New World: Azoth Staff Guide (2024)

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New World: Azoth Staff Guide (2024)

Brave Soulwarden, forge your weapon against corruption!

In the MMO New World, you will likely spend a good portion, if not most of your time, getting resources and crafting weapons, armor and all the other fancy things you want in this game. However despite that, there is still a main questline to follow. And that questline is all about fighting corruption. And to do that, you’re going to need an Azoth Staff.

What is an Azoth Staff? How do you get one? This guide will go over all of that. Let’s get into all things Azoth Staff, shall we?

What is an Azoth Staff in New World?

So, if you’ve been traversing the New World, hunting for iron or whatever it is the kids do these days in the New World, you’ve like come across patches of corruption. You’ll be walking along through the forest, get to a cliffside, climb over some rocks, and all of a sudden the sky turns black and the land is scorched red and the end times are upon you. So you take a couple steps back and everything’s fine again. That’s corruption. More specifically, these are areas of the map with special corrupt enemies where if you stand in the black stuff you suffer a nasty DOT effect. The enemies are killable as normal, but they are usually fairly tuff, and the aforementioned DOT effect doesn’t help matters. But lo and behold, you can cleanse these corrupted areas, putting an end to their blight for good… or until they respawn… whichever happens first.

You might have already guessed, but in order to cleanse corruption, you will need an Azoth Staff. Like most items in the New World, an Azoth Staff comes in five tiers. A tier one Azoth Staff can cleanse a tier one corrupted area, a tier two Azoth Staff is needed for a tier two corrupted area, etc. But in order to get your Azoth Staff, you’re going to need to get a few resources, complete a bunch of quests, and talk to a weird old fisherman.

How to Get an Azoth Staff

The weird old fisherman you want to talk to is just outside of the Windsward settlement, and goes by the name Yonas Alazar. From the moment you talk to him, the guy gives off classic crazy mentor vibes, so you know something is up. You talk to him to learn more about an ancient order known as the Soulwardens. Spoiler alert! Yonas Alazar is the last surviving Soulwarden. After much convincing and questing, he will agree to help you become a new Soulwarden and resurrect the order. And in order to become a Soulwarden, you need to forge your Azoth Staff. And in order to do this, you will need to complete a bunch of main story quests. However these are the primary ones that directly correspond to the forging of your Azoth Staff:

  •      The First Component
  •     Adiana’s Fountain
  •     Weakness of the Ego
  •     Argent and Aether
  •     Forge Your Azoth Staff

However you are also going to need these resources, so consider obtaining them first:

  •      x5 Silver Ingots
  •     x3 Water
  •     x3 Petalcap
  •     x3 Rivercress Stem

The 5 Quests to Obtain the Azoth Staff

Yonas gives you a quest called The First Component. That quest will take you to Traitor’s Hold, which is a pirate base located in the northern part of Monarch’s Bluffs. You enter a cave, climb up one of the walls, and you’ll find a chest with the first piece of your Azoth Staff. Once you return to Yonas, the quest is complete. However you will have a few main story quests to go through before you get to the next one on our list.

Next up we Have Adiana’s Fountain. This quest has you travel to Canary Mine in Everfall. There, in true MMO quest fashion, Adiana agrees to help you, but only if you do something for her first. Namely, destroy three Corrupt Tendrils and two Clotting Carapaces. It’s a simple quest, but potentially dangerous. The Corrupt Tendrils are nasty, and the Clotting Carapaces explode when destroyed.

Adiana’s next task for you is to craft three Corruption Tinctures in the Weakness of the Ego quest. You’ll need your three water, petalcap, and Rivercress Stem for this one. If you didn’t buy all your resources you can get the water from any water source, the petalcaps from a river in the northern end of First Light, and Rivercress Stems from… rivers. The Rivercress Stems grow next most rivers, but can primarily be found in Windsward and Everfall.

Next Up is the quest Argent and Aether. For this one you go to Armine Temple in Windsward, where you will use those five Silver Ingots to craft your Azoth Staff Crosspiece.

After all that, you are finally ready to forge your Azoth Staff. You do so by completing the quest of the same name. Forge Your Azoth Staff requires you to head to the Shattered Obelisk in Everfall. You want to enter the Obelisk from its southern entrance. Then you get to do as the quest suggests and forge your Azoth Staff. After that, return to Yonas Alazar and proudly equip your Azoth Staff for all the New World to see. Now you are ready to cleanse that corruption.

Upgrading Your Azoth Staff

Now that you have your Azoth Staff, you will want to make it the best Azoth Staff it can be. It starts of at tier one after you complete the quest Forge Your Azoth Staff. From there you can simply upgrade it at campsites. However, to unlock each new tier, you will have to complete another main story quest. These quests are:

  • Covenant Commitment
  • The Alliance
  • Race for the Box
  • The Tempest Heart

While these quests do not directly correlate to your Azoth Staff, they do correlate to your work as a Soulwarden. And completing each one will unlock the next tier of upgrades for your Azoth staff, so you’ll be cleansing corruption like a pro.

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