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New World: Best Way to Farm for Thick Hide

In New World, it takes a lot of materials to max out your Crafting and Life skills. If you’ve spent any time leveling, you’ll know that Level 100–150 is the biggest hill to climb, especially when resources are contested. Luckily, we’ve got the best places to farm Thick Hide in New World. Whether you’re leveling Armoring, Leatherwork, or Skinning, we’ve got the tips to help you get Thick Hide by the thousands.

If you want to save yourself some time and money, continue reading for the best way to farm Thick Hide in New World!

The Purpose of Thick Hide

If you haven’t bothered with any Crafting or Life skilling, you might be wondering why you need to gather Thick Hide. After all, you spent all that time farming Rawhide, maybe with a little help from our Rawhide farming guide. What’s the point of Thick Hide if we have all this Rawhide? Well, Thick Hide can be used for refining higher tiered leather, crafting better gear, and for making some money.

Refining & Crafting

Leather crafting preview
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

In New World, materials like Thick Hide have tiers of quality. For example, Skinning materials go from Rawhide, to Thick Hide, to Iron Hide, to Scarhide, and finally to Smoulderhide. Each is used to craft the next tier of leather, which is then used to craft higher gear score armor and weapons.

To get to a higher-tier leather, you’ll need a lot of Rawhide, Thick Hide, and Iron Hide. This is also true for other crafting skills. The high amounts of hide needed make knowing where to farm all the more beneficial. Even if you don’t plan on Crafting, farming for Thick Hide and other materials can be useful for other goals you might have.

Playing the Market

Thick Hide market prices
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Even if you don’t want to craft, Thick Hide still has a use for you. Since crafting needs a lot of materials to level, the demand for those materials is pretty high. On my server, Thick Hide sells for about .40 per hide. This may not seem like a lot, but when you can get 2000 hide per hour, it adds up.

Additionally, if you get your Leather Refining to Level 200, you gain access to Runic Leather. Runic Leather is used to craft top-tier armor and weapons so demand is high. What’s more, you can only craft 10 Runic Leather per day, so not only is demand high but the supply is low. With 200 level tanning, you can make around 1000 gold per day just from selling Runic Leather.

Where and How to Get Thick Hide in New World

Now that we know why we want Thick Hide, where can we get the most of it in a short amount of time? In New World, the best place to farm and get Thick Hide is in Restless Shores, and partially in Mourningdale. Restless Shores and Mourningdale have an abundance of animals that drop tons of Thick Hide and are fairly close together. Additionally, there is also a backup spot in Great Cleave just in case you run into some competition. First, however, we should grab some essential tools.

Tools to Bring

New World Yield Perk Skinning Knife
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

In order to maximize our drops, we should make sure we have a couple of things: a Bow/Musket, a good Skinning Knife, and some points in Dexterity. While animals like wolves will attack and make easy prey, other animals like deer and bison will run away from you. If you have a melee weapon, you probably won’t have a good time hunting. Be sure to grab a cheap Bow/Musket, as thrust damage and range will quickly dispatch animals.

While you are buying a new Bow, try searching for a decent Skinning Knife as well. A Knife with the perk Skinning Yield will net you 20% more Thick Hide every kill. Along with Yield, try to find a Knife with either Skinning Efficiency or Gathering Alacrity. Both perks will speed up your farm and net you more Thick Hide. Try to keep it under 2000 so you don’t break the bank.

Lastly, you should also respec your stats to have at least 250 Dexterity. Not only will you increase your damage with the Bow/Musket, 250 Dexterity grants 10% more skinning yield. In addition to your Knife, you’ll increase your profit by 30% with every kill.

All right, now that we have our tools, let’s head over to Restless Shores.

Restless Shores & Mourningdale

Northern Restless is the best farm for Thick Hide in New World
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

In New World, Restless Shores has many sources of Thick Hide for you to farm. Boars, alligators, and deer litter the landscape. However, Northern Restless and part of Mourningdale will be the place to go. The image above shows a great route you can take to farm tons of Thick Hide.

To start, head toward the area marked on the map. You can start at town or from the Shrine of Sisyphos Fast Travel point, skinning any animal on your way there. Make your way towards the wolf den and clear it out. There should be around 10 Wolves in and around the cave, but don’t bother wasting time searching for all of them. Once you’re done, head over to the field to the right and start searching for deer and bison.

