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How to Make Money in New World: Gold Farming Guide

Ah, farming, a noble practice for real salt of the earth folks. Fun fact: my dad grew up on a farm. It builds character, gives you lots of injuries. But that’s not the kind of farming we’re going to talk about today. Instead, we’re going over how to farm gold in New World!

That’s right — we’ll be going over the best ways to get those gold coins in New World, so you’ll have multiple options to get filthy stinking rich. Let’s get started!

Why Even Farm Gold in New World

Coin, money, gold - whatever you call it, you'll need a lot of it in New World.
Coin, gold, money. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Some people might be wondering why players would bother farming for gold in the first place. For most of your journey in New World, money isn’t much of a concern. Just by adventuring, you’ll make enough to meet your financial needs without much trouble.

Most items in game you will craft yourself, and most of the materials will be easy to acquire. Plus, if you level up your standing in a given territory, you can reduce the taxes you need to pay by a ton. So why even care about your coffers when there’s undead to slay and corruption to purify?

Two words: end game.

That’s right — once you reach the end game in New World, you’ll be hurting for coin. Whether you’re trying to craft all that end-game gear with its rare and expensive materials, or you want to start making and selling equipment to maximize your various crafting skills, you’ll start running low on funds right quick.

And that’s especially true with regular updates and features that require you to keep crafting new end-game gear. Sometimes you’ll be upgrading more often than the average Apple customer. So let’s start going over each of the best ways to make money in New World in our gold guide.

The Trading Post

Use the trading post
Capitalism at its finest. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

The first method to farm money in New World that we’ll cover in our guide is using the trading post. Most anyone who plays MMOs knows that the player market place is one of the primary ways players make money in game. New World is no exception. The question is how.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as buy resource X, sell resource X, profit. But with these tips, it can be close. The first thing to be aware of is why buying and selling at the trading post works at all. The reason is simple; people are lazy.

Many players don’t want to spend lots of time hunting down rare, or just high demand, resources to craft their in-game items, preferring to simply buy them from the trading post. Not only that, but they will be willing to spend a fair amount to do so. And on the other side of things, players will often sell relatively cheap to move inventory.

Best Things to Sell at the Trading Post

What are the best things to sell at the trading post? It depends. In order to make money at the trading post, you will need to study it to see what items are in high demand on your server. Prices will vary, both between servers, and between different times/days. So by studying the trading post as well as the chats, you can keep up to date on what players want.

Once you have that figured out (and remember, this will change), it is simply a matter of buying the items at low prices — or farming them yourself — and then selling for a profit.

Keep in mind that other players can farm items as well, so if you are selling something that is easily acquired in the overworld, you might not have many buyers. It is also worth noting that if your items aren’t selling within a few days of posting, then they probably aren’t in demand enough for your coin farming needs. So be ready to make the switch if you need to.

However, don’t do it immediately, either. A few days is the best time window (use your discretion within that window) to maximize your profits without paying a bunch of trading post fees for no benefit.

Gathering Raw Materials

Gathering Skills
Back breaking labor for honest coin. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

If you are not as big a fan of playing the market, or you just want a more “honest” way of making your coin, you can do so with your gathering skills. Rather than buy and sell, simply sell. Once again we are capitalizing on the laziness of players to make money. You can go out and take the time to farm all the high demand resources other players need but don’t want to hunt down themselves.

Pick the resource(s) of your choice, max out the gathering skill(s) of your choice, and then finally get tier five versions of the required gathering tools. You can do this without maxing out your skills and tools, but that is the most efficient way to farm resources. Then you simply sell bucket loads of your chosen resource(s) and profit.

As to which resources you actually go for, that depends. Certain end-game resources such as starmetal and wyrdwood are probably pretty safe bets. That being said, what people need/want will vary based on time and server, current patches, etc. So again, figure out what is selling currently and farm that.

Refining Tier Five Materials

Refining Skills - New World Money Making Guide
Refine, enhance, zoom, focus. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

You can also make money off of your refining skills. If you max out a refining skill (get it to level 200), you are able to craft a special tier five material related to that refining skill. These are highly sought after and can be sold for a tidy profit. And if you are already farming specific resources with a given gathering skill, you can pair that with a related refining skill to make the whole process more efficient.

