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New World Bags: What You Need to Know

In the MMO New World, it’s all about crafting and gathering. With only a few exceptions, you are encouraged to craft just about everything you will need in the game (and maybe even some things you won’t need). The game goes deep into its crafting, so you’re going to need plenty of bags to hold everything you’re carrying in New World!

While crafting items is not a unique game mechanic by any stretch, the sheer depth of the system in New World is one-of-a-kind. But this upside comes with a big downside as well. If you want a new shirt, first you need hemp to turn into threads, which can then be turned into linens, which combine with leathers and irons, and eventually you have your new shirt.

As you can see, there’s a lot of steps to craft that one item, not to mention the sheer amount of resources needed. Your bags will soon be overflowing with raw materials, so you’ll need to know exactly how to make the most of your inventory space with our New World bag guide.

Let’s get started!

The Purpose of Bags

Inventory Weight - New World Bags Guide
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

The game likes to help players out as best it can with regards to the demands on their inventory. Every settlement has a hefty storage shed you can leave your stuff in, and each house you buy can give you extra inventory space. You can even carry some extra weight if you up your Strength.

However storage sheds can be a bit inconvenient, and sometimes you just forget to use them. Houses can be expensive and time-intensive to set up. What if your main weapon or weapon pairing doesn’t want Strength?

Well, this is where bags come in. The unsung heroes of New World, bags can offer a huge buff to your inventory space, which shouldn’t be underestimated. Plus, they can come with some other nice perks as well.

How Bags Work in New World

Example of a bag in New World
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

The first thing to know about bags is that they are a piece of gear, just like your weapons and armor. This means that bags have a gear score — again, just like weapons and armor. However, rather than upping your damage or reducing your enemies’ damage, a bag’s gear score is directly related to how much extra inventory weight you get before you’re over-encumbered.

The second thing to know about bags is that you have different rarities/tiers of bags. There are currently six types of bags in the game, going up to Legendary rarity. As your bags go higher in tiers, you’ll also get more perk slots, maxing out at five perk slots at Tier 5. We’ve included what you need to know below:

BagStorage (Min-Max)TierLevel
Worn Traveler’s Satchel5020
Coarse Leather Adventurer’s Satchel100–12025
Rugged Leather Adventurer’s Satchel150–180320
Layered Leather Adventurer’s Satchel225–265440
Gator Leather Satchel255440
Infused Leather Adventurer’s Satchel300–380560

The third thing to know about bags is that you get only three slots for them. You’ll unlock the first at Level 5, the second at Level 30, and the final one at Level 45. Eventually, you will fill all three slots with Legendary Adventurer’s Satchels. In the meantime, keep that three-slot limit in mind when deciding which bags to keep or abandon.

The fourth and final thing to know about bags is that they can come with perks like other pieces of gear. These perks range from additional boosts to your carry weight to increasing the duration of consumables (the newest perk on Legendary bags).

How to Get Bags in New World

Crafting bags
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Aside from the Worn Traveler’s Satchel and the Gator Leather Satchel, you will have to either craft or buy all other bags. But the trading post can be a bit expensive, and the game incentivizes (or at least tries to incentivize) the crafting of all your items. So let’s go over how to make/craft bags in New World, specifically the crafting components you’ll need for each one.

  • Course Leather Adventurer’s Satchel: 45x tier two leather, 25x cloth, 10x metal, 1x Minor Rune of Holding, and an armoring skill of zero.
  • Rugged Leather Adventurer’s Satchel: 45x tier three leather, 25x cloth, 10x metal, 1x Major Rune of Holding, and an armoring skill of 50.
  • Layered Leather Adventurer’s Satchel: 45x tier four leather, 25x cloth, 10x metal, 1x Greater Rune of Holding, and an armoring skill of 100.
  • Infused Leather Adventurer’s Satchel: 45x tier five leather, 25x cloth, 10x metal, 1x Grand Rune of Holding, and an armoring skill of 150.
  • Legendary Adventurer’s Satchel: 45x Runic Leather, 25x Phoenixweave, 10x Asmodeum, 1x Grand Rune of Holding, and an armoring level of 200.

The Worn Leather Adventurer’s Satchel and the Gator Leather Adventurer’s Satchel are not on this list, as those are obtained from the quests “Inspecting the Goods” and “Ebonscale Alligators,” respectively.

All the bags on this crafting list have some pretty standard crafting ingredients, except for the Legendary Adventurer’s Satchels, of course. However, one thing you may have noticed are the Runes of Holding, which you likely have not heard of before. But do not fear.

Those items are easily obtained from your friendly neighborhood faction store. In order to get the higher-tier Runes of Holding, you will need to increase your faction reputation. Do that, and you’ll have those fancy bags in no time.

Best Bag Perks in New World

Best Bag Perks in New World
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

If you’re like me, then you think the most exciting part of a getting a new piece of gear is the special abilities — or, in the case of New World, the perks. There are a lot of fun and interesting perks in New World that you can get for your bags, but remember that if you max out your bags (i.e. get three Legendary Adventurer’s Satchels), you will still only have fifteen total perk slots for your considerable trouble. This means that you’ll want to chose your perks carefully. So what are the best bag perks in New World?

Extra Pockets

One Bag perk stands head and shoulders above the rest (or, at least it would if bags had heads or shoulders…or could stand). I am, of course, talking about the Extra Pockets perk. At the end of the day, as fancy as the bags can get in New World, they’re just a vessel for holding more of your random inventory surplus. What you are here for with bags is the extra encumbrance, and boy, does Extra Pockets deliver. Depending on the gear score of your bag, it specifically delivers anywhere from an extra 50–95 encumbrance.


Obviously Extra Pockets is the best perk for enhanced encumbrance, but there are some other challengers in that arena as well. Specifically, perks with Burden in the title, such as the Lumberjack’s Burden perk. Each of these perks will reduce the weight of specific types of materials by 5–10%. Unsurprisingly, the Lumberjack’s Burned perk reduces the weight of wood. You get the idea.

Azoth Attuned

Now maybe, just maybe, you have enough inventory space. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. If you think you’ve already maxed out your encumbrance enough, then there is another solid perk to prioritize. That is the Azoth Attuned perk, which boost the amount of Azoth you gain by 3–4.8%. Since Azoth is used for many things in New World, this perk is well worth it if you keep finding yourself short on the little blue vials.

Lasting Consumption

The newest perk to be added to the game, and oh boy, it’s a doozy. This perk is guaranteed on the new Legendary Adventurer’s Satchel and increases the duration of your buffs that you get from food, honing stones, and warding potions by up to 17%. Given how much coin you spend on buffs, this drastically increases the value you get from all your consumables.

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Enjoy, explorer, and happy gaming!

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