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New World Jewelcrafting Guide

Because even in the New World you still want that bling.

In the MMO New World you have many crafting skills you use to make the various in-game items from armor to weapons to potions etc. One such skill is Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting lets you craft amulets, earrings, gemstone dust, and rings. These items can offer powerful boosts in-game and are definitely worth making. But the major reason you want Jewelcrafting as a skill is you’ll need it if you want to craft max-level gear for endgame content. So for this New World Jewelcrafting guide we will go over how to power level your Jewelcrafting trade skill.

Jewelcrafting Resources

In order to craft the items mentioned above and therefore raise your Jewelcrafting skill, you will need raw materials, namely various metals and gemstones. There are two main methods for acquiring these resources. The first is to find them in the overworld. You can farm the various metals and gemstones you need, but it is not a guarantee.

The more reliable, albeit costly, method one can employ to get their materials for Jewelcrafting is to use the trade posts and buy the materials from other players for in-game gold. This is the recommended method. The specific resources you need for Jewelcrafting can be tricky to find consistently in the overworld.

As mentioned above, buying everything from the trade posts can be expensive. However a great way to mitigate the cost is by using the salvage system. Basically, any item in you inventory can be salvaged, that is to say, destroy and turned into materials. With Jewelcrafting specifically, if you salvage an item you made, you have a small chance to get back materials of the same tier as your item. However you are much more likely to get resources of a tier lower. Still, this means every time you craft an item, you refund it for at least partial value which you then feed back into your Jewelcrafting, greatly reducing the cost of leveling the skill.

Jewelcrafting Gear

As mentioned at the start of this New World Jewelcrafting guide, you will want a full set of Jewelcrafting gear in order to craft max level equipment. This also translates to some nice bonuses for Jewelcrafting in general. If you have the funds, you can purchase the gear straight from a trade post. However that can get very expensive very fast. Luckily, these items also drop from bosses. Here is the list of each item you need and who to kill to get it:

New World black and gold Artisan Jewelcrafter's Hood
Image: Amazon Games / Joel Stadler
  • The Artisan Jewelcrafting Hood is acquired from the boss Putris.
  • The Artisan Jewelcrafting Tunic is acquired from the boss Ivan the Inevitable.
  • The Artisan Jewelcrafting Gloves are acquired from the boss Palace Maiden Xiao.
  • The artisan Jewelcrafting Gloves are acquired from the boss Adjorjan.
  • The Artisan Jewelcrafting Shoes are acquired from the boss Terror of the Mountain.

Finally you will also need any set of earrings with the Weaponsmithing Mastery perk if you want to max out your weapons for endgame content. These though can be crafted, but it is probably simplest to just buy them directly from a trade post as they are quite affordable.

What to Craft in New World

In most any MMO, one of the best ways to level up your skills is to craft the same items over and over again, prioritizing items with the best exp to resource cost ratio. In this New World Jewelcrafting guide, we will be following that model. At different skill level brackets, there will be different items you want to focus on crafting in order to level your Jewelcrafting as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before we go over the list of items that you want to focus on crafting, there is one caveat we should mention. The caveat is something known as the “first craft bonus”. Each day, the first unique item you craft using the Jewelcrafting trade skill will be worth double exp. So for that first item, choosing a higher exp yield item will get you more benefit. After that, you can stick to the grinding.

In order to get to level 20 in Jewelcrafting, your best bet is to craft Flawed Onyx Amulets. In order to craft enough Flawed Onyx Amulets you will need:

  • x8 Cut Flawed Onyx
  • x8 Silver Chains
  • x40 Silver Ingots

From level 20 to level 50 we want to switch things up and focus on Weak Gemstone Dust. If you buy 84 Flawed Rubies you can turn them into enough Weak Gemstone Dust to reach level 50.

Finally we make a jump all the way from level 50 to level 250.  We are going to craft Reinforced Onyx Amulets exclusively for this. In order to craft enough amulets we will need:

  • x5242 Cut Onyx (can be crafted with x5242 Onyx, and x52420 Life Motes)
  • x5242 Silver Chains
  • x26210 Silver Ingots

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