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The 7 Best Controllers for CoD Mobile (2024)

Looking for the best controller to take your Call of Duty Mobile game to the next level? Tired of buying a controller only to find out it’s not compatible with COD Mobile? In this ranking, we offer seven of the best controllers for COD Mobile, no matter what kind of cell phone you use. What’s best, they’re all compatible with COD Mobile, or made easily compatible with just a few settings adjustments or with a free app download. 

CoD: Mobile Controllers, Ranked Very Best to Still Great

There’s no reason the COD Mobile experience needs to be anything more or less than what it might be on any other platform. The seven best COD Mobile controllers are coming up next.

1. Popman Mobile Controller

Popman Mobile Controller

The Best Controller for CoD: Mobile Overall

  • Six finger operation
  • Silent cooling fan
  • Multi-angle adjustable stand
  • Especially good pick for Galaxy S8 phones
  • Price: 💰

When it came time to settle on the best controller for COD Mobile we were confident that Popman Mobile Controller was the best choice, based on our research. With a six finger operation and a silent cooling fan, we liked the multi-angle adjustable stand. This controller is an especially good pick for the Galaxy S8 phone, we found out. But it’s an overall good pick regardless of which phone you use. The adjustable bracket is also not to be missed, great for gaming but also movie and TV watching — your choice. 

According to reports, the Popman Mobile controller gives players an advantage over touch controls, with more contact points and faster operation. Plus, the Popman Mobile controller’s price can’t be beat. The spring system keeps things quieter than other controllers. One small drawback: Phone camera placement caused some problems as consumers slid their phones in and out of the holder.

  • Good choice for larger phones
  • Extra set of rubber tips for bumpers included
  • Lateral side clips prevent phone movement
  • Fan battery life just “decent”
  • Triggers too stiff, some say
  • Best when plugged in, reports tell us

2. Popman Mobile 4 Trigger Game Controller

Popman Mobile 4 Trigger Game Controller

The Best Controller for Call of Duty Mobile Runner-Up

  • Six-finger operation
  • Silent cooling fan
  • Rotatable touch head
  • Comfortable for COD Mobile
  • Price: 💰

Runner-up for best Call of Duty Mobile controller also comes from Popman. With a silent cooling fan and 180-degree flip designed touch head, this Popman product offers six finger operation, and thoroughly tested L1/R1 buttons. It’s compatible with many more games beyond just Call of Duty Mobile, but COD players call this Pop Mobile controller easy and comfortable to use. Your game may just go “nuclear” one report said, with improved reaction time — especially when compared to playing Call of Duty Mobile with just your fingers. 

The material the product is made from as well as the rubber guards included could be somewhat stronger feedback tells us, but overall, the ergonomics are great and the fan works well, according to reports. The fan in particular solves the overheating issues some other mobile controllers are known for. One consumer said they liked it so much they bought two, just for backup.

  • Vertical clamp style
  • Dimple-style haptic trigger
  • Fits phones with big cases
  • Loose trigger tolerance
  • Trigger lever pin durability questioned
  • Flimsy plastic construction, one report said

3. Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

The Best iPhone Controller for Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Analog triggers
  • 1 month Backbone+ app included
  • iPhone compatible
  • Best grip for COD Mobile
  • Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Based on our research, the best  iPhone controller for COD Mobile is One Mobile Gaming Controller from Backbone. With analog triggers, feedback says this controller has the best grip for Call of Duty Mobile. It is only iPhone compatible, that’s something to be aware of (keep reading for our best COD Mobile Android pick). Meanwhile, it expands and contracts to fit whatever sized iPhone you have.

Otherwise, with Backbone One you get a one month XBox Gamepass and Backbone+ app. But nicely, most — but not all — of what Backbone has to offer is available — no subscription required. With Backbone, you can also stream instantly via Twitch. And with low latency, the Backbone One Mobile Gaming controller is a great pick for cloud gaming. 

Otherwise, the buttons feel great. It hooks right into your phone, and using the Backbone One Mobile gaming controller for Call of Duty almost feels like cheating, reports tell us.

  • Plug ‘n’ play for COD Mobile
  • Expands and contacts to fit all phone sizes
  • Instant response
  • No phone case allowed
  • Rubs against phone camera lens, one report said
  • Some subscription-only features

4. Megadream Mobile Gaming Controller

Megadream Mobile Gaming Controller

The Best Call of Duty: Mobile Controller for Android

  • iOS approved and certified
  • 18-hour battery life fully charged
  • Android compatible with via Bluetooth or app
  • Fits well in hands
  • Price: 💰💰💰

If Android is your phone of choice, the Megadream Mobile Gaming Controller could be the best pick for you. (iPhone and other types of phone users should keep reading, though — it’s compatible with a broad range of other phones, too). What we liked about the Megadream controller for Android, it pairs quickly with your device via Bluetooth, and the ShootingPlus V3 app is not required. It also connects with PC and iPad, offering still more versatility. 