The trick here is that one can only craft so many of each tier five material a day. That being the case, it is standard for other players to pay a refiner a refining fee, as well as give them the raw resources so that the refiner can craft these tier five materials for the other player, thus getting around the daily limits.

Crafting End-Game Gear

Crafting Skills - New World Money Making Guide
Only the finest shall suffice. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

This trading method requires the most set up and investment up front in our New World money making guide, but it has a high payoff. Rather than just farming resources to sell, you can craft the items that people want yourself.

The problem is, to actually make it worth your time to do this, you will want to be crafting end-game gear. Specifically, you’ll want to focus on crafting the best end-game gear, so you can to maximize your profits. This means getting your relevant crafting skills maxed out (level 200). But even that’s not enough.

If you really want to make your coin by crafting, you will want to exclusively focus on the highest end-of-end-game gear with the best scores/abilities. This means you are focusing on weaponsmithing, armoring, and jewelcrafting. You will, of course, need to max out the relevant crafting skill, but there’s more.

To get the best items, and consistently get them, you will need tier five materials and to follow the general steps below:

  • For Armoring and Weaponsmithing, you need three Major Armoring Crafting Trophies and three Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophies, respectively.
  • Next, you want to wear a full set of crafting armor for the given crafting skill you are using (i.e. a suit of armor that maximizes your armoring, weaponsmithing, or jewlcrafting perks).  
  • Then you want to consume food that gives you relevant crafting bonuses.
  • Finally, you will need craft mods to guarantee the perks you want on your item, and timeless shards to guarantee the stat bonuses you want on your item.

Crafting end-game gear is obviously much more resource intensive than the gathering and refining methods, but it is an investment. Once you have the proper set up, you can churn out the best weapons and armor and start making ludicrous amounts of gold in New World.

Legendary Item Farming

Legendary Item Farming - New World Money Making Guide
MurderHobo.exe activated. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

If you want a completely different approach from the previous methods, you can farm coins from glorious combat! The end-game zones Reekwater, Edengrove, Shattered Mountains, and Ebonscale Reach are home to elite bosses ranging from level 62 to level 66. Here is a list of bosses you can find in Ebonscale Reach:

  • Corrupted Ravager Silas. Elite Boss in Serenity Outpost
  • Gnasher. Elite Boss in Serenity Monastery
  • Penny. Elite Boss in Stormcourt Shipment
  • Jackson. Elite Boss in Stormcourt Shipment
  • Daisy the Dancing Bear. Elite Boss in Imperial Palace
  • Red Claw. Elite Boss in Euphorcea
  • Mighty Tusk. Elite Boss

These bosses will drop legendary named items that can sell for a huge profit. However, these items are unsurprisingly rare, so you will have to fight these bosses a lot. Also, this is not solo content. These enemies require teaming up with other players. But if you enjoy raid battles, then this is the farming method for you.

Faction Item Farming

Faction Item Farming - New World Money Making Guide
Not quite the Runes of Holding you want. | Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Perhaps solo questing is more to your liking than big team battles against bosses. If you are like me, you enjoy doing faction quests to raise your ranking in your given faction. Well, if that is the case, you will be happy to know you can use your faction to make coin, and plenty of it.

The main benefit of increasing your faction reputation — beyond fun quests, titles, and bragging rights — is that you get access to faction-specific gear you can buy from a faction representative. Some of the most sought-after faction items are the Runes of Holding. These items are needed to craft bags and storage chests, so they’re well worth grabbing. So… farm faction tokens to farm faction items, then sell, and then profit. Simple, easy, but time consuming.

There are many different ways to try and farm money in New World, but we find these to be the best/most consistent farming methods that deserve to be in our guide. May your coin purse always be full, explorer!

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Thank you for reading our money making guide for New World. Hopefully, these New World gold farming methods prove bountiful for you. Is there another method you think we should cover or do you have any specific questions? If so, leave a comment below!

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Happy Gaming!

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