​​COD: Best Shotguns in Warzone Pacific (Season 3)

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​​COD: Best Shotguns in Warzone Pacific (Season 3)

Shotguns are making a strong comeback in Warzone Pacific Season 3. Although ARs and SMGs still steal the show, shotguns can be devastating and extremely fun when in the right hands. Despite their limited range, slow reload time, and slow rate of fire, their disgusting damage output alone makes them an unbelievably strong and broken class. 

While shotguns still tend to be overlooked, Vanguard has brought them back to the stage. The four new Vanguard shotguns added to Warzone have undoubtedly shaken up the meta, and made shotguns more of a viable option. With these new shotguns comes new and exciting loadouts, strategies, and challenges. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the five best shotguns for steamrolling the competition in Warzone Pacific: Season 3

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5 Best Shotguns in Warzone Pacific: Season 3

As of now, there are a total of fourteen shotguns in Warzone. Two of the four new Vanguard shotguns are throwing older shotguns off their thrones. However, some Modern Warfare and Cold War shotguns are remaining in the top tier despite their Vanguard competition. Below, I will list the five strongest shotguns this season, highlight their best builds, and explain their unlock requirements. 

1. JAK-12

Warzone’s deadliest hip fire shotgun

Even after being nerfed, this explosive close-ranged beast remains on top.

Why is it one of the best? This fully automatic and open bolt shotgun is now considered one of the best weapons in the game. Its insanely powerful hip fire allows you to hit your killshots without having to aim down the sight. It is an easy to use, fully automatic steamroller that’s quick to act in stressful close-quarter situations. 

The JAK-12 has a reliable three-shot kill range, and a faster reload time than its competitors. It also has a high fire rate, and can carry up to 32 rounds per mag so you can put more shots on your target before reloading. While it’s mainly meant for close-range combat, its ease of use coupled with its solid mobility and high-damage hipfire make it a dependable and popular choice. 

What are its best attachments? The JAK-12 has many different powerful loadouts, however, this particular loadout is one of the best for dominating Caldera. The Forge TAC Marauder gives you the tightest pellet spread, sound suppression, and more damage range. The ZLR J-3600 Torrent Barrel increases your range and tightens spread. 

The 5mW Laser and Stippled Grip Tape provide you with the mobility that you need to quickly get in and out of stressful, close-quarter fights. Finally, the 20 Round Drum Mags are going to be your best option for coming out on top in Warzone. 

How do I get it? You’ll need to get three hipfire kills using shotguns in seven different matches. Once again, playing modes like Plunder or Team Deathmatch will help you get there faster because they allow you to respawn. These modes give you more chances to engage with your enemy and achieve your objective. 

2. Gallo SA12

Warzone’s most lethal close-quarters shotgun

An absolutely devastating powerhouse that has yet to be dethroned.

Why is it one of the best? Many would argue that the Gallo is better than the JAK-12 because of its better TTK and better mobility, however, many would also argue that they are tied. Its unbelievable damage output coupled with its ease of control in stressful close-combat battles make it stand out amongst all other shotguns. Since its release during Season 4, it has become one of the most popular secondary weapons. 

This semi-automatic shotgun melts enemies faster than most other shotguns, which is why it’s so good at sweeping through buildings. Although its largest magazine is only 12 rounds, it deletes enemies with only two or three. It is reliable, deadly, and hasn’t budged from its top tier spot. 

What are its best attachments? The Gallo’s biggest faults are its slow reload speed and its high recoil. The below build focuses on giving the Gallo some medium range power, increasing hip-fire accuracy, and widening the shotgun’s pellet spread so you won’t have to worry so much about aiming down the sights. 

The Agency Choke muzzle upgrades your pellet spread, vertical recoil control, sound suppression, and damage range. The 21.4 Reinforced Heavy barrel improves your fire rate and damage range. The SWAT 5mw Laser Sight makes the Gallo even more deadly during close-range combat by improving its hip-fire accuracy. 

The STANAG 12 Rnd Tube allows you to unload more rounds before reloading in those high-stress situations when you are against multiple enemies. Lastly, the Field Tape substantially boosts the Gallo’s flinch resistance, which increases your accuracy.   

How do I get it? All you need to do is reach Level 34. This task may take a few hours, but consider playing modes like Plunder to get more experience and level up faster. 

3. Streetsweeper

Warzone’s most explosive shotgun

This full-auto shotgun from Black Ops: Cold War is for those who want to quickly wipe out their opponents, and have a whole lot of fun doing it. 

Why is it one of the best? The name of this overpowered shotgun says it all. Although it isn’t for the faint of heart, it destroys the competition at close range when it’s in the hands of a seasoned and aggressive player who knows how to use it. Despite the many nerfs it has received throughout the seasons, it is still extremely powerful in Warzone Pacific Season 3. 

