New World is all about the gear. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Every bit of your gear will determine how you play and how far you’ll go. Not only will your weapon change your playstyle, but your armor choice affects how you play as well. Will you be able to roll or will you short hop? Are you going to have the right stats or perks you want for your build? Will your fashion be good? These are all questions we must ask ourselves when searching for best the armor in New World. However, how do we get the best armor?

Well, at the moment, the best armor in New World comes from crafting. With Timeless Shards and Golden Scarabs, you can get whatever perks and stats you want. However, this can be extremely expensive, especially if you need multiple sets. Not to mention if you can’t craft armor, you’ll have to find someone who can. And I think RuneScape has taught us, we can’t trust random people with our valuables.

No, we need to farm for named drops.

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How Named Drops Work

Named drops are a bit different from regular gear drops. For starters, they are named. Each item has their own unique name and a holographic effect on their inventory icon. Second, these weapons and armor drop from specific enemies or certain chests in New World. Last, an item will have always have the same stats and perks.

Named drops can drop at any level, but you should get Level 60 before you start farming for them. Mainly because the best items drop from Level 60 mobs. More importantly, named drops will always drop at 590 gear score when you hit Level 60, regardless of expertise level. You can also upgrade them to 600 gear score when you reach 600 expertise, making them great at all points in the game.

Best Named Armor for PVE

Grab your luck gear and let’s get into the best named armor you can find in New World, starting with gear for PVE.

Mage Build Armor

a) Gossamer Scorpion Egg Robe

Best PVE Mage Chest Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

The Gossamer Scorpion Egg Robe (wow that’s a mouthful) is a decent chest piece for any Mage looking to be a glass cannon. Its classified as light armor, so you won’t have to worry about going over the weight limit and lose the 20% damage increase. It is also pure Intelligence, bringing you closer to that perfect 300 Intelligence.

As for its perks, the Egg Robe has a near perfect roll. Refreshing is great for reducing your cooldowns thus increasing your damage output. Shirking Fortification is one of the best defensive armor perks in the game. 4% damage absorption, just for dodging? And it stacks with multiple perks! Sign me up.

The last perk, Elemental Aversion, is…eh. Taking less damage from ranged elemental attacks is a bit situational. Personally, I’d rather have a Ward or Weapon perk. At the very least, you won’t be getting one shot by those stupid skeleton archers in Brimstone.

But who really cares about these stats. I mean, what other armor in New World is made out of scorpions? Let’s see where we can find it.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Gossamer Scorpion Egg Robe New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Unfortunately, there isn’t a mob you can farm over and over again for the Egg Robe. You’d think it would drop from scorpions, but this item only drops from chests in Brimstone Sands. Specifically, it only drops from Grave Offerings. A couple of chest runs should get you this chest piece in no time. You can wait for a group to start one or follow this video for a solo route.

b) Band of Daemon Dusk

Best PVE Mage Ring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Band of Daemon Dusk is a great ring for any new Level 60 to get. It is super easy to grab and has everything you need in a ring. Intelligence/Constitution split is nice to have for more damage and survivability.

At 590 gear score, the ring will have the perks, Keen Awareness and Refreshing. Since all of our mage weapons benefit from crit chance, Keen Awareness is a must-have perk for increasing our damage output. The same goes for Refreshing, as we will be able to use our abilities more often, especially if we combine it with the Refreshing from the Egg Robe.

Upgrading to 600 gear score will add the perk Hearty, giving us more stamina. With more stamina, a lightweight mage can roll three times instead of two. Extremely useful especially for hectic fights such as Tempest’s Heart.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Band of Daemon Dusk New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Daemon Dusk is one of the easier named armor jewelry pieces to get in New World. You can find the mob that drops it in Weaver’s Fen at Polder’s Flood. In the southmost part of this area, you can find two Angry Earth monsters, Molderhusk and Fungalstep.

Both of these monsters have a chance to drop Band of Daemon Dusk. If you alternate between the two it shouldn’t be long before you get a drop.

c) Wizened Set

Best PVE Mage Armor Set in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

The Wizened set has a lot of similarities to the Gossamer Robe, although it’s a little harder to get. Every piece of this set has Refreshing and Elemental Aversion. With the whole set, you’ll have total of 15% cooldown reduction and 20% ranged elemental damage reduction.

Additionally, with the exception of the hat and shoes, each piece has Shirking Fortification, for a total of 12% damage reduction. So as long as you activate Shirking Fortification, you’ll be taking substantially less damage.

