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Best 6v6 Multiplayer Maps in Call of Duty: MW2

Modern Warfare 2 currently has eleven multiplayer maps for the standard 6v6 game modes. Ten of these released on day one, with another released alongside Season 1 a few weeks later. In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the currently available 6v6 multiplayer maps in CoD: MW2 and rank them from worst to best.

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Best Maps in Modern Warfare 2, Ranked

Here’s our list for all the best multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ranked from worst to best. Side note — there is actually one map that was playable in the beta that has since disappeared. We won’t include that one (Valderas Museum), but it was a fantastic map while we had it.


Santa Seña Border Crossing

Santa Seña Border Crossing
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Santa Seña Border Crossing is not a good map. In fact, out of all the maps in MW2, it’s by far the worst. What makes this map so bad is that it defies everything players expect in a COD map. The layout of the map itself feels strange in general due to its length (it is a road, but still), and the potential for players to abuse certain points on the map is far too high.

There’s also the issue with all the cars. Obviously there have to be cars since we’re on a road, but there are far too many of them. They provide so much cover to where you never really see anyone until they’re already shooting you. Plus they explode easily and cause random deaths consistently throughout the game.

I do respect Infinity Ward for trying to do something new here, though. The map is divisive for many, and there are some players who do like the map. Perhaps it’s just not for everybody, but it’s hard to deny the map’s worst issues (the length, the cars, etc.). Hopefully Infinity Ward does continue to try out new things, but hopefully they do so differently than they did here.



(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Taraq is ranked as second worst here for a simple reason — it’s only good for long-range combat. Any map that is designed almost entirely around one type of combat is going to be unbalanced, and this is one of the more obvious examples of this. Sniper and other long-range weapon users will probably love this map, as it caters heavily to them. However, people who dislike long-range combat will probably hate it.

Taraq is also a bit too large for standard 6v6 game modes. While there are several large maps in the 6v6 playlist, Taraq is the only one that truly feels too large. Since it’s almost entirely outdoors, there’s no way to balance the map properly for multiple forms of combat. Any large outdoors map is going to naturally favor long-range combat, since indoors sections are essential to map balancing.


Zarqwa Hydroelectric

Zarqwa Hydroelectric
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

This is one of the more controversial maps in MW2. As someone who mostly plays the basic game modes (Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, etc.), this map originally felt frustrating. The underwater sections felt useless at first, the different areas of the map felt somewhat random, and the overall layout just felt mediocre. However, there’s a bit more to this map than it might seem.

While the water mechanics aren’t perfect, it is interesting to have this kind of variety. It also does make the map very unique. The random nature of the map has also begun to make more sense, as it does foster a fast-paced environment that can be really fun to play in at times.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric is still not a fantastic map, but it gets slightly more hate than it deserves. It has lots of potential for ranked play as well, so that will be something to watch when those ranked modes come out in the future.


El Asilo

El Asilo
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

El Asilo is a really solid map with some great aspects. The indoors section is incredibly tense, as the staircases are some of the hottest points on the map. This leads to lots of people running close-range weapons, even though a lot of the map is long-range.

The outdoors area is usually packed with snipers that are hard to see, but it’s easy to stay away from them if you want by remaining inside. The indoors section is just large enough that you never really have to go outside, which could be seen as either bad or good depending on which side you fall on.

As for the map’s worst feature, we have to say it’s the outdoors section. It doesn’t feel like they put much work into designing these sections, especially as you get further away from the main building. Really, this map is all about that central section with the building and not much else. If you enjoy running around indoors within a single building (which can actually be really fun sometimes), this is great. But if you want more variety, El Asilo is likely not going to be the best pick.


Mercado Las Almas

Mercado Las Almas
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Mercado Las Almas is one of the most chaotic maps in MW2. It’s a smaller map with just as many hot points as the biggest maps in the game, which leads to both really fun battles and also some incredibly frustrating deaths. Notably, it’s really impressive how well balanced this map is even though it’s rather small.

It would have made sense if it was only good for close-range combat due to this, but there are several good places for long-range as well. Snipers can take advantage of the long hallways with good lines of sight, while close-range players can happily run around with an SMG and find plenty of people to pick off.

