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5 Best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone (Season 6)

Sniper rifles are extremely powerful and essential in Warzone because of their ability to one-shot the competition from a hidden location. Their incredible range and damage output allows players to down their enemies one-by-one from any of the game’s numerous rooftop areas. Despite its poor rate of fire, mobility, and control, the sniper rifle’s kill shot in Warzone will always be an extremely valuable asset to any player that can master it.

In this guide, we’ll be revealing the top four best sniper rifles for one-shotting the competition in Warzone Season 6.  

Best Sniper Rifles in CoD: Warzone Season 6

What is the best sniper rifle in Warzone? There are currently nine sniper rifles in Warzone, making it a smaller but highly deadly weapon class. Below, we’ve ranked the four sniper rifles that are dominating the meta in Season 6 to show you why they’re the best of the best.

1. Swiss K31 

Warzone’s best mid-range sniper rifle 

An aggressive sniper rifle that is the perfect choice for Verdansk and Rebirth Island. 

Why is it one of the best? This bolt-action sniper rifle has solid accuracy, damage, range, control, and mobility. It’s a balanced and highly reliable mid-range steamroller that especially excels in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Although Verdansk will be removed in early December, the new map that’s replacing it will roughly be the same size as Verdansk. While it’s too early to say whether the Swiss will continue to be the best in the new Pacific Caldera map, its well-rounded nature coupled with its mid-range power should at least keep it on the list. 

Its exceptional mobility, control, and speed also make it an excellent choice for the fast-paced and hectic environment in Battle Royale. During Season 3, its flinch resistance, ADS speed, and aiming stability were improved, which have made it a viable choice for quickscoping. While it does have lower bullet velocity and range than its competition, it has strong stats all around which makes it the best sniper rifle in Season 6. 

What are its best attachments? This loadout focuses on making the Swiss K31 the fastest and deadliest mid-range sniper it can be in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. The GRU Suppressor significantly increases bullet velocity and range, and keeps your shots hidden from the minimap and radar. The 24.9” Combat Recon barrel increases your bullet velocity and range even more. 

The SWAT 5mW Laser boosts your aim down sights speed and aiming stability, while the Serpent Grip further increases your ADS speed. Lastly, the Bruiser Grip increases your movement speed and gives another boost to your aiming stability.

How do I get it? You’ll need to get two headshots using sniper rifles in fifteen different matches. This isn’t much of a challenge, but it can be rather time consuming. The best way to do it is to play respawn modes like Plunder, since they give you more opportunities to reach your goal. Be sure you don’t leave the match early, either — if you get your headshots but exit the match too early, they won’t count!

2. ZRG 20MM 

Warzone’s best long-distance sniper rifle 

A heavy-hitting steamroller that takes one-shot kills to the next level. 

Why is it one of the best? This explosive bolt-action rifle has incredible accuracy and the highest bullet velocity in the game. Although it doesn’t have the speed that the Swiss K31 has, it makes up for that with its high damage and long range capabilities. 

This sniper can execute enemies if you can land a shot on the head, chest, stomach, or shoulders. It can also deal huge damage to vehicles, which is something few other weapons in Warzone can do. This sniper is a strong long-range option in any Warzone mode. You can hide on rooftops and easily pick off your enemies, or you can play more aggressively and still rack up kills because of the sniper’s insane damage output. Despite its slow aim down sight speed and reload speed, attachments can remedy these issues to make it more mobile.  

What are its best attachments? This particular loadout focuses on maxing the ZRG’s long-range capabilities, range, and bullet velocity. The Wrapped Suppressor offers sound suppression, better vertical recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range. The 43.9” Combat Recon significantly improves bullet velocity, which will make the ZRG more of a long-range machine. 

The 5 Rnd magazine is crucial since the sniper’s original three rounds can be really limiting early on. The Serpent Wrap improves the ZRG’s ADS speed, while Axial Arms 3x slightly improves your accuracy. Because this scope doesn’t produce a glint, it makes it harder for enemies to hit you back. 

How do I get it? Using sniper rifles, you’ll need to earn two longshot medals in ten different matches.  This can be a challenging objective to complete, but once again, the best way to do it is to play respawn modes like Plunder that give you more chances to reach your goal. Make sure you don’t exit your matches too early.

3. LW3 – Tundra 

Warzone’s most improved sniper rifle   

This sniper falls just below the Swiss and ZRG in stats, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand out.

Why is it one of the best? The LW3 Tundra was somewhat of a boring and average sniper rifle until it was buffed during Season 3. The two main drawbacks that prevented it from reaching its true potential were its ADS speed and aiming stability. The aiming stability was recently increased, and more attachments were made available to boost its ADS speed.

