New World: Sliver of Adderstone Farming Guide

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New World: Sliver of Adderstone Farming Guide

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In many MMOS you will find strange materials you need to craft even stranger items. In between slaying monsters and saving the world, you might just need some special tree sap to make your boots waterproof so you can collect flowers faster or something. In the New World, things are no different. In this guide I am going to talk about Sliver of Adderstone, a unique resource that might even be bugged. Let’s get into it.

What is Sliver of Adderstone and Why Do You Want It?

Sliver of Adderstone is a crafting resource. It fulfills a very specific yet very useful need. Silver of Adderstone is used in the crafting of bags. Specifically, if you use Sliver of Adderstone, you can get the Extra Pockets perk on bags you craft. Now, bags in the New World are how you carry items on your person, from extra weapons, to food, to anything you loot in the overworld. Better bags let you carry more stuff. And the Extra Pockets perk lets you carry more items in a given bag before you gain the encumbered condition. While encumbered you’ll move a bit slower than a sloth on sleeping pills. You won’t be able to fast travel either, and if you get over encumbered by too much, you just won’t be able to move period. Anyone who has gotten stuck in the middle of the woods with too much loot knows the pain of slowly limping back to a settlement to sell or store their goods. So needless to say, Extra Pockets is a very useful perk that makes quality of life in the game a lot better.

How to Farm Sliver of Adderstone in New World

So now you know what Sliver of Adderstone is and why you would want to farm it, but how do you go about doing that exactly? Sliver of Adderstone is mined just like any ore. So first things first, you will need a pickaxe. The flint pickaxe is fine for the job. But of course, the better the pickaxe, the quicker the mining. And for Sliver of Adderstone specifically, you want as good a pickaxe as possible, because mining it will be hard enough as it is. Now that you have a pickaxe though, where do you actually get Sliver of Adderstone? The answer might surprise you. You get Sliver of Adderstone from boulders. That’s right, ordinary boulders. And Sliver of Adderstone is an uncommon resource to boot. Now, boulders are not trackable on your compass map by leveling up your mining skill. However, boulders are incredibly abundant in the overworld. So if you want to start bag crafting then just head outside of any given settlement in the New World and you should find piles of boulders. Or go to any mountain/cliffside area in the overworld and you should find plenty.

Now, this all seems very simple and easy. It is, as far as that goes. So you might be wondering why I said farming Sliver of Adderstone is going to be hard. Well, that’s because despite being an uncommon resource, Sliver of Adderstone drops so rarely that many people suspect it might be a bug in the game. But before you get too disheartened, there are some things you can do to maximize your chances of getting Sliver of Adderstone, such as they are.

If you want to farm Sliver of Adderstone, it’s all about maximizing your Mining Luck stat. Mining Luck is a stat that effects the likelihood of rarer drops happening when you mine regular ores. They best way to do this is to get a full set of mining armor. Each piece of the set, those being the goggles, shirt, gloves, pants, and shoes, gives you the Reinforced Mining Luck perk (as well as +25 strength). Reinforced Mining Luck gives you a flat 5% increase to your chances of getting a rare item while mining. With five pieces of gear, that’s a 25% increase. Not bad.

When crafting armor, you can use a Starmetal Miner’s Charm to add the Mining Luck Perk to the piece you are crafting. The perk will scale with gear score, so craft the best armor you can to maximize your chances.

If you have a house, it can help you mine as well. You can put trophies in your house that boost your mining. You can have up to three trophies in a house at a give time. That adds up quickly.

Finally, make sure to eat a hearty meal before you set out to work. Any meal eaten that involves potatoes will give you a temporary boost to your Mining Luck score.

So once you’ve stacked up as many bonuses as you possibly can, it’s just a matter of mining away at those boulders until you get that Sliver of Adderstone. It’s a grind, but its what you’ve got to do. Best of Mining Luck explorer!     

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