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Best Settings for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the newest entry in the franchise by Infinity Ward. The reviews so far appear a bit mixed, but MW2 has succeeded in bringing a lot of jaded fans back to the franchise. In this game, PC players have access to a ton of settings options which if optimized badly could cause players to struggle. Today, we’ll look at all the important PC settings for COD: MW2 to ensure you have the best experience.

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Best Keyboard & Mouse Settings for COD: MW2

Mouse (Keyboard & Mouse)

Mouse Sensitivity: This determines how fast you direct the screen via mouse. Picking the right mouse sensitivity for you is based on personal opinion, so you’ll need to go through and try out different sensitivities until one works for you. We recommend starting with a lower sensitivity, as it’s easier to control.

ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00. This stat changes your mouse sensitivity while aiming down sights (ADS). This one is also personal preference, but keeping it at 1.00 is a good default option, since it leaves it the same as your standard mouse sensitivity.

ADS Sens. Multiplier (Focus): 1.00. This one is the same as ADS Sensitivity Multiplier, but it only applies while focusing.

ADS Sensitivity Type: Relative. This affects how the game detects your mouse sensitivity. Relative is the updated version, while the Legacy option is the old school version.

Gameplay (Keyboard & Mouse)

Crouch Behavior: Toggle.

Prone Behavior: Toggle.

Sprint/Tactical Sprint Behavior: Toggle.

Automatic Sprint: Off. You don’t want to be sprinting all the time.

Tactical Sprint Behavior: This setting has three options — double tap to tactical sprint, single tap from sprint (start tactical sprinting in one click while sprinting), and single tap from run (start tactical sprinting in one click while running). I personally think single tap from sprint is the strongest one, but all are viable.

Automatic Airborne Mantle: Partial. This setting allows you to automatically begin mantling (climbing onto) a nearby surface while you are airborne. The partial option allows this to occur only if it would prevent a fall, while the other options make it either always or never occur.

Aim Down Sight Behavior: Hold.

Equipment Behavior: Hold.

Interact Behavior: Press.

Armor Plate Behavior: Apply All. There aren’t a ton of places where this setting matters in multiplayer, but for when you do get armor plates you’ll want “apply all” as your setting.

Keybinds (Keyboard & Mouse)

These are just your individual keybind settings for each key. You can change these as you see fit, but there is no “correct” way.

Best Controller Settings for COD: MW2

Flip LB/LT and RB/RT: Off.

Stick Layout Preset: This is the main setting for controller players. Preset layouts have been a mainstay in the franchise for years, so many players will have a preferred layout already. You’ll have to try them out to figure out which one you like the most.

Controller Vibration: On. This can give critical information at times, so I would only recommend turning it off if it really bothers you.

Horizontal/Vertical Stick Sensitivity: Personal preference. This is your aiming/looking sensitivity for controller.

Aim Down Sight Behavior: Hold.

Automatic Sprint: Off.

Equipment Behavior: Hold.

Interact/Reload Behavior: Tap to Reload, Hold to Interact.

Armor Plate Behavior: Apply All.

Best Graphics Settings for COD: MW2

Display (Graphics)

Display Mode: Fullscreen Borderless.

Aspect Ratio: Depends on your monitor, but Automatic should be the best choice most of the time.

V-Sync (Gameplay/Menus): Off (unless you’re experiencing screen tears or other visual issues). V-Sync limits your frame rate to your monitor refresh rate, but can cause lag and other issues. Usually, it’s best to leave it off unless you are having visual issues, in which case it might help.

Custom Frame Rate Limit: Custom. If you’re not using V-Sync, you generally want to limit your frame rate at whatever your monitor can handle. If you choose Unlimited, it could cause lag or overheating.

Quality (Graphics)

Quality Presets: If you want to customize your quality, you’ll want to choose Custom. If not, choose whichever your PC can handle.

Render Resolution: Around 60-100. This determines the resolution of 3D objects. The higher you turn this up, the lower your PC performance.

Anti-Aliasing: SMAA T2X. This setting smooths jagged edges.

Anti-Aliasing Quality: Depends on PC.

Video Memory Scale: 80-90%. This determines how much of your VRAM is dedicated to MW2, so you’ll want close to 90%.

Texture Resolution: Depends on PC. This determines how good the game looks.

