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The 10 Best COD Streamers: Call of Duty’s Finest

There’s never been a better time to be a Call of Duty fan. With two excellent back-to-back titles in Modern Warfare and Cold War, as well as the consistently updated battle royale Warzone, there’s plenty to play. Between the pros in the Call of Duty League, content creators, and team-based streamers, there are also plenty of excellent players to follow. 

But who are the best COD streamers, and which ones are worth your time? Let’s find out.

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The 10 Best COD Streamers

Everyone seems to jump into Call of Duty when the annual release comes around. Throw in the regular seasonal updates in Warzone, and you can expect almost every popular streamer to cycle into COD from time to time. While top-tier streamers like Ninja or Shroud may be the first people to come to mind, they just don’t play enough to be considered the best COD streamers.

For our list, we instead focused on consistent streamers and fan favorites. Some of these folks are professionals or high-level players. Others can hold their own but are more entertaining to watch due to their humor or personality over their skill level. In either case, these are the top 10 COD streamers to watch.

1. NickMercs

The best COD streamer overall

Image Credit: FaZe Clan

While Gears of War may have helped him break into esports, Nick Kolcheff, better known as NickMercs, has built his brand around Call of Duty. When he first started streaming, he was one of the best COD: Black Ops streamers around. And now, he’s elevated his presence even further thanks to his Warzone gameplay and seasonal analysis.

The funny thing is that while COD has been a consistent part of his career, it was really Fortnite that helped Nick become a full-time streamer. His time with the explosive battle royale title led him to join FaZe Clan and married his competitive and streaming careers. 

Now, he’s the most-watched Warzone player on Twitch, thanks to his entertaining and consistently high-performing gameplay. It also helps that he takes the game’s meta so seriously. If you want up to date insights about new trailers, weapon drops, or seasonal tweaks, he’ll be sure to cover it.

See NickMerc’s full eSports profile.

2. Summit1G

The best COD: MW streamer

Summit1G Streamer
Image Credit: Summit1G

Jaryd Lazar is one of those streamers that has seemingly been around since the dawn of Twitch. He’s played just about every competitive title over the last 8-years. And like many streamers on this list, he’s recently made the jump to Warzone.

However, it was Modern Warfare that drew Summit1G back to the Call of Duty franchise. As a former CS:GO pro, his strengths are better highlighted by the tighter, back-to-basics gameplay. As he’s transitioned to playing more Warzone, he hasn’t been afraid to speak up about his critique of the gameplay.

That’s what makes his streams so refreshing. Similar to NickMercs, he takes the time to break down the technical performance of COD while playing. His streams are informative, laid back, and are still incredibly competitive. He has a wealth of experience and isn’t afraid to showcase it and share it. 

See Summit1G’s full eSports profile.

3. Scump

The best COD: Black Ops Cold War streamer

Image Credit: SCUF Gaming

Seth Abner has been a dominant presence in the Call of Duty League since the original Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 series. Since then, he has joined and extended his contract with OpTic Chicago and won a championship in 2017. 

His competitive run is impressive, to say the least. He’s remained consistent with every new release and has somehow found a way to adapt his playstyle around every mechanical tweak. And unlike many professional streamers, his focus has been mastering Cold War’s multiplayer, not Warzone

You can expect his streams to act more like scrimmages. They truly give you a glimpse into the training, communication, and cooperation needed to make a successful esports team. 

4. Nadeshot

The best COD streamer for eSports

Image Credit: 100 Thieves

Matthew Haag is one of the people responsible for making Call of Duty work as an eSport. After a six-year career playing for OpticGaming (where he even mentored Scump), he transitioned to a full-time content creator role in 2015. 

Arguably, it’s been his post-professional career that has made the greatest impact on the league. He helped found 100 Thieves and turned them into the lifestyle and gaming powerhouse that they are today. He recently brought his organization back to his gaming roots, announcing the creation of the LA Thieves Call of Duty team.

While he may not be competing as part of this new squad, his extensive knowledge and experience make him the perfect mentor for this burgeoning team. And if you want to see his experience and playstyle in action, you can always catch Nadeshot streaming Warzone with the likes of CouRageJD.

5. TimTheTatman 

The most entertaining COD streamer

Image Credit: TimtheTatMan

His pursuit of the elusive Fall Guys crown may have made bigger waves this year, but that shouldn’t overshadow how entertaining TimTheTatman is as a COD streamer. 

While he may be more of a variety streamer, anytime Tim jumps into Warzone is must-see viewing. His lengthy streams are energetic, loud, and a bit silly, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still competitive. You can always expect Tim to make it close to the top spot, as long as some early shenanigans don’t lead to an early team wipe.

