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New World Spear Build Guide

Hello, explorers! It’s time for another New World weapon guide. Today, we’re taking a stab at the best Spear builds in New World. We’ll cover the best skills for the weapon before moving onto some effective builds to help you make the most of the Spear’s playstyle. We hope you’ll get the thrust of our arguments — if we did our job right, you’ll haft to agree with our sharp wit.

Okay, okay. Jokes aside, let’s get started!

Active Skills for the Spear in New World

We’ll begin our guide to the best Spear builds in New World with an in-depth look at the Spear’s active skills.


Javelin is the first-row active skill in the Zoner skill tree. I had way more fun than I probably should have throwing my spear at enemies and knocking them down.

With this skill, you throw your spear, dealing 125% weapon damage and staggering the target on a hit. This comes at a 14s cooldown.

It’s a decent ranged attack, and the only one the spear gets. With the upgrades (especially the first upgrade, Forceful Impact), the move gets significantly better. It can be a bit tricky to land the move in the middle of battle, especially if you are in melee, but it’s a great opener. Definitely worth grabbing and fully upgrading.


Sweep is the second-row active skill in the Zoner skill tree. Spin to win!

Sweep the target’s legs for 75% weapon damage, knocking them down on a hit. This comes at a 9.3s cooldown.

Knockdown is great, and this move does it well. The upgrades make this skill deadly, as well as annoying. It’s a very solid move and well worth the investment, especially if you pick up the upgrades so you can get Coup De Grace.


The Third-row active skill in the Zoner skill tree is Cyclone. Spin to win mark two!

Deal 130% weapon damage to targets in a 3m radius and apply a 50% slow for 3s. This ability has grit and comes at an 11.2s cooldown.

This skill has a nice AOE, and the slow ain’t bad either. I do prefer Sweep personally, but this is a great skill to have in tandem with Sweep to really hamper your foes.


Skewer is the first-row active skill in the Impaler skill tree. Stab ‘em and make ‘em bleed. It doesn’t get more spear than that.

With this skill, you rush forward and hit your target for 125% weapon damage and inflict the bleed debuff. Bleed deals 20% weapon damage a second for 10s. This comes at a 14s cooldown.

It’s an excellent source of damage, though it can be a bit hard to aim sometimes, especially against moving targets. Overall, it’s a solid source of DOTs, and worth picking up.


Perforate is the second-row active skill in the Impaler skill tree. Stab, stab, stab!

Make three rapid-fire attacks that each deal 80% weapon damage and inflict Rend, reducing the target’s damage absorption by 5% for 10s. This comes at an 11.2s cooldown.

This skill has nice DPS, and Rend is nothing to scoff at. As with all multi-hit attacks, you need to land all the hits or it is rather lackluster. Still, it is a good source of DPS, so it’s worth picking up.

Vault Kick

The third-row active skill in the Impaler skill tree is Vault Kick. Want to practice for the Olympics while you explore the New World?

Vault through the air and kick your opponent int the face for 75% weapon damage. This move staggers enemies and stuns them for 1.5s. This move also has the Taunt Gem Compatible ability. This comes at a 14s cooldown.

The status effects are nice, but the move has a bit lower range than I would like and can be hard to hit with. Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with Vault Kick. It’s fun, but I feel like you’ve got better debuff moves to spend your skill points on.

Best Spear Builds in New World

Now that we’ve covered the active skills, let’s move on to the two best Spear builds in New World and how to put them together.

Mean Build

I suppose you could also call this the Zoner build, but since it’s all about knocking your opponent’s down and hitting them while they’re down, it just feels kind of… well… mean.


Obviously you want Dexterity for this build, as it scales your spear damage. I also recommend prioritizing a bit of Constitution as, while not a full tank build, it is a good bit tankier than our other option.


For this build, I recommend going full heavy armor. I normally prefer lighter armor for a weapon like the Spear, but for this specific build, I think the tankier approach fits better. It synergizes well with the capstone ability, which we will get to later.

Active Skills

We are going full Zoner skill tree on this one. The goal of this build is simple. Start off the fight with a Javelin to the face (or more likely the back of the head). Then, while they’re down, hit them with heavy attacks for damage and Sweeps to keep them down. Cyclone is also nice here if you get surrounded by enemies, as this is a less mobile build.

Passive Skills

Aside from upgrading your active skills, you will want passives like Deadly Consistency and Refreshing Reach, which boost your heavy attacks or benefit from landing them.


As we are going full Zoner, it shouldn’t be surprising in the slightest that we’re going with Reserved Strength as our capstone. Part of the reason I recommend going full heavy armor for this build is because Reserved Strength requires full stamina to work, so it is ideal to not dodge a lot.

Run & Jab Build

You might assume that if the first build was all Zoner, this build would be all Impaler. In truth, it is a mix that goes mostly Impaler, but not exclusively so.


For this build, focus much more on Dexterity. You can add some Constitution, but it’s optional in comparison.


The standard light armor package is the way to go here. Unlike the previous build, this one is high dodge and mobility, so prioritize that.

Active Skills

First and foremost is Skewer. This will be your main source of damage. You’ll want Perforate as well, but Skewer is your top priority.

The third active skill I recommend for this build is Cyclone. The slow that Cyclone provides is great, as you will be doing a lot of dodging and maneuvering around your enemies.

Passive Skills

As always, upgrading your active skills is nice. Outside of that, you want to prioritize passive skills like Crippling Jabs or Evasive Maneuvers that either reduce enemy mobility or increase yours. This way you’ll really be running circles around your enemies, poking them unmercifully until they die.


Exploited Weakness is the pick here. With your slow effects, the bleed from Skewer, and Perforate’s Rend, you will have no shortage of debuffs to proc Exploited Weakness, so you get to enjoy a free damage buff on almost all your moves.

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And there you have it, our guide to the best Spear builds in New World. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and sign up for our newsletter to stay in-the-loop on future guides.

Happy thrusting, explorer!

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