Texture Filter Anisotropic: Depends on PC. Affects the texture quality of surfaces from an angled POV.

Nearby Level of Detail: Low. There’s no need to tax your PC for this unless your PC is extremely high end.

Distant Level of Detail: Low. If there’s no need to tax your PC for nearby level of detail, there definitely isn’t for distant objects.

Clutter Draw Distance: Short. This affects how close a surface needs to be to you before “clutter” objects are visible.

Particle Quality: Depends on PC.

Particle Quality Level: Low. You don’t need extra particles cluttering the screen.

Bullet Impacts & Sprays: On. This allows you to see places that have been recently shot, which could be incredibly important during gameplay.

Shader Quality: Low. Shading isn’t all that important here.

Tessellation: Off. When turned on, this setting makes some surfaces have increased geometric effects, which is rather unnecessary.

Terrain Memory: Max. This makes effects on terrain last longer which is helpful in multiplayer.

On-Demand Texture Streaming: Depends on PC and Internet Connection. This is a complicated setting but basically it allows you to save hard drive space by “streaming” some graphical components. If your PC can handle it and you have good high-speed internet, it’s great. If not, it could be a huge problem.

Streaming Quality: Normal or low (if on at all).

Volumetric Quality: Low. This affects lighting, fog, and cloud effects.

Water Caustics: Off. Turning this on adds extra lighting effects to water.

Shadow & Lighting (pictured above): The shadow and lighting settings cover various options regarding rendering shadows and lights. Most of these can be left turned down low.

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: On. This is a process which reduces latency. There is also an option called “On + Boost” which improves this even more, but taxes your GPU heavily. That option should only be picked on very high end PCs.

Depth of Field: Off. Turning this on enables motion blur for out-of-focus areas.

World Motion Blur: Off. Motion blur makes your screen blurry when moving, which is extremely annoying and headache-inducing.

Weapon Motion Blur: Off. Turning this on makes your weapon blurry when moving it.

Film Grain: Personal preference. Film grain adds an effect to your game at all times that mimics the grainy nature of older films.

View (Graphics)

Field of View (FOV): 100. Determines how “zoomed in” your field of view is. A higher field of view allows you to see a wider scope, while a lower one makes your vision appear zoomed in. Typically, you want a higher FOV so you can see enemies quicker.

ADS Field of View: Affected. This makes your ADS FOV match your standard FOV.

Weapon Field of View: Default. This one is different from the other FOV settings, as it affects how large or small your weapon appears. The Narrow option makes the weapon look bigger than usual, while the Wide option makes it look smaller.

3rd Person Field of View: 80 (Default). This affects your FOV in third-person view, which is rarely used.

Vehicle Field of View: Default. This is the same as the weapon FOV but for a vehicle instead.

1st/3rd Person Camera Movement: Default (100%). This determines how shaky your camera is when affected by explosions or other similar affects. The game does note that turning this setting down can help prevent nausea for some players, so keep that in mind if the game makes you feel nauseaous.

3rd Person ADS Transition: Personal preference. This determines if your ADS view is in first- or third-person when playing third-person game modes.

Default Spectator Camera: Game Perspective. The other option, Helmet Camera, feels strange and is at an odd angle. However, if you do like it there’s no down side to using it.

Best Audio Settings for COD: MW2

Audio Mix: Headphones (or whatever other audio device you use).

Master Volume: Personal preference.

Music Volume: Personal preference.

Dialogue Volume: Personal preference.

Effects Volume: Personal preference.

Hit Marker Volume: Personal preference.

Speakers/Headphones Game Sound Device: Default System Device.

Mono Audio: Off. Mono Audio merges audio channels. Having it off allows for more dynamic sound through the left and right audio channels.

Subtitles: Personal preference.

Voice Chat: Personal preference.

Voice Chat (Push to Talk): On (if using voice chat). You don’t want to be the person whose microphone is always on.

Reduce Tinnitus Sound: Off. The tinnitus sound occurs after being hit with a flashbang or concussive grenade. If the sound bothers you, feel free to turn this setting on.

Best Interface Settings for COD: MW2

These settings are almost entirely personal preference, so we’ll skip this section. We do recommend going through them to make sure they’re all the way you want, though, but they’re not settings we can really make personalized recommendations for.

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