And speaking of teams, you can expect a who’s who in the streaming community to be a part of Tim’s streams. CouRageJD, Nadeshot, Dr. Lupo, Ninja, and plenty of others are a consistent presence and add to his streams’ jovial nature. They’re always worth checking out just as much for the jabs between this rotating cast as they are for the actual gameplay.

See TimTheTatman’s full eSports profile.


The best pro COD streamer

Image Credit: SCUF Gaming

Matthew Piper is known to be one of the best Call of Duty players of all time. Under his moniker FORMAL, he has played for several esports organizations over the years and recently landed with NRG Esports. And while his focus has been on Modern Warfare and Cold War multiplayer, FORMAL still has time to dominate in Warzone.

FORMAL was one of the first to champion the Call of Duty battle royale game mode. He was one of the best Blackout streamers around and easily transitioned to Warzone upon its release. 

Now, he may be one of the dryer personalities to watch on this list, but that doesn’t mean he’s not entertaining. In fact, his dry wit and calm demeanor elevate his performance. It makes his ability with a sniper or assault rifle seem like second nature and further cement his abilities as a professional player.

7. Ms_Vixen 

The best woman COD streamer

Ms Vixen
Image Credit: Ms_Vixen

Lanai Gara is somewhat of a rising star on Twitch, but she’s been around for quite a while. Specializing in FPS titles, Ms_Vixen launched into the stratosphere after becoming the best Call of Duty: World at War player from 2008 to 2009. Since then, she’s somewhat departed from the competitive scene but has kept Call of Duty as part of her online persona ever since.

And while she may be the best COD girl streamer out there, she’s also among the best and most entertaining Warzone streamers. Her experience and profound knowledge of the series makes her streams incredibly informative. And her relaxed wit and ability to chat with her audience makes them feel open and welcoming. 

She does tend to switch between titles, which may mean you won’t catch her playing Cold War for a bit. But when she does, it’s worth checking out.

8. Dr. Disrespect

The most controversial COD streamer

Dr Disrespect
Image Credit: G FUEL

Guy Beahm may have one of the most storied streaming careers both on and off camera. His antics have built a prolific following while also prompting the ban hammer from Twitch in the process. But the Dr. Disrespect character hasn’t faded away into the annals of streaming history. Instead, the Doc has embraced this role and taken it to YouTube.

His career with Sledgehammer before streaming somewhat cements the Doc’s relationship with Call of Duty. While he may have found a home with Fortnite in the late 2010s, you always see him come back to lay the smackdown in the latest COD experience. 

His aggressive play style and counterculture brand make him the “anti-hero” you want to root for. He plays differently than most and isn’t ashamed of that because, quite frankly, it works for him.

See Dr. Disrespect’s full eSports profile.

9. NoahJ456

The most underrated COD streamer

Image Credit: NoahJ456

Another member of 100 Thieves, Noah is one of the best COD streamers, but often goes under the radar due to his focus on YouTube content creation. He hasn’t streamed on Twitch in over two years, but he’s no less active in the Call of Duty community. He often joins the streams of his Thieves teammates, goes live on YouTube from time to time, and constantly uploads clips to his channel.

Part of his underground presence has to do with his rise to fame. He became one of the top Fortnite players around back in 2017, and after his stint and as a Twitch streamer, he decided to take a different path. And this is what makes him such an entertaining alternative to most traditional COD players.

He’s still incredibly good and keeps up with the likes of Nadeshot as a great offensive teammate. But his passion and style lie in identifying solid moments that are worth presenting to the community. It also doesn’t hurt that he may be one of the only family-friendly streamers on this list, making him the perfect introduction to COD for your kids.

10. TeePee

The best technical COD streamer

TeePee Streamer
Image Credit: SCUF Gaming

There are a handful of former and current professional COD players on this list. None of them quite have the shoutcasting and gameplay analysis chops of TeePee. And while Tyler Polchow may not be as well-known outside of the Call of Duty community, that doesn’t seem to bother him.

Early on in his career, he had the most online/LAN pro COD wins of all time. Now, he spends his time coaching and shoutcasting for various events. He brings a technical nuance to the game and anything he’s hosting that most players simply don’t have. He knows how to play exceptionally well and provides technical analysis of updates, player builds, and firefight situations that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want to improve your game or are interested in seeing what else you can do with Call of Duty, he’s worth watching.

Best COD Streamers Wrap Up

Call of Duty attracts quite the mix of players. From the humorous and casual to the renowned pros, there’s always someone that fits your specific niche. Thanks to Warzone, there’s always a fresh drop of content to keep things interesting for streamers and their audience.

Hopefully, this list of best COD streamers has helped you find one (or several) new streamers worth watching. Be on the lookout for more guides and if you enjoyed this article, stay in the know and subscribe to our email list, and don’t forget to share it with your friends through your favorite social platform.


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