The best part is it’s all light armor as well. This way you can keep your roll and 20% damage buff while having a decent gear set.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Wizened Set New World

I hope you like Tempest’s Heart, because you’ll be running this expedition a lot. The hat drops from Vroeg, the chest piece from Ekheke, gloves from Crewman Ruiz, pants from Uzret, and finally the shoes from Crewman Alvaro and Cutthroat Eduardo. Each of these enemies are mini-bosses found around Tempest’s Heart.

Luckily, all of these enemies are toward the beginning of the expedition. If you wanted to, you could quickly kill all of them, then restart and do it all over again. If you can get together a group of like-minded individuals, you’ll have this set in no time.

You can also craft any piece of the set with Tempest Materia at an Armoring station. It cost around 3,500 Materia each, so get to grinding.

Bruiser Build Armor

a) Doom’s Chance Earring

Best PVE Bruiser Earring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Doom’s Chance is one of the best jewelry armor pieces a Bruiser could have in New World. It starts off strong with a pure Strength stat spread, which leaves more room for stat allocation. Its gem is an Onyx, giving you a 2.5% physical damage reduction. That may not seem like much, but you’ll notice a difference.

As for its perks, Doom’s Chance has one of the best jewelry perks in the game, Refreshing Toast. With this perk, potions come off cooldown 30% faster. This shaves seconds off every potion cooldown, potentially being the difference between life or death. Once you have this perk, you’ll never be able to live without it.

Its other perks, Regenerating and Refreshing, at 600 gear score, are just the icing on the cake. Regenerating may not sound like much healing at 0.47%, but it’s 0.47% of your max health, so the more health you have, the more you get back. And we always like Refreshing on our gear.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Doom's Chance Earring New World

Doom’s Chance Earring is another armor piece that drops from an expedition boss. Luckily, this time it drops from the Caretaker in Genesis. This is the second boss encounter of the expedition and a pretty easy one at that.

Many people farm this boss for expertise upgrades, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a party. Plus, he drops plenty of decent named weapons as well. You’ll be well equipped by the time it drops Doom’s Chance.

Don’t worry if he doesn’t drop it after the millionth try. You can always craft it with the Genesis Materia you get from completing the expedition or scrapping Genesis gear. It cost 3,000 Materia at any Jewelcrafting station to craft.

b) Shoes of Seine

Best PVE Bruiser Boot Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Shoes of Seine is another armor drop from an expedition. Sucks that you have to farm an expedition, but definitely worth it. First off, these shoes are medium armor, which is perfect for min-maxing your armor value while staying medium weight.

The only perks we care about having on these shoes are Shirking Fortification and Refreshing Evasion. Shirking Fortification is great to have as a Bruiser, since you’ll be doing a lot of dodging in close quarters. If you can find more items with Shirking, you’ll take significantly less damage.

For the same reason, Refreshing Evasion is one of the better cooldown perks to have as a Bruiser. Every time you dodge, you’ll reduce your cooldowns by almost 1%. Since you’ll be dodging a lot more, you can get more out of this perk compared to other Refreshing perks.

Where it Drops

Shoes of Seine drops from the Barnacles and Blackpowder expedition. Luckily it doesn’t drop from a specific enemy, but has a chance to drop from all of them. Running the expedition a few times should get you the shoes.

If you don’t get them, you can also craft them. Like the Doom’s Chance Earring, you can use the Barnacles Materia you get from completing the expedition and scraping its gear. It takes around 3,500 Materia to craft at any Armoring station.

c) Legate’s Ring/Heart of Heka

Best PVE Bruiser Ring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Legate’s Ring and Heart of Heka are pretty similar, so I decided to list them together. They are pretty easy to get and one of the best ring armor pieces in New World for Bruisers. Let’s cover the similarities first.

First, both rings have the Slash Damage perk, which increases slash damage. As a Bruiser, most of our weapons will deal slash damage. With these rings, we can increase our damage by about 5%. Upgraded, the third perk for these rings is Leeching or life steal. This is pretty useful for someone who’s going to take damage but also deal plenty of it.

However, that’s where the similarities end. Legate’s second perk is Keen Awareness, which increases crit chance, while Heka has Refreshing. Due to its second perk, I’m more inclined to say that Legate’s is better. More crit chance means more damage and more damage is always better.

But considering where Legate’s Ring drops, Heart of Heka is a great ring to have while you farm for Legate’s.

Where They Drop
Where to Find Legate's Ring and Heart of Haka New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

To start, Legate’s Ring drops from Grave Offerings in Brimstone. While you can farm Grave Offerings, it might be a bit before you actually grab one for yourself. Until then, let’s get a Heart of Heka.

