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New World Territory Standing Guide

Your name is known throughout all of Windsward brave explorer!

In the MMO New World there are a lot of ways to level up. You have character levels, trade crafting skills, gathering skills etc. One such method of leveling which may not be as flashy as the others but can still have a significant impact on your gameplay is territory standing. In this territory standing guide we will go over what territory standing is, how to level it, and which bonuses are best to pick up.

Territory Standing Basics in New World

In New World, if you go into your map, you will notice that the New World is broken up into different territories. Here is a list of the current territories in the New World:

  • Windsward
  • Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Everfall
  • Weaver’s Fenn
  • Brightwood
  • Cutlass Keys
  • Restless Shore
  • Brimstone Sands
  • Ebonscale Reach
  • Endengrove
  • Mourningdale
  • Reekwater

Unlike in most MMOs, in New World the territories are more than just zones where you get quests or fight mobs or world bosses. As you do all of your fun adventury MMO things in a given territory, you will earn territory standing in that territory. After you gain a certain amount of territory standing exp you will level up your standing in that territory. Each time you level up your standing in a territory you can then pick one of three offered bonuses to get while in that territory. There are many bonuses in the game, but you will be given three to pick from each time you level up your territory standing.

If you open up your map, on the lefthand side you will find a list of drop-down menus. The second menu down under quests is labeled territories. Opening that menu will give you the UI for all your territory stats, showing your current standing in each territory as well as what bonuses you have in that territory etc.

Your standing in any territory maxes out at three hundred. However, you can pick any individual bonus such as increased gathering speed as many times as you want. Though it is worth noting that they give diminishing returns and so after a while, it is probably better to start picking other bonuses.

Three hundred is a lot, so it will take you a while to reach the maximum level of territory standing in any given territory. Still though, it is something to consider as you adventure in the New World. It is good to travel around and visit the different territories, and the game does a good job of incentivizing that through the territory system.

Territory Standing Bonuses

As mentioned above, once you level up your standing in a territory, you will be given the option to choose a bonus that will apply whenever you are in that territory. Keep that in mind. If you have a lot of bonuses in Windsward for example, and then travel to the Ebonscale Reach for the first time, you will not benefit from any of those bonuses.

But what exactly are the territory standing bonuses you can get? They range from things like better gathering speed, to lower taxes on crafting and more. But of course, the question that is going to naturally come up is which territory standing bonuses are the best?

First off, the territory standing bonus I would recommend most is bonus exp. In most MMOs, this is one of the best bonuses you can get (until you reach the level cap of course). This will just give you straight bonus player exp while in the given territory.  Sure you will eventually hit the level cap and then it will no longer help you until the cap is raised in some future expansion, but personally I still value it highly and think leveling up quickly is always a plus.

Territory standing exp gain is the other auto pick. There is an argument to be made that this is better than the character exp bonus, which is fair. So ultimately I leave it up to you which one to prioritize of the two. Territory standing exp gain just increases how quickly you can get other bonuses so it is just great value.

Of course, if the only thing you ever get is territory standing exp gain, it will not actually help you at all, since you have no other bonuses. So the first bonus you want in addition to the territory standing gain is increased gathering speed. This is a good bonus to prioritize early on. It will start to fall off rather quickly due to the aforementioned diminishing returns. That being said, it will really help you in the early game.

Reduced property tax is another great pick. Of course, this one only matters if you want a house in the given territory. Houses are quite nice, but not a must have, so use your own discretion here.

The other really big one to grab is reduced crafting fees. Since crafting is the name of the game, it is always nice to have to pay less for the privilege.

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