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Best ARs in Warzone Pacific Season 4

Assault Rifles make up the deadliest weapon class in Warzone, and are easily the most reliable choice for any loadout. Call of Duty: Vanguard brought many new and over-powered assault rifles to Warzone, which continue to shake up the meta with each new patch. With how often they change with every new update and season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and fall behind.

Warzone Pacific: Season 4 has brought some major changes to many top-tier weapons and Caldera as a whole. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the ten best ARs for Warzone Pacific Season 4 and their best loadouts so you can keep up with the competition in Caldera, Rebirth Island, and Fortunes Keep.

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10 Best ARs in Warzone Pacific Season 4, Ranked

Assault rifles are the most powerful, reliable, and adaptable weapons in Warzone. However, with how often they’re changed with each new update, they can also be very unpredictable. If you know which rifles and loadouts to practice with this season, you will keep up with the competition, and have a ton of fun doing it.

There are a total of thirty-four assault rifles in Warzone, and ten of them are newer Vanguard additions. Although many of the top tier Vanguard assault rifles have received nerfs going into Season 4, many other Vanguard and Black Ops: Cold War contenders have been brought to the forefront. Below, we’ll be revealing the ten best assault rifles in COD Warzone Pacific Season 4, their best builds, and unlock requirements. 

10. NZ-41

Why is it one of the best?

Although the NZ-41 is still a viable choice for Season 4, it has received some decent attachment buffs and nerfs since the release of Season 4. In the last two updates following the Season 4 patch, its lower torso damage multiplier and recoil recovery were nerfed. 

Its popular 8mm Klauser 40 Round Mags were also nerfed by the Recoil Control Penalty. Don’t be quick to rule it out, though. It still has great accuracy and damage output, and is still very much a part of the current meta if you know how to outfit it.

What are its best attachments?

Despite the NZ-41’s setbacks, YouTuber P4wnyhof has come up with a new build that has kept it from falling out of the current meta. This particular build focuses on improving the weapon’s recoil and accuracy so that it’s easier to use, and more powerful from long-range. 

The MX Silencer boosts your horizontal and vertical recoil control, and increases your damage range. The Orbweaver 360mm BC gives solid buffs to your accuracy and control, while the LOR Mk3 SC improves recoil control even more. Although the 1229/Slate 3.25x Custom is preferred for this build, the G16 2.5x is a good substitute if you don’t have it. Lastly, the 6.5 Sakura 50 Round Mags buff your recoil control, accuracy, fire rate, and movement speed. 

How do I get the NZ-41?

Do a little grinding to get to Level 41, and it’s yours.

9. FFAR 1 (BOCW)

Why is it one of the best?

This full-auto, Black Ops: Cold War assault rifle has managed to keep up with its newer Vanguard competition. In the Season 4 patch, it received a solid buff to its max damage range. Although it has received various nerfs and buffs in the past, it’s one of the few assault rifles that came out of the patch with a buff. 

Its amazing fire rate, decent damage, and great mobility are very useful in smaller maps like Rebirth Island and Fortunes Keep where close-range combat happens more frequently. However, it can still dominate in Caldera if you have the right attachments to go with it. 

What are its best attachments?

This build turns the FFAR 1 into more of a close-combat melter that can still compete from longer ranges in maps like Rebirth Island. The Agency Suppressor increases your accuracy, damage, and range, while the Tiger Team Spotlight gives you better movement speed so you can quickly get in and out of hairy situations. The Raider Stock and the Serpent Wrap boost your movement speed even more so you can come out on top in stressful, close-quarter fights. 

How do I get the FFAR 1 (BOCW)?

Reach Level 40, that’s it!

8. Nikita AVT

Why is it one of the best?

Although the Nikita AVT may not be as overpowered in Season 4 as it was in Season 3 when it was released, it is easily still one of the best assault rifles to use in Caldera. Despite the nerfs it received to some of its magazines, its max damage and move speed scale were buffed.