Heart of Heka is easier to farm for. This ring drops from Heka of the Crossroads in Brimstone, a Jade Cat Statue. This monster is located in two areas: Valley of the Gods at Atum’s Way during the day, and Cradle of Nu at Heka’s Cauldron at night. You should be able to find other people farming for this ring, as it also drops Regular Pants which we will cover later. Just watch out for the archer skeletons.

Healer Build Armor

a) Heart of Sekhmet

Best PVE Healer Ring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Heart of Sekhmet is one of the best jewelry armor pieces for healers in New World. As a Healer, you’ll constantly be running low on mana. With this ring, you’ll never run out of it. It comes equipped with Brilliant, which increases your max mana, and Siphoning, which gives mana steal to your attacks.

Heart of Sekhmet only becomes better once you upgrade it. At 600 gear score, it gains a third perk, Sacred, which increases your healing output. Your weapon and ring items are the only items that can have the Sacred perk, so it’s one of the most important perks to be on your ring.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Heart of Sekhmet New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Heart of Sekhmet is pretty easy to farm for. It drops from Sekhmet the Benign in the east side of Brimstone Sands. The exact area is the Bubasteum, which is right next to the Scorpion elite area. Sekhmet is only Level 63, so it should be easy to kill.

b) Focus of Dalao

Best PVE Healer Leg Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

The Focus of Dalao is a light leg armor with full Focus stats. The only reason this armor is good is because of the Fortifying Sacred Ground perk. This perk gives allies 10% damage reduction when standing in your Sacred Ground. It’s a must-have perk if you are going to use Sacred Ground.

Usually, you would have to craft armor or get lucky on a drop for this perk, but Focus of Dalao is a quick way to get Fortifying Sacred Ground until then. Plus, Luck and Elemental Aversion are a nice bonus.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Focus of Dalao New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Focus of Dalao drops from the Dalao of Harwa, another Jade Cat. It’s located in northern Brimstone Sands at the Cradle of Nu. At the Heru Plaza, you’ll find it nestled towards the back of ruins next to a Glyph chest.

For this monster, I recommend getting a party together to farm it, especially if you only have a Healer setup. Killing Dalao itself isn’t hard, but it’s surrounded by multiple enemies that deal a lot of damage. Plus, getting there is a pain.

Definitely, bring a party and be ready to be there for a bit.

c) Joyful Gloves

Best PVE Healer Glove Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Joyful Gloves are a light armor glove with a full Focus stat spread. These are great to have, since they are light armor and have Freedom and Refreshing perks. Eventually, you are going to be hit by some form of crowd control, and Freedom will remove it 10% faster. Freedom is almost a must-have perk for Healers because if you die due to crowd control, then your team is sure to follow.

For a similar reason, Refreshing is a must have perk for Healers. Reducing cooldowns is just way too useful to not have. Being able to use your abilities faster will keep your team alive longer, and alive teammates are happy teammates.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Joyful Gloves New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Joyful Gloves drop from Ophois the Joyful. (I’m starting to see a naming pattern here). Ophois can be found in the Valley of the Gods, Atum’s Way, right next to Heka of the Crossroads. Ophois will be the big brute enemy up the stairs from Heka.

If you are having trouble with all the archers, there’s a statue you can jump on across from Ophois, closer to Heka. Jump up there, lay down, and enemies should leave you alone while you wait for Ophois to respawn.

Dexterity Build Armor

a) Heart of Anhurawak

Best PVE Dex Ring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

The first Dexterity item is the Heart of Anhurawak. This is the best Dex ring you can get in New World. It’s got Thrust Damage, so every Dex weapon gets a 5% damage boost. At 590 gear score, it also has Keen Awareness, which any Dex weapon benefits from since they have high crit chance and damage multipliers.

At 600 gear score, the third perk is Blood Letting, which increases how long Bleeds last. Just about every Dex weapon has some way to apply Bleed, so this perk technically will increase your damage. This also works for Keenly Jagged, so your weapon can still benefit if it has that perk.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Heart of Anhurawak New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Much like the other Heart items, the Heart of Anhurawak is dropped by Anhurawak the Proud, a Jade Cat. Unfortunately, Anhurawak is located in Heliopolis in Brimstone, a somewhat difficult elite area. I recommend bringing a group or two to farm this cat. It will be kind of hard to farm by yourself, especially with elite skeleton archers.

