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COD Mobile: The Best Shotguns (2024)

COD: Mobile gives players an enormous selection of weapons, perks, and gear to capture points, down enemies, and survive battle royales. Six main classes cover over seventy primary weapons: Assault, Sniper, Light Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, and Marksman. 

Each class has characteristics that speak to differing play styles and game modes. Assault rifles are great general-purpose weapons, submachine guns tend to be fast and light for close-range work, while sniper rifles collect kills from a distance.

Shotguns are some of the most effective weapons available for close-quarters combat. They deliver devastating levels of damage but tend to be poor at range.

Most shotguns in COD: Mobile fall into two main categories: tube-fed and magazine loaded. Tube-loaded shotguns require players to manually load shells one at a time, while magazine-fed weapons have a quicker reload process akin to an assault rifle.  

How Shotgun Damage Works in CoD: Mobile

(Image: Activision via Mike Bruton)

COD: Mobile records the damage of the individual pellets multiplied by the number of pellets in a shell. For example, our favorite shotgun, the Striker, releases 8 pellets per shot, each capable of providing 20 damage points

A shot that fully hits an enemy will deliver 160 points of damage- incredible when you consider that the most powerful sniper rifle in the game deals 95. It gets tricky because the pellets spread apart as they move, meaning enemies further than arm’s length away are unlikely to absorb the full potential damage of the gun. 

Shotgun Perks & Loadouts

Shotgun Perks & Loadouts
(Image: Activision via Mike Bruton)

Because shotguns are inherently close-range weapons, any perks or loadouts that increase your chances of getting close to the enemy without their knowledge are a huge help. Upgrading to a silencer and equipping perks like Ghost and Cold-Blooded will help you stay off the enemy radar long enough to get close. 

If grinding out every weapon in the game doesn’t fit into your schedule, we’ve got you covered. Check out our tier list for the best shotguns in COD: Mobile.

COD: Mobile Shotgun Tier List

Cod Mobile Shotgun Tier List
(Image: Tiermaker.com / Mike Bruton)

Above, you’ve got our chart breakdown of the best shotguns in CoD: Mobile. Below we go get into the details of every shotgun in the tier list and explain our rankings.

D TierKRM-262

KRM-262 Shotgun in Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

We will go worst to first, starting with our D tier shotgun. The pump action KRM-262 is almost as dangerous to the player as the enemy. Despite being second in Damage rating, it plays as a 2-shot kill weapon at all but the closest of ranges (except for a head/upper body shot) and takes more shots the further away the enemy is.  

C Tier – HS2126

 HS2126 Shotgun in Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

Next up is the HS 126. Its’ a magazine-fed shotgun with the curious characteristic of firing in 3-round burst mode. The 16-round magazine goes fast, so upgrading to a better mag or using the AMMO perk is clutch.  

From mid-range, the HS2126 can take 6+ shots to down an enemy. Up close is a different matter – a point-blank headshot is a kill. It’s an interesting gun to play with, but others are more fun and effective.

B Tier – BY15 & HS0405

BY15 Shotgun in Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

The BY15 is devastating at close range, capable of one-shot kills to the upper body. It is a pump-action, meaning cycling the weapon for the next shot is akin to a bolt-action sniper rifle. 

The stock 8-round capacity seems low, but by the time you get to the bottom, you’re likely dead anyway due to the slow rate of fire and low shotgun range. The Sleight of Hand perk goes a long way toward topping off the ammunition quickly. 


HS0405 Shotgun in Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

This one is a beast. The HS0405 a lever-action tube-fed shotgun with a 7-round capacity. One of the significant detriments is with each shot, the player pulls the weapon up and away to cycle the gun, completely breaking the sight picture.

It has the slowest fire rate in the category. Any shot over an arm’s length distance away requires a follow-up, which can be challenging to land.

A Tier – JAK-12

JAK12 Shotgun in Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

A magazine-fed automatic shotgun with 8 rounds, the JAK-12 is a solid weapon. The fast rate of fire mows down enemy players at close ranges but drains the magazine pretty fast. Luckily, the JAK-12 offers more robust ammunition upgrades than other shotguns, allowing the player up to 17 additional rounds to play with once you level up.

S Tier – Striker

Striker the best shotgun in Cod Mobile
(Image: Activision / Mike Bruton)

A fully automatic, high-capacity weapon that does wonders from the hip, the Striker will carve a hole in any crowd of enemies. With a high rate of fire and a 12-round drum mag, Sleight of Hand is critical as ammo goes fast, and it takes a while to reload. 

The Striker is a no-brainer S tier among the shotguns currently available in-game. It is a ton of fun to play and super effective for any job a shotgun requires.

Join the High Ground

Whatever your play style, shotguns are one of the most fun classes to play. In point-oriented game modes like Hardpoint, Domination, and Search and Destroy, where players are grouped close or funneling towards each other, it is hard to beat the buzz of jumping into the fray and laying waste with your favorite shotgun. 

Even if shotguns aren’t your preferred weapon, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guides on the Sniper, LMG, and SMG classes for rankings, tips, and tricks to maximize your kill count and captures.

We hope you enjoyed our tier list of the best shotguns in CoD: Mobile. What weapons in COD: Mobile make you into MVP game after game? Leave your favorites in the comments, and happy gaming!

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