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New World Void Essence Guide

If you want to craft the armor of the void, then this is the essence for you!

In the MMO New World, crafting is the name of the game. From weapons, to armor, to potions, to quest items, you will be crafting most things in the game. As a result of this, materials are a huge part of the game. In fact, the skills in New World are divided between gathering trade skills and crafting trade skills.

Gathering materials and using them to craft stuff is most of what you will be doing in New World, outside of the normal adventuring. And the game has a plethora of crafting materials from plants to iron to gold. Or in this case, Void Essence. Void Essence is a special endgame material that will be the focus of this guide.

I am going to go over how to acquire Void Essence and what it is used for. Let’s get into it.

What is Void Essence in New World?

Void Essence is a high-level crafting material found in the New World. Void Essence is essential for explorers looking to do endgame content. Void Essence is needed in conjuncture with Void Ore and Energy Cores to craft Voidbent Ingots. Just take a Void Ore, Void Essence, and ten Energy Cores to any tier five smelter to craft a Voidbent Ingot.

What is Void Essence Used for in New World?

As mentioned above, Void Essence is used to craft Voidbent Ingots. Voidbent Ingots in turn are used in the crafting of endgame weapons and armor such as the Voidbent Armor. This armor has a gear score of 600. While not the maximum value possible in the New World (at the time of this guide), it is pretty close.

The armor itself is not going to be your final endgame gear that you wear, but it is one of the better pieces of armor you will get. Voidbent Armor will also help you do the endgame content required to get the materials for that better gear.

Keep in mind though, getting a bunch of Void Essence isn’t enough to craft the endgame gear you want. You will also need to increase your Armorcrafting and Weaponcrafting trade skills each to 200. It’s a good idea to level those skills before you start farming yourself some Void Essence.

Where To Get Void Essence in New World

I mentioned farming Void Essence, but it is no easy feat. Void Essence is obtained from T1-T3 Supply Containers and Ancient Containers, Elite Ancients Chests, and Elite Supply Chests. One of the most common ways to obtain Void Essence is by fighting bosses in endgame zones. Shattered Mountain and Great Cleave are two of the best zones for doing this.

The fights are tough but that’s how you find Elite Ancients Chests and Elite Supply Chests. Great Cleave is especially good for finding Elite Ancients Chests. You will want to travel to Ambusti Inferior within the Great Cleave zone.

You also have a good chance of finding Void Essence in the Eternal Pool in the Reekwater zone, as well as in Genisis of Malevolence in the Edengrove Zone. Keep in mind however, in those two zones, the amount of Void Essence will be a good deal smaller.

But in order to get any Void Essence from these chests you will need a luck rating of at least 100. Luck is an item perk you can acquire from certain types of gear, so make sure you are properly equipped before you try to farm Void Essence. I say at least 100 luck. Void Essence has a rarity of legendary, so it won’t be easy to obtain, even if you have all the best luck gear. This means you will have to do these boss fights over and over. That being said, you don’t need much void Essence to craft your gear, so hopefully it will not take you too long.         

Of course, as with any material in the New World, you can always acquire it from a trading post. The main problem with trying to get your materials from a trading post is the cost. It is doable, but farming the Void Essence from high-level expeditions and boss fights is probably better overall.

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