It has the best fire rate in its class, and reliable accuracy. It can be used as a lethal close-quarter combat machine, or an unstoppable long-range beast. Both loadouts would give you a leg up in Fortunes Keep, depending on your playstyle. 

What are its best attachments?

This build makes the Nikita AVT more of a close-range monster, but still gives it enough range to be useful from farther distances. The MX Silencer and the Empress 613mm BFA give crucial buffs to your accuracy, damage, and range. 

The M1941 Hand Stop improves your recoil control, and sprint to fire speed. The ZAC MS boosts your accuracy by increasing your recoil control and aiming stability. With these essential attachments, you will be able to be aggressive in stressful close-range battles, and still compete from further away. 

How do I get the Nikita AVT?

Get ten kills while moving in a single match fifteen times. Once again, respawn modes like Plunder will give you more chances to complete your objective.

7. AK-47 (BOCW)

Why is it one of the best?

This full-auto powerhouse has been brought more to the center stage as a result of the Season 4 patch. While many of the star assault rifles of Season 3, like the STG44, received solid nerfs, many powerful alternatives like the AK-47 were left mostly untouched. It is a very reliable, medium-long range heavy-hitter that stands out even more with the right attachments. 

What are its best attachments?

This build maximizes the AK-47’s damage output, range, and accuracy to make it the best medium-long range beast that it can be. The GRU Suppressor and the 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel sharply increase damage range, recoil control, and bullet velocity. The Spetsnaz Grip boosts your recoil control even more, while the Axial Arms 3x buffs your accuracy. Lastly, the 45 Rnd magazine gives you the ammo you need to get aggressive and melt the competition. 

How do I get the AK-47 (BOCW)?

All you need to do is get to Level 7!

6. Vargo 52

Why is it one of the best?

The Vargo 52 is another underrated weapon that players are starting to pick up more in Season 4. In the Season 4 patch, it received significant buffs to its muzzle velocity, and its recoil control. According to the patch notes, Raven’s goal was to make the Vargo 52 easier to control, and more of an easy-to-use, effective AR. It has a solid fire rate, and great handling. It is an excellent long-range option, and also has some insane damage output. 

The Vargo-S, which is scheduled to arrive with the mid-season update, will be extremely similar to the Vargo 52. If you’re interested in getting a feel for what the new weapon will be like, then mastering the Vargo 52 is definitely not a bad idea. 

What are the best attachments for the Vargo 52?

Although this loadout is considered a relatively old one, it still maximizes the Vargo’s strengths the best. The GRU Suppressor gives substantial boosts to your accuracy, damage, and range.

Meanwhile, the 18.6” Task Force significantly increases your damage, range, and recoil control, but also deals a blow to your accuracy and mobility. Thankfully, the Spetsnaz Grip helps make up for this setback in accuracy. Although it’s not the most mobile build, you will be able to quickly melt your opponents from farther ranges.   

5. ITRA Burst

Why is it one of the best?

This deadly burst assault rifle also received a decent buff in the Season 4 patch. Its muzzle velocity was increased by 11%, and its upper torso damage multiplier was slightly increased. This small buff makes the ITRA burst a faster killer with the correct attachments. Its main strengths are in its fire rate, control, and solid damage output. With a loadout that highlights its buffs and strengths, it can absolutely shred through the competition. 

What are its best attachments?

This build is unique in that it buffs all the main categories without any major consequences. The increased fire rate, damage output, and range turn the ITRA into more of a lethal burst beast. The MX Silencer gives you the stealth you need, and improves your recoil control and damage range. The Perfetto 140mm Rapida gives a substantial buff to the ITRA’s fire rate, making it a faster killer. 

The Botti SMI Adjustable improves your overall movement speed and control. The G16 2.5x improves your accuracy and recoil control, while the Carver Foregrip increases recoil control and hip fire accuracy. Lastly, the Lengthened ammunition lets you quickly down your enemies from a bit further away. 

How do I get the ITRA Burst?

Hit Level 16 and it’s yours!

4. BAR

Why is it one of the best?

