In nearly any MMO, there will be different factions that you can join, usually requiring exclusive commitment. This can give you a sense of identity in the game, as well as cool merch and some quests. New World is no different, so we’ll be exploring all the various faction options in our New World Faction Guide.

There are currently three New World factions that players can choose from: the Syndicate, the Covenant, and the Marauders. In this guide, we will look at all three factions. More specifically, what gear they give you, how you can obtain it, and whether it’s even worth it to do so.

Let’s get started!

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Basics About New World Factions

We’ll start off our guide by going over basics that hold true regardless of which faction you join in New World.

Repeatable Quests

You can increase your reputation in your chosen faction by doing various repeatable quests. In fact, reputation is literally a resource you earn from doing these quests.

The faction quests are broken into PVP and PVE quests. The quests typically involve fighting enemies, acquiring items, or crafting items. The PVP quests reward more reputation than the PVE quests do, but you’ll be competing against other players — you can potentially lose those quests and not earn the reward.

Leveling Up Your Faction

Faction Reputation
New World Faction Guide
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Once you hit a certain amount of reputation, you qualify for taking the main faction quest, referred to as a trial. Completing that will earn you the next title in your faction and allow you to progress further.

How to Get Faction Gear

Marauder Ravager Longsword
New World Faction Guide
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You can buy gear and other items from your faction by spending faction tokens which are earned through completing faction quests. As you level up in your faction, you’ll be able to purchase better quality faction gear with your faction tokens.

The Three Unique Factions in New World

Naturally, our New World Faction Guide would be lacking if we didn’t go over what individual faction is all about.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is mysterious, mystical, and mercurial. They seek ancient secrets and arcane wisdom, and wish to create an enlightened world. They also have a cool, Illuminati-style emblem and a purple color scheme. This is a fun faction for anyone imagining themselves as a heavily arcane character, or who wants to have cultish/secret organization vibes.

The Covenant

No one expects the Span— I mean, the Covenant.  That’s right, this is the faction of religious zealots. If you like being pious, purging heretics, and purifying the land, then join the Covenant. They also come with a nice yellow color scheme, great for all your holy light and righteousness metaphors.

The Marauders

HULK SMASH! Do you think the Viking aesthetic is cool? Is your favorite D&D class the Barbarian? Are you just a really big a fan of the color green? Any of these are great reasons to join the Marauders. The Syndicate values knowledge/truth, the Covenant values religious devotion/purity, and the Marauders value freedom. The Marauders believe in a might-makes-right society where everyone is free to do as they please.

Choosing a Faction

Once you reach Level 10, you’ll get a quest to choose a faction to join. So then…which faction to choose in New World?

This choice should be made purely based on which faction you think is the coolest, which has the best lore, fits best with your character, which one your friends are in, etc. There aren’t actually any mechanical differences in the New World factions beyond which faction quests you get (and the repeatable quests are often fairly similar).

You also may not be sure which faction you want to join. Don’t worry. If you end up not liking the faction you chose, changing things up is a simple matter of going into your character menu with ‘K’ and choosing the Bio option. From there, you should see your faction banner, and underneath that is an option to switch factions. For the low price of 100 azoth, you can change factions.

Note that when you first pick a faction, you will have to wait 120 in-game days before you can change, so fair warning.

Should I Level My Faction?

What do you get out of leveling up in your faction? The short answer is some gear and a few cool titles/quests. Ultimately, your faction serves primarily as a fun roleplay opportunity. If you want to play a faction-heavy character, then level up all the way and show your devotion to your religious cause, to the seeking of truth, or…to how much you like punching stuff. However, you can also acquire equipment from your faction shop. And that’s not nothing.

Faction Gear in Depth: Is Faction Gear Worth it?

Marauder Ravager War Hammer
New World Faction Guide
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The big mechanical benefit to your faction is that it gives you access to special gear you can purchase depending on your rank in your faction. Primarily, you will be buying weapons and armor, but you can also get some useful side items such as elixirs and material converters.

The big question of course, is the faction gear worth it? The answer is yes and no. Faction gear needs to be compared to two things: dropped gear and crafted gear.

Compared to Dropped Gear

Enemies in New World will sometimes drop weapons and armor in addition to other items when you beat them. Notably, this is statistically unlikely. Getting any decent armor or weapons from these drops is even more unlikely.

The armor and weapons given by your faction will give you some attribute bonuses. In addition to this, they will come with a gem slot, allowing you to upgrade them or add features. This is something you will rarely (if ever) find from overworld drops. By that comparison point, the faction gear is superior.

Compared to Crafted Gear

As anyone remotely familiar with New World knows, the game is all about the crafting system. In fact, this game is so all about the crafting that you’ll need to craft new resources from the ones you gather so you can craft items from the new resources. As such, it should come as no surprise that the idea is for you to craft your own gear instead of buying it. You can still buy equipment, of course, but it will be very costly.

It stands to reason that the faction equipment you can buy will not hold up to your own crafted endgame gear. If this is the case, then why would anyone want faction gear?

There is a simple reason to buy and use faction gear. The reason is that crafting is hard and time-consuming. You will find yourself in positions where the faction gear is simply better than any other gear you have at the moment. Sure, it won’t be viable in the endgame, but it will be on the journey to the endgame. And if you work on leveling your faction as early as possible, the faction gear will help you out a lot in early game.

So enjoy your faction, slayer! And don’t forget your faction weapons when you haven’t unlocked the recipe for the next bow you want. That faction bow might just be the answer.

Join the High Ground

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