The only reason this map is a bit lower on this list is because of the frustration it can cause. It’s a really claustrophobic map, even in the larger sections, which means it can only be so good. By no means is this a bad map, but from an objective standpoint, it comes in just around the middle.


Breenbergh Hotel

Breenbergh Hotel
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

I really wanted to rank this higher, but due to how rough this map is for scorestreaks it’s hard to do so. The air-based scorestreaks (the ones that have to come down from above) are almost entirely useless on this map since it’s mostly indoors with a roof above. Other than that though, I find this to be one of the best maps in MW2. It’s so well-designed that any playstyle could easily do well.

If Hotel was more thoughtfully designed, it would likely have been towards the top of the list. For game modes where scorestreaks don’t matter as much, this is a fantastic map. But for Team Deathmatch and other streak-heavy modes, it’s just a downer.

There are also some legal issues regarding this map that Activision is dealing with. Since this map is based on a real hotel, there are some issues that could have unknown consequences if they don’t get settled. We’re not factoring that into our ranking, of course, but it would be really sad to see this map get removed due to said legal issues.


Al Bagra Fortress

Al Bagra Fortress
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Al Bagra Fortress is somewhat controversial to many players, but there’s far more to love here than to hate. There’s room for any style of gameplay, from close-range battles in the main buildings to mid to long-range fights in the central area.

The aesthetic here is also one of the best in the game, as its castle-like appearance is unique in a game like this. Some players might find this map to be frustrating for long-range weapons like sniper rifles, but there are actually a few good places for long-range combat. They just aren’t as obvious as on some maps.

One issue that many players are having with this map so far is that is too confusing/chaotic in the indoors sections, but this is beyond common in this series. Even in this game, every map has frustrating and chaotic areas, especially in the more cramped spots. But, even though it might not be perfect, Al Bagra Fortress is one of the most fun maps in MW2 so far.



Embassy - Best Maps in MW2
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

While Embassy can definitely be a chaotic map, that’s a part of what makes it so fun. The main building is full of close-range fights, and right outside are usually several snipers to make the indoors fights even more tense. The buildings in this map are laid out in a way where they’re all very close to one another, which has the side effect of making the relatively small outdoors area between them a huge fight pit. It’s a crazy map, but it’s a really fun one. I also believe this map will be particularly good for Gun Game, should that ever get added.

Another fun aspect of this map is how large the central building is. There are a lot of multi-story buildings in MW2, but this one feels particularly well-made. It’s a map that definitely requires some time and patience to learn, but it’s completely worthwhile.


Shoot House

Shoot House - Best Maps in MW2
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Shoot House is the first map added in Season 1, and it’s a welcome addition to the game. It has a fantastic design, allowing for some of the most intense close-range fights possible. There are also several parts of the map that allow for longer ranged fights, but most of the map is designed specifically to be up close and personal.

While some players might get frustrated with the intense nature of Shoot House, it’s a fantastic addition to the game overall. With so many maps focusing on longer-range combat, it’s nice to have one that focuses specifically on close-range.


Farm 18

Farm 18 - Best Maps in MW2
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Farm is a fantastic map reminiscent of some of the old classics. It is mostly centered around a large building in the middle with extremely close quarters areas and a few longer stretches. The outside has plenty of room for sniping, as there are buildings that can be climbed for good vantage points. There’s something for everyone here, and it carries a somewhat nostalgic vibe that makes it more enjoyable.

Of all the spots on the map here, the most interesting is the building in the middle. It consists of a series of tightly packed rooms, excellent for close-range fights. Of all the maps, this area provides some of the best fights in MW2.


Crown Raceway

Crown Raceway - Best Maps in MW2
(Image: Infinity Ward & Activision via HGG / Brett Moss)

Crown Raceway is our top pick out of all the maps in MW2 for a variety of reasons. It’s a large map (although not too large), it’s well balanced, and it has a great aesthetic. The racetrack design is really unique and welcome, and it’s clear they actually put effort into its design. It’s just a shame there aren’t any actual race cars going around the track.

In terms of gameplay, Raceway is a blast to play. It’s big enough where those with close-range weapons can make use of the shorter hallways and cramped indoors areas, while long-range players can find a great place to set up camp or hold the inside areas with good lines of sight (of which there are a few). There are very few sections of this map that feel unbalanced, making this one of the most universally enjoyable maps in the game.

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