New World Hemp Farming Guide: Best Locations

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New World Hemp Farming Guide: Best Locations

The MMO New World offers many unique experiences when compared to most other MMOs. It has some of the standard stuff, but the in-depth crafting systems alone make it stand out. But if you’re still in doubt about the MMO status of New World, just ask yourself – how many other MMOs are 420 friendly? That’s right, in this New World guide we’re talking about hemp!

Now, let me clarify, you cannot smoke hemp to get high and just chill out in New World. Sorry, I know it’s a bummer. But this guide will tell you what you can do with hemp, as well as how to get as much of it as you possibly can.

What is Hemp Used for in New World?

So remember above how I mentioned an in-depth crafting system? Well, buckle up. Say you want to craft some armor, an iron breastplate for example. Well, you’re going to need some iron, obviously (you always need iron. More iron, more!), but you’ll also need some cloth.

Turns out, armor wasn’t just pieces of metal you wore over bare skin, there was also some clothing underneath (to prevent pinching, chaffing, and the like). So you need some cloth, probably linen. So how to get linen? Well, you need to go to a loom and weave some fibers together to get that linen. But where do you get those fibers? That’s where hemp comes in.

As many a weed advocate has said, hemp is very useful in the production of paper, clothing, and the like. So in New World, if you want to make clothing (and by extension armor), then you need a lot of that good herb. But how do you get it?

How to Efficiently Gather Hemp

Your trusty sickle will get you all the hemp you need in New World.
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

The tall, pinkish purple plant, otherwise known as hemp, can be obtained as soon as you start New World with nothing more than a flint sickle and the press of a button. So in order to gather hemp, you do not actually need to level up your gathering trade skill.

That being said, you will still want to increase your gathering skill to at least level 25. The reason for doing so is rather simple. Once you hit level 25 in your gathering trade skill, hemp plants will show up on your compass map. Naturally, this makes them much easier to find as you traverse the overworld, questing and slaying and just generally having a grand old time. And of course, with a better sickle you will gather hemp much faster, but that’s just a nice bonus.

If you really want to go all out in regards to maximizing your hemp gathering ability, prioritize upping your dexterity score. You’ll be able gain milestone abilities which increase your gathering speed, though doing it solely for that is a bit of overkill.

The Resource Locations Tool

The Resource Tool will help you find any resource in New World.
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

A useful tip for finding the resources you need in New World is the resource locations tool on your map. The default key for opening your map in New World is ‘M’, but you might have a different key binding.

Either way, once you open up your map, you will see a list of menu options on the left side. One of these is named resource locations. If you click on that, you will see a handy guide to show you were different resources can be found.

For hemp specifically, you will want to search in grassland areas, which are (unsurprisingly) marked by the grasslands symbol on the map. Said areas will look a very pale green (arguably beige) and will also have gray tufts of grass protruding from the ground. If you look on your map proper, any area with this background is a grassland area and is likely to have an abundant supply of hemp. Of course, some areas on the map will be more abundant than others.

The Best Places to Farm Hemp in New World

Primrose - one of the best spots for hemp farming in New World
Image: Amazon Games via HGG / Joel Stadler

Now that you’ve got your sickle and you’ve raised your gathering trade skill to 25, you are ready to start some hemp farming. The question becomes, where to go to farm hemp? Sure you can track it on your compass map, but the answer clearly isn’t to wander around aimlessly until you stumble across some.

Thankfully, Primrose is one of the best places to farm hemp. Primrose is in the Windsward region. It is northwest of the capital, just above the fast travel shrine. And staying in the region, if you go south of the Armrine temple, you can find other spawn points.

First Light is another region that has fairly sizeable hemp nodes ripe for the farming. First you want to head northwest towards the lakes near Clearwater Bend. There you will find lots of hemp ready to be harvested. From there you can head to the eastern forest, located north of Saircor. More hemp spots abound there.

Monarch’s Bluff is the third region in New World I want to highlight for hemp farming. You want to head into the northeastern corner of Monarch’s Bluff. The specific location you are looking for is called Chason Steep. There, you will have an abundant supply of hemp.  

Finally, let’s look at the Restless Shore region. At the northern end of this region you will find a lot of hemp plants to acquire. This area is a bit out of the way, which can make it a pain to travel to. However, that also means that it is a less known area of the map and will result in less competition from other hemp farmers. This can make it an ideal secret spot to get you some hemp.

Join the High Ground!

Now you have some tips and tricks to maximize your hemp gathering in New World. You also have some of the best locations for farming hemp. Hopefully this guide will help you along your crafting journey.

It’s high time you toke advantage of this resource to make those fibers and linens. Weed really appreciate it if you used this guide to get as much hemp as you can. Danks a lot explorer!

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