Deer and bison will be your largest sources of Thick Hide, so be sure to skin each one you find. Deer are somewhat scattered throughout the field, but bison will stick together and around water sources. Don’t let the cute Bison rolling around in the mud deter you. You need Thick Hide and you need it now. Once you’ve done what you’ve had to do, cross the river into Mourningdale.

In Mourningdale, there will be lynxes and bison aplenty. Follow the river until it forks, skinning animals along the way. At this point, you should turn around and head back to Restless in the direction of Boarsholm. Clear out Boarsholm, then head back to the Fast Travel and repeat the route. In about an hour, you should have 2000–3000 Thick Hide (if there’s no competition). If there is, let’s head to Great Cleave.

Great Cleave

Great Cleave is a decent back up farm for Thick Hide in New World
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

For the Great Cleave farm spot, you’ll need your skinning at the minimum of 100. The wolves in the cave will be around Level 50 and drop both Thick Hide and Iron Hide. Instead of a Bow or Musket, I recommend bringing a melee weapon with high AOE, such as a Great Axe or Greatsword. Once you arrive, gather up all the Wolves, AOE them down, wait for them to respawn, and do it all over again. It’s not as fast as Restless and a little boring, but it’s a great source of Thick Hide, Iron Hide, and weapon XP.

How to Level Skinning Quickly in New World

If you are just here to level your Skinning to the next tier, then you’ll be visiting the same areas. In order to skin the next tier of animals for Iron Hide, you’ll have to hit 125 Skinning. At 125, you’ll be able to skin most of what you find as you push to max Skinning level.

The amount of experience needed to get from 50–125 will be about 71,000 experience. This may sound like a lot, but let’s look at the numbers. At Level 40–45, wolves and lynx will give around 500 experience each, while deer and bison give around 1000 experience each. So, in reality, it should only be a couple hours of hunting and skinning, but we can make this go faster.

The Right Tools

New World XP Perk Skinning Knife
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

In addition to a Bow or Musket, there are two must-have perks on our Skinning Knife we must grab. Most importantly, we should grab a Knife with the perk Tanner’s Discipline. With that perk, we will gain 9% more experience. Next, we should also try to get Skinning Efficiency, which will increase the speed at which we skin animals. With both of these perks combined, we will hit 125 Skinning faster.

If you have a company member that can make tools, save some money and have them make you a Knife with one of these perks. If you don’t have someone to make one, buy a cheap Knife off the market. Search on the market for the highest-level Knife you can equip and buy one with one or both of those perks. Try to keep the price under 2000 gold, as anything over is a scam. Now that we have our tools, let’s cover the route.

Restless Route

Northern Restless is the best farm for Thick Hide in New World
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Now that we know what to skin and what to bring, where will we be going? The best leveling route in New World will look very similar to our Thick Hide farm path. We are going to start at the Shrine of Sisyphos Fast Travel. Once we arrive, we will head towards the wolf cave, killing anything we find on the way. Clear out the wolf cave, then head into the field to the right of the cave.

Here in the field, we can find deer and bison, which will give tons of XP and Thick Hide. Be sure to skin as many as you can! There’s also a ton of fiber and silk, so feel free to multitask as you clear out this field. Once cleared, cross the river into Mourningdale. In this small part of Mourningdale, you’ll find bison and lynx. Work your way up, then back down towards Boarsholm.

Clear out Boarsholm, then make your way towards the Fast Travel. On the way over, there will be a few alligators to kill, which will give decent XP as well. Once you’ve made it back to the Fast Travel, most of the animals should have respawned and you can repeat the route. Repeat this loop until you hit 100 skinning, then head into Great Cleave.

Great Cleave Route

Great Cleave is a decent back up farm for Thick Hide in New World
Click to expand. | Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Once you hit 100 Skinning, transition into Great Cleave. Hitting 125 should be quick enough at this farming spot. Teleport to Cleave’s Point Outpost or walk there and head north to the wolf cave. Here, you will find a small pack of wolves.

Grab a weapon with AOE damage like the Greataxe and gather them up. AOE them down then get to skinning. Wait for them to respawn and repeat.

With seven wolves each giving around 900 XP each, you’ll reach 125 in no time. Then you’ll have the ability to skin any high-level animal in New World and tons of Thick Hide to use or sell.

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That wraps up our New World Thick Hide Farm guide — thanks for reading! Hopefully, we saved you some time and money as you level up crafting. Leave a comment if you have any questions and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more New World content.

Happy gaming!

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