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New World: Mote Farming Guide (2024)

Who in MMOs enjoys harnessing the raw power of the elements? I’d venture to guess most of us. It’s awesome, and you can do it in New World with mote farming! Sure, you could hurl fireballs or call down blizzards, but even a mote of that power can be strong in its own right. That’s why we’ve put together this New World mote farming guide. We’ll talk all about elemental motes — what they are, what you can use them for, and the best ways to obtain them.

Let’s get started!

What Are Elemental Motes?

Example of an elemental mote in New World
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

In New World, you will acquire materials called elemental motes. Basically, these are small pieces of raw elemental energy used in crafting. Here’s a quick list of the different elemental motes:

  • Air Motes
  • Death Motes
  • Earth Motes
  • Fire Motes
  • Life Motes
  • Soul Motes
  • Water Motes

What Are Elemental Motes Used for?

Elemental Mote Uses
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Unsurprisingly, elemental motes are used for all things arcana. The most common use for elemental motes in New World is alchemy. You need elemental motes to craft potions and tinctures. Said items are quite good, hence why people go mote farming in New World.

At a bare minimum, most people want health potions for those tough fights (or if you’re playing DPS and need the healing in general). Magic users want mana potions, of course, and there’s all manner of other useful brews with bonuses that range from combat to gathering.

Speaking of magic users, elemental motes are quite important here, too. Whether you want to use the fire staff to DPS the bejesus out of people, use your Ice Pylon to DPS the bejesus out of people, or use your void gauntlet to…you get the idea, you’re going to need elemental motes. Any of the magic weapons will require elemental motes to craft. So if you want to go the magic route, make sure you stock up on that sweet concentrated air, and fire, and death.

How to Get & Farm Elemental Motes

There are three methods by which one can acquire elemental motes, not counting the trading posts where you can acquire everything.

The first method is unique to elemental motes as opposed to other resources. This is by looting special small animals, such as the Lightning Beetle or Blightmoth. If you find these special small animals in New World, you can simply pick them up and farm a mote from them. Easy as that!

Method number two is mining. Each element will have a mineral deposit you can mine, meaning you will need to up your Mining level and upgrade those pickaxes.

Finally, you can acquire elemental motes through harvesting. Each element also comes with a special plant you can harvest. So if you’d rather grab your sickle as opposed to your pickaxe, you can go elemental mote farming that way instead in New World.

Air Motes

Air Motes - new world mote farming
Just go where the wind takes you. | Image: Map Genie via HGG

Air Motes are pretty common. While you can find air motes in a lot of different places across New World, there are two primary locations that are the best for air mote farming. Firstly, if you travel to the center of Restless Shores, you will find plenty of air mote opportunities. The second area that is rich in air motes is just south of Great Cleave.

  • Creature: Lightning Beetle
  • Mineral: Shockspire
  • Plant: Shockbulb

Death Motes

Death Motes - new world mote farming
Getting death motes is easy if you’re in the blight place at the blight time. | Image: Map Genie via HGG

Next we come to the dark and mysterious death motes for all your black magic needs. As with air motes, death motes are fairly common across the over world. However, if you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your death mote farming in New World, there are two primary locations to go to. The first, unsurprisingly, is Weaver’s Fen. You’ll find death motes all across Weaver’s Fen; motes for days! The second high concentration area is just northwest of First Light.

  • Creature: Blightmoth
  • Mineral: Blightcrag
  • Plant: Blightroot

Earth Mote

Earth Motes
No, earth motes are not just rocks. | Image: Map Genie via HGG

You can find earth motes anywhere there is a rocky zone in an area. Get to cliff climbing, and chances are you’ll be good to go. However, for the best earth mote farming in New World, you want to either go east of Monarch’s Bluff or east of Shattered Mountain. These are your best bets.

  • Creature: Earthshell Turtle
  • Mineral: Earthcrag
  • Plant: Earthspine

Fire Motes

Fire Motes
Everything changed when the fire motes attacked. | Image: Map Genie via HGG

The first area to go to if you do some fire mote farming in New World is Windsward. Luckily Windsward is a starting location and central hub for many players, so you’ll likely have a lot to do there anyway, and can just pick up your fire motes while questing. The other area that is rich in fire motes is just south of Morningdale.

  • Creature: Salamander Snail
  • Mineral: Scorchstone
  • Plant: Dragonglory

Life Motes

Life Motes - new world mote farming
Quick, we’re sinking! Get to the life moats! | Image: Map Genie via HGG

If you care about healing at all, you’re going to need some life moats. Thankfully, they’re quite prevalent across the starting areas of the game, which is quite nice. However, the best places to go for life mote farming in New World are in Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff respectively.

  • Creature: Life Beetles
  • Mineral: Life Jewels
  • Plant: Lifebloom

Soul Motes

Soul Motes - new world mote farming
Image: Map Genie via HGG

Soul motes are the rarest motes, but you can still get your hands on them without too much trouble. The center of Morningdale is one of the best places to go soul mote farming in New World. You’ll also have a good shot at getting some soul motes if you traverse the border of Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, and Windsward.

  • Creature: Soulwyrms
  • Mineral: Soulspires
  • Plant: Soulsprites

Water Motes

Water Motes
Image: Map Genie via HGG

Last but not least, we have water motes. You can find water motes…by the water. That’s kind of a no-brainer. More specifically, though, Weaver’s Fen is a great area to go water mote farming in New World. The other best place to go is the Lake at the center of Brightwood.

  • Creature: Spinefish
  • Mineral: Springstone
  • Plant: Rivercress

Join the High Ground

Now you know all the remote locations to go mote farming in New World. I don’t want to put on airs, as I’d rather be down to earth, but I hope this guide really helps and gets you fired up to find those motes. On your own, finding your motes can be death, but with these tips you’ll be the life of the arcana party. So water you waiting for? Thanks to this guide, you won’t need much soul searching to start crafting those weapons and potions.

Happy moting, explorer!    


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