It has the fastest fire rate in its class, and a large magazine that will keep you in the game. Couple these two traits with its exceptional hip-fire, and you are ready for any chaotic, close-range encounter on Caldera. 

What are its best attachments? This loadout is a force to be reckoned with because it buffs the Streetsweeper’s raw power in the best way possible. The Agency Choke muzzle boosts pellet spread, sound suppression, vertical recoil control, and damage range. The 13.3” Reinforced Heavy barrel gives a solid buff to damage range and the Streetsweeper’s already impressive fire rate. 

The Ember Sighting Point laser provides you with more hip fire accuracy, and even more damage range. The Wire Stock supplies you with the mobility you will need in those tough situations by increasing your sprint to fire time. 

Lastly, the STANAG 18 Rnd magazine equips you with the maximum amount of ammo you will need to clear your opponents off of Caldera. This heavy-hitting build is perfect for “sweeping” the competition if you know when and how to use it properly.  

How do I get it? With shotguns, you will need to get three kills without dying in fifteen different matches. Although this task is a grind, it shouldn’t be too difficult for the average player. Unlock it faster by playing respawn modes like Plunder. 

4.  Einhorn Revolving

Warzone’s most powerful Vanguard Shotgun

A semi-automatic shotgun that annihilates the competition when in the right hands.

Why is it one of the best? The Einhorn Revolving is a robust, high-damage, well-rounded addition to the shotgun class. Its solid fire rate, accuracy, and range make it a close-range monster. It quickly rises to the top of the competition with the right attachments. It can crush enemies from a longer range than other shotguns, and even some SMGs. Although it did receive nerfs to its hip-fire spread and some of its attachments back in Season 1, it is still a very viable and strong option for Season 3. 

What are its best attachments? This is currently the best loadout for the Einhorn Revolving shotgun because it tightens its hipfire spread, increases your mobility, and boosts damage range. With the right skill, this lethal loadout will allow you to quickly sweep the competition in Warzone.

The M97 Full Choke muzzle tightens your pellet spread. The Klauser 710mm 02B barrel boosts your range, accuracy, and damage, but hurts your hipfire accuracy. To counter this, equip the SMLE Pistol Grip, which increases hipfire accuracy and sprint to fire speed. 

Since this build is focused on hipfire spread, a reflex sight with no negative impact like the Nydar Model 47 will do just fine. The 16 Gauge 12 Round Cylinder gives you the max amount of ammo you will need to down your opponents. Incendiary ammo gives you that extra burn damage you may need to defeat your enemies. 

The Fabric Grip gives you more hipfire accuracy, and sprint to fire speed. The Removed Stock provides you with even more hipfire accuracy and movement speed. Lastly, Sleight of Hand helps with the Einhorn’s sluggish reload time, while Quick gives you even more mobility with increased sprint speed. 

How do I get it? No need to grind for this overpowered shotgun — you can use it right away! 

5. Combat Shotgun

Warzone’s best hip fire Vanguard Shotgun

Some will say that this pump-action behemoth has fallen out of the meta, but don’t let them fool you. It is still very much in the game.

Why is it one of the best? If you’re looking to one-shot the competition, look no further. Although nerfs to Vanguard shotguns in the past have made them drop in the ranks, that doesn’t mean they’re completely out of the meta. 

The Combat shotgun deals an enormous amount of raw damage, and has solid mobility for a shotgun. For those aggressive players who have an acquired taste for shotguns, the Combat Shotgun is definitely one of the best ones to use in Caldera. 

What are its best attachments? This loadout makes the Combat Shotgun a hip fire machine by maxing out its damage output, mobility, and accuracy. The M97 Full Choke muzzle gives you a tighter pellet spread, while the Sawed-off barrel provides you with more movement speed and damage. 

The Wire Custom Stock boosts your hip fire accuracy, aim down sight speed, and movement speed. To improve your accuracy even more, equip the Pine Tar Grip, which supplies you with better recoil control and hip fire accuracy. The Carver Foregrip underbarrel offers even more recoil control and hip fire accuracy. 

Throw on the 16 Gauge 10 Round Drums magazine for maximum firepower, and the Packed Powder ammunition for more damage range. Since you’re mainly focusing on hip fire accuracy and power, a basic optic with no negative effects like the Slate Reflector will do the job. Lastly, the Vital perk boosts torso damage, while the Quick perk improves your sprint speed. This devastating, high-damage loadout will melt enemies fast, and help you stay one step ahead of your enemies. 

How do I get it? Get to Level 14 and it’s all yours! 

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Shotguns are underrated, powerful steamrollers that are quickly becoming more popular because of Vanguard’s overpowered additions to the class. Although many players tend to ignore shotguns due to their setbacks, high difficulty, and low popularity, they are a force to be reckoned with and should definitely be considered when preparing your loadouts for Warzone Pacific Season 3. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter! 

Happy gaming! 

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