Although many have underestimated the BAR, it is quickly getting the attention that it deserves this season. It came out of the Season 4 patch with a slight buff, specifically to its muzzle velocity and its neck damage multiplier. It boasts excellent damage output and accuracy, and competes well in medium-to-long-distance engagements.

What are its best attachments?

This powerful build, which was found by YouTuber JoeWo, specifically zeros in on the BARs accuracy, range, and fire rate to make it a mid-to-long range monster. The Recoil Booster improves your fire rate, while the CGC 30” XL increases your recoil control, accuracy, bullet velocity, and flinch resistance. 

Although this build calls for the SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x, which gives the BAR a solid boost to accuracy, the G16 2.5 is a great substitute if you do not have it. The M1941 Hand Stop and the Cooper SP both improve your recoil control. The Polymer Grip gives you that extra boost to accuracy, flinch resistance, and recoil control.

How do I get the BAR?

To unlock this Vanguard beast, just get to Level 25.

3. XM4

Why is it one of the best?

This full-auto, Black Ops: Cold War assault rifle is up there with its Vanguard competition. Although it has undergone nerfs in the past, it was untouched by the Season 4 patch. It has great damage output, a solid fire rate, and excellent control. 

What are its best attachments?

This build is all about maximum damage output, and control. This explosive build also gives you the range and boost in accuracy you’ll need to keep up with the competition. The Agency Suppressor and the 13.5” Task Force barrel significantly improve your damage, range, and recoil control. The Field Agent Grip will boost your recoil control even more. 

The Axial Arms 3x is a solid optic for medium-to-long range engagements. Lastly, equip the 45 Rnd or STANAG 60 Rnd ammunition so you can come out on top in those stressful and aggressive gunfights. Just know that the 60 Rnd will slow you down more.  

How do I get the XM4?

Get to Level 4, and it’s all yours! It’s that easy!

2. STG44

Why is it one of the best?

Even though the STG44 has been out for a while now, it hasn’t fallen too far from the top tier list. Although it did receive some pretty substantial nerfs to its damage output and a couple of its attachments at the beginning of Season 4, it still boasts fantastic damage output, accuracy, and time-to-kill. It does its best work from close and mid range, but can be turned into a long-range monster.

What are its best attachments?

This build raises your accuracy, range, and damage so you can quickly respond to threats and come out on top. Although this build doesn’t have as much accuracy as the Cooper Carbine build, it has better mobility and range.

The MX Silencer and the VDD 760mm 05B barrel give you the boosts in accuracy, damage, and range that you will need. The 7.62 Gorenko 50 Round Mags supply you with more accuracy, recoil control, and movement speed.

The M1941 Hand Stop increases your recoil control, but deals a slight hit to your accuracy. Thankfully, the VDD 34S Weighted throws on more accuracy, a bit more range, and recoil control. The Polymer Grip adds even more accuracy, while the Lengthened ammunition gives you that extra range.

How do I get the STG44?

This reliable heavy-hitter is unlocked at Level 1!

1. Cooper Carbine

Why is it one of the best?

This disgustingly powerful assault rifle has yet to be dethroned. Although some of its attachments received some nerfs at the beginning of Season 4, its damage output was buffed. Its incredible accuracy, damage, and fire rate keep it at the top, and its short range and high recoil can be quickly fixed with attachments.

What are its best attachments?

This specific build, which was found by YouTuber ShawnP, makes the Cooper Carbine more of a long-range beast, and helps keep you one step ahead of your enemies. The MX Silencer is a must because it increases your accuracy, range, and range, and gives you the stealth you need to sneak up on your enemies.

The 22” Cooper Custom adds a massive boost to your accuracy and range, and a slight increase to your fire rate and damage. The G16 2.5x scope increases your accuracy even more, while the Lengthened ammunition gives you a little more range. Although this build is quite harsh on your mobility, it will quickly down your enemies, and give you the upper hand in Fortunes Keep where accuracy is crucial.

How do I get the Cooper Carbine?

You will need to get five headshot kills with an assault rifle in a single match fifteen times. This challenge shouldn’t be too difficult to unlock on Rebirth Island.

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