Since its buffs, it’s become much more of a popular option in Warzone. Its high bullet velocity and solid aim speed help it contend with its competition. It’s been described as somewhat of a hybrid between the new generation of aggressive snipers, and the older, long-range snipers. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to improve their long-range skills, but also want something that’s fast and functional in those high-intensity Battle Royale situations. Overall, the LW3 is a solid, versatile sniper that will get the job done. 

What are its best attachments? This loadout concentrates on improving the LW3’s long-range capabilities. The Wrapped Suppressor and the 29.1” Combat Recon significantly boost your bullet velocity. The SAS Combat Stock gives you more movement speed when aiming. 

The Royal & Kross 4x Scope provides you with more range and minimal view obstruction. However, if you’re looking for more mobility instead, opt for the default optic and choose the Patrol Grip, which increases your sprinting move speed. Lastly, the 7 Rnd allows you to get a few more shots off onto your opponent, which will be crucial in high-intensity gunfights.  

How do I get it? All you need to do is reach Level 25!

4. M82

Warzone’s best semi-automatic sniper rifle 

This slower but deadly behemoth offers a unique and more forgiving playstyle. 

Why is it one of the best? If you want something that makes long-range shots easier to land, then this semi-automatic sniper may be for you. It will one-shot kill if you can shoot the head or upper chest. It’s also one of only two semi-automatic weapons that can one-shot headshot fully armored players. While it doesn’t have the best ADS speed or exceptional bullet velocity, it still packs a powerful punch mainly because it can get it shots off faster. 

During Season 3, the M82 was also buffed. In an effort to make it more of a “heavier duty semi-auto sniper,” its bullet velocity and extremity multipliers were increased; however, its rate of fire was decreased. Despite its heavy recoil and slow handling, its ability to quickly follow up a missed shot with more shots is invaluable in fast-paced modes like Battle Royale or Verdansk. Although it may be more clunky, it can be just as deadly as the Swiss or the ZRG. 

What are its best attachments? This loadout enhances your M82’s mobility and control, which will help it better contend with top tier picks. The 20.6” Rapid Fire barrel improves your fire rate while the Marathon Pad increases your sprint-to-fire time. 

The SASR Jungle Grip boosts your aiming speed and flinch stability. The Bipod makes your recoil more tolerable by decreasing your horizontal and vertical recoil. Finally, the Royal and Kross 4x boosts your accuracy by allowing you to see your enemies more clearly. 

How do I get it? All you need to do is reach Level 55!

Honorable Mention: Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone

Although the following sniper rifle is still a viable and powerful option in Warzone, it can’t quite keep up with its Cold War competitors. Nevertheless, it is still a beast at long range and can one-shot the competition. With the right attachments, it can contend with its Cold War rivals. 

5. HDR

Warzone’s best Modern Warfare sniper rifle  

Screenshot of attachment UI for the HDR Sniper Rifle

A dethroned Modern Warfare classic that is still a strong pick for Warzone Season 6. 

Why is it one of the best? Before Cold War brought its overpowered sniper rifles into Warzone, HDR was the unchallenged king of maximum range sniping. Although it’s still good at its job, it has been scratched off the top tier list and replaced by Cold War’s ZRG.

Despite it falling behind, this VLK bolt-action sniper rifle is still a very powerful and solid choice for long-range fights. It is one of the few sniper rifles that can one-shot a fully armored opponent if you can get a shot to the head, which is something that only a few other rifles can do. 

It has exceptional bullet velocity and stability at range, but it suffers from slow ADS speed and fire rate. However, for players that are skilled at aiming and like taking time, this sniper can melt the competition.

What are its best attachments? This loadout focuses on maxing out your damage range and accuracy. Although it knocks your mobility down, your increased damage and range will make it much easier for you to one-shot your enemies. The Monolithic Suppressor gives you excellent sound suppression and improved damage range. The 26.9” HDR Pro boosts damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. The Tac Laser increases your ADS speed, aiming stability, and aim walking steadiness. 

The Variable Zoom Scope improves your accuracy and significantly increase your range so that you can put up a fight from extreme ranges. Lastly, 9 Rnd Mags allows you to get more shots off onto your opponent, which will be extremely important given the HDR’s slow rate of fire. Focusing on your target and going slow is the playstyle you need to have to succeed with this heavy hitter. 

How do I get it? All you need to do is reach Level 11. 

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Although sniper rifles offer only one solid playstyle, their range and damage output is perfect for one-shotting the competition from any rooftop in Warzone. The sniper rifle will pave the way to the top for players who can master their aim, outplay their opponents in long range gunfights, and stay patient. Let us know what your favorite sniper rifle is in the comments, and don’t forget to follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Happy gaming!   


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