Once you find a group, head to Heliopolis and keep to the right. Pass or kill the Ancients and the Colossal Brute, then head up the stairs. You’ll find Anhurawak at the top of the east side stairs, guarding a chest with a few skeletons.

b) Invoked by Her Two Lands

Best PVE Dex Earring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Invoked by Her Two Lands is basically the Dexterity version of the Doom’s Chance Earring. It’s just got the perfect perk rolls. Invoked starts out with a full Dex stat spread and an empty gem socket, perfect for rounding out your build.

Instead of starting out with Regenerating, Invoked has Refreshing Toast and Refreshing. In my opinion, these two perks are what you should look for in any earring. The cooldown reduction of both potions and abilities are too good to pass up. After playing with these two perks, it’s impossible to play without them.

At 600 gear score, Invoked gains Regenerating as an added bonus. Great for staying alive in hectic fights.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Invoked by Her Two Lands New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Invoked by Her Two Lands is dropped by the High Priest of the Twin Doors. It also drops a decent ring if you don’t want to farm for Anhurawak. The High Priest can be found at the Great Wall in the north-east part of Brimstone where it and Shattered Mountain connect. You’ll find the skeleton priest at the very top of the Wall.

To get to the top, you can enter through one of the holes on the Shattered Mountain side of the Wall. The west side will be an elite zone, while the east side has regular enemies. It’s up to you which side you take. Either way, keep heading up. Eventually, you’ll find a hole that will take you to the top of the Wall. Then you can just walk over and start farming.

c) Tactician’s Set

Best PVE Dex Armor Set in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

The Tactician’s Set is a great armor set to farm for in New World. The full set has a pure Dexterity stat spread and all pieces come equipped with a gem. The nice thing about Tactician’s is all the pieces share the same two perks — Refreshing Evasion and Invigorated.

With a full set, debuffs such as Weaken or Disease will expire 50% faster. Likewise, with a full set of Refreshing Evasion, you’ll reduce your cooldowns by around 3% every time you dodge. This will go perfect with the 300 Dex perk that gives guaranteed crits with every dodge.

Another neat thing about the Tactician’s pieces is they all have one form of the Aversion Perk. With the whole set, you’ll have some damage reduction against multiple enemies.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Tactician's Set New World

I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is Tactician’s drops from the same place. The bad news is Tactician’s drops from different bosses within Tempest Heart expedition. Luckily, they are mostly enemies you would be killing anyway.

The first piece, the helmet, drops from Crewman Ruiz, which is an elite mob located shortly after the first boss fight. Next, the Tactician’s Shirt can drop from High Priestess Ifel, the third boss fight right after Isabella.

In the City of Darkness area, you’ll find High Priest Basir, who will drop the gloves. He should the first named mob after the Void Destroyer. Past the boss fight with Neishatun and into the void tunnel, you’ll find both High Maiden Lai and Headman Pang. These enemies will drop the pants and shoes, respectively.

Good luck getting this set. If you never get them, they can also be crafted with Tempest Materia.

Tank Build Armor

a) Protector’s Fortune Charm

Best PVE Tank Amulet Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Protector’s Fortune Charm is one of the better amulet armor pieces in New World for Tanks. It comes right out the box with full Constitution and an Onyx for plenty of health and damage reduction. It also comes with Refreshing for faster ability recharge.

Its second perk is Divine, which is a great perk for just about anyone, but especially a Tank. With Divine, all healing effects are increased by 10%. This means potions, ability healing, lifesteal, and most importantly, healing you receive from teammates. It’s a small increase, but it might just be the difference between living and dying.

Lastly, at 600 gear score, this amulet gains Purify, which cleanses debuffs when hit below 50% health. Personally, I’d rather have Health as the third perk, but Purify is just as great to have, especially in expeditions where debuffs are common.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Protector's Fortune Charm New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Protector’s Fortune Charm is a pretty easy item to grab. It drops from Tazorjaw the Alligator in Ebonscale Reach. You can find Tazorjaw chilling under a waterfall on the very east side of Ebonscale. Be sure to come from the Ebonscale side. You won’t be able to get there from Everfall. Tazorjaw is an elite mob, so I recommend having another person with you to farm this drop.

b) Colossal Stormplate

Best PVE Tank Chest Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Colossal Stormplate is a decent heavy chest armor for a Tank and one of the cooler looking armors in New World. It has a Constitution/Strength stat split, so you get bonus health and some extra damage. Its gem leaves something to be desired, but it has Invigorated, which is a great perk to have as a Tank.

Disease, Rend and Exhaust are probably the worst debuffs to be affected by when tanking. Having those debuffs on for too long will make for a quicker death. With Invigorated, those debuffs will disappear 10% faster.

