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Best Way to Level Engineering: New World

The MMO New World has many gathering, crafting, and refining skills. These skills cover everything from harvesting plants to forging armor, all of which help you survive out there. One of the skills all players will want to at least some degree is Engineering. This guide will cover the basics of what Engineering is, why you want it, and the best ways to level Engineering in New World.

Let’s get started!

How To Start Leveling Engineering in New World

It’s important to remember that in New World, all skills are interconnected in some way. To level up a crafting skill, you first need resources gathered from a gathering skill, which means leveling that particular gathering skill, and so on.

So what skills do you need to make the most of your Engineering leveling process?


Best Way to Level Engineering: New World: Mining
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

The first step on your Engineering journey is getting your Mining skill to Level 25. Why that specific number? At Mining 25, you’ll be able to see iron ore veins on your compass map. Iron is one of the most important resources for leveling Engineering.

Once you get to a settlement, you can craft flint versions of each tool. Flint can be found on the ground all around the overworld and requires no skill to obtain. Use it to make a mining pickaxe, then start mining stone, which is also readily available in the overworld. Keep mining stone, and you’ll have that Level 25 in Mining in no time.


Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Once you get access to iron, you can craft iron versions of all your tools, which will make your harvesting go a lot faster. One such tool you’ll want is an iron logging axe. This lets you cut down trees faster, which is useful for getting green wood from young trees.

Best Way To Level Engineering in New World: Basics

The first thing to cover is what Engineering does. Engineering is a crafting skill that allows you to craft ranged weapons (and ammunition), spears, and tools. Since tools are necessary for gathering resources in New World, everyone should put at least a few points into Engineering.

But what’s the best way to level your Engineering fast?

Iron Arrows

Simply put, the best way to level your Engineering is to craft as many iron arrows as you can. You’ll need four iron ingots, two timber, and three feathers for each batch. The feathers are gathered by skinning turkeys, the iron ingots are gotten from refining iron ore in a smelter, and timber is gotten by refining green wood at a woodworking station.

Iron arrows offer the best XP ratio for the amount of time and resources that go into making them. Feel free to craft steel arrows as well, if you want to use them. However, if your goal is simply to maximize your Engineering skill as quickly as possible, then iron arrows are the most cost-effective method.

You can also level Engineering by crafting bullets instead of iron arrows, but I don’t personally recommend it, as bullets are more resource-intensive.

Gathering Feathers

Turkeys are common in the overworld, and they die in one hit from any weapon. However, they also run away whenever you get too close and can be a bit of a pain to catch. Personally, I’ve found the easiest way to get lots of turkey feathers quickly is to use a bow to hunt the foul fowl. Since you’ll be swimming in iron arrows anyway, it just makes sense.

Crafting Steel

You’ll want a steel logging axe and a steel pickaxe to make your harvesting go quicker. A steel logging axe requires thirteen steel ingots, two timber, and two course leather. A steel mining pickaxe requires thirteen steel ingots, three timber, and two course leather.

You craft your steel ingots at a smelting station. To make a steel ingot, you first need three iron ingots, one flux, and two charcoal. Charcoal is made at a smelting station and requires timber.

If you want to use steel arrows, you’ll also need lumber. Lumber is gotten from mature trees and requires Logging 50. However, if you don’t plan on actually fighting with a bow beyond farming turkeys, steel arrows are not necessary.

Weak Proficiency Booster

There is one final trick that can push your leveling game over the edge. The weak proficiency booster is a potion in New World. You can craft them at an arcane repository with one air mote, one water mote, and one soul mote.

Once consumed, a weak proficiency booster increases the amount of resources you harvest by 5% for ten minutes. While not strictly necessary, the weak proficiency booster will give you more iron ore per vein and more wood per tree, so it is handy to have.

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Once you have everything set up, it’s simply a matter of crafting an inordinate amount iron arrows and watch your Engineering level soar! If you liked our guide on the best way to level engineering in New World, let us know in the comments below. To stay up-to-date on the latest in the gaming world. be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Happy gaming!

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