t be doing much farming here.

Edengrove has six spots for Orichaclum Ore Veins. One far to the north and a bit to the east. The other five are clumped down south in the middle of the territory by the Slag Mine. This is a spot is highly trafficked by players both for Orichalcum Ore Veins and quests so you might have some competition for this primo spot.

In Ebonscale Reach there is a cluster of thirteen small Orichalcum Ore Vein locations to the southwest. A bit north and a good deal east of those thirteen are two more spots. And finally, two more are northeast of those two. However the cluster to the southwest has the fewest troublesome enemies to deal with. So is the best spot to go.

Reekwater has one location directly northwest of the settlement. Then there are four more clustered far to the southwest of the territory.

Finally Restless Shore has one location far to the northeast.   

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