While they aren’t the best perks to have, Stormplate also has Elemental Aversion and Ancient Ward. This makes it a great chest to wear for expeditions like Ennead, but others, not so much.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Colossal Stormplate New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Colossal Stormplate drops from the Colossus of Qebui on the eastern side of Lycopolis in Brimstone. It will be standing on a platform just outside of the fast travel shrine nearby. He’s just a regular enemy and pretty easy to kill solo.

He also drops Weighted Greaves, probably one of the best named leg armor for a Tank in New World.

c) Weighted Greaves

Best PVE Tank Leg Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Weighted Greaves are a great pair of pants for a Tank going into an area with Ancients. It has a pure Strength stat spread, which is great for a little damage and threat build up. Much like Colossal Stormplate, it has Ancient Ward and Invigorated. These are great perks to have, especially in a Mutated Ancient expedition.

The difference between Stormplate and Weighted Greaves is its third perk, Refreshing Ward. While not the best Refreshing perk, you are going to get hit a lot as a Tank so you might as well get some benefit. Ancient enemies have plenty of multi hit attacks, so this perk only makes it stronger for those areas.

Grabbing a Weighted Greaves can save you some money when you need an Ancient Ward armor piece for Mutated expeditions.

Where it Drops

Luckily, Weighted Greaves drops from the Colossus of Qebui just like Colossal Stormplate. Farm this guy for a while and you’ll have two great armors.

Best Named Armor for PVP

Regular Pants

Best PVP Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Regular Pants deserves its own section. These seemingly regular pants are the best armor you can grab for PVP in New World. Just about any build can use these. First off, it has a Constitution stat spread so it can fit into any build. It is also light armor which is perfect for a light or medium weight build. Personally, I use these pants for everything.

All of the Regular Pants perks are must-haves for PVP. Refreshing is one of the best perks to have since you want to be using your abilities as often as possible. Additionally, Shirking Fortification rewards good players for dodging attacks with damage reduction. As long as you dodge, it’ll be hard to kill you.

At 600 gear score, Regular Pants gains the best PVP perk, Resilient. With Resilient, critical hits deal less damage to you. This is perk is absolutely required for any serious PVP. Some of the highest damage in the game comes from critical hits, so having a full set of Resilient is basically 20% damage reduction.

Definitely get these pants as soon as you can.

Where it Drops

Where to Find Regular Pants New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Regular Pants drops from Heka of the Crossroads. This Jade Cat is located at Atum’s Way during the day and Heka’s Cauldron at night. It should be pretty easy to solo farm but the more the merrier. Just watch out for the skeletons.

It also drops the Heart of Heka, so you can kill two birds with one stone. If your luck is anything like mine, you’ll get four Heart of Hekas before you get some Regular Pants.

Mage Build PvP Armor

a) Hellish Leggings

Best PVP Mage Leg Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Hellish Leggings are a great Intelligence alternative to the Regular Pants. Much like Regular Pants, they come with Resilient and Shirking Fortification, two great PVP perks. The biggest difference is that its last perk is Vigor. With Vigor, any Burn, Bleed, or Poison will expire 10% faster. A very useful perk against ranged weapons like the Musket or Bow.

Compared to Regular Pants, Hellish Leggings are a more defensive pair of pants. Great for any Mage who doesn’t want to farm Heka.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Hellish Leggings New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Hellish Leggings are dropped from multiple sources but the easiest is in Everfall. You find two corrupted enemies in the town of Dustmeadow — Tutenne and Aertsan. You can find them in a house on the west and east side of the town, respectively. They are Level 26, so it will be pretty easy to sit there and farm them. I recommend running back and forth between the two for faster farming.

b) Band of Ocean’s Oath

Best PVP Mage Ring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Band of Ocean’s Oath is one of the best ring armor pieces that a Mage can get in New World. Ocean’s Oath comes equipped with Ice Damage and Refreshing. Since most Mages will use Ice Gauntlet, it’s important to have something that will increase Ice Storm’s AOE damage. Pair with the weapon perk, Unending Thaw, to further increase your damage.

At 600 gear score, this ring gains Hearty, which increases your max stamina. With this perk, light weight builds can roll three times rather than the regular two. Three rolls means more ground covered, and as a Mage, it could make the difference between escaping the axe wielding maniac or having to respawn.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Band of Ocean's Oath New World

It might take some time to farm the Band of Ocean’s Oath. This ring drops from Isabella and her two tigers from the Dynasty Shipyard expedition, Mutation only. While this is a fast and easy expedition, you might have to wait a few weeks for the weekly Mutation to be Dynasty Shipyard.