COD Mobile players call the controller extremely responsive. There’s also a nice long battery life. Use it for COD Mobile and there’s very little lag and great response time, feedback tells us. Meanwhile, phones rest comfortably in the telescopic holder. One consumer skeptical about using a controller for COD Mobile said they were impressed by the Megadream product and very glad they made the choice. 

  • Extremely responsive for Call of Duty 
  • Hooks up easy, works well
  • Great product for the price
  • Not iPad compatible
  • Not the best choice for sniping, some say
  • Awkward start/select button placement

5. Rotor Riot Controller for CoD Mobile

Rotor Riot

The Best Wired Gaming Controller for Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Pass-through charging
  • L3/R3 functionality
  • 8 way D-Pad, triggers, support post
  • Perfect travel size
  • Price: 💰💰

For a wired COD Mobile gaming controller, we recommended the mobile controller from Rotor Riot. It’s compatible with thousands of games, beyond just COD Mobile, with 8-way D-Pad, triggers, and support post. We also like L3/R3 functionality in the analog sticks. Some prefer the wired Rotor Riot controller over Bluetooth options, with little to no delay, and the ability to charge your phone while you play. 

One consumer unsure about using a wired gaming controller ended up preferring it over dealing with connectivity issues which sometimes happen with other peripherals. There’s also no need to worry about charging the controller itself. This is the perfect choice for COD Mobile, one report said. It’s almost like playing on a console. For COD Mobile, you do have to adjust some settings, but that only takes a few seconds and then you’re ready to play.

  • Easily-replaceable rubber on joysticks
  • No disconnection issues
  • Works with iPhone 14, case included
  • Buttons a bit loud and clicky
  • COD Mobile via some setting adjustment
  • No size adjustment available

6. Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller

Razer Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller

The Best CoD: Mobile Controller Under $50

  • Multi-function button layout
  • Hair trigger mode
  • Razer mecha-tactile action buttons
  • MantisGamepad Pro app required
  • Price: 💰💰💰

For the best COD Mobile controller under $50, we like the Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller from Razer. The Mantis Gamepad Pro app is required to get up and running, but once the free app is downloaded and installed, the buttons can be remapped to any game you choose. Conveniently, there’s also Bluetooth connectivity and direct connection. Otherwise, the buttons and sticks feel good, and it’s comfortable and ergonomic in the hands. The anti-slip material on the buttons is also popular. 

Also notable, there’s an entirely self-contained phone grip and two Bluetooth profiles to switch back and forth between devices — don’t miss the USB profile to charge during game play. The hair-trigger locks are fantastic, feedback says, with lightning quick response time for shooters like Call of Duty. This controller, in fact, seems custom designed for FPS games, more so than any other game genre. 

  • Good pick for large hands
  • Remappable paddles
  • Multiple connection options
  • Won’t hold a charge, some say
  • Slippery stick covers
  • Buttons not backlit

7. Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller

Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller for Android

The Best Luxury CoD: Mobile Controller

  • Turn your phone into a Switch!
  • Razer Nexus App
  • Virtual Controller Mode – Map Buttons Easily
  • Slick microswitch buttons and analog triggers
  • USB-C connection

Experience the sheer excitement and control of console gaming on your mobile device with the Kishi V2. Developed with state-of-the-art microswitch buttons, analog triggers, and programmable macros, it offers unparalleled gaming control at your fingertips, mimicking the control depth of traditional console controllers. Its unique, universal fit with an extendable bridge securely holds a wide range of popular Android smartphones. Additionally, with support for the biggest game streaming apps, you can now dive into your favorite PC, Xbox, and PlayStation games directly on your phone, bridging the gap between console and mobile gaming.

The Kishi V2 goes beyond just console game support. It features a virtual controller mode that allows you to play touch screen only Android games with the same precision. Through Razer’s Nexus app, you can map Kishi’s buttons to touch controls. With no extra subscriptions required, you can access hundreds of compatible games, record and share your gameplay, and keep your controller updated with this handy app.

Via the power of your smartphone’s USB-C connection, the controller optimizes performance by eliminating input latency, resulting in smooth, immediate responses that are key to victory in games like CoD: Mobile. Furthermore, passthrough charging ensures your gaming sessions are not interrupted by low battery alerts. No longer shall you be a sitting duck!

All these features are packed into an ergonomic design, designed to accommodate long gaming sessions. The Kishi V2 remains slim and portable enough to fit into your pocket, making it the perfect companion for gaming on-the-go.

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We hope you enjoyed our picks in this roundup of the best CoD: Mobile controllers. What do you use when gaming on your phone? Drop us a comment if we left one out!

Happy gaming!

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