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CoD: Mobile | The Best Lethal and Tactical Equipment

In this guide, we’ll be covering Call of Duty: Mobile’s best lethal and tactical Weapons and how to use them to their utmost effectiveness. There is no shortage of ways to dominate the enemy in COD: Mobile. With thousands of combinations of game modes, weapons, attachments, and perks, it can get a bit overwhelming. 

The Loadout screen is where players equip themselves for battle. The two unlabeled slots above the Perk section are for choosing which Lethal and Tactical equipment to carry into the game.

We’ve play-tested the most popular lethal and tactical equipment in CoD: Mobile to find out which ones are worth carrying into battle and which should be left behind. Read on to review our results. 

Lethal & Tactical Weapons, Ranked Best to Worst

Lethal equipment is, well, lethal. Everything on this menu will kill an enemy, including throwables such as grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Tactical equipment may not be lethal, but it can help get an edge over the enemy and even defend friendlies. It includes things like stun grenades and defense systems. 

#1 Molotov Cocktail – Lethal

Molotov Cocktail - Lethal Equipment

The classic weapon of underdogs everywhere, the Molotov Cocktail is our top pick for any loadout’s lethal slot. Hucking one of these nasty bottles into a crowded room has a severe impact.  

The nice thing about the Molotov is that, unlike grenades, there’s no fuse involved. It creates an area of flame about the size of a standard domination point. Anyone inside that area is not going to stay for long. Running out of the fire before dying is possible, but anyone who makes it will be close to death. 

Hardpoint and Domination are dream modes for a Molotov. Is an enemy squad sitting on a point? One of these thrown in the window will turn the tides in a blink. The Molotov also serves as an area denial device. No one will run through a lake of fire to take a defended room.

#2 Fragmentation Grenade – Lethal

Fragmentation Grenade - Lethal

Carry a fragmentation grenade around, and an opportunity to use it will pop up. Unlike the Molotov Cocktail, the frag grenade explodes after a few seconds of delay. The downside is it can give enemies a chance to escape or even throw it back.

The frag is a classic for a reason- it fits in anywhere. Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Search-and-Destroy, Battle Royale, and even Zombie mode make for excellent situations that call for a grenade. 

#3 Sticky Grenade – Lethal

Sticky Grenade - Lethal

Sticky grenades are more fun than practical. It’s difficult to slap one on an enemy who won’t stand still, but when it happens, it sows chaos. The sticky grenade is a double-edged sword- it can take friendlies out just as effectively as enemies, and once it sticks to someone, where it goes is out of your control. 

It can also serve as a chase deterrent or booby trap. Stick it to the wall, and with good timing and a little luck, the next person to come through the door will be blown to pieces. 

#4 Trip Mine – Lethal

Trip Mine - Lethal

A classic booby trap reminiscent of the Claymore mine, Trip Mines stick to horizontal and vertical services, exploding once an enemy breaks the beam. They are excellent for leaving nasty surprises in high-traffic areas or guarding your back in a comfy sniper position. 

One fun thing to note is players can throw a Trip Mine as far as a grenade, and it always sticks perfectly. Sowing chaos is a random toss away.

#5 Flashbang Grenade – Tactical

Flashbang Grenade - Tactical

Flashbang grenades blind and deafen opponents. The effect lasts a very short time, just a few seconds, but that can be long enough to cut down the victim. 

Enclosed rooms and small spaces maximize the impact, as chucking one into an open space allows enemies to escape the limited blast radius. Don’t confuse flashbangs with concussion grenades, which are a different animal.

#6 Concussion Grenade – Tactical

Concussion Grenade - Tactical

Concussion grenades disorient players by blinding them- though the effect is less severe than flashbangs- and slowing them down. They’re handy against enemies grouped on a point or in a closed room- if you don’t have a lethal option, that is. Tossing one into a group and they will have a tough time resisting an aggressive breach-and-clear. 

#7 Combat Axe – Lethal

Combat Axe - Lethal

The Combat Axe is more for style than anything else. Launched like a grenade, it delivers a one-shot kill to whichever unlucky player gets hit. 

#8 Smoke Grenade – Tactical

Smoke Grenade - Tactical

A curtain of smoke emits from the smoke grenade nearly instantly. It doesn’t last long but obscures the area while it’s up. It’s especially useful when the team is capping a point. Enemies won’t be able to shoot what they can’t see. 

#9 EMP – Tactical

EMP - Tactical

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse- which in real life destroys electronics. The handheld device in COD: Mobile kills radar and other HUD information, leaving affected players without crucial information.

But that’s just one use. It also disrupts unfriendly technology. If the enemy sets up a sentry gun that is impossible to approach, tossing one of these at it will disable it long enough to destroy it.

#10 Trophy System – Tactical

Trophy System - Tactical

Like EMP grenades, the Trophy System targets technology rather than personnel, this time working against incoming missiles. It is more of a passive weapon than an offensive one but comes in handy against enemy airstrikes. Find a quiet corner to deploy it and enjoy an anti-missile umbrella. 

#11 Echo Grenade – Tactical

Echo Grenade - Tactical

Best Perks for Lethal & Tactical Equipment

There are a ton of perks in CoD: Mobile, and some enhance the performance of lethal or tactical weapons. Here are some of our favorite picks for making the most out of your equipment.

Flak Jacket Perk

Flak Jacket Perk

Besides protecting against explosive damage, the Flak Jacket perks resets grenade fuses. If an enemy tosses a grenade in your direction, a prompt to throw it back appears on the screen. Flak Jacket ensures enough time to give the enemy a taste of their own medicine. 

Gung Ho Perk

Gung Ho Perk

Allows players to hip fire, change mags, and throw grenades while sprinting- perfect for odd man rushes into the point. 

Tactician Perk

Tactician Perk

The Tactician perk allows players to equip up to two pieces of tactical equipment.

Martyrdom Perk

Martyrdom Perk

While not strictly included in Lethal or Tactical equipment, the most loved (and hated) perk in Call of Duty history drops a live grenade upon death, leaving a nice present for the one who dispatched you. It works whether or not the lethal slot has a frag grenade equipped. 

Quick Fix Perk

Quick Fix Perk

Regenerates health while capturing and holding objectives or executing gun, melee, and combat ax kills. 

Spycraft Perk

Spycraft Perk

Spycraft allows players to hack into enemy technological emplacements. Want the benefits of a Trophy System, Trip Mine, or Turret but don’t want to equip them? Spycraft turns the tables on the enemy by corrupting their traps and turning them against their masters. 

Tactical Mask Perk

Tactical Mask Perk

The Tactical Mask is a defensive perk that reduces effects of enemy tactical equipment on the player by 60%. It’s handy against enemy flashbangs and concussion grenades. 

Shrapnel Perk

Shrapnel Perk

Get a double dose of your favorite lethal equipment with Shrapnel. In addition to putting an extra throwable in the inventory, In case it doesn’t immediately kill the enemy, Shrapnel restricts health regeneration by anyone wounded in the blast. 

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