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New World: New Weapons List and Upcoming Weapons in 2024

Weapons play an important part in New World. They basically determine what role you’ll be playing, whether its healer, tank, or damage. All of these classes are somewhat limited by the weapons they can use, so adding a new weapon to the mix can shake things up.

Since New World’s release, there have been three new weapons: Void Gauntlet, Blunderbuss, and Greatsword. For better or for worse, each of these weapons have impacted the game in some way. Let’s go over how the weapons released so far have changed New World, then see what we know about weapons yet to come.

New Weapons Released So Far, Ranked by Best to Worst

There have only been three upcoming weapons released so far, but they’ve definitely left their impact on New World. I took the liberty of ranking them by how much they changed both the PVE and PVP meta when they were released.

Let’s start off with the Void Gauntlet!

Void Gauntlet

One of the first new weapons in New World, Void Gauntlet
Image: Amazon Game Studios

The Void Gauntlet was the first weapon to be released after launch, and wow, did it bring a lot to the table.

A Great Secondary

Mages and healers alike can agree that Void Gauntlet is one of the best secondary weapons to use. For mages, Orb of Decay provides extra AOE damage and another way to apply armor reduction without having to get close. In addition, mages can buff their own damage output by 15% through Oblivion.

For healers, Void Gauntlet is the only weapon that scaled off Focus besides Life Staff. With its release, healers could finally have a proper secondary for supporting allies. While Orb of Decay provided damage for mages, Orb provided another way to heal allies. It also gave healers a way to apply armor reduction, something they couldn’t safely do before.

Additionally, Oblivion gave healers another way to support teammates by buffing everyone’s damage. Indirectly, this also buffed weapons who couldn’t normally increase their damage output. As a result, Void Gauntlet became a must have for healers to speed up dungeons and get the edge in PVP.

PVP Domination

Void Gauntlet somewhat changed the PVP meta, and all because of one ability. Petrifying Scream sends out a wave that roots anyone hit for 3 seconds and reduces healing. At the time, crowd controlling multiple people was something only a Greataxe or Hammer could do. With the Void Gauntlet, mages could roll up to someone, root them, and have their team finish them off.

Once people realized its power, PVP was littered with Void Gauntlet users. No one was safe from being Screamed on. In Outpost Rush, the air was filled with the screams of Void Gauntlets and the cries of those who heard it. In Wars, mages ran with the bruisers waiting for a Gravity Well to make sure those unfortunate enough couldn’t escape.

Luckily, it’s since been nerfed. Nowadays, there aren’t many mages out there. It may not be strong now, but Void Gauntlet has been the weapon with the most impact in New World so far.


One of the new weapons in New World, Greatsword
Image: Amazon Game Studios

Greatsword was the last of the new weapons to come out in New World. It is also the first weapon to use stance switching.

Unique Tank

Much like how the Void Gauntlet gave healers a new secondary, Greatsword gave tanks a new tank weapon. Previously tanks would primarily run Sword and Shield/Hammer or Hatchet. With Greatsword’s Defiant stance, tanks have a viable weapon that is just as strong as SnS.

In Defiant stance, you gain 15% less damage taken at the cost of a 15% decrease in damage done — a perfect tradeoff for the tank. Additionally, the Defiant stance comes equipped with a high threat ability, Steadfast Strike, and an AOE taunt ability, Roaring Rupture. Considering few weapons have this much damage reduction, healing, and taunts, the Greatsword is a perfect weapon for any tank to pick up.

The Defiant perk tree contains multiple perks that reward tanks for attacking rather than just blocking. Perks like Undying Defiance, Wary Posture, and Unflinching Blade provide healing, damage reduction, and bleeds to complement an active playstyle.

Crazy Damage

The Greatsword’s other stance, Onslaught, makes it one of the highest DPS weapons in New World. Once in this stance, you gain 15% increased damage and faster heavy attacks for the tradeoff of 15% more damage taken. The tradeoff might seem scary, but with how much damage you’re doing, you barely notice the difference.

In addition to the 15% increased damage, Greatsword has multiple easy ways to further increase its damage. The strongest, Step and Strike, grants a 10% damage increase on the next three attacks after a dodge. The second strongest, Keen Posture, gives a guaranteed crit after entering Onslaught stance. Use this with Critical Comeback for guaranteed heals after every hit.

However, where the Greatsword’s real power lies is within the abilities Relentless Rush and Skyward Slash. Some might say these two abilities are overloaded with perks. Let’s start with Relentless Rush. On the surface, RR is a dash that deals damage twice and applies a slow. Once upgraded, you gain a 10% increase for 10 seconds and a root.

Skyward Slash is a two-hit combo that deals tons of damage. What’s more, it can apply three stacks of armor reduction and reduce healing. This combo of utility is something other weapons can only achieve though weapon and armor perks.

The Impact

While Greatsword doesn’t have that great of an impact like Void Gauntlet, it still made its mark on the game. So many people are using this weapon — one could argue it’s because it’s overpowered, and they’d probably be right. The Greatsword is incredibly strong. However, in my opinion, it’s popular because it’s a fun weapon to use.

Amazon Game Studios did a great job at making a fun and unique weapon to play. In the future, Greatsword might top Void Gauntlet in its impact. Hopefully, the Greatsword’s reception will influence future weapons and we will have more unique and fun weapons to choose from as New World evolves.


One of the new weapons in New World, Blunderbuss
Image: Amazon Game Studios

The Blunderbuss was the second weapon to come out in New World after launch. It’s basically a double barrel shotgun with the unique quality of being able to choose single-target or AOE damage.

