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New World Armoring Leveling Guide

They say clothes make the man. Well, that’s certainly true in any MMO, as even the best characters will die quickly without the right gear. New World is definitely no exception to this rule. Your choice of armor and clothing is very important, which is why we’ve put together this New World Armoring guide.

We’ll focus on the Armoring skill in New World, covering what it’s good for and the best ways to level it as quickly as possible. By the end of this guide, you’ll have that Armoring Level 200 in no time.

Let’s get started!

What does the Armoring skill do in New World?

This might seem like a silly question. The Armoring skill is used to craft armor. But it covers all light, medium, and heavy armors — you’ll use it to craft everything from a linen shirt to an iron breastplate. The different types of armor are crafted at different stations in a settlement.

So while you use the Armoring skill to craft iron armor at a forge, it might not be as clear that you use the same skill to craft linen and sateen clothes at an outfitting station!

What should you craft?

The kind of armor you’ll want to wear depends entirely on your build and playstyle. You can maximize your dodge at the cost of raw defense, or alternatively, protect yourself with heavier defensive armor that slows you down. Different weapons and playstyles will have their own preferences as far as ideal armor goes.

Ultimately, you’re trying to maximize the Armoring skill so you can craft the best version of whatever armor type you need. That said, the stuff you’ll need to craft to level your skill isn’t the same as what you’ll need to craft for your build.

Best Items to Craft to Level Armoring in New World

With that in mind, let’s continue our New World Armoring guide with the four best items to help you level Armoring fast.

1. Linen Shirts

For starters, you’ll want to craft linen shirts — and lots of them. All the basic armors give the same amount of crafting XP when you make them, and linen shirts are the easiest to make. That said, they’re still fairly resource intensive.


The first resource you’ll need is cloth, but in order to get cloth, you first need fibers. In order to get fibers, you’ll want your Harvesting skill at Level 25.

Why the specific number? Because once you have Harvesting 25, you can track hemp plants on your compass map. Hemp fibers can be turned into cloth at a loom.

Once you have a sickle equipped, you can gather any plants you find in the overworld (assuming you have enough Harvesting skill, that is). Getting that Harvesting 25 should be quick and easy, then it’s a simple matter of finding as much hemp as you can and churning out cloth at the loom.

Coarse Leather

The next thing we need for our linen shirts is coarse leather. Coarse leather is gotten by refining rawhide at a leatherworking station.

We already have a guide on the best method for farming rawhide, so I won’t go into extensive detail here.

The basic idea is that once you have a hunting knife, you want to go into the woods near your home settlement and farm the rawhide from wolves as they drop the largest amount of rawhide relative to the time it takes to kill and skin them. It’s the easiest method for getting all the coarse leather you need.

Iron Ingots

Finally, the last resource we need for our linen shirts is iron. Much like with the cloth and the Harvesting skill, you’ll want to start off by getting your Mining skill to Level 25. This will let you track iron ore veins on your compass map.

Iron is going to be the hardest of the resources to acquire but you should still be able to acquire enough without too much difficulty. Once you have a pickaxe, you can start mining away.

Ore veins are usually clustered together and give you lots of minerals. Once you have a lot of iron, it’s a Simple matter of going to a smelter to create iron ingots. You’ll then have all the resources you need to mass produce those linen shirts.

2. Sateen Pants/Leggings

The linen shirts should get you to Armoring 50 very quickly. At that point, you want to switch tactics. You’ll have unlocked Sateen clothing by then, which will award you better XP to continue your level grind than linen shirts. The sateen pants/leggings are what we will want to craft here.


In order to get Sateen, you need linen and you need some type of cloth weave. The first is crossweave, which can only be obtained from supply crates, containers, and chests found in the overworld.

If you don’t want to fight through mobs to get your resources, you can always use silkweave, which requires an advanced material converter and Tier 4 crafting materials, or wireweave, which requires a master material converter and Tier 5 crafting materials.

Coarse Leather

You don’t need to upgrade your leather for the sateen clothes. The good old coarse leather works fine.

Iron Ingots

Lastly, we’re back to our trusty iron ingots.

3. Silk Gloves

Sateen leggings/pants will get you to Level 100, at which point, you’ll again want to switch things up. At Armoring Level 100, you unlock silk. Silk gloves are the next thing on our list to craft.


First thing we need is silk. This requires sateen and crossweave, both resources we talked about earlier, as well as silk threads. These require you to get the fibers from silkweed plants and refine them at a loom. In order to harvest silkweed, you need a Harvesting skill of 100.

Coarse Leather

Luckily for us, the next resource we need is more coarse leather. As we’ve discussed earlier, it’s easy to obtain.

Iron Ingots

And finally, we are back to iron ingots as the last resource we need.

4. Infused Silk Gloves

For the final push to Level 200 Armoring, you will want to craft infused silk gloves. These are easily made, requiring silk, crossweave, and wirefiber. Wirefiber is the only new resource, and is obtained from wireplants.

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With this crafting method, you will reach Armoring 200 in no time. Did you learn a lot from our Armoring Guide for New World? Leave your comments or questions below, and subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.

Happy smithing, explorer!

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