Otherwise, you can grab a group and grind out the level 1 Mutation. Just remember you can only do twenty-five mutated expeditions a week.

c) Protective Cowl

Best PVP Mage Helm Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

If you are looking for a great light armor helmet, Protective Cowl might be the one. Its first perk is Elemental Aversion, which is great for any Mage. At most points in PVP, Muskets or other Mages will be taking pot shots at you, or you’ll be actively dueling them. With some ranged elemental protection, you might just have the upper hand.

Its second perk is the ever reliant Resilient. For the same reason as Elemental Aversion, taking less crit damage should give you the upper hand. Try pairing Protective Cowl with Regular Pants or Hellish Leggings to stack Resilient perks and take even less damage.

Lastly, at 600 gear score, it gains Invigorated. This perk makes debuffs like Disease and Rend expire 10% faster. While it’s good with multiple stacks, I’d rather have a Freedom perk so I can escape a Hammer user. However, with Greatsword on the rise and other sources of Disease, Invigorated might turn out to be better.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Protective Cowl New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

Protective Cowl drops from the chests in Brimstone Sands called Grave Offerings. They are typically the chest that spawn an enemy after you open them. Due to this, it might take a bit longer to get this item compared to most. If you want to spend the day farming these chests, here is a great chest run route.

Bruiser Build PvP Armor

a) Forgotten Vow

Best PVP Bruiser Ring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

As a Bruiser, we have to a bit picky for our ring slot. We will always be looking for Hearty and Slash Damage perks for PVP. Luckily, Forgotten Vow is just that. This ring has a full Strength stat spread with a Moonstone gem for a little bit of protection from other Bruisers.

As for its perks, it has Slash Damage and Hearty. The Bruisers job in most wars is to find opportunities to bunch of groups of enemies so we can AOE them down with our team. These two perks let us jump in, do plenty of damage, then easily jump out.

It also has Enfeebling, which increases how long Weaken debuffs you apply last. Personally, I’d rather have Refreshing or something similar. If you use abilities with the Weaken debuff, you should find some more benefit from this ring.

Where it Drops

Forgotten Vow drops from Isabella, the last boss of the Tempest’s Heart expedition. There is no quick way to farm this ring other than to keep doing the expedition over and over again. Luckily, it drops from the normal version of Tempest’s, so you got twenty-five tries per day.

If you never get it to drop, you can always craft it with Tempest Materia. You get this material from completing the expedition or from salvaging the gear you get. It takes 3000 Materia to craft and can be crafted from any Jewelcrafting station.

b) Doom’s Chance Earring

Best PVP Bruiser Earring Armor in New World
Background Image: Amazon Games Studios; Image:

Here it is again. Compared to other earrings in New World, Doom’s Chance Earring is just too good of an armor piece to not use.

Refreshing Toast is one of the best perks you can use for PVP. Most of the time, staying alive solely relies on your use of potions. Unless you have a pocket healer, they will be your main source of healing. So, having them come off cooldown 30% faster could make the difference in a fight.

Same goes for Regenerating. In longer, drawn out fights, having a constant heal will give you a huge advantage in staying alive long enough to escape or win the fight.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Doom's Chance Earring New World

Doom’s Chance drops from the Caretaker in Garden of Genesis. This is the second boss fight in the expedition. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to farm this boss. Get a group together and kill the boss. If it doesn’t drop, then restart and do it over again.

Alternatively, you can fully complete the expedition till you get it or get enough Genesis Materia to craft it. With around 3000 Materia, you’ll be able to craft Doom’s Chance at any Jewelcrafting station.

c) Raider’s Hat

Best PVP Bruiser Helm Armor in New World
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Raider’s Hat is close to being one of the best Bruiser armor pieces in New World for PVP. While it isn’t a heavy piece, it has full Strength and a Malachite gem for full damage type coverage. It also has every perk we love to see for a Bruiser.

As usual, the Resilient perk is a must-have for every build meant for PVP. Having a full set of crit damage reduction makes all the difference and the Raider’s Hat lets you be one step closer. Likewise, Freedom is just as useful for a Bruiser as Resilient is. There is going to be loads of Stuns, Slows, and Roots thrown your way, and being able to escape 10% faster is a blessing.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Raider's Hat New World

Raider’s Hat drops from Headman Pang. This monster is the second-to-last encounter in the Tempest’s Heart Expedition, along with High Maiden Lai. You can find them in the Void Tunnel just before the second Isabella boss fight.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to farm Headman Pang other than fully completing the expedition. Luckily, you can craft it with Tempest Materia. If you still haven’t got it after millions of tries, head over to an Armoring station with 3,500 Materia to finally get one.