Unique Playstyle

For single-target damage, the Blunderbuss likes to get up close and personal with the Containment perk tree. The coolest ability in this tree is Claw Shot, which fires a claw that pulls you towards the enemy and gives extra ammo so you can blast three shots into the poor sucker.

Also in this tree is Azoth Shrapnel Blast. This ability fires an arc of nine pellets plus a bomb dealing tons of damage. Combine this with Claw shot and you have four close-range shots to unload into your enemy.

As for AOE damage, the Blunderbuss turns into a mid-range mortar cannon with the Chaos tree. With the abilities Splitting Grenades and Mortar Charge, you can let loose tons of grenades to cause chaos.

One-shot Potential

On release, players found an exciting new discovery — one that would lead to a very unfun PVP experience. There was a Blunderbuss combo that could one shot people. The catch? The person had to be standing still. As a result, the Sword and Shield/Blunderbuss meta terrorized PVP.

The combo was pretty simple. Leap to a target with SnS Leaping Strike, then stun them with Shield Bash. Next, switch to the Blunderbuss and use Blast Shot to reduce armor and knock them down. While they lay there helplessly, two shots followed by an Azoth Shrapnel Blast would kill most people.

Fortunately, the combo was nerfed and the only people getting one-shot by the Blunderbuss are those with no Constitution.

Why It’s on the Bottom

While this weapon did create one of the worst PVP metas, the Blunderbuss didn’t really do much for New World.

With it’s combo nerfed, it falls behind other weapons in PVP. Its AOE damage is useless for both Wars and PVE. Additionally, there’s no point in using it for PVE, since it’s close range and requires constant reloading. At that point, just use a melee weapon.

As it stands, Blunderbuss just isn’t that great of a weapon when compared to Greatsword and Void Gauntlet.

New Weapons Yet to Come

Along with other content such as raids, mounts, and new areas, the developers over at Amazon Game Studios have teased a few new weapons coming to New World. While we don’t know when these weapons will come (likely 2023 or 2024), we do have some info on what they are and what they might do.

Celestial Gauntlet

Celestial gauntlet concept art
Image: Amazon Game Studios

The Celestial Gauntlet is rumored to be the next weapon to come out. So far, all we know is that the gauntlet will scale primarily off Focus and be used as another healing weapon. Dataminers also found a description that reads, “Gauntlets that allow the wearer to summon magical restorative forces.”

Taking into account of other gauntlets, it’s also safe to assume the Celestial Gauntlet will focus more on AOE healing rather than single target. “Summon magical forces” brings to mind the Shaman from World of Warcraft, which focuses on summoning totems to buff and heal allies. If I had to guess, the Celestial Gauntlet will let us summon pylons or spirits to periodically heal allies.

Whatever it does, the Celestial Gauntlet is another Focus weapon healers desperately need.


Daggers found in game, alongside maces - new world new weapons
Image: Amazon Game Studios

The next teased weapon are the Daggers, which will hopefully come out soon after Celestial Gauntlet. So far, we’ve only seen Daggers in the inventory of developers on their test servers. The only thing we do know is they’re dual-wield weapons that are primarily Dexterity focused, and they’re taking a long time to come out.

So long, in fact, that the community is making their own mockup skill trees.

Despite the community want for Daggers, it’s understandable why Amazon Game Studios are taking their time. As in any MMO, daggers are usually accompanied by high damage, stealth, and various debuffs. A very fun playstyle to be sure, but a very hard playstyle to balance.

Oftentimes, the classes with daggers are either useless or completely unfun to play against. Being one-shot by something you could never see coming sucks. Not to mention healers already use Rapier to escape in PVP — imagine if they could use stealth.

With all of this dev time, hopefully we will see a fun but balanced weapon.


Mace concept art - new world new weapons
Image: Amazon Game Studios

The next weapon is a two for one. Dataminers have found multiple files that indicate a One-Handed Mace and a Two-Handed Mace. However, that’s really all the info we have for these weapons. All we can do is make assumptions.

Probably the best assumption to be made is that Maces will probably scale off of Strength. It would be crime for them not to. My guess, at least for the Two-Handed Mace, is that it will focus more on damage and crushing armor rather than defense and crowd control.

While it probably won’t happen, I hope the One-Handed Mace either pairs with a shield or a new secondary entirely. Those who played Warhammer Online might remember the Warrior Priest who wielded a mace and tome. Healing allies from dealing damage was a fun playstyle and an aesthetic that totally fits the theme of New World.


Pistol concept art - new world new weapons
Image: Amazon Game Studios

Last but not least, we have the Pistols. Much like the rest of the New World leaked weapons, we know very little about the Pistols. We’ve known about them from before the game even launched, but we’ve only seen crafted versions within the files. The only thing close to info on Pistols are the Lost enemies who wield them.

If those enemies are anything to go by, then Pistols will be a close-range weapon. I can see them having access to bleeds or disease, as other gun weapons can’t apply those debuffs without weapon perks. They might also have a rapid fire ability like those enemies.

Personally, my ideal Pistol playstyle would using them as melee weapons, letting you pistol-whip enemies and fire shots as a finisher. However, until the devs give us more information, it’s impossible to know what Pistols will play like.

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That wraps up the new weapons in New World! What weapon are you most excited for and what do you hope it will play like? Leave a comment down below and subscribe to our newsletter to not miss out on guides for your favorite games.

Happy gaming!

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