Healer Build PvP Armor

a) Cleric’s Cowl

Best PVP Healer Helm Armor in New World
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The first armor piece we have is one of the best named drops for Healers in New World. Cleric’s Cowl comes with a Constitution/Focus stat split and an empty gem slot for customization. I recommend throwing an Onyx or Malachite gem in there.

For its perks, we have the extremely valuable Resilient. As a Healer, damage dealers will make it their livelihood to find and kill you so having some crit damage reduction should help. Likewise, Physical Aversion should help out against Dexterity builds taking shots at you.

At 600 gear score, Cleric’s Cowl gains Refreshing Evasion, which is a great perk for a Healer. It synergizes well with the Bend Light Life Staff perk. With Refreshing Evasion and Bend Light combined, you’ll gain cooldown reduction and bonus healing.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Cleric's Cowl New World
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Cleric’s Cowl drops from another Jade Cat, Luxendra the Wise. You’ll find Luxendra in Atum’s Way of Brimstone Sands. Luxendra will be at the right side platform, up the stairs. This monster will be surrounded by multiple skeletons. You might want to bring a party, because those skeletons hurt.

Additionally, Luxendra is right next to Heka of the Crossroads and Ophois the Joyful. Heka drops Regular Pants and Ophois drops Joyful Gloves, so you might be able to multitask.

b) Misty Kismet Charm

Best PVP Healer Earring Armor in New World
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The next armor piece we have is the Misty Kismet Charm. Like the Cleric’s Cowl, this earring brings some more Refreshing perks so you can heal more often. The biggest deciding factor in most Wars is a numbers game. Whoever can consistently have more members on the point will most likely win. Being able to always have a big heal ready will make the difference.

It also has a perk we haven’t talked about yet, Purifying Toast. Purifying Toast is one of the best armor perks you can have in New World. With this perk, everytime you drink a regeneration potion (the orange one), you’ll lose a debuff. This works wonders in PVP when a Hammer user or Void Gauntlet user descends upon you. One drink of a regen potion and you can clear up any Slows or Roots.

Where it Drops

Misty Kismet Charm is pretty easy to come by. I have five of them even though I don’t even have a Healer build. This earring has a chance to drop from just about every enemy in Garden of Genesis. If you keep running this expedition, you’re bound to get it. And if you don’t, you can always craft it with Genesis Materia.

c) Keeper’s Pendant

Best PVP Healer Amulet Armor in New World
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If Dynasty Shipyard is on the weekly Mutations, keep on the lookout for the Keeper’s Pendant amulet. This amulet is great amulet to pair with the Misty Kismet Charm. It adds on more Refreshing to your build for a total of 9% cooldown reduction plus dodging if you have Misty Kismet and Cleric’s Cowl.

At 600 gear score, it also gains Purify, which cleanses all debuffs when you’re hit below 50% health. This is a great perk to have when you get a surprise combo by a Hammer or Spear. If they hit you below 50%, you can break out of their stun chain. Combined with Purifying Toast, you’ll never have to worry about being bogged down by debuffs.

Keeper’s Pendant also comes with Health for an extra 9% max health bonus. Always nice to have.

Where it Drops

As we said, Keeper’s Pendant drops from the Dynasty Shipyard, Mutated only. It has a chance to drop from any of the enemies in Dynasty. So, whenever you see this expedition in the weekly rotation, be sure to do a few runs.

If you have trouble getting it, crafting it is also an option. It requires 3000 Dynasty Materia and 600 Mutator Materia. Once you’ve got the materials, head over to any Jewelcrafting station to craft.

Dexterity Build PvP Armor

a) Tear of Aset

Best PVP Dex Amulet Armor in New World
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Tear of Aset is the best amulet armor piece in New World. It basically has everything a Dex build could want. It’s pure Dex with an empty gem socket for better customization of your build. Right out of the box, it comes with Refreshing Evasion, which synergizes with multiple Dex and Bow perks. Health also comes with this amulet. Who would say no to an extra 10% health?

Upgraded, Tear of Aset gains the Divine perk. With Divine, all healing effects will be 10% more effective, including potions. For PVP, this is pretty useful as a Dex build, since you’ll often be out sight from your healers, who are focused on Tanks and Bruisers. Any extra healing you can get is sure to help.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Tears of Aset New World

The Tear of Aset drops from Fetket in The Ennead expedition. Fetket will be the second mini-boss you encounter in Ennead. Much like other drops, you can easily farm Fetket by starting Ennead, running to Fetket, then restarting the expedition.

Alternatively, you could complete Ennead until you have enough Ennead Materia to craft Tear of Aset. You’ll need 3000 Materia to craft this amulet at any Jewelcrafting station.

b) Anubian Hand Coverings

Best PVP Dex Glove Armor in New World
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Anubian Hand Coverings are a great glove for just about any build. They’re medium armor, so they fit the min-maxed medium weight set up. The stat spread is Dexterity/Constitution, which is nice.

As for its perks, it starts with Physical Aversion and Refreshing Evasion. Like with Tear of Aset, Refreshing Evasion synergizes well with 300 Dexterity perk and perks on the Bow.

At 600 gear score, these gloves gain Resilient, which is something we always want for PVP. Resilient and Physical Aversion are going to work together to help you against other Bow users that are going to be looking to take you out.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Anubian Hand Coverings New World
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Again, we have another armor piece that drops from the Grave Offerings of New World scattered about Brimstone Sands. After a few elite chest runs in Brimstone, you’ll eventually get the Anubian Hand Coverings. However, if you want a solo chest run route to farm these out, here is a great route.

c) Sinful Glare

Best PVP Dex Helm Armor in New World
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Sinful Glare is a great helmet for lightweight Dex builds. Without any upgrades, Sinful Glare comes with the best perks a Dex user can ask for, Resilient and Refreshing. Many of the people looking to take you out will have builds with high crit chance, so grabbing as much Resilient as you can will help in any situation.

Upgraded, Sinful Glare has Invigorated as its third perk. Invigorated isn’t as required for Dex builds as it is for others, but it’s useful all the same. No one likes to be affected by Disease or Rend for long.

Where it Drops

Sinful Glare drops from the last boss of Garden of Genesis, the Blighted Greenskeeper. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to farm this boss other than to keep completing the expedition. Luckily, Genesis isn’t too hard, so it should go quick.

Additionally, you can craft Sinful Glare with 3,500 Genesis Materia. So, if you’ve already been farming Genesis, you might just be able to craft it.

Tank Build PvP Armor

a) Heavy Burden

Best PVP Tank Shoe Armor in New World
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For a quick and easy Resilient armor piece, look no further than the Heavy Burden. The Heavy Burden has Resilient right off the bat, no upgrades needed. As a Tank, you need any form of damage reduction you can get. Otherwise, you won’t be lasting long.

As for its other perks, it has Refreshing Ward and Invigorated. Refreshing Ward is great since you’re going to be getting hit often anyway. Add in the fact you’ll be focused by your healers, and this perk should proc often.

Likewise, getting hit a lot leads to a bunch of debuffs. Disease, Exhaust, and Rend are the worst debuffs in New World to be affected by, so having armor with Invigorated is almost a must-have for Tanks.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Heavy Burden New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

In my opinion, this armor drops from one of the worst types of places in New World — the Acid Pits. Why did they have to add acid to the game? Not to mention, why did they add the enemies that live in the acid pools?

Anyway, the Heavy Burden drops from Khelone Khelydorea at Pools of Orcus in Brimstone Sands. This area will be right next to the main town. Khelone will be one of those beast things you see roaming around the acid pits in Brimstone. I recommend bringing a ranged weapon to lure the beast out of the acid pit it’s in.

b) Bouldering Gloves

Best PVP Tank Glove Armor in New World
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Bouldering Gloves are a great heavy glove for Tanks who need some more Resilient armor. It has full Constitution, which every Tank loves to see. Other than Resilient, Bouldering Gloves also has Refreshing and Empowering Breaker.

Empowering Break is kind of useless for PVP unless you’re going against multiple tanks with shields. People don’t really block otherwise in PVP for some reason. On the other hand, Refreshing is perfect for a Tank so they can get out more abilities and disrupt the enemy team.

Where it Drops
Where to Find Bouldering Gloves New World
Image: Amazon Game Studios via HGG / Tyler Locke

The Bouldering Glove armor drops from the only named goat boss in New World, Stubbles the Goat-King. Yep, you read that right. It’s time to kill a goat for an armor drop. You can find Stubbles at the Place of Pillars the very north-west of Brimstone Sands. This little armor dropping goat will be at the top of one of the few jumping puzzles in New World.

If jumping puzzle triggered some bad memories, don’t worry. It isn’t that complicated of a jumping puzzle compared to some MMOs. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Guild Wars. You’ll find some pillars to jump up marked on the map above. Just watch out for the goats with increased knockback.

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